OTC: Royals’ Our Time Campaign Here To Stay Despite Mounting Losses

“People who know me know that I am not a spinner. … It never was intended to be primarily about performance on the field.”
Toby Cook, on the Royals’ controversial “Our Time” advertising campaign theme, 810 AM
GH: Let’s take Cook at his word and pretend that the Royals’ marketing department was oblivious to how their Our Time campaign would be perceived by their target audience. Let’s pretend that the Royals’ marketing department was shocked at our response to seeing Billy Butler and Eric Hosmer in Royals uniforms stare into the camera and passionately tell Royals’ fans, “Kansas City, this is our time.” I guess we are also supposed to pretend that George Bret guy was in the Our Time ads to promote the sold-out All-Star game? Toby, please. While you may not be a spinner, your after-the-fact explanation falls flatter than a Ned Yost bunt. If Our Time was not, “intended to be primarily about performance on the field,” the Royals’ marketing staff could not be more out of touch with the Royals’ fan base than if they were outsourced to India.

“It was as talked about a campaign as I’ve ever seen with the Royals. I think the perception became that it was about team performance. … People obviously wanted to embrace it.”
Toby Cook, 810 AM
GH: Hell yes we wanted to embrace it! It has been 27 years since the Royals’ fans have tasted the postseason! When we hear from the organization that this is our time, we jumped on that like Jason Whitlock used to hit a Gates Presidential Platter! So don’t point at the fans and blame us for misinterpreting your message. Your message was a bold and risky move that blew up in your ticket-taking faces. Own it.

“I ain’t buying what I heard from Toby Cook.”
Soren Petro, 810 AM
GH: Cook was a guest of the Border Patrol, a half hour before Petro’s show came on 810. Nate Bukaty and Steven St. John did not push Cook on his explanation except to say they bought into the Our Time campaign and were excited about it. They never pushed Cook to explain how he could think the ad campaign could be perceived in any other way than it was about the Royals’ on-field performance. Petro needed to call Cook back up and get him on The Program for a proper grilling. 

“We’re going to continue it.”
Toby Cook, when asked about the Royals’ “Our Time” marketing campaign, 810 AM
GH: Perfect. Why would we expect anything less from an organization that has proven time and time again to be as flexible as Biscotti?  Cook was also on The Border Patrol to promote an upcoming “no fees” Saturday where all tickets [except for the Yankees’ series] purchased on the Royals’ website on that day would not be subjected to online fees. Huh? This is supposed to induce Royals’ fans to buy tickets? Not charging for trumped on online fees that make no sense anyway? Again, perfect.  

Royals Nation, @RoyalsNation, Twitter
GH: Here are some of the suggestions on Twitter for alternate Royals slogans;

  • Expectations are our Achilles heel
  • We’re the best at being the worst
  • 12 wins in ‘12
  • Home of the $9 beer
  • Same shit, new season
  • Our managers make you feel smart
  • We widened the concourse!
  • Not many wins, but plenty of parking
  • Look at our WAR!
  • Major League IV
  • At least you’re outside
  • Come out to The K every Saturday for tryouts. #yourtime

 “It’s stunning to me that [the Royals] are struggling like this. … I’ve thought so many of the moves the Royals have made have been great.”
Buster Olney, MLB analyst for ESPN, 810 AM
GH: The biggest mistake some fans are making is thinking this Royals’ team is bereft of talent. They are not. Nervous Ned has infected this talented group of youngsters and he needs to be eradicated.

“The Walking Ned.”
Matt Downing, @RealMagicMatt, when asked for headline suggestions for The Star, Twitter

“The Royals have clinched the All-Star game.”
Steve Levy, in mocking the Royals’ 12th straight loss in Sportscenter, ESPN

“Sure, you hate Twitter. You say it’s the biggest waste of time since the Kansas City Royals.”
Rick Reilly, ESPN.com
GH: Yes, the national media has now targeted the Royals as an easy joke. Our Time indeed. 

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