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OTC: Experts Grade Chiefs’ Draft / Poe-tential Remains Hot Topic / Hosmer’s Slump

“Scott Pioli found several athletes and all of them at positions of need.” John Czarnecki, NFL writer, who gave the Chiefs a B+ for their draft, GH: A quick survey of different experts’ draft grades saw the Chiefs get … Continue reading


OTC: Chiefs Go With Poe Pick — Consensus Is They Got One / Radio Wars Covering Chiefs’ Draft

“Either they’re a lot smarter than everyone else or they’re a lot more arrogant than everyone else or they just don’t know what they’re doing. There is nobody who watched this kid play that liked him as the number-11 pick.” … Continue reading


OTC: Chiefs Enter NFL Draft With 11th Overall Pick & Lots Of Guesses What They’ll Do

“Christmas for hardcore football fans.” Soren Petro, on what the NFL draft means to many fans, 810 AM “This draft can’t come soon enough.” Peter King, @SI_PeterKing, on hearing “bizarre” rumors on first-round picks as the draft approaches, Twitter GH: … Continue reading


OTC: Royals’ Our Time Campaign Here To Stay Despite Mounting Losses

“People who know me know that I am not a spinner. … It never was intended to be primarily about performance on the field.” Toby Cook, on the Royals’ controversial “Our Time” advertising campaign theme, 810 AM GH: Let’s take … Continue reading


OTC: Should Royals Stay Calm During This Losing Skid Or Open A Can Of Whup Ass?

“The most important thing we do now is stay calm and stay the course.” Ned Yost, after the Kansas City Royals lost their 10th consecutive game of the season’s first home stand and their 11th straight overall, 610 AM GH: … Continue reading