OTC: Kansas Returns From A 19-Pt Grave To Kill Mizzou & The Nation’s Best Rivalry

“The atmosphere Saturday was impossible to describe with words. Words do not adequately replicate the experience of absorbing the noise that topped 120 decibels at five or six points in this thrilling contest. This is like having your nose pressed against the hull of a 757 aircraft with the jet engines going full-bore for two hours. My ears still  are ringing, and I want more. I want a lot more. I want this rivalry to keep  going like a Groundhog Day dream, because this installment of the Border War  might have been the finest of them all.”
Bryan Burwell, columnist, St. Louis Post-Dispatch
GH: I watched from my couch – much like most of you. Kansas State’s double OT 101-96 win over Xavier in the 2010 NCAA tourney is still the best college basketball game I’ve caught on my couch. But this one is sitting second with a bullet. And when you consider the two combatants and the barn they occupied – it screams to be called, “Daddy.”

“I can’t even put it into words. I don’t think I’m ever going to be part of something as big as this game was tonight.”
Thomas Robinson, following KU’s87-86 OT win, CJOnline.com
GH: We can put to rest the talk that one school hates the other less or more or whatever. These two games this season between these two rivals did what so many big games so often fail to do – surpass all expectations.

“It wasn’t just the best game of the college basketball season, it was arguably the best of those 105 years. Missouri was up 19 in the second half. The last time Missouri led at Kansas by 19 was the Paleozic Era, or at least 1999. That was the last the Tigers won here.”
Dennis Dodd, columnist, CBSSportsline

“Didn’t use it, but former KC Star staffer Mike DeArmond had a classic story… he says relatives in Missouri were made to dig their own graves by ambushing Jayhawkers …. a little girl ran out the back door and fetched Frank and Jessie James who arrived and made the Jayhawkers did their OWN graves.”
Dennis Dodd, @dennisdoddcbs, Twitter
GH: I have no idea if this story is true and I’m pretty sure DeArmond doesn’t either – but I love lies like this. I am sure Max Falkenstien has a few of his own.

“I would give anything to go back to college and have to opportunity to pitch
against ku tomorrow and shove it up their @$$.”
Aaron Crow, current Royals pitcher and former Mizzou All-Big 12 hurler, Twitter
GH: Can we get the Detroit Tigers to change their colors to crimson and blue?

“ROCKCHALK JAYHAWK!!!! MUCK FIZZOU! 8 str8 big 12 chips!! Never been more proud of a group of guys at the K! Much Alum Love from Tel Aviv!!!”
Keith Langford, @keith_langford, former All-Big 12 KU player, Twitter

“That really was a good game. Just a great, great game to watch. Arrrrrrrggggh. I know it was a great game, but ohhhh man, I really do hate those bleeepin’ Jayhawks.”
Jon Sundvold, St. Louis Post-Dispatch
GH: Sundvold let his guard down here in an interview with the St. Louis Post-Dispatch’s Bryan Burwell. Read on.

“And that, folks, was the Mizzou in Sundvold talking, an eloquently coarse lament that may have echoed the exact sentiments of an entire heart-broken state.”
Bryan Burwell, columnist, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

“I’m up still can’t sleep.”
Marcus Denmon, @MizzouMonster12, about 4:30 AM on Sunday, Twitter
GH: How great was Denmon – again? How Mizzou managed to burn the final eight seconds of that game without getting this Jayhawk killer’s hands on the ball before the buzzer will live forever in the minds of Tiger fans everywhere.

“Only in the exhale did realization hit: The best rivalry in college basketball is over. The best. Oh sure, people will talk about how Missouri and Kansas could play each other in the Big 12 tournament … so what? Maybe, at times, the slot machines will spin 7s and Missouri and Kansas will play each other in the NCAA Tournament — that will be nice. And yes, maybe someday Missouri and Kansas will work out some arrangement to play each other once a year in some nonconference carnival. But that won’t be the same.”
Joe Posnanski, special column for The Kansas City Star
GH: The Star brought back JoPo to do what he does best – tell a moving tale in memorable text. I have often criticized Joe for his tepid and formulaic stylized writing – but I thought he was a great choice to deliver a schmaltzy 2,000 word essay on the final KU/MU game that would capture the mood. But then I read his story on the front page of Sunday’s paper. Meh. It was far from memorable. It was sloppy and floppy and a bit of a
bore. There were great stories to tell but I got the feeling JoPo didn’t know enough about the two teams to tell them. Instead, we got pure canned ham. Read on.

“His sign said: ‘KU Won’t MIZZ-you.’ And you know, it was relatively clever, as far as signs go. But something about it bothered me. I did want to walk over to him and whisper in his ear: ‘Yeah, you will, kid. You will miss Missouri. You will miss all this more than you can ever know.’ ”
Joe Posnanski, special column for The Kansas City Star
GH: So does JoPo think the rivalry needs to end because it won’t be the same or that it will be missed even by those who want it to die? Once again, JoPo sits upon the fence and attempts to disguise his vacillating with a flurry of words.

“The best sporting event I’ve ever gone to. That includes 5 superbowls, And nearly every great college football stadium #RCJHKU!!!!!!”
Charlie Weis Jr., @CJWJR23, son of KU’s new football coach, Twitter

“I’ve attended numerous Duke-North Carolina games, been to Rupp for Kentucky and Louisville and was at plenty of UCLA-Arizona matchups in their heyday. I’ve been to no shortage of New York Yankees-Boston Red Sox games. This is right there. With all of them.”
Jeff Goodman, columnist, CBSSports.com

“I was pretty amazed when Self erupted in joy after the final horn. He usually is pretty calm. He was screaming and thrust his arms up. Crazy.”
Gary Bedore, @GaryBedore, writer, KUSports.com
GH: No reason to keep playing this game, Bill, right?

“Why wouldn’t you want to keep it going? There’s no reason. You’re taking it away from the fans.”
Mike Alden, MU athletic director, shortly after Mizzou’s heartbreaking loss to Kansas, CBSSports.com

“It’s a shame that it’s going to end, but it’s definitely going to end. Playing them once a year with nothing on the line doesn’t carry the same value as playing twice a year with a championship on the line.”
Bill Self, Metro Sports
GH: In JoPo-esqu fashion, Self made a U-turn a bit later in his press conference. Read on.

“Playing Missouri, unfortunately, does mean something. It means something to me. I was at Illinois and coached against Missouri when I was there. I hated nothing more than losing to Missouri.”
Bill Self, CBSSportsline.com
GH: Sounds like that MU/Illini rivalry is a pretty good non-con hoops game in December. I have a feeling an annual KU/MU game in Sprint Center might be as well…and it appears Self does as well.

“Mu-ku needs to play for fans. KU brass – including Self who says fans do not drive bus – need to understand that.”
Mike DeArmond, @sptwri, Twitter
GH: The fans do drive the bus – and KU fans overwhelmingly are telling their bus driver they want nothing to do with playing Mizzou in the future. With that magical and historic win on Saturday, I think they’d rather have a statue of Quantrill erected next to Naismith before they’d want to disturb the dirt on the grave of their OT victory.  

“Noise level after TRob block to assure OT was perhaps all-time high. 1 of great plays in FH history. Did he foul? Refs ref; players play.”
Gary Bedore, @GaryBedore, writer, KUSports.com
GH: Mizzou will forever be represented inside AFH with the replay of TRob’s block being added to the pregame video collage for as long as that building breathes. 

“I’ve read books on it. You’ve got to know the referees are going to foul them back into the game.”
Soren Petro, on MU allowing their offense to become stagnant while they tried to protect the lead, 810 AM
GH: Officials are human. As an ex-umpire, I can attest to the belief that officials will unknowingly “help” the team that is being crushed back into the game. Petro is correct – coaches need to understand this phenomenon is real and coach more aggressively.

“The true story is, Missouri had a 19-point lead and blew it.”
Steven St. John, 810 AM
GH: Mizzou could have done some things differently but I saw Kansas take that game more than MU giving it away. Marcus Denmon sure wasn’t giving anything up.

“That (Allen Fieldhouse) building was easily worth 10 points – more like 19.”
Jack Harry, KSHB TV41
GH: AFH was worth 19 points? So how does Mad Jack explain KU dominating MU in Columbia? It wasn’t the building, it was the players. Both teams played exquisite basketball for much of the game. Mizzou simply shot KU into a 19-point deficit. KU climbed back by doing the same. This game was due far more to flesh and blood than bricks and ghosts.

“Possibly the greatest sports weekend of my life continues. @RobbHeineman
& @MikeIllig just gave me a ticket to the NBA All Star game.”
Nate Bukaty, @nate_bukaty, Twitter
GH: To those Kansas fans with young kids who are so ready to walk away from playing Mizzou – what about your children? Nate ranks this past sports weekend as one of his greatest of his life. His young son will never experience beating Mizzou. I do not think the current KU administration has that right to strip these kinds of experiences from their
fans of tomorrow.

“After a game like that, these two schools can bury the hatchet and continue to play this basketball game. It’s the right thing to do, no matter what side of the state line you’re from.”
Frank Boal, KSHB TV41

“That’s why we played [audio clips of] Tyus Edney and the kicked ball against Nebraska. This ranks up there with disastrous losses for Missouri. I think Missouri had an utter and absolute meltdown. They melted down.”
Bob Fescoe, 610 AM
GH: Fescoe is so blinded by his KU diploma [and lack of intelligence] that he quickly looks to laugh and view the game as an epic MU failure. He turns one of KU’s greatest comeback wins ever into a Mizzou meltdown. Some fans just can’t enjoy their team’s heroic effort above their rival’s disappointment.

“We didn’t execute what we talked about.”
Marcus Denmon, in the postgame presser, when asked about the final 8 seconds of the OT, Metro Sports
GH: Coach Haith needed to run the picket fence to Jimmy Chitwood. Denmon is MU’s hero. He never touched to ball until it was too late.

“The comeback — or at least what made it possible — started on Thursday afternoon in Bill Self’s office. Self needed to get his star right to have a chance to beat Missouri and to make the next month a special one, so he met with Robinson to talk about what had happened in
College Station on Wednesday.”
C.J. Moore, KU basketball beat writer for CBSSports.com
GH: Moore column on the game is the best one I have read. It come from a Kansas perspective but that’s the team that won the game. You can read it by clicking

“It ranks up there with the Nebraska-Oklahoma game of the century, KU’s unbelievable come from behind victory over Memphis — but with the setting in Allen Field House on Saturday, maybe even trumps those two.  Mizzou is damn good and Denmon has
some onions, doesn’t he? It was absolutely beyond any script and even if you’re
not a sports fan, you’d have had to be brain dead to not have had goose bumps
at that game.  I leaned over to my buddy who was my host and said ‘The hair on my arms feels like they’re standing on end.’  He rolled up his sleeves and I swear his was!”
Nebraska grad, on his experience inside AFH at the game, OTC Email
GH: This email came from a former teammate of mine who graduated from Nebraska who now lives in Mission Hills and has a daughter enrolled at Mizzou. He is also a huge KU basketball fan. Killing this rivalry game is a blow to sports fans everywhere…but even more so to those fans who live here. 

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    134 Responses to OTC: Kansas Returns From A 19-Pt Grave To Kill Mizzou & The Nation’s Best Rivalry

    1. tigerdan4 says:

      Ok well if there was any talk of a tough scheduling break for Mizzou when they went to OU I missed it. I was worried about it but hell I’m worried about every road game. I didn’t want to use the schedule as an excuse.

    2. Smartman says:

      Bill Self is a friggin GENIUS! Instead of sending his boys out to open up a can of whup-ass he does the rope-a-dope thing and spots Mizzou 19 points, all the while KNOWING his guys have got the nutsack to climb back in the game and win it. That takes SASQUATCH BALLS! In the end he delivered an epic win for the ages with a Joey Zaza coup de grace chaser. Vince McMahon couldn’t have written a better story line.

    3. theSportsSnark says:

      I’m sorry, Greg. There is no way that any Preseason Non-Conference would come close to being as exciting as these games this year. The games were so exciting because of what was at stake, namely the Conference Championship, a probable #1 seed in the NCAA Tournament, and the end of the 100+ year rivalry. Staging a glorified exhibition game each year for posterity’s sake, or to placate the old-timers, while pretending it’s still a rivalry is cheap and pointless. It would only serve to boost Missouri’s RPI, and would likely take away a home game from Kansas. Missouri wants the game because it’s a guaranteed sell-out crowd for them. However, Kansas doesn’t have any problem selling out their games whether or not Missouri is involved.

    4. Merle Tagladucci says:

      Saturday’s classic game between @KU_Hoops & @MizzouHoops will re-air TODAY at 5PM ET #BorderWar

      Watch this epic game again on TWC Channel 322/1322-HD

    5. BlackJack says:

      The point that so many people fail to realize, in their zeal to beat the drum for the KU-MU rivalry to continue in some sort of fashion, is that the two games this season were anomolies – more of the exception rather than the rule. The are two main reasons the two games between these two were so epic:

      1) With MU moving to the SEC, and the prospective end of the home-and-away series schedule from being Big12 opponents, and the last chance for either team to get a win over the other on their home floor.

      2) This season MU’s basketball team is actually on par with KU’s on a level excellence for once in their lives. This is unlikely to be duplicated again. Usually KU’s team plays at an elite level, while MU is normally a middling team, which does not make for games nearly as compelling as this season, with both teams duking it out for the Big12 championship.

    6. JFP says:

      I wonder if the two games this year were blowouts, would folks still be going on about how good the rivalry is/was?

      Let’s say after 5 years KU and MU play a noncon game in November and one of them wins by 15 in a snoozer. Who cares? Fuel for the smack talk? That never needed fueling anyway.

      Whether or not they ever play again, it will never be nearly as intense without them being in the same conference. It just won’t.

    7. red says:

      Duke/UNC is still a better rivalry because both teams are almost always good. KU/MU doesn’t usually mean much beyond the cross state rivalry as MU has generally been uncompetitive in hoops and KU in football. It is only when both are good that it gets great.

      • MrOlathe says:

        I think the reason KU & MU fans think our rivalry is better than those others is that we really hate eachother. Most other rivalries are great because the games mean something. But at the same time there is a mutual respect. I think UNC-Duke has had great games but the fans don’t really grow up hating eachother. Duke students aren’t typically from North Carolina. Ohio State-Michigan have kind of a respect because they’ve both had a lot of success. Kentucky-Louisville games haven’t had much national impact. MU and KU hate eachother. My kids have hated MU since they could recognize black and gold. My wifes entire family is MU fans. That’s the difference.
        And one more thing. Duke-Carolina is thought of as a great rivalry but the football game means nothing. Same with Ohio State-Michigan. USC-UCLA basketball games are meaningless. Only KU-MU is a hate fest in all sports (and mainly the big 2 men’s hoops and football). I don’t know of another rivalry that has that in all sports.

        • john doe says:

          Exactly. Whenever I see some middle-aged clown or kid who has obviously never played basketball show up to my pick-up games wearing KU gear, I automatically think he is a dickhead, unless he proves me wrong. 9 times out of 10, he doesn’t.

          Kansas sucks and I hate them all until they give me a reason not to

    8. Larry Mondello says:

      It is simple. People say MU let off the gas…well it wasn’t quite that way. MU had 6 players and played 40 minutes hard as hell. Their aggressiveness slowed, because the refs decided to call every ticky tack contact as a foul. Unless you want to finish that game with a couple of walk-ons, MU was forced by the KU influenced refs to SLOW it down. There is nothing more to it, other than 20 years from now when one of those dickhead refs is on his deathbead, he will reveal the memo received from the Big XII office instructing the crew to “do whatever it takes to prevent MU from winning the Big XII”. I look for the shitty officiating to continue through the Big XII tourney. It is all too clear that MU is a target and the other schools (not TX A&M) and a bunch of dipshit refs are in are in it together to keep MU down. The good thing is that there is not a damn thing that they can do in slowing down the Tigers in Big Dance.

      As for this rivalry continuing….I am so sick all of the talk about it needing to continue. Especially KU pouting and bitching about MU leaving as the reason for not wanting to play again. That is fine…kind of reminds me of the little dick in your neighborhood who had the basketball goal in his diveway but wouldn’t let anyone play on it. Fuck all the KU fans and KU in general. I could give a rat’s ass if MU ever plays again. I mean that sincerely.

      Fescoe….who the hell listens to that butt plugger from the east coast. What a pussy. I listen to Petro because he is the ONLY guy who has a clue on the local radio scene and doesn”t take sides. Thank God for satellite radio…I listen to College Sports or Playboy Radio…much more entertaining.

      • john doe says:

        greatest post ever.

        I agree with everything.

        Larry Mondello is the man. You were always my favorite of all Beaver’s friends.

        Fescoe sucks – only in KC would they hire a Yankee and Giants fan to cover KC sports. And of all the local teams, he chooses to root for KU . Imagine that. Band to the wagon.

        • Jim says:

          Yes, larry, the fix was in. Here’s how the plan was designed to unfold:
          A. Let MU get a 19 point lead.
          B. Make sure Withey turns his ankle
          C. Make sure the KU big men sit for several minutes in the 1st half.
          D. Make sure MU misses WIDE OPEN jump-shots for 7 or 8 minutes in the 2nd half and scores ZERO points.
          E. To make it look fair, only call (6) more TOTAL fouls on MU than you do on KU.
          F. Make sure MU misses KEY free throws in the closing minutes of regulation.
          G. Make sure the smallest player on the floor drives to the basket against the POTY candidate in regulation.
          H. Make sure MU lollygags the ball up the floor in OT with only 8 seconds left to get a shot off.

          If we can make all this happen, nobody will suspect that we are actually fixing the game for KU. Yep, sounds plausible.

          You are a clown, Larry.

          • john doe says:

            It’s no different than the video KU fans were emailing everybody that showed mike alden shaking hands with the refs after the game in Columbia. You guys were convinced that was proof that Alden paid off the refs.

            In reference to G – Robinson tackled Pressey after blocking the shot. Foul.

            In reference to E – KU was in the double bonus almost the entire 2nd half, while MU didnt get in the bonus until there was about a minute left.

            Game was fixed.

            If you guys insist the game in Columbia was fixed, then there is no doubt whatsoever that the game Saturday was fixed.

            • JP says:

              It’s just so nice knowing that fans like John and Larry had their weekends ruined and are still crying over the game. Let me give them one more thing, the worst Kansas team over the last 8 years won the Big XII and defeated the best Missouri team in 20 years. Facts are a stubborn thing.

              The streak is at 8…and counting. Have a nice day Tigger fans.

        • Kyle says:

          Fescoe is a dumbass, but he did graduate from KU, so he is not a bandwagoner. Now, we really don’t wish to claim him, but I guess we have no choice.

      • j says:

        wrong buddy. we won’t blame the refs for ticky tack fouls.
        We’ll leave that to ku fans who believe any foul called against them
        is wrong…and they feel they never ever foul.
        No amount of fouls could have hurt mu. Giving up a 19 point
        lead..they deserve to lose, They slowed down their game and let
        ku get back in the game. Had the continued to play like they
        did in the first half ku would have lost by 30.
        MUs fault. they should have won but gave the game away by the
        style of play they chose. Maybe next time…if there is a next time.
        We don’t blame refs for this one…mu had plenty of chances to
        win with just one or two more baskets…you live by the long shot/
        you die by the long shot.

    9. Hoppy says:

      As a Mizzou fan I don’t understand the need/want to play kU anymore. kU fans can deny it all they want but they reason bill, shan, bevo or whoever is holding this over mizzou’s head is b/c it’s all they got….and while I think it’s childish mizzou would do the same exact thing if the shoe was on the other foot…but this whole notion that mizzou divorced kU and the big 12 is such crap, mizzou can do whatever the hell it wants and if it’s at the expense of not getting the “privilege” of playing the beakers than so be it. The SEC is a better conference hands down so while its a bummer to some degree for us kc mizzou fans this move is a no-brainer. I won’t miss the irrational, pompous, sports talks (i.e. the officiating in como was horrific and the singular reason they lost but in lawrence it was down the middle and had no impact on kU erasing the 19 point deficit and ultimately winning the game or last season kU being so deep that they could field 3 tourney teams, etc ) with my beaker buddies or the insane ku homer or joco based/raised sports radio host talks comparing the two with no objectivity ever…and so I wish them well as they swarm and pack the sprint center with their cute little muck tcu or w va shirts for intense non con match ups against southern illinois, boy you will really be showing us.

      • j says:

        hoppys right…but he’s only half right. I outlined over 20 reasons…all
        non sports related why mu is leaving.
        KU/KSU/Iowa state repreesent dying institutions. Dead…and under
        brownback they’ll die even more. The guy wants to take away
        contraception from KU AND KSU STUDENTS! Incredible. Truth is
        So when bevo backs out and you’re left with nothing…don’t cry.
        I have a strong belief that both ku can one day become part of the
        MIAA or Missouri Valley or the Mountain West conferences. that
        would be huge.
        But there are dozens of reasons for mu leav ing…not all deal with
        athletics….again…we want to be part of a world class university
        and we can’t do it being in cahoots with KU and KSU.
        Kansas as a state is dying. It’s just freaking backwards in everything
        it does. And mu doesn’t want to be associated with the backwood
        prehistoric policies and laws in kansas….just bad news.
        we will grow and prosper…itsalready happening in a big way…
        so Kansas we’re leaving because we want no association with you..
        your state and your officials.
        Good riddance. Lets stop talking about this. More important items
        to consider such as did Angelina mean to show so much leg at the
        Kansas is backwards…dying and going down the tubes. We want nothing
        to do with it or that school. Plain..simple…easy.
        NOw stfu!

      • D in the O says:

        Speaking of irrational. I just read the first 3 sentences of J’s “Having your back-type reply” Yeah…

        Yes. MU can do whatever it wants. It left. I think the divorce analogy is perfect. I don’t see the need to keep playing since the importance has been removed by MU. I’m a KSU grad and will miss playing MU. I’ll miss the old Big 12 and the old Big 8 core. Change happens but don’t act like it isn’t MU’s fault. (The blame goes to more than Texas like Mu and NU like to claim) J can have all the non-sport reasons he claims but anyone that thinks Sports doesn’t drive this bus is an idiot. Bottomline: MU left. KU stayed. No reason to play since the value has been removed. However, they WILL play again at Sprint sooner or later so everyone can dry their eyes and stop worrying about their kids being deprived. (serious eyeroll on that one Mr. Hall)

        • j says:

          what about arrowhead? when will the hawks play us at
          arrowhead…probably never..because they know they’ll
          get their asses kicked for the next 20 years.

        • Hoppy says:

          “Bottomline: MU left. KU stayed”….oh well that was quite noble of them since the oppurtunities were endless for them. And throwing out words like fault and blame seems to insinuate a negative conatation to moving to a better conference..i don’t blame k-st, kU, etc for being like good riddance i would feel the same way but acting like mizzou should have looked out for the it’s fellow conference mates instead of itself is nonsense. And as for J it’s like bob fescoe has an identical twin who is a massive mizzou homer ahem UNIVERSITY of Missouri fan the way he is spouting off

          • j says:

            you’re right hoppy…but i have always contended that
            this rivalry was only big in kc and rating back me up.
            I’ve always said that mu move was not merely based
            on athletics but also on academics.
            The chancellors did a study which is available online
            about the move to the sec…and it was pretty
            straightforward that the move involved many different
            points. Many of the nimble minded people think it
            was to insult ku…wrong. It was in the very best
            interest of the university and will be a major move
            to accept the invite to the sec.
            Remember..mu was invited to come join the sec..
            by a unanimous vote…and they accepted.
            Wait til august and september and the incredible
            play and excitement of mu football.
            I outlined some of the chancellors reasons for the
            move in above comments. and it will prove to be
            huge over the long run.
            but some ku fans took it personally…and are seriously
            hurt that mu left. If ku was invited they would have
            jumped at the opprtunity also.

    10. j says:


      great game…mu deeserved to lose giving back 19 points…had they
      played like they did during that 7-9 minute stretch they’d beat
      anyone in the nation.
      Rivalry was fun…now its over…things change…people change…and
      most ku fans (including many of my closest friends and family) still can’t
      stand the fact tht mu is leaving for the sec. I see andhear it daily…theres some type of unqiue jealousy that mu is leaving. Its like a girl leaving
      a man …and the man not getting over her and continuing to harass
      her ….Mu is gone…and as I said in prveious posts its the

      it’s not just about sports…if it was we could have stayed with the big 12.
      The problem with the big 12 is that is was being controlled by 1 or 2
      schools who wanted complete control and wanted to play by their own
      rules. And when the official report on the advantages of why a move was
      needed came out it pointed to the continued instability of the league and
      that by moving it offered mu the chance to become world class.
      We were disappointed in the loss. MU played great..and we truly wish
      our friends acorss the state line success in the tournament.
      It was a tough losss…watch it downtown with many mu fans. Hurt bad
      but it’s a basketball game…live goes on.
      In every post..I’ve pointed out that MU is about to engage on a new
      path. They could no longer stay with the big 12 for many reasons
      other than simply athletic concerns. MU felt that when they got
      invited to join the sec that if offered them an incredible opprtunity
      that even was better than we felt the big 10 offered… but which failed
      to materialize.
      So no we won’t play you in bball. That was (according to administtration)
      a play to the fans and venues in kansas city to offset some bad feelings.
      As far as arrowhead…of course mu would love to play ku again and again..
      but now that we’re part of the sec…felt that this game was not that
      important…we wanted to attempt to correct some bad emotions with
      kcmo officials…didn’t work so we move on. Now with the sec and the
      crowds and revenues increasing mu felt it was economic sense to let
      the businesses in columbia who support the program reap the financial
      rewards of games at columbia. The merchants in lawrence also bitched
      about a potential home game being moved to kc because it tool money
      out of their pockets with an additional home game.
      So if you think we were only concernted with the sports aspect only…
      all of you were wrong. It’s much much more than that.
      But the athletic side is important to the students and alumni. I( was
      just readinb where mu is now TURNING DOWN ATHLETES WHO WANT
      TO PLAY AT MISSOURI. This has never happened before. The recruiting
      is so strong right now that players who are almost begging to get scholarships
      are being turned away because the talent is so deep. Is that because of the
      SEC move…can’t guarantee it but it only started this year with this
      outstanding recruiting class.
      So bye bye ku…hope things work out well for you. But we made a final
      decision to head to the greener pastures of another league and we believe
      we’re on the verge of becoming a great great world class university.
      KU has had and willcontinue to have a great bball program..no doubt there.
      but we decided that while athletics are important they are not the true
      deetermining factor in the success of a university.
      We believe that there should be great things happening on the field AND
      As far as the media frogetting about mu…no way…from august til
      december…the spotlight will be on the chiefs (hopefully)…mu and their
      move to the big time sec..and maybe even the royals playoff run.
      And as I have said many many times..


      • D in the O says:

        did not read.

      • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

        As an MU fan, I beg you to please stop posting. Thank you in advance.

        • j says:

          i know you didn’t go to mu..they don’t let idiots in anymore.

          • Cliffy says:

            But they did back in your day.

            • j says:

              actually not cliffy. I went to shawnee mission
              high schools…to get in out of state took a
              3.0 at that time. Having quizzed out of
              6 hours per year of high school classes I worked
              most of the time but still maitained a 3.0
              average (b) …and had to wait in line to get into
              mu because they were full. My godfather
              was a state representative in missouri and
              allocated all the monies into the universities
              so i was able to get in.
              I know almost any fucking idiot can get into
              ku instate…look at the people
              who graduated from there

            • Cliffy says:

              You reside in Johnson County, right? I just wanted to clarify something for Merle Taggladouchebaggery.

          • Kyle says:

            Always have, always will.

    11. JFP says:


      I got that far, then stopped.

      • j says:

        ku grad can’t read…probably didn’t understand what disciples meant…
        thought it was a basketball term…haha
        plus ku people read comic books…they’re not used to reading
        material that might be something thats not related to

    12. john doe says:

      It’s just so nice knowing that fans like John and Larry had their weekends ruined and are still crying over the game.
      Not crying, just stating facts. You guys were convinced Alden paid the refs and claimed to have video evidence.

      Let me give them one more thing, the worst Kansas team over the last 8 years won the Big XII and defeated the best Missouri team in 20 years. Facts are a stubborn thing.
      Actually we split.

      The streak is at 8…and counting. Have a nice day Tigger fans.
      Weak conference. A good conference has more than one winner in 8 years.

      • Merle Tagladucci says:

        Weak conference? Then what’s been Missouri’s excuse?

        • JFP says:

          It was so weak they had to leave.

        • john doe says:

          uh – they haven’t been good enough?

        • john doe says:

          the boys on 810 are discussing this right now.

          looks like i win

          big 12 is weak.

          nice accomplishment, but its an indictment on the conference. they also had some help with getting to play Nebraska, Colorado twice every year in addition to already being the best team in the North

          • JP says:

            Gee, like we care whether Petro, Stewart and Sieboldt think. They are total Missouri homers, (Petro says he neutral, but I doubt it). Whether it’s weak or not is irrelevant, KU won and your team (who was there all 8 years) couldn’t do anything about it. Bottom line.

    13. john doe says:

      So the Morris thugs came back to Lawrence, got into a bar fight with one of them being arrested. The fight was allegedly started by…………………………….Brady Morningstar?

      Once a Jayhawk, always a Jayhawk.

      • Cliffy says:

        And this is pretty awesome too.


        • j says:

          cliffy…nothing wrong with momma…son doing good…and why
          shouldnt she be proud. Her son came from nowhere and now
          he’s maybe nba pick….
          she probably raised him alone…and she’s happy he had a
          good game.
          you see cliffy low life people don’t want to see other people
          advance in life. Probably you and many of your ilk got mad
          at watching momma cheer for her son….to me thats great.
          Because even though i don’t want him or t rob to do well
          against mu…t rob afterall he’s gone thru in his short life
          deserves a break…and i and many peope hope he gets
          that break and does well in the nba.
          See many people hate it when other people prosper. they’re
          Just like the ku fans being jealous about mu being ivnited to
          another big time league and getting to take advanatge of
          a great opportunity. Its the jealousy of all those ku people
          that is eating their hearts out because mu is going to do
          great both athletically and academically in the future by
          making the move to the sec.
          so leave momma alone…she deserves to have some good

      • D in the O says:

        Did this really happen? Link? As a KSU grad, I would love for this to be true.

        • Jim says:

          Oooooooooh, it happened. As a KU fan, I was watching in bed last night and couldn’t stop laughing. My guess is that TyTaylor has caught a ration of shit today. Momma be jumpin’ to be jumpin’!

        • john doe says:


      • j says:

        are you serious…jayhawks in a fight among themselves…
        the twins take on their former teammate..
        same as the beatdown the ku punks took at tanners saturday..
        it was hilarious….

    14. j says:

      come on ku fans…come on….lets hit 200 comments…a world record…then
      you’ll have something to talk about beside your fucking basketball team..
      come on …get involved…put down those comic books…add another
      ridiculous comment and lets get greg’s comment on this post to 200…
      do it for the gipper…the twins!

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