OTC: Todd Haley Needs To Explain Himself / Big 12 Pre-Conference Hoops Power Rankings

“[Todd Haley] basically crippled this franchise single handedly.”
Bob Fescoe, citing Haley’s insistence on playing Tyler Palko in front of Kyle Orton, 610 AM

“Haley cost this team the division this year. Once he started Palko over Orton, that act was just indefensible. If Todd Haley would have been fired in week four…the Chiefs probably win the division. That’s what he cost you with his stubbornness and not playing the best player.”
Danny Parkins, 610 AM
GH: Haley is a comfortable fall guy for the Chiefs narrowly missing a chance at another AFC West title and a home playoff game this weekend. He deserves all the ire being directed at his scruffy self. Why did he act so oddly in just his second year at a job he
should have been grateful to have been lucky enough to gain? 610 is in a unique
position to score a riveting post-apocalypse interview with Haley. 810 has a contractual agreement with the Chiefs so they aren’t going to look to upset Pioli. Niche Wright is one of Haley’s homies. He could offer Haley the perfect venue to discuss why he chose to coach in such a destructive manner. Haley’s reputation as a coach is all but destroyed both here in KC and nationally. He needs to repair what is left of his future in the NFL. I would block off three hours and let the man talk. Look what an appearance on Wright’s show did for Whitlock’s career. [Pork Chop’s gonna love that line.] 

“Nothing against our old coach, but Romeo’s a little older, experienced, he knows what he’s doing. … Some guys buy in, some guys don’t. It seems like a lot of guys have bought into Romeo. His philosophy and everything he wants to get done, we’ve bought into it.”
Tamba Hali, Kansas City Star
GH: Haley has to read comments like this from Hali and just shudder. It is not just the fans in the stands who are questioning Haley’s NFL acumen. All the more reason for Haley to come on Wright’s show and fill us in on what, why and oh yeah, Tyler Palko. 

“The Chiefs are ready to win. I think they win the [AFC] West next year. They were a blocked field goal away from winning it this year! The Chiefs win the West next year.”
Steven St. John, 810 AM
GH: I hear this kind of optimism not only from Chiefs fans but also the Raiders and Chargers. Every team in the AFC West thinks they deserved to win the division this year. The truth is, none of them were. Denver backed into the AFC West title with a 7-3 home loss to the Chiefs. This is the best the division has to offer the playoffs — pitiful.  

“[The Broncos] are going to get absolutely destroyed. I don’t see any Mile-High Magic. I see an ass kicking coming. I think Denver is going to take an absolute beating in that game.”
Soren Petro, on the Broncos playoff game against Pittsburgh this weekend, 810 AM

“If you add a quarterback the Chiefs will win the division next year by three games, uh, two games. They win going away, no problem. But I think the chances of them doing it are slim. Because Scott Pioli doesn’t want to trade up in the draft and give up the opportunity to acquire players later in the draft.”
Danny Parkins, 610 AM
GH: Here is another battle cry I am hearing constantly from Chiefs fans that another ten NFL teams are screaming – trade up to get a premier quarterback! Nick Wright is willing to go Mike Ditka/Ricky Williams to get Andrew Luck. [After watching Luck in the Fiesta Bowl, I might be too!] The problem is that Indianapolis has the rarest of
opportunities available to them. They can move from the Peyton Manning era to the
Andrew Luck era. Some teams have all the Luck. Some teams are the Chiefs. 

“They had the second most losses by 27 points or more than any other team in NFL history. They are just a team – right there in the middle of the pact.”
Soren Petro, on the Chiefs 2011 season, 810 AM
GH: Petro has a far more realistic outlook about the Chiefs. It is not as sexy but neither is Romeo Crennel.

“Those Chiefs players will almost certainly get their wish, and very soon, as general manager Scott Pioli is expected to make interim coach Romeo Crennel the permanent leader of a roster already dedicated to him. Crennel deserves it. He’s earned it, removing the most reasonable doubts by beating the Broncos 7-3 here on Sunday. That’s wins over two playoff teams in three games for a man who embodies most of the characteristics the
organization wants to project.”
Sam Mellinger, Kansas City Star  

“I don’t know how you could possibly sell a nameless, faceless assistant coach [as the Chiefs next head coach]. I think you need to hit a home run. I think Crennel is going to be the choice.”
Soren Petro, on the Chiefs search for a head coach, 810 AM
GH: Does anyone outside the Chiefs locker room think Romeo is a home run? Players like coaches who are lax on discipline or too tired to fight the battles a true leader must fight. His enthusiastic endorsement from the Chiefs players should be a signal to Pioli to keep looking. Romeo might be the guy, but Chiefs fans deserve to see who else might be interested in the job.

“I would think that Kansas City would be a far better situation than St. Louis [for Jeff Fisher]. That dome is like playing in a Mausoleum – it’s horrendous! Personally it looks like a no-brainer that Kansas City would be better.”
Kevin Harlan, on reports that Fisher is close to taking the Rams job, 810 AM
GH: Harlan also pointed out that the Rams job would likely come with more GM power for the head coach – a situation that is not possible with Pioli in Kansas City. 

“My favorite uniforms are the classics – the ones that never change.”
Nate Bukaty, who was not a fan of Oregon’s chrome-dome helmets in the Rose Bowl, 810 AM
GH: I like many traditional uniforms but I love it when teams update their uniforms to instill some excitement and interest in their schools and franchises. Oregon swings and misses more often than not with their potpourri of unies but I enjoy the heck out of their
efforts. So what if they are off-putting to some stodgy fans. I liked what Chip Kelly had to say when asked what he would think of the Ducks’ chrome helmets if he was the opposing head coach. “I’d think they were cool,” he smiled in reply. 

“TRob is better. Take down my #23 from the [Allen Fieldhouse] rafters and
make room for #0! @Trobinson0 proud of u bro, stay after it!”
Wayne Simien, after Thomas Robinson’s 30 points and 20 rebounds against North Dakota,Twitter

“Those are really lofty numbers! I don’t care who the opposition is!”
Bob Davis, on Thomas Robinson’s 30 points and 20 rebounds against North Dakota, Hawk Talk on 610 AM
GH: I think TRob is the Big 12’s best player – by even more than the length of a Marcus Denmon three point dagger. But getting these numbers while playing until four minutes remained against North Dakota isn’t all that impressive to me. But I think Robinson might be good enough to inflict the same kind of damage on a number of Big 12 opponents this winter.

“[Missouri and Baylor] are off to great starts.
But to be honest with you, I think two of the last three years we were
undefeated going into January. It means absolutely nothing when it comes to
winning the league. Everybody’s got the same opportunity and the same chances right
Bill Self, Hawk Talk on 610 AM
GH: But didn’t Kansas win the Big 12 those same years? I do think Baylor and MU are the class of the league this season but Kansas State and Kansas are right there with them. Here is how I see the Big 12 going into league play…

1)      Baylor: Incredible athleticism and length. Can they erase the Scott Drew curse?

2)      Mizzou: Short but quick with a deadly aim — George Costanza-ish. Condom-like defense.

3)      Kansas State: Could be best team in Big 12 by late March – if they live that long.

4)      Kansas: TRob is the best player but he can’t pass himself the ball.

5)      Oklahoma: Who knew the Sooners could turn it around so quickly?

6)      Iowa State: Have shown little so far but I think The Mayor gets them gelling in January.

7)      Texas: J’Covan Brown is great but then a lot of ordinary brown after that.

8)      Texas A&M: What a disappointment! Did Turgeon mean that much to the Aggies?

9)      Oklahoma State: Yikes! Did T. Boone’s basketball checks bounce?

10)   Texas Tech: This is the real reason the Pac 12 balked at merger plans.  

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46 Responses to OTC: Todd Haley Needs To Explain Himself / Big 12 Pre-Conference Hoops Power Rankings

  1. Joe says:

    I, for one, am glad that the Chiefs did NOT make the playoffs this year. Squeaking into the playoffs, in a horrible division, breeds complacency – and a lot (more) false confidence from the front office. JH

    • JP says:

      I gotta disagree with you, although I understand that you are looking at the long term. Never turn down a chance at post season. See the 2011 St. Louis Cardinals. Not to say the Chiefs would have gone on that run, but the AFC looks somewhat weak right now. New England has a shaky defense that will get exposed. Pittsburgh is battling injuries, and Houston may not have their third string QB after losing their first two QB’s. Cincinnati is 0-7 against playoff teams.

      That said, Baltimore looks to be the complete team, and should come out of the AFC. However, I watch sports to get my team into post season. If the Chiefs made it, I would there worts and all…They were a blocked FG away from potentially winning the division.

  2. Brett says:

    we shouldn’t expect pioli to work any miracles like convincing indy to give up the #1 pick so we can draft luck.

    but all chiefs fans should expect pioli to make an aggressive pursuit for a higher quality quarterback than we currently have. he could try to get the 2nd pick from STL to draft RG3. Or, he could trade for bradford if STL is intent on drafting RG3. or he could seek a trade for manning if indy is ready to usher in the luck era.

    this team has the foundation to be very good, but they will never achieve playoff-game-winning status unless they upgrade their quarterback.

    both sides of the line could use a little help too, but that’s much easier through later round picks and free agency.

  3. Jim says:

    I would imagine that Todd Haley has some sort of clause in his settlement agreement that prevents him from airing dirty laundry on the Chiefs. I would love to hear what he has to say but it won’t happen. Also, even if he did sabotage the Chiefs chances this year, he would be a fool to admit it. I think he will get another coaching job soon, but that will never happen if he admits to intentionally killing the Chiefs.

    • Mighty Mo says:

      Coaches, unless fired for cause, get their money under the contract. Haley is free to speak his mind. My guess is that his silence is more indicative of wanting another job and of his belief that you keep silent and move on.

      • Greg Hall says:

        I’m not looking for Haley to publicly trash his former boss, team or The Clarks. I just think it would be interesting to hear his thought process as to why he chose to be so anti-establishment in a league that he KNOWS abhors that type of behavior. Haley is no noobie to the NFL — his dad was part of the Steelers’ front office that won five titles. I have a difficult time believing he was trying to lose to spite Pioli. I think he had a plan and it backfired.

  4. smartman says:

    Jim, you are correct. Most NFL termination/settlement agreements have some boilerplate language the league insists on. No dirty laundry from Todd. Like Sargeant Shultz, he knows “NOTHING”. Unfortunately Colonel Klink Pioli knows even less.

    I’m sure Todd Haley has realized the error(s) of his ways and is going to play nicey-nice so he can get his next gig.
    If he’s gonna give a mea culpa interview as a pre-interview for his next job it’s not going to be with Nick Wright.

    The AFC West is the new NFC West, worst division in the NFL. It will be aeons before a team from this division even makes it to the AFC Championship Game.

    Water gets turned into wine at Mile High. Tim Tebow redeems himself this Sunday. The following week he gets crucified.

    The 30/20 against North Dakota is NOT a BIG deal. Do that against MU, Baylor or KSU and you can float to the NBA in a Maybach on angels wings..

    This year, more than any other KU needs to win the Big XII for cred and recruiting. We’ll see exactly how good of a coach Bill Self is this year. I think he gets that done.

    • Husker Bill says:

      Smartman – I think you are wrong about a team from the AFC West being aeons away from playing in an AFC Championship Game. As a Niner’s fan, I watched Jim Harbaugh come in and lead a team of underachievers to a 13 win season and first round bye. Granted, it looks like we’ll play New Orleans, who I think is a better team, but we’ve got a puncher’s chance of making it. There are at least a couple of underachieving teams in the AFC West. Denver reminds me of the 2010 Niners – good defense, sabotaged by their offense. The Chiefs improved on defense but were let down by QB play. Look up underachiever in Webster’s and you see a picture of the Chargers. Even the Raiders have some talent. Each of these teams seems to be a good GM, a good coaching hire and a good draft away from a big improvement. I’m not saying that it WILL happen, but it could. NFL teams are closer in talent that college teams. With the right moves and a fortunate schedule, anything is possible.

      • Smartman says:

        Norv Turner still at San Diego. QB problems in Oakland, Denver and KC. Every team in the AFC West thinks they are one or two pieces of the puzzle away from the Holy Grail. I don’t see where any of the hope or confidence comes from. Although I can’t wait to see and hear the Chiefs ads for 2012.

        Jim Harbaugh and Pete Carroll have amped up the quality of coaches in the NFC West. Whisenhunt isn’t too shabby and the Rams are going to get a BIG NAME.

        Those guys belong on Mt. RUSHMORE compared the the yokels in the AFC West barring a Bill Cowher trans-substantiation.

        I listen to a lot of sports talk on the Internet from NY, Philly, Boston, Chicago, Dallas and LA. The AFC West is a universal joke. A punching bag and a punch line.

    • Greg Hall says:

      I too have picked the Broncos to pull off a miracle against the Steelers. The early NFL playoff gamess alway have a head-scratcher or two and this would be a dandy.

      • Merle Tagladucci says:

        Would you be up for a friendly wager on that?

      • xavier says:

        Agree with the Denver pick as well…and if they do lose, it’ll be close. They’ve got Rothlesberger struggling with the leg – he’ll have no escapability with a defense that is obviously their core strength, No running game-Rashard Mendenhall out and a LB who apparently has some issue that keeps him from playing at altitude….spells trouble for Pittsburgh for sure. And Denver is not exactly an easy place to play

        • Jim says:

          Good Lord!! The Chiefs won in Denver 7-3!! This just in: The Chiefs suck and their offense is the WORST in the NFL. What on God’s green Earth makes you think the Steelers are going to lose??!!

  5. j says:

    Incredible year for MU coming up. With the step up to the sec we get to open
    with Georgia. Its expected that over 200,000 people will be in columbia for that
    game. Then we get Alabama in Columbia. How cool is it to be in the best of the
    Of course MU will have to step up everything next year. Team play/Fan enthusiasm
    but its going to be a huge huge improvement over the faltering big 12/10/6.
    May cost MU in the won/loss department moving into the top league but noone
    can deny this is a huge step toward the big time.
    Chiefs hopefully will bring in a big time winning coach. Saw Romeo on Tv with his
    locker room speech. He looks too old and worn out to lead this young team.
    If hunt/pioli chicken out and go with romeo it only shows that they’re not willing to
    gamble with a big name coach for the future. The chiefs need someone big time.
    Romeo will be a nice warm fuzzy choice but it won’t kick the team into gear to
    reach higher in 2012.
    We’ve seen enough of these “mundane” hires by both the Chiefs and Royals.
    Maybe clark will suprise up and reach into his vault and pay cowher/gruden or
    someone with a winning coaching record big bucks to transform this team into
    a powerhouse. If they stay with romeo…its going to be a long cold drawn out
    season in kc next season.
    A window of opportunity exist for the chiefs right now. If they make the right
    moves they can own the AFC west for the next decade.

    • WTF? says:

      200,000 people will be in columbia? So the entire population including students will be there? Hope No body leaves.
      It might not be for the game, but maybe a Meth cooking competition. That sounds more realistic

      • J-Rok says:

        j is the biggest troll on here. I suggest you not feed him. He’s the same guy that thought 1 KU fan getting jumped and beaten by a bunch of MU fans “served him right for talkin bad on the tigers.”

    • Smartman says:

      Harley is back on his meds? No caps, no “NOONE” here or in his love sonnet to Craig Glazer on KCC. What’s up Harley-jojo-j? Did the doc put you on the countdown clock?

  6. Kyle says:

    Greg, I think you along with many others are falling into the trap of picking what you HOPE happens in the Big 12 instead of what actually WILL happen. I know non-KU fans are hoping the 7 year streak comes to an end, and it very well may, but to pick them 4th is quite a stretch. Please remember, they have played one bad game. They played a worse game the year they won the National Title in 2008 against Oral Roberts in their own gym. It happens in basketball all the time. This is not an extremely deep KU team, but it is one that starts four 4-star recruits and one 5-star recruit. They are still very talented. I will check back with you in March and we will see how your picks turn out.

    • Greg Hall says:

      I have been to more KU basketball games the past 10 years than any other Big 12 school combined. I have stood to sing the alma mater song beside many a KU alum (and have yet to be struck by lightning — or Max). I have no ill will toward your Jayhawks. I just think they are deficient in a number of areas this season that will log them five or more Big 12 losses. But as you stated, we can check back in March and see how right or wrong I was.

      • MrOlathe says:

        5 or more losses? Well, 13-5 will probably win the Big 12 this year so 5 losses will be ok.

      • KSBugeater says:

        Greg, Dude! I, too, have been to KU games at Allen: a one of a kind experience. But I’m telling Uncle Tom O to recall your Husker card for singing “Hail to Old K. U.” I know it’s pretty cool when the place gets quiet and they lock arms, but to a Nebraska native and Big Red fan, that’s equivalent to singing “Deutschland, Deutschland Uber Alles.” Go get popcorn during the alma mater if you can’t stand there and abstain.

      • Kyle says:

        Greg, I’m not saying you have any ill-will towards KU, I’m just saying that you are probably like most other non-KU fans (I don’t think you consider yourself a KU “fan”, correct?) in that you would like to see someone else win the Big 12. I completely understand that sentiment and I believe that is the reason for many people picking KU not to win. Do they have holes? Yes. But I don’t see MU, KSU, and Baylor being much better. They simply don’t have wins against quality opponents at this point. Alabama has not lived up to the hype, and Cal and Villanova are way down. MU has played one road game and nearly lost to Old Dominion. Things will get much, much tougher starting Saturday. It should be a fun season!

    • Will says:

      Greg, your fourth point will pick the position that ku lands in the final big 12 standings this season if they finish above 4th we’ll be seeing TRob go coast to coast a lot.
      If there was ever a ku player for an mu guy to root for, this is the guy, but come on…North Dakota? Since when did ku get excited about beating North Dakota? Put some talented defenders in front of those ku guards and they are going to melt like butter in a hot skillet.

  7. Java Man says:

    Already wishing they had gone for the 18 week schedule.

    • Greg Hall says:

      Ain’t that the truth. No professional sport keeps my interest like the NFL. I truly think I could handle it running through March with the playoffs in April.

  8. chuck says:

    smartman, Denver is an 8 point dog. The Steelers have their strong safety out, Mendenhall is out (Making great use of his time getting the “other” side of the story out about Osama, hell none of us guys ever even met the man.) Ben Rapelesburger is banged up.

    The Broncos are 8 point dogs at home. I like Denver and the points, but I think they lose.

    Waiting for Merle to weigh in, but was listening to the radio during Chiefs game. The announcers on 810′s National show, said the difference between Orton and Cassel was dramatic, in that he could throw the “out” and Cassel could not.

    Hey, thats a big dea. To me, it looks like Orton is better in the pocket, has a better arm, and is better on his feet. He ain’t gonna get us to the mountain, but he is a serious upgrade over M Cassel.

    Orton had a lot of interceptions in Chicago and Denver, but his recievers were average on a good day imo.

    Breaston, Bowe and Baldwin, witth Moeaki back, shoule be the best recieve corp he ever had.

    Hey, ya gotta go wiht what ya got.

    Clark Hunt is not gonna spend any money, and Pioli will not move up in the draft even if he could, because he believes he can evaluate talent well enough to overcome an average QB.

    You know, (cough, cough!!) Tyson Jackson.

    • Orphan of the Road says:

      I like Denver as the home dog too. And what a back story with the purest QB vs the evil one. Perhaps dame Karma has a rooting interest? I wouldn’t be too shocked if the Broncs take it.

      Maybe they can give Orton a number to keep in mind during free-agency. When Boy Josh lands somewhere else, perhaps he will want Matt to join him.

      Flynn is an LSU product, gagchockthrowupinthemouthalittle, but is he the next Aaron Rogers or the next Matt Cassel is some of the scuttle outside the Paris of the Plains. Can someone outbid the village idiot in Washington?

      They should be able to turn over a couple of rocks here and there and find a back. The kid from Temple reminds me of Brian Westbrook in how he runs and catches (though he didn’t catch many). If Dexter makes a comeback that is great but they should prepare for him not to come back. Worst case, two very good running backs.

      I look for San Diego to continue to slip below the horizon. Angling for the move to LA, only reason to keep Norv & AJ.

      • chuck says:

        Orphan-well, we probably won’t get a QB, but what the hell, the Ravens are in it, and Flacco is Kyle Orton, with a better team.

        Flynn looked good in Green Bay. Cassell looked good in New England. It all looks good on paper.

        • xavier says:

          While I understand the compare with Flynn and Cassel given they played in good systems behind rock starts, the one difference I saw in Flynn vs. Cassel is he actually can make all the throws. I’d try and snag Flynn, but how do you unload that monster Cassel contract – he has very little market value beyond capable back-up.

    • Smartman says:


      Will be interesting to see how the line moves over the course of the week. I gotta feeling about Tebow pulling this one out, creating further conflict in the Bronco’s future. But Cliffy will tell you that a broken clock is right more often than I am on my prognostications. This is classic good versus evil. St. Tim versus the drunken, motorcycle riding, woman abusing, drunk, BIG BEN.

      Laugh with the sinners or cry with the saints. I can’t wait for this one.

      • chuck says:

        smartman, my views on ecclesiastical matters are pretty eclectic and non judgemental.

        Tebow doesn’t seem at first blush (Although, maybe I am not paying enough attention.), to proselytize to the point where people would be annoyed, but thats just me.

        I was sluggin some brews in Coaches last night and some pretty rational folks were goin off in the ditch about how much they wanted him to lose.

        I really don’t get it. He seems to be a really nice kid, if somewhat pre occupied by his religion.


        He ain’t huffin paint, or rapin your daughters, stealin your car and killin off real estate values if he moves in next door.

        I don’t think it will happen, but I hope he kills the Steelers and has the game of his life.

        Anti-heros permeate the pro sports landscape like locusts out of the bible sluggin 40s and sporting.

        Gimme some old time religion Timmy, I am pullin for ya.

        • chuck says:

          sportin dubs—sorry :)

          I am “Tebowing” in capitulation.

          • Merle Tagladucci says:

            Chuck, the main reason people are rooting against Tebow is because the media’s lips are fellating him 24/7. Even when he loses, he gets coddled like a baby.

            If anyone here can come up with a pro or college athlete in the past 50 years who has been so glaringly overmatched yet so inexplicably kowtowed to by the media MORE than this Tebow phenomenon, please enlighten me. I’ve tried to find an equivalent and can’t. The guy gets praised for doing routine things every pro QB in the league should be able to do! It just makes no sense, the fascination. And then media compounds their own stupidity by asking moronic questions like: “Why is there a Tebow backlash?”

            Madness. Pure madness. Go Steelers.

  9. tigerdan4 says:

    I made the statement after the Monday night game at New England that if Palko started the next week (Sunday night vs PIT) instead of the newly signed Orton, that I was done with Haley as head coach. I truly believe Haley’s stubborness cost us a division title and ruined his career in the NFL. His blind loyalty to Palko probably ruins Palko’s career too. I mean, who’s gonna take a chance on him even as a 3rd qb? He got overexposed in those 4 starts and showed the nation twice on national tv how bad he really is. Haley also showed the nation that he sucks as a head coach. Someone tweeted Jimmy Johnson and asked what he thought of Haley as the Cowboys OC next year and Jimmy said absolutely not. Too hard to work with. I’ll be shocked if he ever has a position higher than receivers coach in the NFL going forward.

    Greg, I totally agree with your predicted order of finish in the Big 12 (10). Baylor looks like an NBA team walking out on the court. They looked sloppy at times vs A&M last night but I don’t see anyone going into Waco and winning. Mizzou won’t lose many at home either. Its gonna be a fun season and it will be interesting to see how it plays out. And if KU wins the league this year with this team, they will win it every single year for as long as Bill Self stays there. And I’ll be glad to get out of the league and take our chances with the likes of Kentucky & Florida. But for now I’m gonna thoroughly enjoy our last year in the Big 12 (10).

  10. jjskck says:

    I don’t give Denver much of a chance. Much like the Wildcat a couple years back, the rest of the league has had a few weeks to figure out the unorthodox offense Denver is running. Not that they were scoring many points to begin with, but they’re completely punchless right now. Solid D, but you have to score SOME points to win.

    And this whole “the Chiefs were a blocked FG away” crap needs to stop. Philip Rivers’ fumble, McCluster’s Hail Mary reception, and squeaking out wins against dreadful McNabb- and Painter-led teams are all that kept the Chiefs from being a 3-win team this year.

  11. Merle Tagladucci says:

    I think comparing Cassel to Orton is like comparing Chris Getz to Willie Bloomquist. Both are marginal in their abilities, weak in the clutch and one is slightly more productive with his offensive abilities but at the end of the day you’re sniffing paint thinner if you think you can build a championship team around either guy. Unfortunately for Chiefs fans, Cassel is Pioli’s version of “Getzy” and he’s sitting at the roulette table with all his chips on the number 7.

    Players like coaches who are lax on discipline or too tired to fight the battles a true leader must fight. His (Crennel’s) enthusiastic endorsement from the Chiefs players should be a signal to Pioli to keep looking.

    I’m not sure I agree with this but I get the point you’re making. I don’t think a coach has to be disliked or a disciplinarian to get the most out of his players. Chiefs players loved Dick Vermeil, and he was a crying, hugging, emotional sniffler, yet the players responded to him and played well. Tom Coughlin is another example…total jerk in his early years coaching, everything was about him and his rules, then he finally realized he needed to mellow out to get his message across to players, and then won a Super Bowl.

    In the end though, whether a guy is a jerk or a softy, the bottom line is you need talent on the field and respect in the locker room. Parcells was never buddy/buddy with his players but he usually had talent, his teams respected him and he could coach his front butt off. Romeo Crennel needs, over everything else, TALENT. He needs talent at QB and talent in the coaching booth upstairs. He turned that defense around but he isn’t going to work any miracles on the other side of the ball with Cassel under center. That’s why, more than likely, Romeo and Pioli will both go down with the TitaniCassel in two or three years because there’s an iceberg dead ahead if they continue to move forward with him and his limited abilities.

    Which is precisely why I will now take this opportunity to remind everyone that pitchers and catchers report in 49 days! !

  12. Ron says:

    Far from coddling Tim Tebow, members of the sports media lead the parade of Tebow haters. No one wants Tebow to fail more than the sports media types. They hate the fact that Tebow goes against their ideal sports hero, a beer-drinking, womanizing, drugged-up party animal. Most of the ex-jocks and jock-sniffers in the media idolize players who are living the decadant life they can only dream about. If Tebow succeeds in the NFL, they no longer have any excuse to justify their sorry behaviors and lifestyles. They are salivating at the thought of Tebow being caught swearing on an open mic, picking up a hooker, or kicking the family dog after a defeat. They want to bring him down to their level in the worst way so they can continue looking in the mirrow every morning and feel o.k. about themselves.

    • Java Man says:

      Ron, Not sure that I agree, but a different point of view. Well done.

    • Merle Tagladucci says:

      Oh absolutely, the former NFL players who have on-air gigs at ESPN ALL want him to fail. They make fun of him on the NFL Network too singing “Oh Teeebowww whoaa uhoaaa” to the Wicked Witch guards song. All those players know he’s a joke. It’s the producers and string-pullers up top and behind the scenes at the networks who make those players talk about him all the time and lead off shows with Tebow updates. That’s who’s guilty of cramming the kid down viewers’ throats.

  13. j says:

    did i read last nights score correctly…87-49 with mizzou beating ou…
    i have had some doubts about mu this year…but that never happens in
    big 12 play…could mizzou be really that good.
    Although i hope it..i still have my doubts..could be interesting to see
    how they do with ku and k state…

  14. j says:

    fat man weiss does it again. Hires a coach who was 2-22 last year.
    The team he coached had all the coaches fighting and even had the players
    fighting the coaches. This man is going to destroy what is left of ku football.
    He hires a high school coach. He hires losers from other losing teams. He hires
    other losing coaches with no winning experience.
    So in the end you have a loser hiring other losers with no experience or
    the worst records in the college game coaching other losers who have no
    talent and who quit in 2011 on their team and their coach and what you end
    up with is a no win season in the big 12 for the worst team in ncaa division.
    someone please wake up the ku adminstrators because this is getting
    from bad to worse very quickly.

  15. JP says:

    Regarding Haley, I don’t think he deliberately sabotaged the Chiefs in any way. If he did, I might respect his football acumen more. The sad part with Haley was his judgment and immaturity. Remember this is the Haley who wanted Lance Long as an integral part of the offense in 2009. He stuck with Palko, even though the results were horrendous. He tended to have a soft spot for certain players, who everyone else thought was untalented. Meanwhile, he had a “problem” with playmakers. That is why DJ was on the bench in ’09 and Bernard Pollard found himself cut, even though he continues to have a productive career.

    His immaturity came out in the benching Cassel fiasco during the Tennessee game last year. Not to mention firing Chan Gailey, and likely running Charlie Weis out of town. Bottome line, Haley showed he does not today have the temperement to be a Head Coach, and he has work to do to get back to even being considered. I say it will take him 7-8 years of good behavior before he is considered for another head coaching job.

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