OTC: Danny Manning Graduates To Tulsa / Frank Martin Explains Why He’s Gone (Kinda)

“Danny Manning will become Tulsa’s 29th basketball coach, the university officially announced on Thursday morning. Manning agreed to terms following two days of negotiations.”
Eric Bailey, writer, Tulsa World
GH: Frank Martin showed us all how quickly a person can make a life-changing decision when he went from the second round of the NCAA tourney as K-State’s coach to being introduced as South
Carolina’s head coach in one weekend. Manning’s move might not be as shocking but it appears to have happened just as quickly. Read on.

“I’m excited and looking forward to being the head basketball coach at the University of Tulsa. I want to thank President Upham, (athletic director) Ross (Parmley) and the search committee for allowing me this tremendous opportunity to coach at a university with a fine basketball tradition.”
Danny Manning, in an official press release, Tulsa World
GH: It is interesting that Manning is following the same path as Bill Self took through Tulsa. Self was a regular contributor to Steven St. John’s night-time show during 810’s early days. Look for Manning to try and remain close to the KC market by hooking up with either 610 or 810 to promote his Tulsa program to the high school prospects in our

“His 15 years in the NBA combined with the last nine years under one of the best coaches in the country, have helped mold him into a great teacher and coach of basketball. He most definitely brings the excitement, the style of basketball, and character that we were looking for in our head coach.”
Ross Parmley, Tulsa AD, Tulsa World
GH: I have long considered Manning a good coaching prospect and wondered why his name rarely came up for job openings. His basketball resume is sterling. Hard to believe he has been at Kansas for nine years. 

“He’s been around basketball his whole life, played for so many coaches, been able to steal from everybody and has developed a vast knowledge that will certainly play a huge role in his success as a head coach. Although 46 years old, he’s well beyond those in basketball years as far as experience.”
Bill Self, Tulsa World
GH: I remember meeting Manning in a Kansas City hotel hallway during his playing days at Kansas. He was with Cedric Hunter, the KU point guard, just killing time. I knew Hunter a bit from his Omaha South days and we talked. Manning had the largest rear end I’ve ever seen on a relatively thing guy. If he can teach his Tulsa big men to use their butt cheeks as well as he did Darrell Arthur, the Morris Twins, Cole Aldrich and
Thomas Robinson – his Hurricanes will win a lot of ball games.

“Right now my focus is on Kansas and its participation in the Final Four. We’ve worked extremely hard to get to this point and we want to keep it going for another few days.”
Danny Manning, on whether or not his accepting a new job will be a distraction for KU, KUSports.com
GH: Ohio State is going to be far more of a hindrance to KU advancing in the Final Four than Manning’s sudden announcement. Students go to KU to learn and advance to their careers. Manning is just doing the same. I would hope that Tulsa basketball just gained a lot of fans from north of the border today.

“Some have suggested Manning for the Nebraska job. Nebraska would be a terrible first job.”
Nate Bukaty, 810 AM
GH: Bukaty mentioned the real probability of failure as the Nebraska coach – which is understandable. But Nebraska has spent a tremendous amount of money on their facilities, making it almost unrecognizable from their years in the Big 12. It will be interesting to see if the Huskers’ new hire and if the money spent will change the Big Red’s basketball fate.

“The thought always is that there is something wrong with where you’re leaving. That the person that made the decision feels he is going to a better place. That the place he is leaving is inferior. It’s never about that.”
Frank Martin, in an interview with Kevin Kietzman, when asked about his rumored poor relationship with John Currie, 810 AM
GH: Martin likes to say he is an upfront guy but his answers rarely match the question when the question is a toughie. Kietzman asked tough questions but Martin rarely gave much more than coach-speak answers. Read on. 

“It’s about, as coaches we’re ultra-competitive. Challenges is what drives us and makes us go. The first time I spoke with [Eric Heineman, USC’s athletic director], when I heard the passion in his voice and I saw how successful their other major programs are and I heard the passion in his voice… It’s not that there’s something wrong with Kansas State. I was just intrigued with this new challenge. I wasn’t choosing between a good and a bad.”
Frank Martin, on what went into his decision to leave K-State for USC, 810 AM
GH: I guess Currie needs to work on “the passion in his voice.” Apparently, challenges between him and his athletic director are not the kind of challenges that drive Martin – or maybe you could say they ultimately drove him away.  

“My job is to coach the kids. My job is not to make money.”
Frank Martin, when asked why he decline Currie’s offer to discuss his new contract in midseason, 810 AM
GH: I wanted KK to start laughing after this response from Martin but he remained professional. I would have probably reacted to this statement in a way that would have made Martin hang up his phone.

“They let me know they wanted me at K-State. There was never a question in my mind.”
Frank Martin, 810 AM
GH: Many reports out now say the opposite – that Currie and K-State were just fine with Martin leaving. I would like to know the truth to this one but my guess is we will never know.

“We at K-State, we’re the only league programs that went undefeated against the two [SEC] defectors.”
Frank Martin, on the Wildcats’ sweep of Mizzou and A&M, 810 AM
GH: Kietzman seized this statement to direct a shot to the heart of Martin. Read on.

“That’s a strong word. Does that make you a defector?”
Kevin Kietzman, in response to Martin’s above statement, 810 AM

“Uh, If that’s what it is, that’s what it is. I can’t run away from that.”
Frank Martin, 810 AM
GH: Kudos to KK for putting some heat on Martin even if for the last time.

“This is real simple; the working environment for him at Kansas State was just unbearable. And that was it!”
Kevin Kietzman, immediately after he concluded his interview with Martin, 810 AM
GH: In true KK fashion, as soon as he ended the interview he completely mischaracterized what Martin had said in the interview.  

“This is a dream come true for Major League Baseball because of Magic Johnson’s involvement.”
Buster Olney, on Magic and his partners purchasing the Dodgers for an unheard of $2.1 billion, 810 AM
GH: The only people smiling over the sale of the Dodgers are the other owners in MLB. David Glass purchased the Royals for around $96 million. I can imagine he and his son danced a jig once they heard the crazy number that came out of a state know for crazy numbers. Does this inflate the value of the Royals? It can’t hurt. 

“Bruce Chen has been absolutely destroyed in spring training.”
Bob Fescoe, after Chen was named by Ned Yost as the Royals’ opening day starter, 610 AM

“Spring training numbers are worthless.”
Soren Petro, 810 AM
GH: I have to agree with Petro here. I cannot tell you the number of times I have been wrongly influenced into thinking an Arizona of Florida stat sheet meant anything more than my Charmin. 

“Caution – May contain political promises.”
Sign on the back of a septic truck owned by Rose Septic of Raytown, MO

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    41 Responses to OTC: Danny Manning Graduates To Tulsa / Frank Martin Explains Why He’s Gone (Kinda)

    1. Paul J says:

      “It will be interesting to see who the Huskers hire and if the money spent will change the Big Red’s basketball fate.”

      Didn’t they already hire Tim Miles from Colorado State?

    2. Kyle Rohde says:

      Greg – the Huskers did hire their coach – his name is Tim Miles and he comes from Colorado State: http://espn.go.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/7729430/nebraska-cornhuskers-hire-tim-miles-colorado-state-rams-coach

    3. S says:

      I like how the Missouri fans have already seized upon Martin’s move to South Carolina as singularly a SEC>Big 12 issue, as though Martin was making a choice in conferences and conferences only.

      • Joe Blow says:

        I won’t even say that. SEC hoops are pretty much on the same level as Big 12 overall. The football is definitely a step up, though..

        • john doe says:

          SEC is probably better in basketball. They have had more schools make the Final 4 and they have more titles in the last 25 years

          Final Four SEC – Arkansas, Florida, Kentucky, Mississippi State, LSU,

          Big 12 – Kansas, Okie State, Oklahoma, Texas

          The Big 12 has 2 titles from Kansas

          SEC has Arkansas, 2 from Kentucky, 2 from Florida


          SEC > Big 12

          • S says:

            Most Missouri fans I know personally acknowledge that in its present state, the SEC is a far cry from the Big 12 in basketball. The Big 12 schedule is a long, tough slog. Missouri knows that better than anyone, given all their middling results in the Big 12 regular season over the years. SEC, outside of Kentucky and Florida, along with occasional decent seasons from Vandy and Arkansas, is a terrible hoops conference. Weaker than the Big 10.

            • john doe says:

              Yet the SEC has had more final four teams and more titles. In the last 8 years, they have also more than 0ne conference champion

              The big 12 is basically Kansas and everybody else. Without them, it’s the Valley.

            • S says:

              Well, at least you finally admit that Missouri didn’t hold KU’s jock its whole time in the conference. And by the way, no one except the MU pompon wavers agree that the SEC is anywhere close to the Big 12 in hoops. You can drum up weak historical markers like the ones you drummed up, but they don’t mean shit. What you’re saying is akin to saying, “Well, Colorado won a national championship in football in 1990, therefore they’re better than Missouri in football at all given times. Just because they were good 22 years ago.”

            • Joe Blow says:

              Woah, woah…I said they’re about even, not that the SEC is “a far cry”. I see them about the same: a team or two at the top, a few really competitive teams year in and year out, a few teams capable of competing sometimes, and a few also-rans. According to your criteria, the Big 12 is also weaker than the Big 10. .

          • schlubman says:

            Kansas State and Iowa State have also made the Final Four. West Virginia too.

    4. Joe Blow says:

      It’s not like Frank Martin actually conquered the Big 12. If he wanted a challenge, he could have stayed and actually tried to win where he was at first. He can’t/won’t say it, but it’s all about more money in a similarly high profile league..

      • Jason says:

        I agree, but I’m not even sure it’s about the money. It’s obviously about the toxic environment he had with the AD. I think K-State would have at least come very close to matching the money he was offered at SC.

        • Joe Blow says:

          Probably true. But the whole “challenge” aspect is very disingenuous, considering he didn’t win the Big 12 challenge he was given..

    5. JFP says:

      I now know more about Danny Manning’s ass than I ever thought I would, and I’m not sure I’m comfortable with that.

    6. Jip says:

      Danny Manning is a great basketball mind, no question. In terms of pure coaching ability, Tulsa got a good one. He’s so introverted, though, that I wonder how he will handle recruiting and how he will handle the media.

      • Java Man says:

        Along the lines of Jip’s post, I’ve wondered the past few years in Danny Manning might suffer from a bit of Frank White syndrome. Knowledgeable, well respected, fan favorite, but maybe lacking in true leadership skills.
        Tulsa seems like a fine program to test his mettle.

        • Joe Blow says:

          It could still play out the same — Frank White tried his hand at managing in the lower levels, the Royals didn’t like it, and it began the whole thing culminating in him hating the Royals “forever” or something..

        • D in the O says:

          Frank White Syndrome is caused by never getting the chance to go higher and not holding in your frustration thus creating a less attractive persona to management. Danny Manning’s plateau was self inflicted. I don’t think he put his name out there until this last year.

    7. P says:

      That question about who the Huskers will hire had a to be a joke……….

    8. john doe says:

      Danny Manning left the Big 12

      Does this mean KU will never play Tulsa?

    9. Smartman says:

      Good luck to Danny Manning. He has always been a class act. We all have roles to play in our life. I thought Danny played the perfect role at KU. It’s encouraging to see that at 46, with plenty of money in the bank, that he still has the fire in the belly to take on a new challenge.

      In classic Spy vs Spy fashion KK and Frank gave us Douche vs Douche! Pack up your bags and get your Raging Bullshit out of town Frank, you f*cking FUGAZI!

    10. Cliffy says:

      “My job is to coach the kids. My job is not to make money.”

      I almost spit Red Bull on my windshield with that one. Martin is a classic bullshit artist. It’s a gift, really. It will continue to serve him well.

    11. Rick says:

      A twinge of sorrow hit me over the Manning news. Took me back to when Neil Doughtery left KU to become a coach, his termination, and his gone to soon death.

      In regards to Danny Manning. I wish him the best but seem some personality centered challenges. As already mentioned I don’t know how well he’ll handle the media. Boosters. A reason he has been at KU so long is because it offered a comfort zone and he doesn’t have the greatest communication skills in group settings though he does well one on one.

      And when his new boss says he brings excitment…….well Danny is one of the least excitable people alive. He is near Bill Belchick excitable.

      I say make Scott Pollard a coach.

      Good luck to him. But some of us make a better number two then number one.

      • J-Rok says:

        I like the Scott Pollard idea. Even Wayne Simien would be a good mentor for the bigs. Of course, a coach doesn’t necessarily have to be a former player/post player to be a good coach.

    12. Joe Blow says:

      Does Bob Fescoe actually know anything about baseball to even deserve being quoted…stating the obvious?

    13. Orville Sandusky says:

      Who would want the Nebraska job while Osborne is still around. He is the classic case of the old man who can’t leave the shop. Just because you are a good football coach does not mean you are a good athletic director or politician. Who wants to work for him? His ego is huge and his role should have been very temporary. Watch… their Big 10 performances will only get worse.

      • P says:

        He had the nutz to step up and lead the move to the Big 10, nuff said. Enjoy the Big 12 douche.

        • JP says:

          I don’t think people are lining up to take the Nebraska Basketball job, no matter what league they are playing. That job will always be difficult in that state, it is so football centric. The reason other schools can win at both has to do with either population or location.

    14. Ron says:

      KK’s question to Frank Martin about leaving the Big 12 for the SEC is ridiculous. Coaches are hired hands. There’s no expectation or obligation for coaches to stay in the same league for their entire careers. Frank Martin should have told KK he is obviously an idiot for asking such a question. And, Greg shouldn’t give KK credit for asking such a dumb question.

    15. mike stinkey says:

      I wonder if any of MU’s assitants will get jobs after the fine job they did vs Norfork State

    16. JP says:

      Good luck to Danny Manning at Tulsa. He will do great down there and get his feet wet. Tulsa is a coaching cradle, look at all the coaches who started at Tulsa, Nolan Richardson, Tubby Smith and Bill Self amongst others. KU will adjust and find someone to replace Danny. They need a good recruiter, and I would expect Norm Roberts will be back in Lawrence before long.

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