OTC: Gary Pinkel Interviews Sparks Mini Radio War / KSU’s John Currie Commits Embarrassing Vols Tweet

“Talking with Gary Pinkel right now, will play the interview tomorrow [morning] on 610 Sports Radio.”
Bob Fescoe, Wednesday morning, Twitter
GH: Interesting byplay here between Fescoe and Kevin Kietzman regarding their Gary Pinkel interviews today. Fescoe tweeted this out first, promoting his Pinkel interview for his Thursday morning show. Nothing all that interesting here, Pinkel is a weekly guest on Fescoe’s morning show. What caught my attention was that Kevin Kietzman followed up Fescoe’s tweet shortly after with his own Pinkel promo. Read on.

“Mizzou football coach Gary Pinkel at 2:20 on 810whb.com. Spirited interview. Don’t miss.”
Kevin Kietzman, Twitter
GH: KK’s tweet was only minutes after Fescoe’s. It added the words, “Spirited interview. Don’t miss.” KK also let his followers know that he would be replaying Pinkel’s “spirited” words near the top of his show. We have all been fooled before by overhyped promos, so KK’s interpretation of a don’t-miss interview may vary from yours and mine. But KK’s tweet got the attention of Fescoe…

“Coach Pinkel sounds off finally on the Big 12 and the SEC. Tells us they got ‘fed up’ with rumors.”
Bob Fescoe, Twitter
GH: 610 Sports has a dilemma here. Do they allow Fescoe to hold his Pinkel interview to air a day later on his show or do they force him to let Nick Wright air it on his Wednesday show opposite Kietzman’s Pinkel interview? A better question might be, how much of a team player is Fescoe? Does he really care if KK beats Wright with a “spirited” Pinkel interview? Wright has made it obvious that he has little respect for Bulldog.

“[Pinkel] says it would be ‘easier’ to stay in Big 12 and is still a better place for MU if
they had a 15 year commitment.”
Kevin Kietzman, Twitter
GH: Kietzman responded [indirectly] to Fescoe’s above tweet with another tease. I have not heard his interview with Pinkel yet but I would guess that this tweet has the very familiar KK spin on it that he often attaches to comments made by his radio guests. KK has a way of presenting words I just heard from someone to make them sound completely different. But as usual, I will be listening.

“He was 42 years old.”
Final sentence in death notice of Chester McClockton, the former Raider/Chief/Bronco/Jet, NBC.com
GH: News like Chester’s death has to rock anyone who played football at an unnatural size – high school, college or pro. His death may not have had anything to do with his size but many ex-linemen die because they just never addressed their playing-weight size.  If you are still hauling around an extra 50, 80 or 100 pounds, lose it! Start today. Tomorrow may be too late.

“ESPN had tape of [Bernie] Fine’s wife admitting in ’03 he was a child molester and saying there’s more victims and did NOTHING. ESPN never contacted the Fines themselves directly in 2003. They covered up Fine’s crime to protect Boeheim. Syracuse won the national title the same year ESPNH got tape. ESPN did EXACTLY what Paterno did. Now the rest of the media covering for ESPN. WOW! I waited for someone, somewhere in the media the last 3 days to call ESPN on their protecting a child molester. They won’t so I will. OWN IT, ESPN. This is a blatant cover-up of
Fine’s child molestation by ESPN to protect their business partners and their
own interests. This is and will always be the darkest moment in the history of
sports media. Protecting a freaking child molester! ESPN had his WIFE ON TAPE!”
Brooks Melchior, of SportsbyBrooks.com, Twitter
GH: Brooks is a Barstow guy who was the lead voice on 1250 The Game here in Kansas City back in 1999. I think he does a great job of uncovering stories that a lot of the mainstream media would prefer to avoid. If his allegations against ESPN are true, and they appear to be, there are some suits in Bristol who should be just as scared as Fine’s victim’s were.

“If I’m a major advertiser for ESPN and I know they COVERED FOR A FREAKING CHILD MOLESTER, I’m out. No meetings. Whatever it takes. Done Gone.”
Brooks Melchior, of SportsbyBrooks.com, Twitter

“Warren Buffet buys Omaha World-Herald for Bershire, despite’ terrible’ future for paper industry.”
Darren Rovell, of CNBC, Twitter
GH: I think this is good news for the newspaper industry. Buffet, an Omaha guy, doesn’t make nostalgic purchases, does he?

“David DeJesus has agreed to a two-year deal with the Cubs.”
JaneMLB, Twitter
GH: DeJesus signed for $5 million/year. There is no reason to become attached to baseball players simply because they wear your team’s jersey. They come and they go almost like the seasons. Pining for a departed left fielder is almost like pining for the month of May.

“Burger King says it reformulated its fries for the first time since ’98, says potato will
be more fluffy.”
Darren Rovell, of CNBC, Twitter
GH: Does BK mean ‘fluffy” as in Gabriel Iglesias “fluffy?” If you haven’t caught Iglesias’ act on Comedy Central, check him out. He might be my favorite
stand-up comedian right now.

“According to StubHub.com, they have 9.029 tickets available for Saturday’s [Big 10]
championship game available starting at $9. This is what happens when you don’t
get Ohio State, Penn State, Nebraska or Michigan in the Big 10 title game.”
Sean Callahan, columnist for Rivals’ HuskerOnline.com, Twitter
GH: Have championship games lost their appeal for attendees? Is it reasonable to expect fans to spend thousands and make travel plans with only a week’s notice? Are 50K fans at a conference title game really all that bad of a turnout? Basing attendance expectations on the capacity of a stadium has always been a bad idea in my mind.

“Tons of interest in new K-State Iphone/Ipad and Android apps- over 8400 downloaded- Go Vols!
John Currie, K-State Athletic Director, Tuesday at 9:03 PM, Twitter
GH: We all remember that Currie was the assistant AD at Tennessee before he came to K-State, right? It appears Currie remembers his days in Vols country better than even he wants to recall.

“Just checking to see if anyone was paying attention- GO CATS!”
John Currie, K-State Athletic Director, Tuesday at 9:26 PM, Twitter
GH: Hey, we all have an occasional brain fart now and then. This one was a little more public than Currie probably would have liked.

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Software guy who has been writing my Off The Couch column in KC newspapers, publications and websites since 1994. Has been bounced from some of the finest media establishments this side of State Line Road. Dad first and everything else second...and there are a lot of everything elses.

29 Responses to OTC: Gary Pinkel Interviews Sparks Mini Radio War / KSU’s John Currie Commits Embarrassing Vols Tweet

  1. kcredsox says:

    My son was the one who showed me the comedy special by Gabriel Iglesias a year or so ago. Funny as hell. High strung fluffy Latino comedian.

    • Greg Hall says:

      I watched Iglesias’ hour-long special on Comedy Central over the Thanksgiving weekend with my 14-year-old son. We were laughing so loudly that my wife came out of the bedroom to see what the heck was going on. The guy’s ability to mimic voices is uncanny. He is going to be huge. Well, more huge than his fluffy self already is.

  2. Orphan of the Road says:

    Cue John Cougar Mellencamp, And The Walls Come Tumbling Down!

    Do the planets align themselves for the utter destruction of the NCAA, BCS, ESPN and a non-Harley-Davidson winning a dirt track event? As the Buddah says, we shall see.

    Good-bye to the home team,- good bye to the rinky-dinks

    Let us take a short poll, who would rather go to a bowl event in a warm climate now? Who wants to go to any of these league championships? Bowls are about butts in the seats and not putting the best two teams on the field (on top of the TV money).

    I can just imagine how happy Pinkel was to be laid out like a cheap whore by two cheap whores.

  3. MrOlathe says:

    GH….another sad passing to mention. Don Harman from Fox 4 passed away Tuesday evening. He was only 42. A terrible loss way too soon.

    • Greg Hall says:

      Don’t know all the particulars of Harman’s death but anytime a young parent leaves behind a family you have to feel sad for his loved ones. My kids and wife watch Fox 4 every morning and Don was a big reason. “Where’s Don?” said our youngest today as he walked into the hearth room. I didn’t have the heart to tell him. I can’t imagine having to tell his young daughter.

    • Cliffy says:

      I don’t shock very easily anymore but this news was stunning. I have that channel on for at least a few minutes almost every morning. If the circumstances I’m hearing are true it’s even more disturbing. Truly sad.

    • The Independent Rage says:

      I’ve seen two websites (including KC Confidential) reporting that it was an apparent suicide. I know the media typically avoids reporting suicides (and for good reason), but since Harman was a well-known local public figure, it’s going to be reported.

      • Hot Carl says:

        I’m not a fan of people taking the easy way out and leaving family/friends to clean up the mess.

        • Greg Hall says:

          Suicide is a coward’s approach to a problem. That said, there are instances when an attack of depression can be so overwhelming it takes control of an otherwise rational person.

          I don’t know what happened with Harman. But if he chose to do this to his family and friends as an out, he doesn’t deserve one tear shed for him. His wife and daughter deserve them all.

          • The Independent Rage says:

            I tend to phrase it more as pure selfishness. Unless you’re an unattached orphan or hobo or some old battle axe already on the edge of death, whacking yourself out is always going to cause great pain to those around you. That’s putting the bullshit interests of self first. Not a cool way to be.

          • kcredsox says:

            I’ve heard recently that depression wasn’t the only reason he apparently killed himself.

  4. J-Rok says:

    One can only imagine what would be found if an investigation of ESPN occurred. I’m sure, just like the big corporations, there will be no penalty.

  5. Eric W. says:

    David DeJesus leaves one loser only to sign on with another loser. Nice career move.

  6. JP says:

    Sad day for deaths in the news. Don Harmon, Chester McGlockton. Don’t forget that comic Patrice O’Neal passed away yesterday at the age of 41. Sad news.

  7. smartman says:

    As a member of the BOD, Warren Buffet famously lobbied for Coca-Cola NOT to purchase GATORADE, lettting PEPSI do it instead. Oracle of Omaha my ass! Powerade has less market share than my neighbors lids lemonade stand.

    I wouldn’t listen to KK or Nick interview Gary HIC Drinkel if it would make my schwantz 4″ longer. Besides, Mearle’s wife is having a tough time with it as it is.

    ESPN will fire a few suits that’ll just get rehired over at ABC. The only thing the media protects more than itself is democrat politicos and apparently pedophiles. Sad day.

    The BIG TEN schools are all in states that have been some of the HARDEST HIT by the recession/depression. The game will sell out. I don’t care who plays in any BIG TEN championship game from now until eternity. I’ll take a re-run of any Michigan – Ohio State game with Woody and Bo patrolling the sidelines.

    God Bless You and Rest in Peace Don Harman.

  8. The Independent Rage says:

    When did KK get a Twitter? I thought he was the KC sports talk scene’s version of old Missouri football coach Larry Smith (never meeting a computer he much cared for and all). Wonder if Larry ever did get an Internet before he passed?

    Speaking of passing, now that I’m 40 and a man, all these early 40-something deaths are real scary. Looks like I picked the wrong week to take up hookah smoking and resume red meat.

    And can ESPN please now take its own name and logo off of Monday Night Football? Hank’s crime (incoherent and provocative political drivel) got his ass yanked, after all. What’s the sentence for covering up one of the most heinous crimes imaginable? Mr. Goodell?

  9. Phaedrus says:

    I haven’t seen a mention of the price Buffett paid. My guess is that it wasn’t very much. He’s still holding on to his Washington Post stock even though he knew that the “correct” business move was to sell many years ago….so he does have some nostalgia.

  10. Mike says:

    I think they’ve already been testing the fries in the KC area. IMO, the new BK fries are better than the sorry fries that Wendy’s changed, and ‘meatier’ than McD’s garbage.
    I probably need to cut back on the fries. Stupid yummy junk food.

    • MrOlathe says:

      Didn’t BK change their fries about 10-15 years back? Had some batter (or something) on them. Then quietly went back. Wendy’s will do the same soon enough.

  11. Esteban O'Riley says:

    Listened to KK’s interview with Pinkel…2x’s noless. KK was pretty proud of it so he aired it twice. I can’t say that I found it to be ‘spirited.’ I mean, Pinkel refreshingly tells it like it is more often than most coaches…so…seemed like a normal interview for me. I didn’t learn much from it…other than Pinkel’s personal opinions which don’t differ much from any other MU fan who was for the move to the SEC.

  12. brencado says:

    My best friend killed himself about 10 years ago and left a 4 year old son and a wife behind. They have never fully recovered and the boy has some issues as a result. I remember seeing them once at dept store when he was about 10 and my son was 10. My son was dressed as a normal 10 year old boy with with a Chiefs jersey or something, but my freind’s son was wearing a Winnie the Pooh outfit and green Crocs and signing to himself. Knowing my friend, he would have turned over in his grave. Really tragic.

    BTW…the new Wendy’s fries are great.

  13. Brummy says:

    Speaking of overweight and great comedians…very sad. He was hilarious.


  14. smartman says:

    BK did change the fry recipe about 15 years ago. Big ad campaign that they licensed Mr. Potato Head for. They gave away free fries for a day. BK added a “coating” that was supposed to make the fries crispier for longer and produce at least 8 crunches in your mouth even after sitting for 30 minutes. It also left a nasty coating in your mouth. After not getting any traction and not being able to weather a counter-attack from McDonalds they went back to the old recipe.

    Wendy’s changed oil, went with a “natural” cut and added “sea-salt” to make a “healthier” fry.

    While it’s all subjective, McDonalds owns the Quick Serve Restaurant category when it comes to fries based on consumer preference.

    For my money, ROSEDALE BBQ has the best fries.

    Unfortunately, at my age and trying to eat healthier they are a monthly treat and no longer a weekly necessity.

  15. Arte says:

    Brencado: Not sure what’s more tragic. The green crocs or a kid facing a lifetime of disappointment as a Chiefs fan. And man, Hearne Christopher making some strong implications regarding Don Harman and an old missing persons case.

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