OTC: Would An NBA Franchise At Sprint Center Kill College Hoops In KC Like It Has In OKC?

“After two yrs of losing OU has lost their BBall fan base to the Ok City Thunder! OU used to be sold out for Billy Tubbs and Kelvin Sampson.”
Tom Penders, @TomPenders, on the dwindling crowds at Lloyd Noble Arena, Twitter
GH: I tuned into the Texas/Oklahoma basketball game Tuesday night and was shocked at the sparse crowd. This is one of the great rivalries in the country but you would never have guessed it from the glut of empty seats. All those hoops fans in Kansas City who clamor for an NBA franchise at Sprint Center, be careful what you wish for. I don’t think KC’s population base is large enough to support both the college and pro games. The OKC Thunder might be the reason KC retains the Big 12 hoops tourney even after Mizzou bolts for the SEC.

“[Texas Tech] trashed its sports programs over a few bruised egos. It went from
competitive to mediocre in football and mediocre to cellar dweller in basketball. A&M trashed its historical rivalries due to a raging case of little man syndrome and had the most disappointing football and basketball seasons in the nation this year. In the meantime, UT has gone from national powerhouse to also-ran for no apparent reason other than apathy. It’s time to clean house in Texas. I guess Baylor will hold the line…”
dustbowlin_daddy, after A&M defeated TT by the anemic score of 48-37 last night, in Comments section on ESPN.com
GH: 47-38 was the final score. The 85 points matched the point total from last season’s football game between these two Texas schools. The Big 12 is building a very respectable football conference with the additions of West Virginia and TCU – but Mizzou’s basketball team will be missed in this basketball wasteland of a conference. Only KU, MU and Baylor have ranked teams near the end of this regular season.  Kansas has made it very clear they do not need Missouri on their future basketball schedules. I am not so sure. With the addition of Mizzou, the SEC looks to be the stronger basketball conference of the two next season. Who would have thought that?

“I still think this [K-State] team has a run in it.”
Doug Gottlieb, 810 AM
GH: K-State travels to Baylor and then Mizzou for their next two games. Both appear to be very difficult games. They finish with three home games against ISU, A&M and OSU – which is where Gottlieb must think their run is coming. Frank Martin and his team have their work cut out for them the next two weeks. I think they are in real trouble of
slipping behind Texas and missing the NCAA tourney.

“I say [Kansas State] loses the next two games and then they win the final three to get in
[the NCAA tourney]. I say K-State and Texas both [are in].”
Steven St. John, 810 AM
GH: There are a lot of mediocre teams vying for one of the 68 spots. That country-wide mediocrity is the Big 12’s best friend right now.

“I would go Thomas Robinson, Tyshawn Taylor, Marcus Denmon and Royce White. And then it would be between Perry Jones III and Ricardo Ratliffe. If you look at Perry Jones’
numbers, they’re pretty good.”
Nate Bukaty, on his picks for the Big 12 All-Conference team, 810 AM

“If everything holds serve right now, I would go Denmon, Ratliffe and then the
three KU guys.”
Aaron Swarts, on his picks for the Big 12 All-Conference team, 810 AM
GH: This is a fun debate – and it is often tinged with favorite-team bias. Do not forget Texas’ J’Covan Brown, who leads the conference in scoring. Has the Big 12’s leading scorer ever NOT made the all-conference team?

“Nobody lays it on more about Kansas basketball than me in this town. I’m telling you, there is a lot to love about the way they play the game and their success.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: Kietzman went on this verbal KU lovefest in response to what he called negative comments from Kansas fans to him and his show. The problem with pretending on the radio is that you are at times asked to back it up.

“[Baylor] has handled their business you could say even better than Mizzou. Mizzou has
lost to a team [Oklahoma State] that is below their station. KU has lost to a team [Davidson] that is below their station. Every team that [Baylor] has lost to is either better than them or equal to them.”
Mike DeCourcy, 810 AM
GH: Interesting thoughts from DeCourcy. While MU and KU have swept Baylor both home and away, it can be said that the Bears only lose to good teams.

“I think what Missouri has done is astounding – nothing short of astounding.”
Mike DeCourcy, 810 AM
GH: Think back to December and the empty seats at Mizzou Arena and the MU players complaining on Twitter about fan support. As someone once said, winning cures all.

“Thomas Robinson has earned the right to punk some people. … The world is lucky I’m not elite at something because I would be the biggest bastard there is. I would have no friends. Let me be Johnny Dare on a national level and know that nobody could kick my ass.”
Nick Wright, 610 AM
GH: Wright just continues to endear himself to those who listen to him.

“I don’t like the one-and-done rule but it’s the rule. The issue is, every kid thinks he’s
a one-and-done.”
John Calipari, ESPN Radio
GH: Kim English almost declared himself eligible for the NBA draft after his junior season at Mizzou. A junior season that was bordering on awful. College basketball players — like no other sport I know – have an unrealistic sense of their worth. My favorite story is Mark Turgeon’s, who when asked by Roy Williams what he was going to do after he graduated said, “Play in the NBA.” Williams told him he was wrong and that he should consider coaching as his future career.

“Looking at the talent coming back in the Big 12 [football], I think TCU’s got a chance to
win this thing. I think they’ve got a legitimate chance with the weapons they’ve
got coming back to win it the first year they’re in the Big 12.”
Dennis Dodd, after the Big 12’s 2012
football schedules were released on Tuesday, 810 AM
GH: The Horned Frogs just made the news this morning with an on-campus drug bust. Read on.

“TCU Police Chief Steve McGee said the students were considered drug dealers, selling
prescription and illegal narcotics to undercover officers both on and off campus. The investigation began 6 months ago. McGee said the students were parts of multiple loosely tied groups. The university confirms 4 members of the Horned Frog football team were arrested. … The university said any student who was arrested and found in violation of distributing drugs would be expelled.”
Ryan Crowe, reporter, on the Wednesday morning drug bust at TCU, CBSDFW.com
GH: The old Southwest Conference continues to haunt the Big 12.

“Read that new teams will join Big 12 at partial share for first few years. Color me
SHOCKED the conference would have uneven setup. SHOCKED!”
Gabe DeArmond, @GabeDeArmond, Twitter

“I’m eager to see how West Virginia does [in the Big 12] now that they are out of the [soft]
Big East.”
Nick Wright, 610 AM
GH: The Big 12 is the best thing to happen to West Virginia since Jerry West. They cannot believe they have been rescued from the burning shack that was the Big East.

“[My] quote was more like this, “in the big 12 you get 2 bye weeks… The normal bye week and the week you play kansas.”
T.J. Moe, @TJMoe28, MU wide receiver, Twitter

“Mizzou on Sept. 29: Open date. Kansas on Sept. 29: Open date. Juuuuuuuuuust sayin, guys.”
David Ubben, @davidubben, Twitter
GH: Maybe the two school’s Lambda Chi
fraternities can schedule a flag football game that afternoon.

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    69 Responses to OTC: Would An NBA Franchise At Sprint Center Kill College Hoops In KC Like It Has In OKC?

    1. Gavin says:

      “My favorite story is Mark Turgeon’s, who when asked by Roy Williams what he was going to do after he graduated said, “Play in the NBA.” Williams told him he was wrong and that he should consider coaching as his future career.”

      First, is that really your FAVORITE story? I guess things in Nebraska growing up were pretty dull. OK, sorry, I was just tweaking you for the unnecessary use of hyperbole. I’m assuming you mean that you really like the story a lot.

      Still, I’m pretty sure that story isn’t true. Larry Brown is known to have told Turgeon “You have no chance at playing in the NBA. If you want to make basketball your life, you need to learn to coach” and then Brown gave him his start as a grad assistant on the 1987-88 team and Roy kept him on in that role when he came to town.

    2. red says:

      It hasn’t in Charlotte. If anything, college hoops has killed the NBA team there.

    3. Johnny Utah says:

      J’Covan Brown shoots 41.9% from the field and 37.6% on 3s. he has to shoot 20 times to get 20 points. KU and MU have half a dozen guys each who could score 20 points on 20 shots. Brown’s just the best player on a mediocre team, and hardly all-conference.

    4. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

      1. OU fans are bandwagon when it comes to basketball. Not so much in football.
      2. It is untrue that A&M and Tech were playing with peach baskets last night.
      3. Gottlieb is an arrogant idiot. KSU has a run in them? The only runs they have left in them are the ones they shit up their purple backs
      4. WVU brings alot to the table in the Big 12. Namely, raccoon and moonshine.
      5. A drug ring at one of the new Big 12 schools with members of the football team involved. Classy. Good call on admitting them Texas.
      6. MU and KU aren’t playing anymore. Will everyone PLEASE STFU about it?

      • Gavin says:

        And thank gof for number four. WVU is filling an important vacancy created with Mizzou’s departure. I realize it’s not an even trade; we’ll lose a bit in the meth department, but I think we’ll get it back with Oxycontin.

        • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

          Oxycontin is way too white collar for WVU. You’ll get peanut butter meth, raccoon stew, and moonshine. The kids at TCU could hook you up with some good Mexican oxycontin however….

        • Orphan of the Road says:

          Nah, WV folk say pussies do Oxy. They snort their meth off their knives.

          • newbaum turk says:

            If you want some W.V. ammo look up a documentary called “The wild and wonderful Whites of West Virginia.”

        • AaronB4Mizzou says:

          thanks for bring up the meth Gavin! We’ve learned that there’s a larger market for it down south, especially to all the Arkansas fans. They like nothing better then taking a bunch of meth, pig calling, and roaming the middle of nowhere all night looking for arrowheads.

    5. Smartman says:

      You have to LOVE TJ Moe. Two bye weeks. Priceless!

      Unless the Lakers or Celtics are relocating the NBA has no chance in KC. None. Zero. Nada. Zip. Randy Covitz will still do an annual story asking where are the NBA and NHL teams we were promised. Tim Leiweke or one of his subordinates will give him bullshit answers and excuses and life goes on.

      Nick Wright needs to understand there is a reason why Johnny Dare and his nemeses KK are stuck in Kansas City. They don’t have a road game and little Nicky still doesn’t have a home game.

      Big 12 football will still orbit around Texas and Oklahoma Schools. Hoops will be all KU.

      The NCAA needs to figure out away to stop one and done. One and done should be for dates, marriages and kids only, or if you’re a woman, anal sex.

    6. JP says:

      The competitive balance in the NBA makes MLB look like the NFL by comparison. Check the attendance in most NBA cities other than Chicago, Dallas, LA, NY or Miami. Mid market teams like Indiana and Milwaukee are struggling at the gate. As much as I would like an NBA team here in KC, I think it would struggle because of prices and KU hoops. They get 16,500 every night to see a national contender in Lawrence. The KC team would likely resemble the Royals in victories and otherwise.

      I would be one that would love to see the NBA here. I would take either NBA or NHL, but until an Owner steps forth, I don’t think we will have to worry about that possibility in the near future.

      • Merle Tagladucci says:

        JP you are aware that about 68% of the players in the NBA smoke the evil marijuana, are you not? How could you possibly support a league that permits its players to toy dangerously with opening the gateway to harder drugs such as “angel dust” and heroin? I’m very disappointed in you JP.

        • JP says:

          Are you still whining because somebody doesn’t agree that Marijuana should be legalized full tilt? Give it a freaking rest Merle. Or in your case a Toke.

          • Merle Tagladucci says:

            Ease up JP, learn to take a joke.

            • Cliffy says:

              JP also sees merit in arguing with harley, so he obviously is wound a little too tight.

            • JP says:

              I’m good, enjoying the banter back and forth. We all come with opinions and I don’t take it personally, and hopefully nobobdy else does. After all, we’re not Egypt where they kill each other after soccer matches. We are the flyover portion of the US and proud of it.

            • MrOlathe says:

              Merle…..did you hear KK and DC discussing drugs, etc. in the opening monologue today? I coulda swore I was listening to Don Fortune!

            • Merle Tagladucci says:

              Nope, missed it. Lucked out.

    7. MUC says:

      KC could not support and NBA team. I know I’m not alone in saying I would not go unless I got free tickets, even then it is iffy. I was bummed when the lockout ended. My sportscenter is now clogged up with their highlights again.

    8. @aleitel says:

      i’m not so certain that the Big 12 will be worse than the $EC in the coming years despite the loss of the tigers. obviously tcu brings absolutely NOTHING to the table, but west virginia has been pretty solid in the usually tough big east. one has to think that okie state and k state will improve, and the ‘clones look to be on the upswing. even though texas doesnt give a shit about hoops, they have some good freshmen and a highly recruited class coming in next year, so they shouldnt be as meh as they are this season. i suppose tennessee, alabama, and georgia can all step up big time in the next couple years, but does anyone ACTUALLY believe that is going to happen?

    9. Kyle says:

      TJ Moe is a genius. His juggernaut of a football team had to rally from 10 points down to one of the worst teams in the country last year. With his “Bye week” mindset, the tiggers will go 5-7 next year.

    10. Cliffy says:

      GH sed: “Think back to December and the empty seats at Mizzou Arena and the MU players complaining on Twitter about fan support. As someone once said, winning cures all.”

      You keep bringing this up and I’ll repeat … it’s nothing new. Mizzou could win the national championship and there would still be empty seats courtside at non-con games. Those seats are sold. Their owners are either upstairs in a suite or are not willing to make the drive from KC or StL to see a Wednesday night cupcake or Binghamton on a Sunday afternoon during the NFL season. Those seats are full for conference games or high-profile games. Except for the last couple of years of the Cokehead Snyder regime, attendance has not been a problem at Mizzou.

      • Jim says:

        hahahahahahahahahahaaaa……………….good one, Cliffy!

      • Gavin says:

        Cliffy, I’m not saying you’re wrong because god knows that you have more knowledge than me, but weren’t players tweeting earlier this season about how much they hated playing in front of all those empty seats? That would seem to be a problem. Maybe not a huge one, but perhaps the sort of thing a recruit sees on TV and then takes as a sign about the program and level of fan support.

        • Cliffy says:

          Yes, English did some tweeting (I don’t know if he used the word “hate’). Anderson also said some things the last couple of years during the non-con season. And you’re right, it doesn’t look good on TV. All I’m saying is it’s not unique to this season. And it’s not likely to change unless they can come with a way to have season ticket holders from KC and StL get their tickets to people who’d like to attend those non-con games.

      • Kyle says:


        • Cliffy says:

          Care to elaborate? Or are you still pissed that a college kid made fun of your football team on Twitter?

          • Kyle says:

            Cliffy, how do you account for the numerous games where you can see the giant M in one of the endzone areas? If you can steer us to a site that shows mu’s attendance figures near capacity for all of these high profile and league games over the years, I would love to see it. And your boy TJ has the right to say anything he wants about KU. And I along with other KU fans have the right to think he is a D-bag. Just as you would think the same about a KU football player spouting off about your beloved tigers.

            • Kyle says:

              I actually found the attendance numbers. Cliffy is correct in the fact that the numbers are much higher for league games. The “high profile” non-league games have not been very high profile the last few years and they are not overly well-attended. MU is on a 4 game sellout streak. It’s the non-con attendence that is staggeringly low. The average attendance for the 2010 season was 10,349 and for 2011 it was 11,112. This factors in the whole season. Capacity is 15,061.The league game average is around 13,000. If the non-con games were decently attended, there would not be any mention of this. Also, if they changed the seats to the same color as the Sprint Center, it would not be as big of a deal because people would not notice as much. Is it a conincidence that the empty yellow seats at Arrowhead get all of the attention? They just stand out the most.

    11. The Fake Ned says:

      You fell prey to the second rule of #LazySportsTalk – Never talk about the Anchor Tenant until there is an anchor tenant.

      The first rule being, of course, to never fight a land war in Asia.


    12. Orphan of the Road says:

      During 33-years in Philadelphia I attended one Sixers game. Got free tix to the ARCO box from work. College, hell high school, basket ball was better than anything the NBA could bring to town. That includes the Dr J years.

      Good to see Nick has realized his limitation and is willing to accept the best he’ll ever do on a national level, like Dare, is voiceovers. Oh wait, Nick’s Voice? Voiceovers? My bad.

    13. JFP says:

      Who give’s a rat’s ass what Gabe DeArmond thinks?

    14. JFP says:

      Aw, geez. There’s no apostrophe in “gives.” Sigh.

    15. Merle Tagladucci says:

      Most people who say the NBa wouldn’t work in Kansas City are people who more or less are not fans of the NBA style of play. They’re college basketball fans who don’t enjoy watching the NBA unless it’s playoff time. I don’t buy this notion that there aren’t enough fans in this town to support an NBA team and there’s no way in hell an NBA team would ever threaten the fanbase from showing up to games at KU. K-State is too far away to be affected and Mizzou fans are fickle as it is so what’s the difference. And if you watch the NBA even a little, you know the league has gotten light years better the past five years and is so much more fun to watch than it used to be. Have you tuned in to see the Clippers, Thunder, Warriors, Kings or Bulls play lately? All young teams that are a blast to watch play.

      The NBA would most certainly succeed in Kansas City if the team was run right. This town is sports crazy and it doesn’t matter which sport you pick. The only team you can say hasn’t drawn well is the Royals and it’s not hard to see why. Beyond stinking up the joint, year after year they had roster after roster filled with journeymen free agents nobody related to or cared about. When they did have the Beltrans, Damons, and Dyes that fans did care for, the front office let ‘em walk. Now here we are again with an exciting, young group of players and this town is on the verge of going apeshit on baseball again. Attendance at The K is going to see a significant bump right out of the gate this season and if they actually start winning, the walk-up lines at the ticket windows each night are going to be nuts.

      The NBA would work in KC but the front office would be wise to draft a kid from Mizzou or KU or sign one in free agency. Cater to your fans. Obviously winning cures all but even if you’re not hanging banners you have to market wisely. One thing Carl Peterson did every year before training camp that I always thought was smart was how he signed a couple of undrafted free agent kids from local schools. Most of those kids never made the team but it fed that sense of community between the team and the fans and was just plain good marketing.

      Imagine an NBA team gets moved to KC and they fill the roster with young guys, play an up-tempo fun style of ball and draft a Thomas Robinson or Marcus Denmon or sign a Michael Beasley. All a team like that would have to be is .500 and it’d be a huge draw in KC, especially when you have guys like Lebron, D-Wade, Kobe, Kevin Durant, Dwight Howard, Derrick Rose, Blake Griffin, etc coming to town every night. The NBA would most certainly work in this town, if done right.

      • Orphan of the Road says:

        Good points, I am not an NBA fan. I was when the players knew the game and respected the players who came before them. Now it is a league where there is a set of rules for the stars and another for the ham-and-eggers who make up the bulk of players.

        Without an owner who liveshere, or at least has very deep roots, it would be hard to keep a pulse on the fans.

        A team moving to KC would be hardest to gain support. It would be a losing, unsuccessful franchise which is looking more for a payday than a new start for their team.

      • Edward says:

        Could you sell 41 games, 20,000 tickets per game, for an average price of more than Chiefs tickets? I dunno.

        • JP says:

          I am with you Merle on this one. I do think an NBA team does succeed if run properly. The big problem is getting the owner. That’s the ONLY reason Okla City got a team. It wasn’t the huge population or the Arena. KC has over 2 million people and could support the NBA. There are competitive balance issues in the NBA that should be fixed as I noted above. A winning team would sell out, I have no doubt about that.

      • Merle Tagladucci says:

        More than a Chiefs ticket? Are you kidding? The average NBA ticket costs $48. The average Chiefs ticket is $71.63. Make sure you ad in the $27 to park at Arrowhead. Now you’re up to $100.

        Sprint holds 18,500 for basketball (not to nitpick). Oklahoma City, Minneapolis and Charlotte – all metro areas that are equal to or smaller than KC – average that many tickets sold ever night. Hell, even in Cleveland they pull in 16K a game even after Lebron left and kicked them square in the balls. The worst attendance in the league is happening to teams that play in cities with huge populations like Detroit, Houston and New Jersey.

        The problem with KC, besides there being no local investors who could or would buy a team to move here, is that it isn’t sexy. You can’t say our arena isn’t good enough. You can’t say we don’t have the population or the fan interest in basketball. You can say that we’re still seen as a cowtown though.

        If we got lucky and a team did move here, it would likely undergo a name change and a complete re-branding with new uniforms. That would be cool, as long as it wasn’t the Kansas City Smoke or some stupid BBQ reference.

        • Smartman says:

          Format: Rank – Team – Average Ticket Price

          Los Angeles Lakers – $246.24
          New York Knicks – $239.98
          Boston Celtics – $195.71
          Miami Heat – $171.22
          Toronto Raptors – $117.59
          Portland Trail Blazers – $96.41
          Chicago Bulls – $95.63
          Atlanta Hawks – $94.76
          Sacramento Kings – $94.70
          Golden State Warriors – $92.83
          Los Angeles Clippers – $73.89
          Washington Wizards – $69.18
          Orlando Magic – $68.03
          Philadelphia 76ers – $61.96
          Houston Rockets – $54.70
          Denver Nuggets – $51.93
          Phoenix Suns – $50.33
          Dallas Mavericks – $50.32
          Oklahoma City Thunder – $46.82
          New Jersey Nets – $42.73
          Memphis Grizzlies – $36.80
          Indiana Pacers – $36.17
          New Orleans Hornets – $30.61
          San Antonio Spurs – $28.39
          Detroit Pistons – $27.29
          Minnesota Timberwolves – $20.21
          Charlotte Bobcats – $20.12
          Cleveland Cavaliers – $19.63
          Milwaukee Bucks – $18.75
          Utah Jazz – $16.75

          • Merle Tagladucci says:

            Your courtside seats at Lakers, Knicks, Celtics and Heat games will skew the league-average numbers a bit. You’re looking at the lower half of this list to get your average Kansas City NBA ticket prices.

            • Smartman says:

              Doesn’t matter what Jack Nicholson or Spike Lee pay for their court side seats. It’s revenue and that pays bills and buys championships. We all know KC will support a winner at any and all costs. I don’t disagree with that. Based on who has won the championship(s) since 2000 it’s probably gonna take more than an average ticket price of $48.00 to win in the NBA.

              Dallas Mavericks
              Los Angeles Lakers
              Los Angeles Lakers
              Boston Celtics
              San Antonio Spurs
              Miami Heat
              San Antonio Spurs
              Detroit Pistons
              San Antonio Spurs
              Los Angeles Lakers
              Los Angeles Lakers

            • Merle Tagladucci says:

              The NBA just agreed on a new revenue sharing plan that will be fully phased in in the 2013-2014 season.

              League projections call for about 15 of the league’s 30 teams to receive payments from the new revenue sharing plan, with seven of the 15 neediest teams, such as the Milwaukee Bucks, Memphis Grizzlies, Charlotte Bobcats and Sacramento Kings, to receive a distribution of roughly $16 million after the new system is fully phased in, up from the nearly $5.8 million maximum that teams could have received this year.

              A $16 million payout, based on this year’s salary cap of $58 million, represents about 25 percent of the cap.

              “For us, being a small-market team, we have the same goals and aspirations of large-market teams to compete for a championship, and the new plan gives us a chance,” said Fred Whitfield, president and COO of the Charlotte Bobcats. “It gives us a chance to put a talented team on the floor and be able to break even or make some money.”

              Granted, if you have bozos running your franchise like Charlotte does, it doesn’t matter how much you get in revenue sharing.

              Besides, you think San Antonio or Dallas were leading the league in revenue those years they won rings? You’re always going to see the same teams at the top in revenue – NY, Boston, Miami and LA. And yet NY hasn’t hung a banner in almost 40 years. They almost pulled it off in ’99 but whups, got beat by the small market Spurs, who struck gold in the draft lottery when they snagged Tim Duncan in ’97. Two years later they won the league.

              For me, the West is the Best when it comes to NBA entertainment. There’s a lot of garbage in the East. I’m hoping for a Thunder/Clippers Western Conference Finals, although regardless of who gets to the NBA Finals they’re probably going to get smoked by the Heat.

        • jjskck says:

          Oklahoma City is smaller, but (like SLC and Portland) the NBA is the only game in town. Charlotte has two pro teams (the NHL team is in Raleigh), and they don’t really support the (admittedly dreadful) Bobcats. And Minneapolis is actually a 50% bigger market than KC.

        • chuck says:

          Ok, I am not an NBA fan at all, but I just learned more about the realistic chances of an NBA franchise surviving in Kansas City from Merle, smartman, Orphan et al than I would have in the KC Star in 6 months.

          Pretty interesting guys. Thanks.

    16. tigerdan4 says:

      If we’re never going to land an NBA or NHL franchise why did we build the Sprint Center? So we could have the nicest concert venue in the nation? Sorry but I feel like KC got sold a bill of goods here. I’d love to have an NBA team here. And if it hurts KU, wouldn’t bother me any. To me its a win/win proposition.

      When I saw the A&M/Tech score last night I thought it was a typo. Or that the game was still in progress. 47-38? Thats low scoring even for high school ball. That on the heels of the brickfest in Bramlage on Monday night and all the Big 10 first team to 50 battles. It seems like basketball nationwide has gone backwards in time far as shooting and offensive execution.

      • Old Man Kissel says:

        Agreed, I think the local sports media need to talk about this more. When it was built we were told by Kay Barnes and her administration that a team would come. No team wants to come here. Then Barnes and company changed the discussion saying we built the SC to keep the Big 12 Tournament.

        Now that MU is gone to the SEC, city officials can’t promise that the tourney will stay in KC. It makes no sense to have a tournament in a state where you don’t have a team. It would be like the Pac 12 having their tournament in Las Vegas. I think after ’14 this tournament will rotate to Dallas, San Antonio and OKC.

        There are conflicting reports on how good the SC is doing. The SC is saying it’s going gang busters without an anchor tenant. But the P&L district is famously going broke…mainly because the SC doesn’t have an anchor tenant.

        Looking back, I wish we built a new baseball stadium downtown instead of the arena. Would have prevented a lot of the problems with P&L.

        810 scoops 610 once again.

    17. T Rich says:

      I believe that there was an article that I read on Kim English and Ricardo Ratliff putting there name’s in the draft after their Junior season’s to learn what they needed to work on to be drafted after their senior season’s. Not necessarily planning on leaving themselves available in the draft. Seems like a smart plan looking at how it has worked out now. Should be something every junior looks at, if he hopes to have an NBA career. Free advice.

    18. Ron says:

      If Kansas played in Manhattan, they would likely have the same attendance problems Mizzou has for midweek basketball games. The fact is, there are 10x more KU fans in the Kansas City area than there are MU fans, and it’s much easier for KU fans to attend games in Lawrence than it is for MU fans to attend games in Columbia, especially midweek games. The fact that KU games are sold out and Mizzou’s aren’t isn’t really an indication of fan loyalty or support, it’s just a matter of logistics.

      It doesn’t matter how large the metro KC area is. The 16,500 people who attend KU games every night are, for the most part, the same people. If the entire metro area was wiped out by an earthquake except for Johnson County, KU would still draw a full house every night.

      There’s no way KC could support an NBA team. 90 percent of the people who live in KCMO wouldd never buy tickets for a single game. A large percentage of people in the suburbs have a standing rule in life to never go to downtown KCMO, or anywhere near it. No one showed up the Kings games 25 years ago, and a new NBA team would have the same problem today.

      • Merle Tagladucci says:

        First of all, the people in the suburbs who are afraid to go downtown aren’t NBA fans anyway. And 90% of the people who live in KCMO don’t go to Chiefs games either, so that’s not exactly the demographic to point to when trying to make your argument.

        Now if you want to talk about the Kansas City Kings, holy Christ. When your franchise is run by morons it will fail, and the Kings wrote the book on how to do it. Joe Axelson may be the poster child for NBA GM incompetence. This was the man who used the 3rd pick in the 1976 ABA dispersal draft to take Ron freaking Boone instead of a guy named Moses Malone. This was the man who had TWO PICKS in the 1982 draft and used them on LaSalle Thompson and Brook Steppe. You can’t make that up! This was the man who, in the 1983 draft, took Ennis Whatley with the 13th pick instead of Clyde Drexler.

        I could go on and on about why the Kings failed. And yes, even when they were good, they weren’t selling Kemper out. But those are different times my friend. It’s a different league and we’re in a different world.

        • Java Man says:

          Anchor tenant or not, Kemper Arena needed to be replaced. On that merit alone, Sprint Center has been a success.

        • JP says:

          Kemper Arena was a dump pure and simple. It was very difficult getting in and out of the parking lot. There were no lights around the parking area. People weren’t going to Kemper, and remember the NBA of the late 70′s/early 80′s isn’t the same as the NBA of today.

          I have always contended if the Kings would have hung on through 1988, they would still be here today, with a new arena somewhere. The NBA got hot just as our team was packing up and leaving. The misconception of KC has always been that we are not good enough to support another team. That is BS of the highest order. We are over 2 million in the metro area, and an NBA team would be a hot ticket in this town.

    19. kcredsox says:

      I read yesterday that 80% of the TCU football team flunked a drug test a day or two after signing day. A couple of high profile recruits informed the coach they would not sign with TCU because of the rampant drug use by the football players. One football player stated he knew of 20 players who probably clean, the rest would piss dirty. Great addition to the Big 12!!! GBR

    20. j says:

      football is king in texas..oklahoma…everyone knows that.
      from january til july people in those states dream of football…
      not basketball.
      In eudora…ottawa…topuka..lawrence…bonner springs etc. they know ku has the
      worst football team in the nation so all year long they think about football while the entire nation could give a rats a$$ about ku basketball.
      So why even go there…will kcmo get a nba team? Never…no local guy would
      bring a team here because he’d lose millions. And since all the guys with money
      are too smart now and don’t need the ego gratification of a pro sports team
      it won’t happen.
      UNless laurie or kroenke want to bring a team here…and thats not too promising.
      So stop greg and remember who runs the deal in kc..tim liewicke.
      KCMO got screwed. Move on.

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