Monthly Archives: June 2011

OTC: Josh Freeman Making Headlines In NFL Despite Mixed Reviews At K-State

“I’ve got to attribute a lot of my quarterback prowess to Ron Prince – basically, everything I know about offense. He’s really put me ahead as far as being able to come in (to the NFL) and perform.” Josh Freeman, … Continue reading


OTC: Nebraska’s Last Day In B12 A Celebration For Most

“I think tomorrow has a chance to be an epic day as Nebraska goes bye-bye (from the Big 12) Screw you Huskers!” Bob Fescoe, as he signed off from his Thursday morning show, 610 AM GH: Fescoe’s sentiments echo many … Continue reading


OTC: Chiefs Lockout Drags On…

“I learned a long time ago; don’t believe the things you hear on talk radio or in the media, right?” Mark Donovan, Chiefs president, in a conversation with Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM GH: Donovan was referring to the recent rumors … Continue reading


OTC: KC Sports Talk Radio Wars Includes All Ranks

“810 is running so scared they’ve enlisted soccer host @JakeGuti to gloat over beating a guy who’s been here 2 months. Barely. Give it time.” Danny Parkins, mid-morning host on 610 ports, Twitter GH: Parkins was responding to some tweets last … Continue reading


OTC: KC’s Radio Wars Moves Front To Twitter

“From the looks of Twitter, I got thangs crackin’ in KC!!! Bad blood everywhere! George Bett popping off! #sept52011.” Jason Whitlock, in a tweet last Friday, Twitter GH: No one, let me repeat that, NO ONE can fire a COD … Continue reading