OTC: Royals’ Oakland Implosion Hints That Our Time Might Be Premature / Chiefs’ Draft Talk Heats Up

“This goes into The Pantheon of Royals Fail. With Harvey getting hit in the back and Coco blinded by seagulls.”
Craig Brown, @royalsauthority, after the Royals’ closer, Jonathan Broxton, blew the save giving up two runs to Oakland by walking two batters and then hitting two in succession to force in the winning run in the bottom of the 12th, Twitter
GH: And we had hoped these kind of losses had ended. In my best Jason Whitlock gargle; “Somewhere Ken Harvey is rolling a blunt and chuckling.”

“That’s as angry as I’ve been after a game because I allowed myself to think the Royals had won it [in the top of the 12th]. Losses like this are tough to take once you decide to emotionally invest in a team like many of us have. Many of us believe it is our time.”
Steven St. John, 810 AM

“Love the royals but they never love me back…”
Bryce Kemper, @CoachKMBDragons, Twitter

“Personally, I like the way Ned handled it.”
Buster Olney, ESPN MLB columnist, on Yost’s decision to not remove Jonathan Broxton in the 12th after he walked two and hit one to load the bases, 810 AM
GH: What was not to like? Yost did nothing while watching Broxton repeatedly miss the strike zone until he hit two batters with consecutive pitches. At one point Yost stood up with his hands in his pockets looking as if he wanted to make a change or at least go out to the mound but seemed paralyzed by indecision. I’m sure Broxton feels great today about the way things went down.

“How loyal can you be to a guy who’s been your closer for a week? A week! Clearly something was wrong. You have no reason to have blind loyalty to Jonathan Broxton.”
Steven St. John, 810 AM
GH: When Kyle Farnsworth blew an early save on the road in his first season with the Royals in 2009, he was greeted with loud boos when introduced to the opening day crowd at The K. I would suggest to Broxton to expect the same rude welcome on Friday from those fans who have been told this is our time. 

“The way it kind of fell apart here, I’m speechless.”
Rex Hudler, after the Royals blew a one-run lead in the 12th in Oakland, Royals Television
GH: So the Royals’ meltdown wasn’t a complete loss.

“It doesn’t take anything away from the talented team we’re seeing out there though, Joel.”
Rex Hudler, to Joel Goldberg following the blown save in Oakland, Royals Television
GH: Not even a two-walk, two-HBP blown save is going to get the Wonder Dog down. 

“Do they have any seat belts on the chairs up in the broadcast booth [at The K] because I’m having a hard time sitting down here now!”
Rex Hudler, on his excitement for the young Royals, Royals Television
GH: I hope Rex gets a seat in the booth close to Denny.

“The Chiefs need a nose tackle to compliment that defense. I’d take [Washington’s] Alameda Ta’amu over [Memphis’ Dontari Poe] every time.”
Russ Lande, of GMJunior.com, 610 AM
GH: Poe is a name that many mock drafts believe to be the best nose tackle in the 2012 draft. Lande is not one of them. Read on.

“One of the misnomers of this draft is that Dontari Poe is a nose tackle. He’s a big man but when you watch him on film he’s not really playing a nose tackle position where he has to take on blockers and be strong at the point of attack. He’s a great physical specimen but to me he’s not a guy you want to bank your first-round pick on. I think Dontari Poe is a huge risk as a nose tackle.”
Russ Lande, of GMJunior.com, 610 AM
GH: Lande is also much higher on TAMU’s Ryan Tannehill than most of us here in Big 12 country. Read on.

“[Tannehill] has tremendous intangibles. His upside is rare because he has such physical gifts. I think the Browns at four are still a consideration [to draft Tannehill]. In my opinion, Tannehill is worth a top-10 pick and is going to be an outstanding NFL
Russ Lande, of GMJunior.com, 610 AM
GH: How loud would the screams be from Chiefs Nation if Tannehill is their top pick at 11? Very.

“There is a ton of smoke but there is no fire. There is no chance the Chiefs draft Ryan Tannehill at number 11.”
Nick Wright, 610 AM

“The NFL guys that have been scouting him know a lot more than we do after we watched him play [at Texas A&M] for a coach who didn’t even know what he had. So we agree that
Tannehill is probably better than what we thought.”
Kevin Kietzman, on the Big 12 perception that Tannehill is not a first-round quality QB, 810 AM
GH: We know Tannehill as the QB at A&M that both Mizzou and K-State beat. Kietzman makes some sense here – Tannehill is getting a lot of love from NFL scouts who know their business well. 

“I get the general feeling from Scott [Pioli] that 11 is not a bad place to be because you can maneuver up or down. It’s better to be 11 than 10 sometimes. It’s not a bad spot to be in. …
They don’t really want to draft out of a need pick.”
Mitch Holthus, on the Chiefs draft position, 810 AM
GH: Fans want a sexy first-round pick and GMs often want to trade it for additional picks. But if the Chiefs do decide to use their pick at 11, there is no shortage of predictions on who it should be. Read on. 

“It will be hard for the Chiefs to pass on David DeCastro [offensive guard from Stanford] if he’s there at the number-11 spot. He could be one of the best offensive linemen to come
out of college in the last decade. I rank Castro as the number six player in this draft and that’s the highest I’ve ever ranked a guard in the ten years I’ve been around with the NFL draft.”
Matt Miller, NFL draft expert of BleacherReport.com, 810 AM

“If you’re drafting in the top half of the draft and you’re drafting an offensive lineman, I think you’re wasting a draft choice. I think Scott Pioli kind of thinks the same thing.”
Kevin Kietzman, who favors drafting a skill-position player in the first round, 810 AM

“The 11th pick needs to be a Pro-Bowler – a Chiefs’ Ring-of-Honor kind of guy.”
Mitch Holthus, 810 AM

“I’m not a big Luke Kuechly fan. I think he makes too many tackles five and six yards down the line. I think you want a guy who will plug the hole. In the 3-4 [defense], I don’t know
if he’s strong enough. I think [the Chiefs] could do much better there trying to find an inside linebacker. I know a lot of fans love Kuechly but he’s not a great fit for the 3-4.”
Matt Miller, on the top linebacker prospect out of Boston College, 810AM

“You mean during the draft? No, I’ve never been in the draft room during the draft. I was in the draft room a week ago.”
Mitch Holthus, answering Kietzman’s question on if he’d ever been in the Chiefs’ draft room, 810 AM
GH: I thought this exchange was humorous. So Mitch might not be as much of a Chiefs’ insider as Kietz’s thought…or as quick on the uptake.

“What I’m learning is that [Bubba Watson] just cries all the time. How do you get to the point where every time you bring up your wife’s name you start crying? What is that? There’s just something different about him, know what I mean? He’s lost his dad, but he’s a grown man! He was 32 when he lost his dad. He goes on Piers Morgan’s show and
cries four times in an hour! What is up with this guy? He’s got some demons in him.”
Kevin Kietzman, on the winner of the Masters frequent show of emotion, 810 AM
GH: Kietzman had this conversation with Jack Harry and Harry seemed to be as puzzled by KK’s statements as I. How does Bubba showing emotion translate to having some demons in him? We are all built different when it comes to handling our emotions in a public setting. The older I get the more difficult it is to maintain my composure when the subject involves my family. I don’t consider that being caused by a demon in any way. 

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39 Responses to OTC: Royals’ Oakland Implosion Hints That Our Time Might Be Premature / Chiefs’ Draft Talk Heats Up

  1. TangoAlphaLima says:

    Holthus thinks the #11 pick needs to be “a Chiefs’ Ring-of-Honor kind of guy?” I would maybe expect (or realistically, hope) for that kind of production out of a top 2 or 3 pick, but not out of the #11 pick. Considering Pioli’s mixed track record in the draft, I’d be fine with “starter that doesn’t suck.”

    • kk says:

      mitch needs a head examination. How many pics in the first round have the chiefs made the ended up being ring of honor recients.
      This guy puts out more bullshit than any other human being

  2. Joe Blow says:

    Meanwhile, Detroit was leading Tampa 2-0 heading into the 9th, gave up 4 runs, and lost. Sure, it wasn’t quite as weird as the way the Royals lost, but Jim Leyland tried 3 different pitchers in the 9th and still lost.

    Eiland went out to the mound right before Broxton hit his 2nd straight batter on the first pitch, so it’s not like the Royals sat there, clueless. Remember earlier this week when Aaron Crow completely blew a game already? It’s not like he’s ever a sure thing. What should Yost have done, bring in Teaford for his first career high pressure save situation? It was the 12th inning, and Yost had already used all of his best relievers..

    I always love watching the games and wondering, “What asinine reason will these pissed off fans come up with for how the manager somehow lost this game, too?” And it never fails, there’s always something..

    • tbr says:

      Yeah, sure, Eiland went out there. But why did he wait so long? Why did Brayan Pena never go talk to Broxton? He was clearly struggling and his entire team hung him out to dry. Somebody, anybody, needed to talk to him way earlier than they did.

      A small point to remember: By the time Broxton came into the game he had been warming up for the better part of three full innings. Too much, too much, too much.

      • Joe Blow says:

        I wonder if Broxton is one of those guys where you try not to go out and talk to him, because you’re afraid of getting in his head too much while he’s out there. And I really doubt the Royals want Brayan Pena going out to talk to anybody — they don’t seem like they trust him to do any thinking by himself to begin with.

        I also wondered if having Broxton start, then stop, then start warming up again, in cold conditions, contributed to his wildness when he finally entered the game..

        • brett says:

          there may be a good reason for it, but i could not believe pena never made a trip to the mound in the 12th.

          even if you don’t want to say much for fear of getting in broxton’s head, pena could have gone out there just to give broxton a few seconds to regroup.

  3. BlackJack says:

    So basically we have to withstand 2 more weeks of NFL Draft punditry discussion and blowhardedness on this blog. I’ll try to endure it, but the one thing that is more empty calories and meaningless than mock draft and college prospect speculation in general is the subject of the Chiefs drafting a lineman with their first round pick.

    Wake me up when its over…

  4. BlackJack says:

    ..And on the subject of the Royals, I understand it is only a week into the season, but if the Royals fancy themselves as contenders with the Detroit Tigers then they absolutely cannot be giving away games in extra-innings due to a collapse by their Closer like that. Those are games you just have to win, to have a realistic goal of winning the AL Central.

    I just don’t know what they see in Broxton – all of his pitches are about the same speed (92-96 mph), straight as an arrow with no movement, and to quote Frank Martin, how about throwing some strikes for once in your life; ever heard of that one Stan?

    • Joe Blow says:

      Broxton is fastball/slider, just like Crow. Of course, if you can’t throw the fastball for a strike, nothing else really matters.

      Just looking at the Tigers, they’ve already pulled a couple of games completely out of their ass so far, while the Royals have had three winnable games pulled out from under them. It’s going to happen over the course of the season, it’s just amplified right now because it’s the first week..

      • JP says:

        As much as yesterday’s game ending sucked, who here wouldn’t have taken a .500 road trip to Anaheim and Oakland to start the season. The Royals are still in pretty good shape, considering their bats can be a whole lot better. People panicking over the first week of the season need to take a deep breath. It is not football, it’s baseball and there will be another game tomorrow (Home Opener in fact). The Royals will get some of these games back in wins this summer, mark my words.

  5. Chad Harberts says:

    Ahhhh…the Ken Harvey ball in the back. Ridiculing that play on the air at Metro Sports led to upset Royals’ wives complaining to RSTN’s producer about me making fun of their husbands and getting me suspended for a week from the air. A month later I was taken off High School Roundup in favor of Mick Shaffer and Erin Bajackson. I quit Metro Sports two months later because I could not deal with management anymore. If I had to do it all over again I wouldn’t change a thing…single dumbest play I have ever seen a baseball player make.

    Greg, thanks for making me laugh today all the way out here in Las Vegas!

    • Greg Hall says:

      That is a great story. The thought of Royals’ wives complaining about negative media coverage during those 100-loss years is beyond laughable. The idea that you would be suspended to placate their whining is just a sad statement as to the tail wagging the dog. Thanks for the back story, now go out and hit a jackpot in the back of the head tonight.

    • Joe Blow says:

      Can anyone find a video of this play? I know it was on 7/3/04, but can’t seem to bring up any video. I’m not defending Harvey, but sometimes the right play is to duck so a fielder behind you can throw the ball through. I don’t remember how close Stairs was to know whether Harvey really made a terrible play, or if it was just an unfortunate throw..

  6. nick says:

    It’s WAY too early in the season, but I’m already getting bad vibes from Yost.

    I’m rooting for Rex Hudler. Hudler is no Frank White for sure. White was the best and I was so angered that he was let go. But I’m hugely warming to Rex’s positive vibe. I find him refreshing. I caught his interview with Steven St. John and Nate and like him even more.

    Thanks Greg for confirming to me that I’m missing nothing by tuning out afternoon sports talk. I don’t the fascination with guessing and predicting and fantasizing about which college kids should be drafted by your favorite NFL team. Pre-NFL Draft talk is the ultimate in sports talk lameness. Post-draft isn’t much better.

    Is your KK quote out of context somehow? The guy’s emotional…big deal. I saw Bubba on Letterman a couple nights ago. It’s awesome that a seemingly self-taught, real—even-if-a-bit-quirky, un-polished guy can win the Masters…THE event that makes Joe Blows everywhere think golf is a snobby, elitist game for the rich.

    • Joe Blow says:

      Come on now…I don’t care about golf at all!

      As far as Frank White — he was actually pretty bad at actual broadcasting. Between the ackward pauses, constant giggling, and failure to clearly say what he was thinking, it was hard to listen to. While Rex Hudler may repeat what Ryan says because he wasn’t listening, Frank White would start talking about something else entirely because he didn’t get what Ryan had just said. I liked listening to him because he did have some really good insights into the game when he was able to convey his thoughts, but as a professional broadcaster, he was pretty rough.

    • Babe Ruthless says:

      The part that I thought was REALLY strange was when KK was criticizing Bubba’s mom’s wardrobe choice. Keitz sounded like Joan Rivers breaking down Red Carpet fashion.

    • Greg Hall says:

      I think KK’s quote correctly conveys what he was saying about Bubba — that he thinks it is very odd that Bubba has a difficult time remaining composed, especially when he discusses his wife. KK also said he feared that these demons might eventually cause Bubba to have a future public meltdown. To Jack Harry’s credit, he didn’t find anything inappropriate or demonic about Bubba’s crying.

      • nick says:

        Hmm. Just a very odd take from KK…and that’s saying something. I’ll go on record that I think Bubba will never have a public meltdown anywhere near the level of the emotionally robotic and cold Tiger.

  7. Will says:

    Agree with your comments on the Bubba Watson emotional issue. I’m more emotional about family sometimes too and it started when my father died when I was 33 years old.

    • Smartman says:

      I’d weep my eyes out 24/7 if I could bend it like Bubba. The guys greatest dream has come true and he’s still overwhelmed to the point of tears. Good for him! I’d rather see some honest, raw, human emotion than Tiger’s predictable schtick. Time for KK to get a new Semen Demon in his front seat.

  8. randyraley says:

    Nobody cried/cries more than Vermeil. I guess he has “demons” in him too.

  9. KCPRGuy says:

    Until the Royals sacrifice a Don Denkinger effigy at the K, the curse will go on.

  10. Smartman says:

    Premature Ejectulation. Since 1985 The Royals haven’t been able to keep it up long enough to satisfy anyone yet they still get dates. Just like Harley.

  11. JP says:

    Can we give the Hudler bashing a pause for now. I know he’s not Frank White, but he is starting to grow on me. He made some great points about Broxton’s pitching and how Escobar backed up on the ball instead of going forward, leading to the error. Everyone has bitched about the Royals announcers for years, now the announcers get flamed before the home opener. Hudler is an interesting analyst, and let’s give him a freaking chance. If you listen, he does make some valid points during the broadcast.

    • Joe Blow says:

      I just wish Hudler would do more to impart his experience playing in the Majors, and a little less to just try to be positive. He could, potentially, do the same thing Frank White did, just in a little more professional manner. It just seems like he’s too caught up trying to be exciting and positive first. I can tune out his bad tendencies, though…just hope he says more about the game within the game, rather than the game everyone can see.

  12. JFP says:

    KK hates everybody and everything, and he really hates athletes/players. Isn’t that glaringly obvious by now?

  13. tigerdan4 says:

    That loss yesterday is not on Ned Yost, in my opinion. Monday’s loss was on him. When he trotted out that ridiculous lineup and they lost 1-0. Yesterday was on Escobar and Broxton. Escobar is an elite defensive shortstop with a light bat. He HAS to make that play in the bottom of the 12th. If he does, we win the game. Simple as that. Sure, even the best fielders make a few errors during the course of the season. But they make them in the 3rd or 4th inning when it doesn’t hurt their team that much. There’s still time to overcome it. Derek Jeter doesn’t make that error in the bottom of the 12th with the Yankees protecting a 1 run lead. And then after the error Broxton melted down. He couldn’t find homeplate with a GPS. That loss was so Royals-esque. How many times have we seen that in the last 15 years? Overall I’m ok with a 3-3 roadtrip. But it should be 5-1. If the Royals have turned the corner (and I’m still optimistic that things are on the right track) we have got to QUIT losing games like THAT.

    • Joe Blow says:

      The players everyone’s complaining that Yost inserted into the lineup Monday are the *only* players that even got hits. Extra base hits at that. Yet, Yost lost that game..

  14. Jubilation T Cornpone says:

    “There is a ton of smoke but there is no fire. There is no chance the Chiefs draft Ryan Tannehill at number 11.”
    Nick Wright, 610 AM

    If the young man from A&M were more afrocentric and named “Dontonio” instead of “Ryan” then Niche Wright would be demanding that the Chiefs trade up to draft him. I almost want the Griefs to draft Luke Kuechly so that I can call in every day to Nick just to taunt him that his beloved Chiefs drafted a high character white guy #1. “Put that in your Black and Mild and smoke it, Mr. Barstow Boy!”

    And Chad Harberts, your story borders on dada-ist, liberal-arts college, western lit absurd (and is thus funnier than hell).! You and Greg should have a contest for readers to guess whose wives complained. My money is on Mrs. Joker. However, just looking at this roster makes me ill:


    We believe, my ass! I’ll take Broxton blowing saves any time over watching Mendy Lopez bat clean-up.

    I’d also like to hear more about Metro Sports. I love the high school stuff but frankly I’ve never been able to overcome the urge to punch Mick Shaffer in the face. He is the poster child that they are putting too many gender-bending chemicals in plastic drink containers. Erin Bajackson, on the other other hand…that’s the kind of young lady I could dress up and take to the prom.

    • Smartman says:

      My ultimate sports broadcaster threesome is me Suzy Kolber and Erin Bajackson, even though Suzy would be more into Erin….I’m good with that.

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