OTC: Josh Freeman Making Headlines In NFL Despite Mixed Reviews At K-State

“I’ve got to attribute a lot of my quarterback prowess to Ron Prince – basically, everything I know about offense. He’s really put me ahead as far as being able to come in (to the NFL) and perform.”
Josh Freeman, the former KSU quarterback and current QB for the Buccaneers, in an interview with Steven St. John and Jeff Chadiha, 810 AM
GH: Freeman is a huge local-kid success story out of Grandview High School via Kansas State. There aren’t many K-Staters singing the praises of Ron Prince anymore but Freeman said he still talks to his former head coach often. Freeman and Prince never beat Kansas, Missouri or Nebraska but they did deliver two wins over Texas that have to rank as two of the best days to be a Wildcat the past ten years.

“(Josh) Freeman, who was only 22 this season, finished with a QB rating of 95.9. In the Super Bowl era, only two other quarterbacks had a QB rating of at least 90.0 under the age of 23 (minimum eight starts). You might have heard of them: Dan Marino and Ben Roethlisberger.”
Cork Gaines, writer, BussinessInsider.com

“One thing I learned from Ron Freeman is who cares what the media says? Ron Prince told me that whether it’s the media, outside sources or fans, they really have no bearing on how you play your game. Whether they are telling you you’re the greatest player in the world or whether they’re telling you you’re horrible – it really doesn’t matter.”
Josh Freeman, 810 AM
GH: Freeman received a lot of criticism for his play at Kansas State and it is my opinion it was well earned. He was a turnover machine in many big college games and often looked anything but a leader. But he has proven all that bluster meant nothing when it came to excelling in the NFL. BTW, this advice isn’t too far off what Jason Whitlock was attempting to deliver to the young Nick Wright.

“That’s where I grew up. You really can’t replace home.”
Josh Freeman, when asked what he missed most about Grandview and Kansas City, 810 AM
GH: You can’t replace home but Tampa for Grandview ain’t a bad trade.

“We want to start (the NFL season) on time but at the same time we want to get a good deal. We’re just sitting back waiting to see what happens.”
Josh Freeman, 810 AM
GH: This is the kind of thinking that will lead to a prolonged NFL players lockout. Being an NFL player is a “good deal.” Ask Herm Edwards. Read on.

“It’s not a right to play in the National Football League, it’s a privilege. … It really doesn’t matter when you got drafted. I was not drafted. I was a free agent. Played for 10 years, men. Never missed a game, never missed a practice. I was ready to go when they kicked the ball off. Make sure you’re ready to go.”
Herm Edwards, in his speech to the NFL rookie symposium, CBSSports.com
GH: I never thought Herm was much on Xs and Os nor had the mental capacity to match wits with the cerebral NFL coaches of his day. But as far as giving locker room speeches, he is as good as we have known in quite some time.

“Smile at the girl, she smiles at you, you think she’s in love with you, she ain’t in love with you!”
Herm Edwards, in his speech to the NFL rookie symposium, ESPN
GH: Note to Herm – the player ain’t in love with the girl either. As Tina Turner once asked, “What’s love got to do with it?”

“I kind share a (cell phone) plan with my sister because we’ve had the same plan since high school.”
Josh Freeman, when asked why he has a country song playing on his voicemail, 810 AM
GH: How many NFL quarterbacks still share a cell phone plan with their sister? I LOVE this nugget! I can see Josh’s dad Ron (who was a decent hoops player during weekday pick-up games at Avila College about 20 years ago) continuing to shell out for the family cell phone bill for Josh and his sis.

“I really have no idea. I get a lot of grief from my teammates and stuff.”
Josh Freeman, when asked to name the country song playing on his voicemail, 810 AM

“Hey man! A black man can like country music!”
Jeff Chadiha, defending Freeman’s choice to go country or go home, 810 AM
GH: Chadiha sat in for the last two hours of Thursday Border Patrol and he made me forget all about Nate Bukaty. As a matter of fact, I hadn’t thought of Nate all week. Bukaty has been in KC radio for what 15 years? I believe it is a testament to how likable a person Nate must be. But he is completely miscast as a co-host for sports talk radio – especially a morning zoo format like the Border Patrol. Chadiha was quick, funny and smart. Chadiha and SSJ would make a helluva good team any time of day on any channel. I wonder if Entercom was listening?

“Naw, I haven’t gone that far yet. I’m just putting my toe in the pool.”
Jeff Chadiha, when asked by SSJ if he had any George Strait tunes on the country side of his iPod, 810 AM

“I don’t know. Reading between the lines. I think he was promised some things he didn’t get.”
Kim English, when asked if Josh Selby enjoyed his time at Kansas, 810 AM
GH: Kevin Kietzman replayed English’s comments from an interview with SSJ on Wednesday for Jack Harry on Thursday. He wanted to be sure Harry heard English’s comments. I was less than impressed with the gravity of English’s words. So, Selby thought KU didn’t do what they promised him they’d do. Which was probably start him every game he was eligible. How is that groundbreaking and shocking?

“I don’t know. I don’t know. Yeah.”
Kim English, when asked by SSJ if Selby was unhappy with the players, coaches or fans at Kansas, 810 AM
GH: How does that even rate a replay? Is it that slow of a summer for sports news?

“You probably picked the worst time of the year to be sitting around listening to sports talk radio. It feels like there is nothing going on right now.”
Kevin Kietzman, to Jack Harry as he rehabs after knee surgery, 810 AM
GH: And KK is on THAT side of his show. He should be thankful he doesn’t have to listen to his lineup of infomercials and snore-galore content.

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14 Responses to OTC: Josh Freeman Making Headlines In NFL Despite Mixed Reviews At K-State

  1. JS says:

    I do not miss Bukaty when he is on vacation. I do miss St. John when he is on vacation though. I can’t listen on those days. Rambling questions and dialogue for 4 hours.

  2. Mike says:

    Is Chadiha in studio with SSJ, or is he on through something else? I didn’t think Chadiha is a KC resident like Jason King, Dennis Dodd, or other national writers based here.

  3. cliffy says:

    Chadhia is awesome. Bukaty is a dork.

    I will always be fond of Freeman because he turned his back on Nebraska.

    Kim needs to shut up … and I’m a Mizzou guy.

    • Greg Hall says:

      I misspelled Chadiha’s name for maybe the 39th time in today’s OTC. I think I fixed all of them in the above column but my apologies to Jeff for continually screwing up his surname.

      As a Nebraska guy I was never upset with Freeman or the Gabberts for changing their minds about NU. The schools have all the power once you get on campus. I think every kid should go where they feel most comfortable no matter what they told a recruiter after a warm and fuzzy visit to campus.

  4. The Word says:

    Interesting. A few years ago if you asked any Big 12 fan who was the better QB between Daniels, Reesing and Freeman, Freeman would 9-10 times come in last.

    Yet, it was Freeman who was picked pretty high in the first round. It’s Freeman who is starting and it’s Freeman who is having a lot of NFL success.

    As for Reesing, he couldn’t even get into the Arena League. and the only way Daniels will start at QB is in the CFL.

    I guess college success doesn’t mean that much in the age of the spread.

  5. Michael Scott says:

    That’s what she said.

  6. Ptolemy says:

    Josh Freeman at Kansas State always seemed to have his mind on getting ready for the NFL, not winning college football games. Daniels and Reesing were taught and coached to win college football games.

    As for sports talk, you all need to move away from 810/610 these months until the NFL starts. Hit the political talk of 710/980 (and of course podcasts of The Mark Levin Show!!!). I’ll be back to sports talk come August, and I won’t have missed anything. Free your minds!

    • Anfo says:

      I’m a Dave Ramsey guy. I listen to the Border Patrol for entertainment purposes only. Not as much for the sports talk.

      I listen to music till 1:00 and listen live to Ramsey on his website till 4:00 then go home.

  7. TangoAlphaLima says:

    Greg, your pro-owner bias is incredibly transparent with every mention of the NFL lockout. What’s the deal? You don’t think players should get a fair share? Merely playing in the NFL should be good enough for the players, regardless of how much the owners profit?

    You sound too much like Kietzman on this issue, and he’s a bonehead.

    • Greg Hall says:

      I’m all for a fair shake for the players. But anyone who works for a boss should understand that the risks and commitments the boss or owner of the business takes far outweighs the “rights” of the employees. As a fan of the NFL, I want the owners’ costs to be manageable so that my ticket prices, parking and concessions are reasonable. If the owners fail to take the fan into consideration, they’ll lose me as well.

      • TangoAlphaLima says:

        Greg, if you think any money saved by the owners is going to be used to make your cost of attendance more reasonable, I’ve got a Brooklyn Bridge to sell you…

        Your risk analogy may play well in the real world, but in the body-bruising NFL, I think players take a lot of risks with their own personal health to justify their piece of the pie.