Monthly Archives: November 2011

OTC: Gary Pinkel Interviews Sparks Mini Radio War / KSU’s John Currie Commits Embarrassing Vols Tweet

“Talking with Gary Pinkel right now, will play the interview tomorrow [morning] on 610 Sports Radio.” Bob Fescoe, Wednesday morning, Twitter GH: Interesting byplay here between Fescoe and Kevin Kietzman regarding their Gary Pinkel interviews today. Fescoe tweeted this out … Continue reading


OTC: Mizzou Hoop Fans Not Shakin’ / Turner Gill Sympathizers Cry Foul

“Mizzou hoops such a well kept secret their own fans don’t even know about them. Fun to  watch right now though.” Gabe DeArmond, Twitter GH: Mizzou basketball is off to their best start in years with two impressive blowout wins … Continue reading


OTC: KU Fires Gill / KK Tells Us Why KU Job “Rock Bottom” / Pinkel Golden At MU

“All of these [head college football] jobs are better jobs than Kansas. This is not a good job. It is a barren wasteland! It is a worse job than when Bill Snyder took over at Kansas State in 1989. The … Continue reading


OTC: Chiefs Give NFL A New Futility Barometer: The Palko Line

“[Tyler] Palko may be ruined. I saw him in the locker room and I felt so sorry for him. Palko’s just had two terrible exposures to professional football.” Len Dawson, after Palko’s seven-turnovers, no-touchdowns two-game NFL debut, 810 AM GH: … Continue reading


OTC: KU/MU Border War Fires Final Shot At Arrowhead / Blame KU For Its Death

“The single most overhyped rivalry in the history of college sports has been flushed down the toilet. I feel like I’ve been lied to you for years and years and years by people who told me that rivalry was more … Continue reading