OTC: Royals’ Pitching In Pits / Local Media Uses Royals’ Slide To Sharpen Their Game

“They thought Hochevar and Sanchez were going to be locks for this [Royals’] rotations.”
Bob Fescoe, after both Royals’ starters are off to horrendous seasons after five weeks of baseball, 610 AM
GH: The 12-game losing streak knocked all the wind out of the Royals’ “Our Time” slogan but it is the awful pitching from Hochevar and Sanchez that makes this team’s immediate future look Oklahoma-panhandle bleak. Read on.  

“OPEN TWEET TO THE ROYALS; Hochevar’s a bust, get over it and move on. who will fill his spot? who cares!! ABH-Anybody But Hochevar!!”
Frank Boal, @realfrankboal, Twitter
GH: Frank Boal is undergoing a personality change on Twitter. Follow him and be exposed to a more opinionated and harsher “Pudgy” than we have heard on 810. I think his association with Jack Harry on KSHB TV 41 may be affecting his more acidic takes. Read on.

“david glass; in memory of the kauffman’s and all the great players and fans, sell this team to someone who cares, please!!”
Frank Boal, @realfrankboal, Twitter

“yep, like we said, wait until hochevar and sanchez start giving up home runs this year. wow, this is fun!! and nobody gets fired around here.”
Frank Boal, @realfrankboal, Twitter

“The longer I’m on Twitter, the more I realize how few people understand what “don’t shoot the messenger” means.”
Robert Ford, @raford3, 610 Sports’ Royals pre- and postgame host, Twitter
GH: Ford believes his followers are upset with him relaying messages such as the Royals will continue to use Hochevar or they will not consider firing Ned Yost. But I believe Ford suffers from a lack of passion in his tweets and radio persona. He’s boring. Boring stuff from a radio voice covering the Royals is difficult for fans to endure. 

“I’m pretty sure there isn’t a single person at 810 radio worth following on Twitter.”
Ross Martin, @PCBearcat, sports editor at St. Joseph News-Press, Twitter
GH: It depends on what you expect from Twitter. I follow the local media personalities to fill column space and to stay abreast of what they are thinking and how they react to the day’s sports news. Are some more worthwhile than others? Sure. In the worthless category I would place Jack Harry and Kevin Kietzman. Neither say much of anything we don’t already know and both appear to have no idea what Twitter is or how to communicate through its magic. Soren Petro can be entertaining when he gets upset with his followers. His tweets are condescending and elitist – much like his radio personality. I don’t see as much from SSJ anymore on Twitter. He can be very funny but also dwells too much on personal minutia. Nate Bukaty is actually better on Twitter than radio. 

“Luke Hochevar is the Matt Cassel of MLB. Whose jersey has given up more hits, Cassel or Hochevar?”
Bill Maas, @BillMaas, Twitter
GH: Does Cassel deserve to be tossed into the same toilet as Hochevar? Not even close. But the life of a starting QB can be tough when it comes to public scrutiny. Good thing he pocketed $60 million from The Clarks. 

“Zack Greinke is never coming back here because he has no confidence in the [Royals’] organization. That bridge has been burned.”
Mark Carman, on speculation that Greinke might consider returning to the Royals after he becomes a free agent this winter, 610 AM
GH: I agree.

“I can buy back in with the Royals whenever I damn well please!”
Nick Wright, responding to listeners who are upset that he is considering rejoining the Royals’ bandwagon, 610 AM
GH: This comment was from last week. I’m pretty sure Nick’s bandwagon has moved on – some are saying to Houston. 

“If you squint it takes energy out of your body.”
Rex Hudler, on modern players having advantage of wearing sun glasses, Royals TV
GH: Hudler’s not boring, he’s a cartoon. 

“Royals’ uniforms look cool as hell. I dig ‘em. Looking forward to All Star Game in K.C. Hopefully pull a theater show together.”
Jay Mohr, @jaymohr37
GH: When you can’t say anything good about a team in the town you need to sell tickets in, compliment their uniforms. 

“You’re going to keep asking questions? Guys, I’d really like to please move on.”
Scott Pioli, after Josh Klingler continued to probe Pioli about the status of Dwayne Bowe and his future with the Chiefs, 610 AM
GH: Pioli sounded miffed – even pissed – at Klingler’s query. Read on.  

“A lot of folks just felt uneasy the way [Pioli] responded to that question. Disappointing is all I’ll say.”
Bob Fescoe, on Pioli’s tart retort, 610 AM
GH: I just wish Fescoe would have said this while Pioli was on the phone instead of four days later.  

“Scott Pioli is really trying to recreate his image but something like that probably doesn’t help.”
Nick Wright, on Pioli’s show of frustration with Klingler’s Bowe questions, 610 AM

“A couple of spots on the defensive line, the offensive line, the safety position and then the receiving position.”
Scott Pioli, on what areas of the Chiefs he would like to add to in the free agent market, 610 AM

“Say a prayer for @H_Josey20 tonight. Had surgery this morning. Last one, now back on his way to a full recovery and another 1000 yard season.”
TJ Moe, @TJMoe28, Mizzou wide receiver, on MU running back Henry Josey’s continued recovery over his devastating knee injury, Twitter
GH: Amen. 

“We are not a branch of the University of Missouri Tigers.”
Leo Morton, UMKC’s chancellor, who is backing an effort to change the school’s name back to the University of Kansas City, Kansas City Star
GH: I love this idea. While you’re at it, dump that stupid Kangaroo mascot for something indigenous to Kansas City – or at least the Western Hemisphere.

“With a medical school, a dental school, a law school, a conservatory of music and dance, and a nursing school, UMKC is the only university research institution in the city.”
Mara Rose Williams, writer, Kansas City Star
GH: UMKC is starting to shed its unattractive image of a place where local kids go after failing elsewhere or to save money and live at home. Their lack of a football program hinders their reputation in the Midwest as a school that can offer students a “complete” college experience but I see more and more students choosing UMKC as their first choice. Losing the letter “M” in their name would help even more. 

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Software guy who has been writing my Off The Couch column in KC newspapers, publications and websites since 1994. Has been bounced from some of the finest media establishments this side of State Line Road. Dad first and everything else second...and there are a lot of everything elses.

30 Responses to OTC: Royals’ Pitching In Pits / Local Media Uses Royals’ Slide To Sharpen Their Game

  1. TangoAlphaLima says:

    I like Robert Ford’s neutral personality for the role of Royals reporter. Leave the inane shouting for Fescoe and Petro.

    • tiad says:

      Robert Ford is one of the worst “coddling offenders” in the Royals realm.

      • TangoAlphaLima says:

        I wouldn’t call it coddling. He just has a tempered reaction to things.

        In contrast, take KK’s response to Gordo’s poor start to the season. Just a few weeks ago KK said Gordo’s extended contract was a bad one and that he’d reverted to pre-2011 Gordo, complaining that the Royals were on the hook for $50 mil. A few weeks later, and you don’t hear KK complaining anymore. You don’t hear that kind of crap from Robert Ford. He’s not going to overreact to the tiniest bit of data like the shouting heads. He realizes that it’s a long season and you’ve got to give it time.

        • Hoppy says:

          Yeah I’m glad you brought up KK’s seemingly personal attack on Gordon. It’s weird how he singles him out and just constantly pounds on the guy and not just early this season but for as long as I can remember. It’s very much like his anti-Mizzou tirades that seem more personal than analytical. I don’t know if Gordon has spurrned him for interviews or what but it’s crazy how he goes on about him.

          • Jim says:

            Gordon went to Nebraska. That’s why I like KK bags on him all the time.

          • MrOlathe says:

            Now that Mike Sweeney and Tony Gonzalez are gone he needed a new guy to pick on.

  2. Chris Kamler says:

    I think Robert Ford is a very good follow on Twitter. The only advice I’d give him is to not feel beholden to respond to every mention. I think it’s admirable and if you read a lot of his responses, many of them are opinionated, but very dry. What you are seeing is a lot of Robert Ford where I think he might be better off picking and choosing his spots.

    • Jim says:

      I agree with most of this. Ford is also out at the ballpark every day, and talks with players and front office personnel daily. He tweets out what he is hearing from those people, and fans don’t want to hear it. Fans see Wil Myers killing it in AA, and wonder why the Royals won’t call him up. But the organization will wait a month or more from now, put Myers in Omaha, and maybe a call up at the end of the season. He really is just the messenger, but I also think he doesn’t need to respond to everyone.

  3. Jim says:

    If everyone was organizing some sort of revolution to overthrow the government or coordinate rendezvous points for the resistance, I’d be interested in Twitter. In regards to following some stranger’s thoughts or feelings regarding life and/or sports……no thanks. Tweeters? Me thinks more like twats. Exchanging verbal bitch-slaps with the likes of Petro or Wright is like trying to explain stock options to a 2 year old. What’s the point?

    • Observer says:

      Jim – ever think there’s no difference to following a blog and responding in the comments section than there is to following someone’s tweets and replying back? Only difference I see is that everyone is constrained to about 140 characters.

      • Jim says:

        How many “followers” do I have on this forum? How many people do I “follow” on this forum? Well……OK, OK. Maybe Harley/JoJo/J. But, that’s just good fun.

  4. Chad Harberts says:

    Although I would love to see UMKC drop its silly acronym and be UKC again, I respectfully disagree with dropping the kangaroo mascot.

    UMKC doesn’t exactly embrace its athletic history. They have tried to reinvent being Division I a number of times since I left there in 1999. They have torn up a fairly new soccer/track facility, left the most historic basketball building in the world and hired East Coast assistants to replace Midwestern legends.

    The kangaroo is the only piece of UMKC history still intact. The name has ties to both the Kansas City Zoo and Walt Disney. Is extremely unique in college sports.

    Any athletics program can be a Tiger, a Panther or some form of Bear. In fact, when UMKC was considering a name change for the first year of Division I back in 1987, it was going to be a Bobcat.

    Keep the Kangaroos, and drop the damn M.

    Chad Harberts
    Sports Information Director/Dir. of Marketing and Promotions
    UMKC, 1993-99

    • Chris Kamler says:

      I’ve always wondered why UmKC never added a baseball program. There’s some good competition around and would be a tent pole for not only athletics at the University, but also for baseball in the area. Play games out at Community America. Seems logical.

  5. Orphan of the Road says:

    It was the University of Kansas City before the MU takeover. Had one of the top law and dental schools in the USA back then.

    What alumni will take on the Mizzou juggernaught? How long did Southwest Missouri State fight to become Southern Missouri? And they had many ex-governors and all the power of Springfield politics (the real base of power in MO.) to lead the fight.

    How would the name change play out with Kansas City University of Medicine and Bioscience already in place?

    So with 65 members on a team and say 24.759 total students, college football is an experience for about .26% of the student body. Most Division I programs lose money and the schools end up dropping professors, classes and lesser sports to prop up a loser. Maybe you need to tune in the debate today on SLATE.com between Bissenger and Whitlock on elliminating football from college sports.

  6. Merle Tagladucci says:

    Frank Boal is undergoing a personality change on Twitter.

    I think he’s just finally figured out how to use his phone.

  7. JP says:

    I wish we got that Frank Boal on radio, very well put and entertaining. The Royals are atrocious, and have developed exactly one pitcher (Greinke)… well 2 if you count Humber, the White Sox Pitcher that threw the no hitter. Of course he was traded.

    The Sanchez experiment has really bummed me out on Dayton Moore. I know he is working in a handicap type situation with Dave Glass and his bumbling son, Danny Boy. But he needs to get some wins on these trades. I am becoming more detached from this Royals team. The pitching is so atrocious, that I don’t believe we will see a pennant anytime this decade. To quote Pudge Boal, David Glass, Sell this team to someone who cares NOW!!!!!

    • tbr says:

      The Royals did not develop Humber; the Mets did. And he wasn’t traded, he was waived.

      The Royals have actually developed several pitchers. Aaron Crow and Greg Holland spring immediately to mind as players with the current team. I assume you mean starting pitchers. As for that, I wouldn’t give up on Duffy yet.

      • JP says:

        They did waive Humber, well someone in the organization dropped the ball on that one. As for Duffy, he has pitched well and I am holding out hope on him as well as Montgomery and Paulino. He had a good outing on Saturday night.

        I actually have more hope. See KansasCity.com which notes that Glass may sell the team.

        • Orphan of the Road says:

          You mean the article which says Glass isn’t trying to sell?

          New owner for the Royals means they move the team. Unless the buyer is a KC resident.

          • Old Man Kissel says:

            Orphan of the Road said:

            “New owner for the Royals means they move the team. Unless the buyer is a KC resident.”

            Where would they go? What market right now that doesn’t have a baseball team has the population to support one?

            Another team in Texas? Doubt it.
            Florida? No
            Utah? No
            Portland? No
            Memphis or Nashville? No
            Cananda? Only if the owner fooled the city of Montreal in the best deal in MLB.

            The only two markets I see if North Carolina and a third team in New York.

            But would the Yankees and Mets allow another team in their marjket, even if they play in Long Island or Northern New Jersey?

        • tbr says:

          The fact that Humber threw a no-hitter does not make him a good pitcher. He’s not; check his numbers. And oh, by the way, please note that Jonathan Sanchez has also thrown a no hitter.

          • TangoAlphaLima says:

            1) Humber threw a perfect game. Not the same as a no-hitter. It’s far more rare.

            2) Humber’s not had a good 2012 so far (outside of the perfect game), but he had a real solid year in 2011 (3.75 ERA, ERA+ of 113). I’d take him over anyone in the Royals rotation save Duffy (and maybe Paulino).

  8. Harwood Benjamin says:

    I don’t think Humber was with the Royals long enough to undergo any “developing.” He was just passing through as Jose Bautista before he figured out how to hit home runs.

  9. Jim says:

    The Sanchez trade was as much about opening up CF for Lorenzo Cain as anything else. It just sucks that Cain has been hurt most of this year.

    • TangoAlphaLima says:

      True. But the problem is that we had an asset in Melky that we essentially traded for nothing (unless Verdugo pans out). Melky’s hitting pretty well in San Fran this year. Kinda makes you wonder if we should’ve given Melky a 2-year contract, stuck him in RF, and let Frenchy walk. Oh well, I guess hindsight is 20/20.

  10. Ron says:

    Frank Boal is an idiot. Anyone could have bought the Royals for $92 million. There were NO takers. David Glass bought the Royals because no one else would. Well, except Lamar Hunt, who offered $50 million. There is no one in Kansas City to buy the Royals today. To sell the Royals means to lose the Royals. BTW, the Forbes magazine reports that the Royals are worth $250 million is very misleading. No one would actually pay anywhere near that and keep the team in KC. If David Glass sells the Royals, they’re gone.

    Speaking of Dayton Moore and bad decisions, he gave away Mike Aviles because he wasn’t good enough for the Royals, but he was good enough for the Red Sox. He is batting .270 with 5 HRs and 19 RBIs. Not bad for a guy Dayton Moore thought couldn’t play.

    • BlackJack says:

      Totally disagree. Where else could some one move the Royals and get the unabashed, unfettered fan support that they do in this town? This season has been one big suckfest so far, yet the Royals are drawing about 30% higher in attendance than they were before.

      The team has almost tripled in value from where the Glass family bought the team 12 years ago. They have done so by keeping them here in KC, and I would not expect that to change anytime soon.

  11. Arte says:

    I agree with Harberts. Kangaroos or Roos I always thought was kind of cool. Why does a mascot have to be indigenous to Kansas City? There’s plenty of Lions, Tigers, Jaguars etc. out there and I don’t believe we see a lot of them in North America.
    Frank Boal–if you know him–is like an old lady gossip. Twitter is perfect for him.

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