OTC: Nebraska’s Last Day In B12 A Celebration For Most

“I think tomorrow has a chance to be an epic day as Nebraska goes bye-bye (from the Big 12) Screw you Huskers!”
Bob Fescoe, as he signed off from his Thursday morning show, 610 AM
GH: Fescoe’s sentiments echo many of those fans of Kansas, Kansas State and Mizzou. The big, bad Huskers and their horde of scarlet-clad locust-like fans will be history to the Big 12 Conference as of midnight tonight. As a native Nebraskan and life-long Husker, I will miss my team competing with my new home’s three favorite colleges. It appears I am in the minority in the Big 12. Read on.

“Last June, the Big 12 had all the solidarity of the last days of the Soviet Union. A confederation tied together with baling wire. … But as soon as Nebraska went out the door, everyone started getting along swimmingly. Even voted in equitable revenue-sharing, which always was a deal-breaker for UT, Oklahoma and Nebraska. Maybe the Huskers were the problem all along.”
Barry Tramel, columnist, NewsOK.com
GH: At the rate of progress being made in the Big 12 since NU decided to head east, can a freshman at Baylor discovering a cure for cancer be far behind?

“This June, the Big 12 is united. Would surprise no one if we caught Big 12 fathers roasting marshmallows at the conference meetings, singing kumbaya. The 10 remaining Big 12 schools stand arm in arm, extolling their commitment to each other and their desire to let no other school in the league.”
Barry Tramel, columnist, NewsOK.com
GH: Uh, Barry – Notre Dame’s on the phone…

“Tomorrow Nebraska and Colorado will officially be members of whatever conferences it is they are joining. No more greatest fans in football, no more rampaging killing machine mascot on the field, no more Pelini, most of the good weed is now out of the conference, and we are now short two long standing series.”
Samuel Bryant, Oklahoma State writer, SBNation
GH: The Buffs did have the best weed in the Big 12 but they will move to the Bottom 10 once they officially are members of the Smoke, uh, I mean, Pac 12. I have to think the new Big 12 “best weed” title now resides in Ames. That smoke from Iowa City alone has to place them in the top two.  

“Both schools and fanbases will be missed in their own ways.  I will miss the football matchup with Nebraska as that was always a calendar circler, even in the Callahan years. And I will definitely miss the roadies to Boulder for a combo weekend of game, win, mountain trip.”
Samuel Bryant, Oklahoma State writer, SBNation
GH: That trip to Boulder was always a double-edged toboggan. There might not be a prettier place to attend a college football game or a more livable city than Boulder. But the “fans” or more accurately the lunatics that attend football games in Boulder will not be missed – unless it’s a road game. Then they are harder to find than Osama’s corpse.

“For some the wounds will never heal but I’ll always simultaneously be sad to leave the Big 12 and happy to join the Big 10. It’s the only way I know how to deal with moving – equal parts nostalgia and anticipation. There hardly seems room for hatred – one of the essential emotions of college football – of our old conference in there and that’s a good thing.”
Brandon Vogel, BigRedNetwork.com
GH: Most Nebraska fans I know feel a tremendous amount of regret in leaving the Big 6/8/12. It is difficult to imagine washing away 100 years of history. No more trips to Manhattan? The Oklahoma series is kaput? Mizzou and Kansas won’t come calling again like they have for all of our lives? Texas? The Huskers won’t miss Texas. But I will miss it all. A new day dawns on Friday. Gentlemen, prepare your teams for kickoff.

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9 Responses to OTC: Nebraska’s Last Day In B12 A Celebration For Most

  1. Tim says:

    Geez, seems really weird now that it’s here. Kinda sad. Will miss those MU-NU games bigtime.

  2. KCPRGuy says:

    Well, count me as a minority but I am disappointed to see Nebraska go strictly from a nostalgia point of view. As a KU alum from early 90s, there wasn’t much joy in going to our Memorial Stadium. However, every time the Red Army rolled in to town, there was always hope we would some how pull off a miracle. Closest I got to see one live was ’93 and the failed two point attempt by Mason. Plus, I liked inflatable Herbie, there I admit it.

    • kcredsox says:

      I was at that game also, KU definitely gave us a scare that year. I would estimate that about half the stadium was crimson red though. The KU fans were nice even after a close loss. Its going to be hard not to play the Kansas and Missouri teams, but I’m looking forward to Wisconsin, Iowa and Michigan.

  3. Cliffy says:

    Never liked Nebraska but I’d gladly keep the Huskers if we could send Fescoe to Big 10 country.

    • kcredsox says:

      Oh hell no, you can keep him here. He would be dreadful even if he was a Husker fan.

  4. smartman says:

    I was sad when Happy Days, MASH and The Sopranos ended. I was sad when I learned I was watching Mickey Mouse reruns and would not be able to marry Annette Funnicello. I was sad when Kerry Collins, Kijana Carter and Joe Jurevicious graduated from Penn State. I was sad when the Scouts and Kings left. I was sad when production of the Pontiac Fiero was stopped. I was sad when Oscar de la Hoya refused to trade punches with Felix Trinidad. I was sad when Dale Earnhardt died. I’ve been sad many times in my life but over Colorado and NU leaving? Zero-Nada-Zip. I could not care less if you paid me to care less.

  5. JayBee says:

    Did somebody say WEED?

  6. AaronB4Mizzou says:

    I’ll miss the Mizzou Vs Bugeater football game. To me, it was really beginning to become a rivalry. If NU had stayed in the Big 12, or if Mizzou had gotten an invite into the Big 10, it would have flourished. I know you can’t take out history, but if you do take out the 25 years Mizzou decided not to field a football team, the history between the two is actually close, and competitive. I think that would have been the trend moving forward. I think Mizzou & the Bugeaters were poised to dominate the Big 12 North for years to come. Everything else, I really don’t think we’ll notice much.

    CU? I guess my only disdain for them is that their two best football coaches are both Mizzou alums, who, for some reason, like to belittle their Alma mater. GB because he has never been offered the job, and McCartney…what’s his problem? Seriously, I’m not sure anyone will really notice they’re gone.