OTC: Chiefs Open Preseason At “Respectful” Arrowhead / Susan G. Komen 5K Suffers Backlash

“To me it’s not boring preseason football. To me it’s intriguing.”
Mitch Holthus, as the Chiefs prepare for their first of four preseason tilts starting Friday night against the Cardinals, 810 AM
GH: Every football fans see the NFL preseason a bit differently. Mitch finds it intriguing. I find it an incredible rip-off and far more hype than substance. But it is football and most of us will pay some attention to it. But I’ll pass on heading to Arrowhead tonight. Paying $27 just to park to watch Dontari Poe fend off blockers is not all that appealing. My DVR is set. Read on.

“[Dontari Poe] has got a long way to go. This guy is nowhere close to being a complete player.”
Adam Teicher, on the Chiefs’ top draft pick’s play in camp at nose tackle, 810 AM

“So try to remember that: If Poe is contributing very little thru half the season, doesn’t mean he’s a bust. Means KC is sticking to its plan.”
Kent Babb, @kentbabb, Twitter
GH: Huh? Sometimes Babb tweets with a South Carolina accent that is more difficult to decipher than a Sonic commercial.

“I love [Poe’s] combination of athleticism, strength and power, and believe he will emerge as an effective inside rusher in the Chiefs‘ nickel package. Although Poe will eventually need to become a starter and dominant all-around player to justify his lofty draft status, I don’t mind Kansas City bringing him along slowly to foster his development.”
Bucky Brooks, writer, NFL.com
GH: Everyone appears to be telling us to be patient when it comes to Poe’s productivity. If there is a trait that Chiefs/Royals fans have perfected – it is patience. How about one of these years drafting some bad-ass defensive lineman who turns into the next B.J. Raji? Patience we’ve got. Bad-ass defensive linemen, we need.

“That’s like getting a test before you’re taking a test.”
Kendrick Lewis, on practicing against the Cardinals this week in camp prior to their game on Friday night, 810 AM

“More and more the guy I see when I see Jonathan Baldwin is Tony Gonzalez.”
Adam Teicher, KC Star Chiefs’ beat writer, 810 AM
GH: No Chiefs’ player – not even Dwayne Bowe – has created more conversation during camp than the Chiefs’ second-year wide-receiver out of Pittsburgh. And all of the buzz has been good – very good. NFL analysts are raving about the changes they’ve seen in Baldwin. Read on.

“[Jonathan Baldwin] is all business this year.”
Matt Miller, of BleacherReport.com, 810 AM
GH: A year ago we were bemoaning the immaturity of Baldwin and how his locker-room fight with Thomas Jones cost him valuable learning reps for the first two months of the season. His me-first reputation at Pitt was coming back to haunt him as a rookie NFL receiver. Bowe holdout has allowed Baldwin room to mature and time with Matt Cassel. All early signs point to him having a breakout sophomore season.

“I don’t know if the Chiefs need [Baldwin] to be that good [as Julio Jones].”
Adam Teicher, alluding to reports that Bill Belichick compared Baldwin’s talents to those of the highly-touted second-year Atlanta Falcons’ wide-out, 810 AM
GH: We’ll go ahead and take it though, right Adam?

“I just think it’s a matter of getting some repetitions for [Ricky Stanzi]. Friday night is big for him.”
Mitch Holthus, on the Chiefs’ third-string QB, 810 AM
GH: Holthus is the forever optimist when it comes to the Chiefs. As great as the camp reviews have been on Baldwin, they have been equally poor regarding the former Iowa quarterback’s play. Matt Miller called him “just not ready.” His thin frame and inaccuracy has all but his ardent fan base ready to send him back to Iowa City.

“I was a little up and down consistently throughout camp. I could be a little more consistent.”
Ricky Stanzi, when asked to access his play so far in camp, 810 AM
GH: Stanzi has been plenty consistent – just not in a good way.

“I’m convinced the Chiefs have an emerging superstar on their hands. [Justin] Houston displays outstanding first-step quickness and shows a natural knack for getting to the quarterback off the edge. While Houston must continue to refine his hand skills and countermoves, he possesses all of the requisite traits (speed, athleticism and burst) that you look for in an elite pass rusher. Playing opposite Tamba Hali, he will thrive against the isolated matchups he receives. If the Chiefs can routinely force opponents into long-yardage situations by successfully defending the run, I would expect to see Houston collect 10-plus sacks as a second-year player.”
Bucky Brooks, writer, NFL.com

“When they go to their sub-packages and they can turn him loose, he is going to be an animal! He is going to be very hard to block.”
Mitch Holthus, on the Chiefs’ Justin Houston, 810 AM

“This will be the best Chiefs’ pass rush since DT and Neil Smith. I think they’ll both have double-digit sacks.”
Mitch Holthus, on Tamba Hali and Houston recording double-digit sacks this season, 810 AM

“I love Mitch and I love the Chiefs but you’re not going to hear a whole lot of bad things come out of their mouths about their players.”
Steven St. John, 810 AM
GH: And I was just starting to get excited… KAN-SAS SIT-EEE!

“There’s not a guy that looks better in training camp than Dexter McCluster. Do you think if there was a redraft that he’d be a second-round pick? I don’t.”
Steven St. John, 810 AM
GH: A lot of positive vibes have been floated McCluster’s way up in St. Joe, with many believing Brian Daboll’s new offense will finally find a way to utilize the former second-round draft pick. The easy-to-tip-over Dexter needs a lot of space to excel – space that you rarely find available in an NFL game.

“You know how they always say players got to be good on and off the field? Our fans are good in the stadium and out of the stadium. They just treat everybody with respect.”
Eric Berry, Chiefs commercial
GH: Chiefs’ fans treat everybody with respect? Why make Berry read this line of copy? Arrowhead is a wild, untamed NFL environment. It is what most fans expect and every NFL team wants – but it is not the kind of place where respect is all that prevalent. My wife stop going with me in 1989 when three different fights broke out around us and a guy in front of us pissed in his cup. Respect, baby.

“Race for the Cure”
Re-titled name for Susan G. Komen 5K
GH: Last December the Susan G. Komen organization made the decision to withhold funds for breast cancer screenings performed by Planned Parenthood. The decision was greeted with such a backlash from the public that SGK quickly relented and restored the funding – which angered the conservative side of the political scene. All this bad publicity has resulted in the very popular 5K races suffering drops in registration in big cities up to 35% and 40%. I have noticed that recent emails and marketing efforts for this Sunday’s 5K at Union Station have removed the Susan G. Komen name from their marketing. A number of high-profile people have recently been fired or reassigned at SGK. Too often charitable organizations mistake money for political power. It is up to the people to remind them of the difference. The downtown route should be far less crowded this Sunday.

“I’ve never been to an Olive Garden.”
Carrington Harrison, 610 AM
GH: This is a man who is not very familiar with the opposite gender.

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50 Responses to OTC: Chiefs Open Preseason At “Respectful” Arrowhead / Susan G. Komen 5K Suffers Backlash

  1. Kyle Rohde says:

    Yeah…if you think Arrowhead and its fans are all respect, you must not have ever been to a game when the Raiders, Broncos, Chargers, Rams or anybody that’s supposed to beat the Chiefs (Ravens in the playoffs a couple years ago, Patriots, Packers, etc.) plays.

  2. Joe says:

    Chiefs fans respectful? I had a ten year span of season tickets, and I saw fans throwing up, being dragged out in handcuffs, groping each other, fighting with visiting fans, – sometimes all in one game! I’m pretty certain that no one in the Chiefs organization has ever been in the parking lot, or in the stands at Arrowhead Stadium. It all looks great (from a distance), but it is a mess when you see it up close. JH

    • DodgerHawki says:

      Took my 11-year old to Chiefs-Packers game last year and it was the worst thing I’ve done as a father. Hadn’t been to an NFL game since the early 1990s and will never again do so, even if given tickets. I’m not a prude, but between the non-stop obscenities, 7 different people throwing up, the fights breaking out in the stands and outrageous prices for everything, I’m not going back.

      Does Clark Hunt or the people running the Chiefs (or any NFL team) have any idea what sitting in the upper level of their stadiums is like? My guess is they perhaps do, but as long as the dollars keep rolling in all is well.

  3. brett says:

    watching mccluster reminds me of a kid learning to ride a bike. it’s like he needs training wheels to stay upright.

  4. Jim says:

    Holthus is Un-listenable (yep, made that word up) It’s no worse that physicality or trickeration, but I digress….

    I want announcers to critique the play on the field, not give a handjob to every member of the squad or organization. He is an automatic dial-turner when he comes on the radio. Gawd-awful!

  5. Joe Blow says:

    What is hard to understand in the Kent Babb tweet?

  6. Smartman says:

    I can understand patience with a skill position but not with Dontari Poe. All he needs to do is be a badass. Some of that’s coached but most of that’s just living inside you screaming to get out. He’ll be a big enough bust to get on Mount Rush-less.

    The only difference between Chiefs fans and Raiders fans is that Chiefs fans usually need a pretty good reason to beat the piss out of you and will probably call 911 when they are done.

    My favorite fan moment at The Head was the Monday night game against the Patriots, 5 or 6 years ago. Sitting in the lower level, girl is talking on her cell to husband or boyfriend, getting finger banged by a guy she met tailgating, guy pulls his hands out of her and puts them under his buddies nose and says, “sniff”.

  7. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    The 10 home games at Camarohead are bigger white trash gatherings than anything Rockfest could produce. Bunch of drunken, redneck, rube, white trash morons. You couldn’t pay me to attend a game. I’ve seen opposing fans thrown in urinals, puked on, pissed on, beat up, cars vandalized and set on fire. That place is a total shithole.

    • Steve says:


      • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

        Nope. Seen all of it. The guy being thrown in a urinal was done during a game when the Steelers were in town. I remember the game vividly, because Mike Tomczak was the qb for the Steelers at the time and threw for 300 yards on the Chiefs. I think the final score was 17-7. Bono was the Chiefs qb. It was a Monday Night Football game.

  8. Kyle says:

    Good God. I have been to over 100 Chiefs games and I have never seen any of the crap mentioned on here other than a couple of people puking in the parking lot. Other than when the Raiders are in town, it’s not bad at all.

    • George Wilson says:

      I’ve seen a few fights, but they were a few sections removed from where I was. You get some drunks shouting obscenities and insults at players and other fans, but in the 50 plus games I’ve been to, that’s about it. It is no where near as bad as the stands at the Big Ten games I used to attend. I never had an experience bad enough at Arrowhead that it would dissuade me from going to another game, but I wouldn’t take a ten year old there, either.

      Comments sections are filled with extreme hyperbole. I think some of the stories in this comment section are things the poster wants us to believe he’s seen.

      • chuck says:

        I think George is right.

        It can get a little dicey, but it is nothing like what my friends have told me a Raiders or a Philly game is like.

        That said, it is a very iffy environment for young kids and old folks. I don’t go there anymore. :)

    • Steve says:

      They are making most of it up or at the very least exaggerating.

      • kcredsox says:

        I’ve had both experiences actually. Went to the Broncos vs Chiefs game in ’91 where Elway stepped over the line to win the game, first year of instant replay I believe. Anyway, saw a guy with an Elway jersey on get cornered in the bathroom and about 6 guys were pissing on him. Took my kid out to the Minnesota game last year and did not see one inappropriate act by a fan. There were a shit ton of Vikings fans at the game, but never saw a fight, sexual act or any puking.

  9. The Word says:

    I still wonder who were the couple who banged on some guys SUV during that playoff game?

  10. chuck says:

    @smarty–I heard the Pepperjack guys were coming to 75th and Wornall.

    Havn’t tried it.

    No good, huh?

    Chartreuse Caboose is ok.

    • Smartman says:

      Chuck. It was OK. Far from the best cheesesteak sandwich I’ve ever had in KC much less the aforementioned Philadelphia shrines. I heard the ads about 75th and Wornall too. But I also heard one last night where that location was dropped. Can’t imagine where it would go at 75th and Wornall.

      • Orphan of the Road says:

        A cheesesteak in KC is the same as barbecue in Philadelphia, a crime.

        Kansas City lacks the essential hard roll ala Amoroso rolls.

        Geno’s & Pat’s are tourist traps although I revere them in the same shrine as Town Topic.

        • jjskck says:

          Great analogy. Geno’s and Pat’s are like Gates and Bryant’s–great experiences that must be tried at least once, even if the locals insist Jim’s or Tony Luke’s or [insert steak place here] are better. Kinda like what we do with OK Joe’s or Jack Stack or LC’s…

  11. Java Man says:

    Attending a Chiefs vs Raiders game at Arrowhead is all the reason I need to donate to Planned Parenthood.

  12. cm says:

    The breast cancer pink ribbon campaign has become less about helping women with cancer and more about making $$$.

  13. MrB says:

    The backlash against Komen was not from the public. It was from the proponents of Big Abortion. It was completely political. Planned Parenthood is all about money and they will attack anyone who threatens their income.

    • cm says:

      “Big Abortion”? Seriously? There is no such thing. Planned Parenthood does very few abortions (about 10% of its business) and there really isn’t a lot of profit in a service that might get you killed by a wacko fringe religious zealot. People who have the courage to work at these clinics in a struggle to give women adequate healthcare options are true heroes.

      • MrB says:

        Yes, absolutely serious. Abortions provide over 51% of Planned Parenthood revenues. That’s what counts – revenue. There is a lot of profit there.

        Although legally a nonprofit organization, Planned Parenthood reported over $1 billion in net assets in 2009-10 according to its latest annual report. A Planned Parenthood watchdog guessed that revenue from abortions, 329,455 of which were committed in the same year, accounted for more than half the income listed as coming from “health centers.”

        A recent Planned Parenthood CEO Report based on IRS tax filings, released by American Life League’s STOPP International, shows that many CEOs and top executives of Planned Parenthood are paid annual incomes of more than $250,000, putting them into the top 1.5% of income earners.

        The report shows that the average salary of a CEO at a Planned Parenthood affiliate is $158,275. This falls in the top six percent of all household incomes in the United States. Thirty of the top executives receive salaries in excess of $200,000 (the top 2.67 percent of household income), while 18 of the executives rank in the top 1.5 percent with annual incomes in excess of $250,000.

        Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards makes nearly $400,000 per year.

        Big Abortion.

        Instead of falling for lies and spouting rhetoric you might want to inform yourself. Or not.

    • Steve says:

      Sounds like someone who gets all of their information from Big Red Repubs like Fat Rush.

      • Jim says:

        So, Mr B. Your contention is the only reason Planned Parenthood exists is to make all the people working there rich by doing abortions? Interesting.

        • MrB says:

          No. I didn’t say that at all. The reason they exist is to allow people to murder unborn children. But that wasn’t the point I was making.

          I was pointing out that they make good money doing this and they fight furiously to keep their revenue streams intact. They are Big Abortion.

          • Jim says:

            Or to provide contraception. Or to help people PLAN parenthood. You can debate (or despise) abortion all you want. Planned Parenthood DOES provide other public services and education.

            Hardcore “right-to-lifers” oppose abortion even in the case of rape or incest. I’ll listen to someone’s argument against abortion when it involves recreational, unprotected sex. When it comes to the rape or incest, that’s where we part ways.

            Seems to me that being Anti-abortion and Pro death penalty is an incongruent position. Yet, that is the TYPICAL position of these folks.

  14. Ken says:

    Philly Time in Briarcliff has Amoroso rolls

    • Orphan of the Road says:

      I’ll have to get my passport updated for a trip north.

      I’ve used a baguette from Hy Vee and it is pretty close.

  15. gab says:

    Believe I had season tickets in same section as Greg from ’86-’95. IMO those were good old days. Just like everything else these days, the Arrowhead experience has been pussified.

  16. john doe says:

    in conclusion, every player looks great and the chiefs should go no worse than 14-2

    gotta love pre-season

  17. JP says:

    Honestly, I have had season tickets since the 70′s and can’t say I’ve seen some of the things described above. I have seen lots of puking from too much tailgaiting, a girl show me and my friend the full moon (In December no less), but not the fighting and nasty environment described. I did go to a Lions game in Detroit, and heard lots of cussing and Vikings fans getting threatened, and can say I have never seen that at Arrowhead. Maybe Arrowhead is too tame by comparison. Still not a place for ladies or real little kids.