OTC: Moose Kills Yanks W/ Bare Hand / Mariano Rivera Tears ACL While Shagging

“I want to thank the fans for sticking with us…”
Mike Moustakas, during his on-field interview with Joel Goldberg following the Royals’ win over the Yankees, Foxsports
GH: Moose was the hero of the game with both his bat and barehanded game-winning defensive gem. He was visibly emotional while speaking to Goldberg over The K’s PA system, especially when he mentioned his appreciation for the fans. His voice cracked, he shook his fist at the crowd and then ducked his head and abruptly ended the interview by jogging toward the dugout before tears could fall. Son of a bitch, maybe this is our time.

“Still stunned by the Rivera injury the Yankees went out and lost Thursday’s contest…”
The Sports Network, on the Yankee closer tearing his ACL while shagging flies during batting practice, Miami Herald
GH: I saw this line in the Miami Herald but I could not find the author’s byline from this wire story. I knew there must have been a reason the Yanks lost to the lowly Royals.

“This just feels so incongruous, Rivera crumpling to the ground on the warning track during batting practice, in the fading sunlight of Kansas City. Nobody ever thinks of Rivera on the warning track — or in Kansas City, for that matter.”
Tyler Kepner, writer, New York Times
GH: Part of me wants to say screw these New York yayhoos and their condescending tone. But the fault doesn’t lie with them but with David Glass. No one does think of Mariano Rivera and Kansas City in the same thought because that’s what 25 years of losing will do to the reputation of a city and a baseball franchise.

“Just another reason we should have contracted that minor-league team with its gimmick ballpark.”
Joe Sheehan, NY-based MLB writer, @joe_sheehan, after Rivera was injured on Kansas City’s warning track, Twitter
GH: This snarky tweet from Sheehan made its rounds on Kansas City cyberspace with the speed of a Willie Wilson triple. Sheehan was blasted by Royals fans and he attempted to save face. Read on.

“Is satire just wasted west of the Hudson?”
Joe Sheehan, @joe_sheehan, Twitter
GH: So not only do we have a gimmicky ball park and should have been contracted, we have no sense of humor as well. No BBQ for you, Joe.

“I don’t want to have it any other way. If it’s going to happen like that, at least it happened doing what I love to do, and shagging I love to do. If I had to do it over again, I would do it again, no hesitation.”
Mariano Rivera, Newsday
GH: Rivera is 42 years old. Bad stuff happens to old guys who continue to play young guys’ games – even when they’re just shagging flies. There is talk he will attempt a comeback yet this season but that makes little sense. His body is telling him it is time. I would expect the game’s greatest closer knows how and when to make his exit.

“Before [Yankees/Royals] game guy told me YES [television network] had 17 cameras there.”
Cole Young, @ColeYoung, on the number of cameras YES Network has at The K to broadcast the Yankees/Royals series, Twitter
GH: I was stunned to see excellent video of how Rivera injured himself during the Yankees’ batting practice. When I asked Twitter how this could be, I was told that the Yankees’ YES Network televises the Yanks’ batting practice! And we thought Kansas basketball fans were pampered.

“Still today if I were starting a team jeter would b my first pick.”
Bob Fescoe, @bobfescoe, Twitter
GH: Oh, how I wish Fescoe would buy the Twins.

“I’m trying to educate the fans, more than to hate the Yankees or boo the Yankees.”
Bob Fescoe, attempting to make the point that the Royals have as much of a chance at postseason success in MLB as the Yankees, 610 AM
GH: I understand that Fescoe was born a Yankees fan and I don’t begrudge him his birthright. But be a Yankee fan and not a closet Yankee fan, Bulldog! Do not insult your audience by pretending to root for the Royals this weekend while your Bronx Boys are in town.

“Don’t quote me just yet but I think Kauffman may be my fav park so far on this 30 park tour after 15.”
RJ Breisacher, @BaseballDreamin, who is attempting to visit all 30 MLB parks this season, Twitter
GH: Somebody get Joe Sheehan whatever this guy was drinking last night.

“He has number-one or number-two stuff. It doesn’t seem to bother him to get beat. That’s a red flag for me.”
Mike Boddicker, on Luke Hochevar, 810 AM
GH: Boddicker called Hochevar’s malaise toward success “the Scott Boras effect.” He referred to Boras clients as being satisfied with mediocre results and their effort being “good enough.” Boddicker understands MLB pitchers far better than I but I see Hochevar as just a different kind of dude. I agree he has number-one-starter stuff and I have no doubt he will display that in a future start. But I see him as a quiet guy whose fire burns brighter within than without.

“This kid hasn’t worked hard to be average at one position. He’s worked hard to be average at four or five positions.”
Ned Yost, on bringing up the long-time minor leaguer and utility infielder Irving Falu, 810 AM
GH: This might simply be my favorite quote of the Royals’ season. Yogi’s got nuttin’ on Ned.

“There’s two sides to every story. Actually there’s three; their side, my agent’s side and the truth.”
Wallace Gilberry, Chiefs’ defensive lineman, in an interview with The Border Patrol, regarding his tenuous status with the Chiefs, 810 AM
GH: I would hate to lose Gilberry, if only for OTC gems like this.

“How much of Shane Mosley is left, we’ll see tomorrow night.”
Steven St. John, 610 AM
GH: Boxing talk on my Friday morning commute? Yaaawwwn.

“The first mock draft of 2013 is out. We’ll let you know where the Chiefs are picking and who they’re selecting, right after this break.”
Bob Fescoe, 610 AM
GH: Where was that boxing talk station?

“What I think is missing in the Big 10 Conference is self-esteem.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: Self-esteem? This is the conference that has named its two divisions with the arrogance of Nero, Legends and Leaders. Read on.

“How’s the Big 10 working out for you, [Nebraska]? It’s over! We’re done with you holding us hostage! 11 months in and now Nebraska is offering up solutions to fix their conference? They must be laughing around the Big 10!”
Kevin Kietzman, after reading excerpts from Tom Shatel’s column in the Omaha World Herald
GH: I am sure Shatel is flattered that KK takes his column as the official word of the University of Nebraska, but I am guessing the Big 10 knows the difference.

“This is a strong [Big 12] conference and it will continue to be a strong, there was never any reason [for Nebraska] to leave this conference but they made their decision. It looks to me like Missouri is in about a thousand percent better situation with the conference they chose to join.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: A few months ago it was Missouri that was making the grievous error in joining the SEC. I wonder if KK has sent MU, TAMU, CU and NU a thank you note for forcing the Big 12 to make the changes now in place that should provide a solid future for the Big 12. As Rodney King once should have said, “Can’t we all just quit beatin’ the crap out of each other?”

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  1. R.H. says:

    KK is still on the “Nebraska Sucks, and the Big 10′s a joke” card. Why don’t he stop worrying about them, and start worrying about K-State.

    Sheehan, the NY media, and other east coast writers are the most condescending snobs ever to grace the sports world.

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