OTC: 610 Sports Claims Knockout Win By Nick Wright Over 810′s Kevin Kietzman

“Nick Wright dethrones Keitzman!”
Subject line on an email Thursday from Entercom’s 610 Sports
GH: KK’s surname may have been misspelled by mistake…or not. Radio Wars in Kansas City sports talk just went from Grenada-like to Desert Storm. And this time all the hot air blowing across the Kansas plains has some sand in it. Read on.

“The June ratings are in and we got some monumental news. Nick Wright beat Kevin Kietzman head-to-head in every sellable demo for us. It’s a big win for us because no one we’ve ever put on the air against 810 in afternoon drive has ever come close to beating 810….and that includes Jason Whitlock.”
Ryan Maguire, Program Director at 610 Sports
GH: While looking over the ratings for Wright’s win, I chuckled knowing that Whitlock’s two phone calls to Wright’s afternoon show probably didn’t hurt his June ratings. All the more reason not to hang up the phone on Pork Chop, Nick.

“We’re talking (about ratings) what we’re shooting for? Men 25 to 54 from 2 PM to 6 PM? We beat ‘em? Well, aright! Don’t know how, but I appreciate it, though.”
Nick Wright, after revealing he was informed prior to his Thursday show that his afternoon-drive show had topped Kietzman’s, 610 AM
GH: 610 Sports began running a promo announcing Wright’s victory over Kietzman on Thursday. I am going to guess we will hear it just as often as we have that “the most listened to sports talk radio station…” sounder that has been a 610 staple since the last Arbitron book. What I found different this time was Wright’s more humble approach to his new success. Read on.

“I still really need you guys to tell your friends about the show and listen as long as you can. ‘Cuz there’s nothing worse than running these promos and about me having the number-one sports talk show in town and then having to pull them after 19 days because I’m back to getting my ass kicked.”
Nick Wright, 610 AM
GH: Could pot-smoking Nick Wright be maturing right before our ears? Where is the boastful idiot from the Ink Magazine interview? Could it be possible that Nick Wright learned something from his past fleeting successes on 610 Sports? It will be interesting to

“Real quick though…I am the smallest part of the show you can imagine. Carrington, Carman, Carter and most importantly you the listeners of Kansas City.”
Nick Wright, 610 AM
GH: No, nobody changes that much, that quickly. But at least he is starting to listen to how he sounds to his audience.

“We always knew that Nick put on a better show than Kietzman.  It’s nice to see that he’s starting to get the ratings credit he’s deserved all along.”
Ryan Maguire, Email
GH: Many will now question whether or not Wright’s ratings are due to his talent or has Kietzman gutted his show to the point he has forced his once dominant radio audience to flee for an alternative? It is probably a bit of both – but there is little doubt in my
mind that WHB has gotten lazy, overconfident and commercial fat.

“I have a lot of admiration for the young people (in broadcasting) today but I don’t think they really have that devotion to work. They want to move through quickly, which is alright. They want to reach that pinnacle overnight sometimes – and it doesn’t happen
that way.”
Jack Harry, while talking to Kevin Kietzman on Wednesday, 810 AM
GH: Harry sounded 117 years old while he and KK blasted away at “the youth today.” What a crock. Kids today aren’t all that different from kids of any era. They want it all now and they don’t want to listen to anybody with any experience as to how to get it.

“Now that Nick has Kietzman on the canvas, we’re going to do everything we can as a team to make sure he stays there.”
Ryan Maguire, Email
GH: Canvas? Stay there? These are fighting words. I have never know Kietzman to pass on a challenge from a radio competitor. But his actions and words of late remind me much of Don Fortune’s overconfident attitude toward a little day-timer radio station in Independence known as 1510 The Team. Can Wright keep the heavyweight Kietzman on the canvas? WHB needs football more than ever. But here’s a scary thought – what if
Kietzman can’t rebound this fall? Unthinkable. Isn’t it, …Don?

“Nick wasn’t the only success story for us in June.  Our new 9a-11a host, Danny Parkins scored a win over WHB in our target demo of Men-25-54.  And, for the second month in a
row, the station overall had more listeners and higher audience share than 810.”
Ryan Maguire, Email
GH: Is it real? Will it last? There is little doubt that 610 Sports has at least stolen the momentum from 810. With Parkins back-to-back wins in his time slot, that momentum appears to be building.

“That’s awesome. This is legit! Drinks on me, y’all. We beat ‘em! Alright, alright alright!”
Nick Wright, 610 AM

“By the way, you can tell Todd Leabo that I said ‘scoreboard.’ ”
Ryan Maguire, Email
GH: Maguire’s salvo and goal is to turn off the the lights at Union Broadcasting – but did he instead turn them on? #RadioWars

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33 Responses to OTC: 610 Sports Claims Knockout Win By Nick Wright Over 810′s Kevin Kietzman

  1. Ptolemy says:

    Time to put the Arbitron meter back on the dog’s collar and tune to 810 before leaving for work.

    Once football starts, the audience will head back to 810. That’s how it works.

    Nick Wright, despite all the media-generated fanfare, is still really awful at what he does.

    • Greg Hall says:

      You are likely correct — and 810 appears to be betting all their chips you are. But every runner knows that the best way to stay out front is to NEVER let those you always beat taste victory over you. Once you appear vulnerable, the winds of change begin to howl.

  2. Fake Ned Yost says:

    Meet the new boss… same as the old boss…

    I listened to Nick’s first two hours today and challenged him on twitter because of it. Today should’ve been a coronation, an ascension to the throne. Instead, it was filled with some of the stuff that sets Nick apart from most of his listeners. Subjects including Drug Testing in sports, Serena Williams’ ass and just actually some of his worst work in a couple of weeks since I’ve been listening to him.

    If it were me, I’d have called the staff together around 1, when this news was given to him and said, “scrap the rundown” and just stockpiled the show with nuggets that makes Nick entertaining. The “who do you know, what do you know” segment, the Magic 8 ball, the talk of the feud between him and the Chiefs – even reset the #Sept52011/Jason Whitlock nonsense. Just rapid-fire resetting what got Nick that Arbitron book. Embrace that chaos got you to this place. Don’t just do a normal show.

    Today was a swing an a miss in my book. A second chance to make a first impression if you will.

    Perhaps tomorrow he’ll unpack the case and bring the big guns. With KK running non-stop corporate sponsored interviews at the American Century it might be a chance to bury him alive.

    Tippins pies, anyone?

    • Greg Hall says:

      Agree. Today’s afternoon sports talk content was awful. KK continued to phone in his preprogrammed show. He had a chance to shine when NU’s Tom Osborne was his guest but he choice to tuck his tail into his shell and not challenge the Nebraska icon with the same bile he spewed last summer. Wright was all over the map — which is par for his show. KK is handing him the crown but I’m not sure Nick recognizes the gift.

    • Kyle Rohde says:

      The single funniest part of Nick’s show (other than any time Whitlock is involved) is when he plays the Luke Hochevar “You know” game. I heard that for the first time and could not stop laughing. That should have been involved too.

  3. renton says:

    KK’s show is awful and I don’t blame anyone for seeking out an alternative. When he’s doing Smoke and Fire or Colbert’s, the sound of dogs shitting is a better alternative.

    But I’d rather listen to dogs taking dumps than Little Nicky’s show. You couldn’t pay me to spend an hour listening to that jackhole.

    810 will either step up the game or a better alternative will come in.

  4. smartman says:

    Nicks humility is driven more by fear than maturity. He’s Danica Patrick. All the other drivers headed down pit row and she gets to lead a few laps.

    The PPM’s may be more accurate than the diaries but in both cases you’re going to have a hard time convincing me they are any more reliable than election results in Iran.

    At this point there is a lot more pressure on Nick than Kevin. If Nick doesn’t win the next couple of months and increase his lead then all this premature ejaculation is gonna look pretty silly in hindsight.

    Coors couldn’t beat Budweiser, Miller couldn’t beat Budweiser, Miller-Coors still can’t beat Budweiser. Nicks not even Miller or Coors. As I recall he prefers wine coolers.

    • KCMonarch says:

      Nick Wright being compared to Danica Patrick. Judging by appearance alone you’re going to have a hrd time convincing me they’re even the same species.

  5. Tim says:

    610 has been growing in popularity due to it’s youth movement. KK doesn’t speak to 23-year-olds. Most of the 610 crew (sometimes to a fault) have a pretty good feel for how to play the younger crowd.

    Nick did have a weak show Thursday, but overall he’s just better.

  6. DonkeyPunch says:

    I stated it three weeks ago and I’ll state it again. The Whitlock calls were set up between Nick & Jason. Coincidence that Whitlock called both days in the 5:00 hour? Coincidence that Whitlock called right before the month of June ended? Coincidence that Whitlock called after FNY’s letter started #Radio Wars? Call me a conspiracy theorist if you choose, however this was a brilliant move by Whitlock

    • KCPRGuy says:

      I don’t believe in conspiracy theories but I do believe in orchestration. And those calls could certainly have been planned. Works out good for both. Wright gets the boost to brag about and Whitlock can add it to his resume for a return to KC airwaves. If this was truly a #Radiowar, I would love to see 810 throw a Pork Chop on our plate this fall.

  7. Sales Guy says:

    Does everyone remember what KK was like 10 years ago? He was out partying, at the casinos, banging his slutty assistant. He was a man of the people. He was young and firey, and that resonated with his listeners.

    Its a natural progression, he’s gotten old, tired and complacent, and its not uncommon. Look around in business where all the old men are hanging on to how it “used to be” when they are getting their ass kicked by people 25-35.

  8. ssiknaf says:

    Hell, the Smoke and Fire bits are the BEST part of KK’s show (as long he doesn’t speak).
    I’m done with that clownfest – people do NOT want to hear about golf all the time. And I don’t give three moist shits what KK and Clink’s scores were over the weekend. These guys are out of touch D-bags that want to spend every free minute on the links. Please let them have an unlimited amount of time to play soon..
    Sports talk in this town badly needs another alternative – Nick is not it.

  9. Rocco says:

    I’ve listened to 810 for years at work. The best talent they have is St. John. The afternoon has gotten stale and old real fast. Look at Kietzman’s guys – Jack Harry is just a joke of a sports reporter and not good on the radio. Harmless but boring. Frank Boal seems like a nice guy, but again, older and boring. Clinksdale’s just happy to be getting a check. The Colbert segment has to be the worst 20 minutes on radio, and I’m a golfer. He’s just terrible on the radio. Kietznam is who is. A rich, 46 year old conservative, tea partying, divorced and remarried dude that would much rather be golfing with his buddies and complaining about taxes than reinvent his radio show. It’s in decline and unless they pair him with someone real good that can bring new life and younger listeners, the decline will continue, with football or without. Petro’s not far behind…

    • Critter says:

      I couldn’t agree more with you, Rocco.

    • JS says:

      I agree with everything you said in this comment. Kietzman has changed and so has his show. As has been said before… He is the new Don Fortune unless he gets his act together and makes some changes.

  10. Merle Tagladucci says:

    I’d be willing to bet just a teeny tiny little bit of that ratings boost came thanks to the increase in coverage GH has been giving Nick here since the Whitlock beatdown.

  11. Big Dub says:

    I may be crazy, but I think it was going to take a bad ratings book to wake Kevin up. No one really wants to think they are being caught with until the see their competitors backside, and then they turn it back on.

    One question I have is whether WHB’s ratings are down compared to 2, 3, 4 years ago, or if 610′s are just way up. I just wonder if Nick is stealing listeners, or getting them from other non-sports stations.

  12. Hoppy says:

    Nick’s show is awful. His points are way off, he is wrought with white guilt, and he discusses way too many topics that are not incredibly topical (i.e. an insane amount of NBA and basically hip-hop culture ) just for starters. Plus, while he certainly has a face for radio, through no fault of his own, his voice is difficult to listen to for 5 minutes let alone 4 hours. With that said at least he is putting effort in to his show, which is more than I can say for mail it in KK (plus I actually enjoy NW sidekicks, Clinkscale is intolerable). This is more of a symptom of KK’s laziness/stubbornness than Wright’s talent or being hip. I’m a 27 educated young professional……the demo he is supposedly down with and I think he’s a complete douche. I’d much rather support a local company like 810, but KK’s arrogance is making it very hard to do so (at least on the 2-6 timeslot, SSJ’s show is by far the best). He should really take offense that he is getting beaten by a hack (although a hack with a work ethic it appears) but the question is will he.

  13. Big Dub says:

    One thing I don’t know that I’ve seen mentioned is that KK could definitely use a younger voice in his studio crew. I’ll agree with Hoppy that Clink is a total radio waste and rarely brings anything of value to the show. He needs someone that is hungry, since the rest of the team certainly isn’t.

  14. nick says:

    I like Nick’s show for the most part. His prying into Mark Carman, Carrington’s and others lives is kinda funny and entertaining. To me, it beats talking Royals or Sporting KC or whatever else is going on right now. I find his show much more interesting than Petro’s or KK’s. And Nick seems to be figuring out how to not go off on a non-sports tangent for too long and steers the show back to sports. Sometimes I think Nick tries to be too hip for his own good, but I’m starting to much prefer that to what’s sounding VERY stale over at 810….particularly from 2-6pm, and even much of Petro’s show.

    BEWARE 610: College football, in my opinion, is when 810 really shines. I’ve ignored 810 for most of the summer, but plan of tuning back in here in a few weeks. KK knows what we want to hear in the Fall (talk about KU, K-State, Missouri, Big 12 and Chiefs) and usually lines up one guest after another. Hopefully Nick and 610 are planning how to stay toe-to-toe. Nick’s sense of humor and edginess won’t be enough to stay in front. Bill Maas was an excellent regular guest last year, and hopefully he can come back for NFL talk. But 610 needs to find a couple good college anyalysts along the lines of Stan Weber (nerdy as hell, but I like hearing his opinion every week).

    • Brian (Indep., MO) says:

      Nick has had Phil Steele on to talk college football. The guy knows more about college football than anyone I’ve ever heard. He does all of his own analysis and makes his college football preview magazine- he does all of the analysis as opposed to a different person for every team or conference like other mags. Give credit to Nick for getting him on the show.

    • AaronB4Mizzou says:

      Agree on the football angle. That’s where I really enjoy, for the most part, listening to KK & Petro. They do a very good job then. Right now KK’s show has become very stale. You can tell he’s bored doing it and I do get very tired of the constant infomercials they do. Hopefully it will pick up again during the fall. Clinkscales? Never really liked him, but ever since he ripped Chase Daniel’s family a few years ago, which was way out of line…well you can figure out what I think of him.

      For the most part, I like Petro’s show. I know he gets a bit full of himself at times, but I like the content of it. SSJ is gold. Keep it up!

      I haven’t tried listening to Wright yet. Living in Columbia, it’s hard to get their signal and I’m not always at the computer, so I can’t stream the audio very often. I will not listen to Fesco. The bit I’ve heard of him, and his complete disdain for anything Missouri related, is more than enough reason not to tune him in. I’m sure the ku faithful like him, which is fine, but to completely tick off a good portion of your listening audience is just poor. He didn’t last long in St.Louis, did he? BTW, I’m not saying he’s got to be pro Mizzou or anything, just use your head and actually have some facts right.

  15. Esteban O'Riley says:

    I tuned to 610 yesterday to listen to Nick McLovin Wright start a rant about lawnmower repair. So I quickly tuned to 810 to hear a few commercials followed by the start of a Jim Colbert segment. So I quickly tuned back to 610 only to hear Nick that Nick had continued his lawnmower repair rant and continued to do so for the better part of 15 minutes. It wasn’t even humorous. This is what we have to endure in afternoon sports talk radio. It’s time for new blood. Who will step up?

  16. Brian (Indep., MO) says:


    The clock that shows the time at which a comment has been posted has been way off since I’ve started coming here. What’s the deal?

    • miketrin says:

      About 291 seconds off.. woops. It’s fixed now. Thanks for pointing this out.

    • miketrin says:

      Or you were talking about the time-zone… either way, both are fixed. Seems wordpress uses UTC for time and I forgot to add the offset.

  17. The Independent Rage says:

    I equally cannot stand the pompous windbags that are Keitzman (unintentionally misspelled) and Nick Wright. I can stand Border Patrol and sometimes Petro in this market, and that’s about it. BUT the fact that two completely jerkwad talking heads like Kietzman and Wright (neither of whom any decent human being would ever want to know in real life) are going at each other in warfare is highly entertaining (as Hall has latched onto). I like that (1) Wright has made huge inroads into Kietzman’s dynasty and (2) also that Wright is showing an ounce of humility for the first time in his natural born life. My ultimate hope: Things degrade and go downhill between these two fools to such an extent that the only way to settle things is a brutal, no-holds-barred street fight, much as in “The Pits” episode of “Spartacus: Blood and Sand.” I wonder whose face is going to get cut off?

    • Java Man says:

      “BUT the fact that two completely jerkwad talking heads like Kietzman and Wright (neither of whom any decent human being would ever want to know in real life)”

      You might want to check your own level of humility.

  18. D Ritt says:

    I have suspected KK of “mailing it in” for a few years now. I am happy to flip the dial to 610AM when I hear the beginnings of a lengthy diatribe on what was another afternoon on the links; The similiarities to Don Fortune from 98-99 are eerie– Back then, I felt that it was KK outhustling, outwitting his rival. Kietzman is now the complacent, armchair jockey shucking out the same tired spiel. Come the Monday following the Mavs clinching win over the Miami Heat, a slew of Royals callups, and an exciting weekend of sports in the metro, Kietz was back to: “Why the K needs to have protective netting.” (How out of touch is he?)

  19. Young says:

    There is no support on here for Nick because he has the younger fan base. Young people aren’t on message boards gossiping.

    Once the younger crowd starts working more and getting into the sports radio phase he will take over without a doubt

  20. rick says:

    Various comments on multiply posts. I think we missed a story on Toby Cook’s appearence on 610. Wasn’t he employed at 810 before the Royals job? But yet he choose to speak on 610.

    Bill Maas and Keitzman together? What happened to Bill on 610 or is he only on during football season?

    Yes Greg you are right. Driving 435 loop and seeing all the trees makes you feel like you live in a forest. That and all the dead deer on the side of the road…