OTC: Royals’ Homers Are In Broadcast Booths / SSJ Gives Us Sugarcoated Victor Ortiz Interview

“It was just a disgusting weekend for Royals’ baseball.”
Danny Parkins, after the Cardinals swept the Royals in soul-crushing fashion in a three-game series at The K that saw them give up 30 runs, 41 hits, 17 walks and a whole lot of Blue hope, 610 AM
GH: Parkins’ statement is almost impossible to argue with – unless you work for the Royals or are hell bent in propping up the Royals — like too many members of their broadcast team. Read on.

“Jonathan [Sanchez] gave his team a tremendous effort.”
Steve Physioc, Royals TV play-by-play voice, as the Royals starter was pulled from the game, Royals TV
GH: Physioc may have doomed his credibility with me with this statement. Sanchez looked like he was putting in about as much effort against the Cards as I was from my couch. Sanchez went 5 2/3 innings and gave up 6 runs, 6 walks and one wild pitch that landed closer to Physioc than the batter. If that is what passes for “tremendous effort” from these Royals, this city needs a new king.

“Like I have said many times …biggest issue I have with sports leaders here…don’t BS us…KC people respect honesty- we are not idiots.”
Greg Schaum, former Royal’s pre- and post-game radio host, @Greg_Schaum, Twitter
GH: I would like to think that today’s sports fans are too savvy to believe the kind of utter nonsense spewed by Physioc on Sanchez’s “effort.” Maybe Schaum and I are wrong. Maybe we are in the vocal minority and there are many more fans out there who want their favorite sports teams to be lathered in honey before they are served. If so, we all need to writer louder.

“Never thought it possible but Physioc makes Rex sound like a non-homer.”
Gabe DeArmond, @GabeDeArmond, Twitter
GH: I understand that Physioc was likely made very aware by the Royals exactly what they wanted in their TV play-by-play voice – an unadulterated and uncompromising homer. What I do not understand is what professional with an ounce of dignity takes that job under those conditions.

“There’s something ironic when 610 asks whether we want truth or BS in sports talk & then they advertise Robert Ford is up next.”
Gavin Fritton, @gavinesq, Twitter
GH: Who in the Kansas City media are the homers? Who are the voices of reason? Who are the most honest critics? Who are the crazy doomsday pessimists? Here are my top 5 Royals homers…

1)      Bob Davis, Royals Radio: Bob has either lost his mind or completely given up any thought of describing what is happening on the field with any semblance of objectivity. I believe it is the former.

2)      Steve Physioc, Royals TV: Physioc grabbed this second spot with his “tremendous effort” claim of Sanchez’s outing. He now has a chance to run away with the crown this season if Davis goes completely blind.

3)      TX Rex Hudler: While Hudler has added at least a modicum of common sense to some of his analysis, he is still over-the-top giddy far too often about the play of a team eight games under .500. Radio Rex is far more objective – but he gets 14 minutes of air time a week while TV Rex gets 24 hours.

4)      Joel Goldberg, Royals TV: Goldberg doesn’t offer a lot of opinions on Royals TV but he rarely delves into difficult or probing questions while interviewing players, coaches and analysts. On radio his spots are so predictable and tame that I rarely make it through the first few minutes.

5)      Ryan Lefebvre, Royals Radio; The Beav isn’t even in the same league as the four homers ahead of him but he is just another paid advertiser for the Royals. I really expect to learn absolutely nothing from any of these “Royals insiders” when they speak.

“I have listened to the ‘Big Show’ several times in the last couple weeks and I find it to be already one of the most competent, intelligent, and sane shows in the market.  I think they may give Kietz a run for his money. A lot of those people who have listened to him for years are ripe for the picking, IMO. They are tired of his rants and his arrogance, but were not enamored of Wright and his hip-hop style and self-absorption, not to mention his endless back and forth with Carman.  I think these guys are well suited for the majority of KC sports talk fans and may get a large swing-over.”
Ed, OTC Email
GH: The Big Show has definitely sought a far different path than that of Nick Wright when he took over 610’s afternoon drive slot. Jay Binkley stated in The Platte County Landmark that he wanted to follow 810’s business model and capture what he thought KK did best in building his radio legacy. 610 Sports appears to have turned their back on creating a younger niche market. Instead, they are going after Kietzman with a similar style show. Will it work? Read on.

“I tuned to 610 on Friday for the first time since Wright left. When I heard Binkley and some guy I’ve never heard of in the drive-time slot, I was shocked. Of all the afternoon competition 610 has put up against KK, this might be the softest.  Credit to Binkley for a meteoric rise in radio, but he’s not a drive-time host [not many are].  Binkley was the No. 11 guy at 810, and for 610 to pair him with a guy the KC audience have never heard of = ratings disaster. An audience has to care what a sports talk host has to say – ‘The Big Show’ doesn’t come close to that with this combination.  Put me on the record as saying this show isn’t around by February.”
Michael, OTC Email
GH: Not many KC listeners know or have heard much from Binkley as well. It could be said that 610 is gambling their PM drive on two unknown voices. But that will not be their undoing if they can produce interesting and fun radio. It is a very difficult chore, as we have seen from the many radio headstones in KK’s wake.

“I’m a man, and I’m not intimidated by anything. I have a big heart. He tried to intimidate me, but it didn’t work. Victor has no heart.”
Josesito Lopez, after his upset win over Victor Ortiz, Kansas City Star

“In the end, Ortiz, who had gotten into Lopez’s face at Friday’s weigh-in and spoke of destroying Lopez at Thursday’s news conference, simply quit.”
Arash Markazi, writer, ESPNLA.com

“Obviously, I thought I was clearly winning the fight. .. I was punishing the kid.”
Victor Ortiz, in an interview with The Border Patrol the Monday after he had his jaw broken in his Saturday night upset loss to Josesito Lopez, 810 AM
GH: This interview had a chance to be almost as good as the Ortiz/Lopez fight – but instead we were treated to a nauseating sugarcoated tongue bath from Ortiz’s buddy, pal and boyfriend, Steven St. John. Ortiz spoke through a wired jaw but was never forced to really answer his critics or Lopez’s claim that, “Victor has no heart.” When SSJ asked Ortiz about these comments, he was allowed to respond that he didn’t care what others were saying. SSJ never pressed him on what this now does for his career, how can we trust him to not quit in the future, and if he is all hype and no guts. St. John is simply too close to these fighters – or believes he is – to be allowed to interview them with any credibility.

“I’m trying to stay healthy. I’m trying to stay alive. I don’t care what anybody says about me. … That pain, man. It hurt so bad I wanted nothing to do with it.”
Victor Ortiz, when asked by Steven St. John what he has to say to critics who think he should have continued even with the broken jaw, 810 AM
GH: Pain is boxing. Pain is sports. These are not the words of a boxer or an athlete. These are the words of a quitter – one we have witnessed quit before and be happy about it.

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33 Responses to OTC: Royals’ Homers Are In Broadcast Booths / SSJ Gives Us Sugarcoated Victor Ortiz Interview

  1. Joe says:

    Hudler sounds like (and acts like) he still considers himself a MLB player – he uses all of the nicknames, never criticizes a “teammate”, tries to stay positive (in the media), etc. He seems to be too close to these guys. I REALLY tried to give Hudler (and Physioc) a chance, but I am tired of being pissed on and told that it’s raining! JH

      • harley says:

        come on greg…you wrote this…
        “I would like to think that today’s sports fans are too savvy to believe the kind of utter nonsense spewed by Physioc on Sanchez’s “effort”
        90% of americans believe what the politicians feed them.
        They believe the bullcrap they hear on the news.
        They are low information with just sound bites to help
        them determine their opinions.
        Are there any sports announcers in this town you like?
        you hate all the royals announcers…you took on mitch
        and lenny…who’s left…JACK HARRY?
        there’s got to be someone you and your readers like!
        Oh and remember what you said about nick wright and
        his program director when they took over. IT WILL NEVER
        what happened. They turned that station into a huge
        moneymaker with a little know group of announcers
        and a good director. So your opinion now really carries
        little weight.

  2. Joe says:

    Another boxer (with KC ties – Morrison, Chiaverini) that couldn’t close the deal. Let’s hope that he fairs better in the future than Morrison. JH

  3. Jim says:

    Boxing? Who cares?

    Baseball? Few care.

    Baseball Announcers? The entire game of baseball could be played without one single word being spoken by the announcers. I just watched a ball go foul. Do I need somebody to tell me what I just saw? Did you know music and baseball are a perfect match? Enjoy one and watch the other. You can avoid alot of frustration.

  4. tigerdan4 says:

    Physioc has annoyed me all season. From his strange rhythm of speech to his ridiculous sugarcoating, he’s just too much for me. I go into every night’s game hoping he isn’t on the broadcast that night. Hudler is just goofy. I get a kick out of him.

    I will say it again. People who listen to The Big Show and don’t like it are just dumb. The guys talk sports. What more do you want? Why would you tune in to sports radio station if you don’t want to hear about sports? Who cares who the voices are delivering it. If the content is good, that’s all that matters. I rarely listened to 610 in the past. I do now.

    • shecky says:

      I’m not so sure about that. I keep hearing a lot of talk about the new guy’s personal life. That he doesn’t have a social life, what restaurants should he go to, etc. That’s fine to a point, but very different that the story you’re selling, tigerdan.

      I’ll give them a couple of months to work out the kinks. At a minimum they are at least listenable which is something I couldn’t say about Wright. To this point, though, they remind me a bit of Chris and Cowboy. Tolerable, but far from interesting.

  5. penanink says:

    Wish there had been a little more homer in the broadcasting team when they were talking about how delighted they were to see all the red in the K.

  6. Smartman says:

    I’ve seen more effort from Walmart greeters than the Royals managed this past weekend.

    There are a certain percentage of Royals fans, ( 80% ) that drink the Kool-Aid they serve. That’s who the announcers are speaking to. These guys, and the occasional gal, make Bagdhad Bob look like George Washington.

    The SSJ bukkake fest with Victor Ortiz was Wright-esque. I had to shower when it was over. Sad that he’s such a fanBOY.

    No problem with Victor quitting with a broken jaw. Wise move, cause if he gets pounded again and it shatters it could be career ending.

    • chuck says:

      I don’t know smartman-its bOXING!

      On March 8th 1971 Joe Frazier broke Muhammad ALi’s jaw in a 15 round fight. Ali had no “Quit” in him that I remember. Ali’s jawbones were separated by over a 1/4 of an inch. Xrays here-


      “Some time later, Ali went through a 90-minute operation on his jaw and the surgeon who rewired it said: “I can’t fathom how he could go the whole fight like that.”

      On March 31st, 1973, Ali gets into the ring with the Ken Norton and his pain in the ass “Peek-a-boo”.

      Even before the fight there was some worry that Ali would not be able to punch or keep Norton off because of his chronically sore hands. And in an omen-like thought, he was worried about whether his jaw would hold up or not.

      Ken Norton was prepared, however. He used Joe Frazier as a sparring partner since Frazier had experience fighting against Ali. Eddie Futch, who had helped to plot Frazier’s defeat of Ali, also trained Norton. Futch’s plan for Norton was to jab Ali to the ropes and work from head to body.

      In round two of the fight, (see actual video below) Norton’s jab forced Ali back into a corner. ;Norton then blasted Ali with a straight right hand, landing it precisely at the point of Ali’s jaw where he had lost two back teeth way before the event. Ali’s mouth was slightly open at the moment of impact. All of these factors combined with Norton’s power are what many considered to be what fractured the bone of arguably the world’s most mouthy boxer.

      Angelo Dundee realized immediately what had happened, “I asked him (Ali) to let me stop the fight,” Dundee remembered. “He said, ‘no, I can beat this sucker. He won’t touch my jaw.” Ali fought for another 10 rounds losing in a points decision.

      The same URL will give ya the video. I remember watching it live on a black and white tv.

      Sheesh… those guys were tough.

      They just don’t make them like they used to.

      • chuck says:

        They have their videos mixed up, I apologize, but you get my drift.

        • Smartman says:

          Chuck, Ali is a once in a lifetime specimen. That being said he did subject himself to some brutal, and sometimes needless, punishment all as part of his persona. I don’t know whether the outcome regarding his health would have been different had the words “no mas” been in his vocabulary but even old school guys like Manny Steward and Teddy Atlas say that Ali and his corner made some stupid decisions during his career. Really, it’s all on Ali since the only person he ever listened to was himself. As much of a pleasure as it was to watch him fight imagine how awesome it would have been for him to have been able to offer his wit, wisdom and insight as a ringside commentator over the past twenty years.

          • Stevo says:

            No shit! He uses Ali as an example of not quitting when Ortiz specifically noted that he was thinking about his health after boxing?

            Look, Ortiz shouldn’t do interviews because he puts his foot in his mouth about everything. Every interview…he’s one of those people you cringe listening to because he either doesn’t have a filter or doesn’t know how to answer questions correctly.

            Questioning his heart is legit because he quit in the fight a few years ago. But to call him a quitter because he had a broken jaw? Come on. He would have had to get hit for 3 more rounds.

            Also…it’s boxing who really cares??? Everybody will forget about this in a few days. The sport of boxing is SO messed up anyways. You can whine and bitch about Ortiz all you want but you’re forgetting something…he is INCREDIBLY FUN to watch. Since we started watching him he has given up…knocked out berto in a back and forth fight-of-the-year type fight…headbutted Mayweather before getting absolutely destroyed with a left hook…and now stopped by a broken jaw in an epic and exciting fight vs. a hollywood-story underdog.

            I watched the last Pacquiao fight and even though there was the controversy (manufactured by his promoter probably) the actual fight was horrendous. Just an abysmal, boring fight. At least with Ortiz you have absolutely no idea what the hell’s going to happen but it’s almost always going to be 1. incredibly exciting or 2. incredibly controversial.

          • chuck says:

            You and Stevo both make good points.

            It is a different time I guess.

  7. JP says:

    I think we need to look at the bright side of this weekend. First, David Glass got to not only watch his favorite baseball team (hint: it’s not the Royals), but also make a ton of money from their fans. That’s all that Glass cares about. He doesn’t care about the fact that he has 3 starting pitchers that are Triple A at best. I would waive Sanchez tomorrow and eat the money. He is worthless, a jerk from the sounds of his interviews and his I don’t care attitude can’t be good for the young players.

    Physioc has always got on my nerves. Talking up Sanchez was totally riduculous. Just be neutral or call it like you see it. DM made a terrible trade (Melky has over 100 hits) and we just need to live with it. Physioc also routinely forgets the outs and the pitch count. Not a good addition to the broadcast team.

  8. Kyle Rohde says:

    Gavin, congrats on getting quoted by GH; you’re one of the few commenters that’s made that leap, I think!

  9. John says:

    I am on the verge of giving up on Kansas City sports talk radio and going national only. I do think we should give the new show a chance before we just toss them aside. I will say when I first heard them…I immediately thought Chris and Cowboy. I’m not sure if that’s good or bad.

    • Careless Donkey says:

      Vernier reminds me more of a Neal Jones, cookie-cutter radio personality. The whole show sounds like it was created through some kind of local sports-talk show generator that Google probably makes.

      Every time I hear, “He’s Jay Binkley, I’m Josh Vernier,” I cringe, and I cringe a lot in the 15-minute drive from work to home. Even their on-air debates don’t seem very genuine but more like arguing for the sake or arguing. I don’t get it.

      I’m actually surprised at the praise the show has received thus far but maybe I shouldn’t be in this town. I didn’t care for Nick Wright at all but I often switched to 610 at 5pm because I knew I was likely to hear something either interesting or stupid long before KK has finished his opening infomercial each hour.

      • Juan De Guzman says:

        I had the misfortune of listening to the two of them debate MJ vs LeBron last week, and all I can say is that the depth of the argument was more shallow than the gene pool in south central Missouri. Add in that their voices are so similar I can’t tell who is who and was enough to make me almost relieved to switch over to Kietzman.
        Thank God for Scott Van Pelt over the noon hour. Petro has gone all Royals and it’s enough to drive someone insane even if you like baseball. The Royals just aren’t interesting enough to merit 6-8 hours of air time on 5 different shows on two stations every day of the week. I’m almost looking forward to the non-stop Chiefs training camp reports that should start rolling in any day now.

  10. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    So the last two times we’ve seen Ortiz was when he ended up flat on his jayhawk against Floyd Mayweather, and then quitting against some tomato can. Explain to me why I’m supposed to give a damn about this quitter douchenozzle?

  11. Looking good says:

    610 may be onto something there. Anything but Kietzman. His rants about nothing are old.

  12. john says:

    typical bob davis call…

    AND HERE’S A DRIVE FROM FRENCHY! …. oh, he caught it! Man, if he had been positioned five feet to the right, it would have been extra bases!!!

  13. Arte says:

    The Border Patrol’s interview of Victor Ortiz sounded like they were talking to their little brother instead of professional athlete. Someone said he had to stop because further damage to a broken jaw might end his career. Well, Victor’s career is over –at the least the big money fights. Oh well, it was about time his 15 minutes of fame as a KU mascot came to an end anyway.

    • Smartman says:

      You’re right about the big money fights Arte, but Victor can still clear an easy six figures for lacing ‘em up once or twice a year or maybe even working as a sparring partner. Can’t do either of those with a shattered glass jaw.

    • Fred Flintstone says:

      Never fails…. Haters gotta hate.

  14. Joe Blow says:

    Rex Hudler is what Frank White was without all of the stutters, giggles, and dead air. My wife laughs at all of his inane comments, but he’s still delivering the same goods..

    • Steve says:

      Rex is Frank White with personality. KC people will complain because Rex isn’t a former Royal, but he’s more entertaining than Frank White ever was.

  15. Arte says:

    Anybody hear Physioc tonight (Monday)? “Luke Hochevar with the shutout. The force was with him tonight. Yikes. Now he’s getting material from Mitch Holtus.

  16. Joe says:

    I don’t care about boxing, but I have been looking for the right time to include “Tony Chiaverini” in one of my comments. JH

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