OTC: MU’s Richardson Calls Out UGA & SEC Football / KSU, MU & ISU Eye Big Games

“I watched that [Buffalo/Georgia] game. I turned it off, too. It’s like watching Big Ten football. It’s old man football. “
Sheldon Richardson, Mizzou’s outstanding and outspoken defensive tackle, on Georgia’s 45-23 win, Columbia Tribune
GH: One week into SEC football and Richardson is acting like he grew up in Tuscaloosa listening to Paul Finebaum’s sports talk radio show. In three short sentences, Richardson managed to slam Georgia, the SEC, old men, all football before 1990 AND the Big 10! Personally, I love his brashness. You don’t succeed in the SEC with manners. Read on.

“Well, did he say old man or old school? Oh, so, old man football? I don’t know what he meant by that. Bottom line, we’ve got to get after it and do what we do well.”
Mark Richt, Georgia’s head coach, when asked to respond to Richardson’s comment, Columbia Tribune
GH: I think Richt knows EXACTLY what Richardson meant – and he is interpreting his words for any of his Bulldogs who do not speak Zou Talk.

“They got a Heisman candidate at quarterback. OK. So we’re going to get some and do what we’re supposed to do. We create our own pressure. That’s it, man. Don’t nobody put no pressure on us. We come out there for every game. We do what we’re supposed to do.”
Sheldon Richardson, Columbia Tribune
GH: Okay, maybe I don’t speak Zou Talk either, because I have no idea what the heck Richardson is trying to convey here. Does he respect Aaron Murray, the Bulldogs’ junior QB, or not? I’m pretty sure Richardson doesn’t respect anybody in the opposition’s uniform. Read on.

“If we execute, nobody in this league can touch us. Period.”
Sheldon Richardson, Columbia Tribune
GH: Get this guy on Finebaum’s show and pair him up in a conference call with Legend! Ten minutes on the air and Richardson would have six southern states ready to march on Missouri. Make it happen Chad Moller!

“Sometimes when everybody works in that [spread formation] direction they sometimes forget how to defend some hard-nosed football. We believe in that. … But bottom line we still believe in having a fullback in the game, running the ball and the play-action pass that comes with it.”
Mark Richt, Columbia Tribune
GH: Richt’s comments won’t get near the run that Richardson’s received but his carry some punch of their own. He appears to be insinuating that Big 12 teams like Mizzou will have difficulty defending “some hard-nosed football.” I think that’s the kind of football Richardson is referring to as “old man.” Game time Saturday is 6:30 PM in Columbia. Cats and Dogs – gonna be special!

“Way overhyped. They make it seem like we came from the WAC or something or never played against Oklahoma or Texas Tech and everyone else who plays for national championships. It’s about that time we show them who we are.”
Sheldon Richardson, Columbia Tribune
GH: Let’s hear it for those caped Red Raiders! The Swamp? Death Valley? Jordan-Hare? These hallowed haunts are no scarier than a Special Olympics venue when compared to Lubbock’s Jones AT&T Stadium and Tech’s impressive trophy case, displaying the 1993 Women’s Basketball National Championship trophy.

“We could have played Alabama today. It don’t matter, man. We’re coming out here every game like this, high-intense football.”
Sheldon Richardson, Columbia Tribune

“You want your players to believe that and think that – you don’t want your players to SAY that.”
Steven St. John, on Richardson’s bold comments about Georgia, 810 AM
GH: Unless you host a sports talk radio show or write a column called Off The Couch.

“Georgia tailback Todd Gurley was named the Southeastern Conference Freshman Player of the Week following his performance versus Buffalo. … Gurley, a 6-foot-1, 218-pound freshman from Tarburo, N.C., had 227 yards on 10 touches (100 yards on 8 carries and 127 yards on two kickoff returns) and 3 TDs. Of course, Gurley’s work came against Buffalo, a Mid-American Conference team.”
Chip Towers, writer, Atlanta Journal-Constitution
GH: All of Georgia has been buzzing about this freshman running back all summer. Mr. Richardson, meet Mr. Gurley. Winner takes over the favorite in the SEC East. Sorry Gamecocks, that win over Vandy was not impressive.

“[Gurley] averaged about what he did in every scrimmage, about 12.5 yards a carry. I hope that’s a trend. I wouldn’t he betting on that for the rest of his career. But everybody got a chance to see what we had seen.”
Mark Richt, Georgia head coach, Atlanta Journal-Constitution
GH: The SEC looks LOADED with Heisman-type running backs. USC has the marvelous Marcus Lattimore, who was the SEC offensive player of the week. Alabama has a true freshman of their own who looks like another Heisman hopeful, T.J. Yeldon – and he has the best offensive line in college football blocking for him.

“I think [Kansas] has a chance to get into some shootouts with some Big 12 teams. If they can [stay close] into the fourth quarter, maybe they can pull off some upsets.”
Tom Keegan, Lawrence Journal World columnist, 810 AM
GH: Keegan made this comment the day before the Jayhawks won their opener over South Dakota State by the score of 31-17. KU will take the win but the Hawks need better play from their big-name QB, Dayne Crist. Much is expected of the former Notre Dame recruit. Read on.

“Dayne Crist solid, not spectacular — yet.”
Headline, Lawrence Journal-World
GH: Kansas is putting Bill Self-like expectations on this senior. Even if he plays well, he has a killer schedule to maneuver. Crist’s job is to get the Jayhawk faithful to the start basketball practice on October 12th. It is not an easy task.

“The passing game for Kansas State will absolutely be a factor for them this season, Guaranteed!”
Stan Weber, on the expected improvements to Collin Klein’s throwing mechanics and accuracy, 810 AM
GH: Kansas State was tied with Missouri State 9-9 into the third quarter but turned the game into the expected rout with a 35-point fourth quarter. Miami comes to Manhattan for an 11:00 AM kickoff this Saturday. This game doesn’t carry the hype of UGA/MU but it could be just as terrific to witness.

“I said, ‘Where is everybody?’ I’ve never seen The Swamp that empty.”
Mark Packer, sports talk host, on the 10,000 empty seats for the Gators’ home opener against Bowling Green, Sirius XM Channel 91
GH: Gainesville is one of the SEC’s most respected and feared venues. Tim Tebow is now gone though, and it appears some of the Gator swag went with him.

“I hated that the game got out of hand so fast. … But we weren’t going to just take a knee. We had to just execute our plays.”
Mike Gundy, Oklahoma State’s head coach, on the Cowboys 84-0 win over Savannah State, ESPN
GH: OSU has no reason to be ashamed. The folks over at Savannah State though might all want to gather around a mirror.

“Landry Jones faced pressure on nearly every snap, had trouble finding his receivers. The running game bogged down most of the night. The specials teams allowed two blocked kicks, one that led to a touchdown. It wasn’t pretty, nearly a disaster actually, but the Sooners found a way to grind out a win.”
John Marshall, writer, on Oklahoma’s 24-7 win at UTEP, AP
GH: Kudos for Oklahoma for going on the road to play UTEP. On second thought, what the hell was Bob Stoops thinking?

“It got so late, I fell asleep and I didn’t get to see that last touchdown. … It wasn’t like Oklahoma State/Savannah. It was a little more competitive than that.”
Mark Price, UTEP head coach, after his team had tied Oklahoma 7-7 at the half of the game that began at 8:30 PM Saturday, but lost 24-7 after a late OU touchdown, Sirius XM Channel 91
GH: Price is the former Washington State coach who didn’t quite get that Alabama gig a decade ago. He did not sound happy that Big Game Bob slapped a late TD on his hard-fighting Miners. OU looks to have problems on both sides of the football. This could mean the Big 12 is far from decided…unless West Virginia is as good as they looked against Marshall. 69-34? The Mountain Men play the Cowboy Men in Stillwater November 11th. Oh yeah!

“Oh! Did he catch it? Yes! Devin Smith! The catch of the year!”
Paul Keels, Ohio State’s radio play-by-play voice, on the sophomore’s one-handed snare of a catch as he tumbled into the corner of the end zone, Buckeyes Radio Network
GH: Shut down the ESPY voting, this catch is the best of 2012. Un-freaking-believable. Watch it here.

“Give me your KC College Football power poll. K-State, Kansas, Mizzou rank them.”
JT Carpenter, @JTCarpenterWHB, Twitter
GH: A power poll between the three local schools after one game? Am I expecting too much from our SEC noobie? He has to have more radio game than this, right? What’s next, a poll on the top three Royals of all time? Carpenter doesn’t appear to be lazy but his instincts may have been dulled by wearing that hog head for too many years.

“No FBS team in the nation had more quarterback sacks in Week 1 than Northern Illinois’ six vs. Iowa on Saturday.”
Mike Hlas, @Hlas, Twitter
GH: Iowa started K-State slow against NIU but managed to nip the Huskies 18-17. The Cyclones come to Iowa City for a 2:30 PM kickoff. I always get juiced for this in-state hate game. I like the Clones by 8.

“Penn State started as 8.5 point underdogs against Virginia. That has opened up to 10 points.”
Ben Jones, @Ben_Jones88, after the Nittany Lions began their new era with a 10-point loss to Ohio in Not-So Happy Valley, Twitter
GH: Penn State could win their next five games[@ Virginia, Navy, Temple, @ Illinois and Northwestern]. They should win at least four of them. If they do not, not even Joe Posnanski could write a fairytale sweet enough to calm the storm that will roll through Beaver Stadium.

“Lab dog was dragged to death in Rogers County. $4500 has been offered for the capture of those responsible. I will match reward. Sorry SOB.”
Barry Switzer, @Barry_Switzer, Twitter
GH: Love this guy.

“Flowers: ‘If I’m out there on Sunday, then that means I’m ready to go. We’ll know game day.’”
Adam Teicher, @adamteicher, on the Chiefs’ DB’s availability, Twitter
GH: Translation: Flowers ain’t playing against Atlanta.

“George Toma enshrinement into Royals Hall of Fame now rescheduled for Sept. 21st. The ceremony was initially scheduled for August 31, but was postponed due to inclement weather.”
@fox4sports, Twitter
GH: Anybody else see the irony in this one?

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37 Responses to OTC: MU’s Richardson Calls Out UGA & SEC Football / KSU, MU & ISU Eye Big Games

  1. aleitel says:

    if i had a spare $4500 i would gladly match Switzer’s reward as well. hopefully whoever is responsible for dragging a dog to death will get the same treatment. fuck them.

    • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:


    • Smartman says:

      Fuck the same treatment. Too good. Draw and quarter this low-life. Tie one arm to a Chevy, the other to a Dodge, one leg to a Ford and the other to a Toyota. Make the prick beg for his life for three or four hours and then hit the gas on all four trucks. If you have any spare change make a donation to Wayside Waifs. They do great work in giving every cat and dog a fighting chance at finding a loving home.

  2. KC KID says:

    I am a HUGE MU fan, but put a Bill Snyder muzzle on that idiot Sheldon Richardson and anyone else who wants to piss off any top 10 SEC teams before playing them!
    Talk is CHEAP………………

  3. Chad Harberts says:

    Love ya Greg, but Northern Illinois is NIU, not UNI. UNI — my alma mater, #9 Northern Iowa — would have kicked Iowa’s butt last weekend, as Wisconsin nearly found out.

    UNI may win the I-AA Championship this year!

    • Greg Hall says:

      Chad, I think I’m becoming dyslexic in my old age. One of my brothers ran track for UNO in the late 70s and early 80s and he ran indoor at UNI every year back . He loved the UniDome. Thanks for the fix.

  4. Smartman says:

    Sheldon Richardson is an IDIOT. Walk the walk BEFORE you talk the talk. The Bulldogs are playing for God, Country, State, City, SEC, School and Alum pride. If the Bulldogs lose this game it’ll be like General William T. Sherman burned Atlanta to the ground again. The biggest muscle in the human body is the heart. The Bulldogs and their fans are bringing truckloads of it to Columbia.

    October 13 will be the real day of reckoning in Columbia. Roll Tide!

    • Greg Hall says:

      Smartman, I don’t see any team giving Alabama much of a game this season I what they did to Michigan is a precursor to their season. I remember many of Bear Bryant’s teams from the mid-60s and I don’t remember any more dominate than what Nick Saban is building in Tuscaloosa. He looks and acts like coaching football is pure torture but he knows talent and how to get them to growl.

      • Smartman says:

        Agreed. Anything can happen which is why they play the game. The Alabama game should show Missouri how wide the chasm is between where they are and where they will never be.

        Most impressive in watching Alabama and Michigan was how disciplined the Alabama players are, on both sides of the ball when it comes to playing roles, holding assignments, staying in lanes. Nick’s not recruiting Eagle Scouts and Altar Boys but he seems to have figured out a way to keep them all on the reservation.

      • Observer says:

        Michigan’s problems lie with their QB. At least last Saturday. He stunk the place up so badly, even I, a Michigan hater, felt embarrased. He couldn’t step into a throw if his life depended on it. As a result, the ball sailed on him in a handful of key possessions in the first half that would have kept ‘Bama off the field and possibly put a few points on the board. As it was, no first downs and ‘Bama back on the field to dole out more punishment to a defense that was gased even in the first half. Michigan should be able to right the ship if they get that kid to think about how to throw the football … otherwise, the Big 10 might be painted a couple different shades of red, and I don’t mean Indiana red.

    • Cliffy says:

      Let’s see … shartman can shoot his mouth off on topics he has no clue about but when Richardson does it he’s an idiot. Got it.

  5. donkeypunch says:

    GH – pretty sure Price was up for the Alabama job and not ND

  6. Splitlog Quindaro says:

    Did you really make a glib Special Olympics reference? I am still trying to figure out…

    “These hallowed haunts are no scarier than a Special Olympics venue when compared to Lubbock’s Jones AT&T Stadium and Tech’s impressive trophy case, displaying the 1993 Women’s Basketball National Championship trophy.”

    • KCMonarch says:

      I was curious about that comment as well. Seems GH was a little off his game with this holiday OTC. An unecessary cheap shot at the less fortunate and chock full of reference inaccuracies. Maybe he paid Whitlock a few bucks to pen his column for him today.

    • Greg Hall says:

      No glib intended. Why is mentioning the Special Olympics a no-no? I’ve been to a number of their track meets and I have yet to see a fan get out of line.

  7. Jim says:

    They had to match Richardson’s jersey number to his IQ so he wouldn’t get confused.

  8. tigerdan4 says:

    I loved Richardson’s comments until he referred to Texas Tech as a national title contender. That kind of dumbs the whole thing down. At any rate, he has the Georgia folks all riled up and it adds more fuel to an already juicy matchup for Saturday. I say Mizzou by a touchdown.

    As an animal lover, I advocate the harshest penalty possible for that idiot d-bag. But before sentencing, tie him up, strip him, spread peanut butter all over his genitals, and let a couple of dogs go to town on him.

  9. Tim says:

    I thought that when Mizzou left for the SEC that no one would talk about them or the SEC in this area? LOL

    • Jim says:

      Because all of the MU fans were leaving the area, too? They changed conferences, not the state.

      • Tim says:

        completely agree. Ask a Beaker fan and they will tell you Kansas City is all KU fans and Mizzou leaving makes them irrelevant in this area.

        • Jim says:

          Sorry, Tim. I’m a “Beaker” fan. I’m also a college football fan. You don’t have to be a fan of a team to be interested in what they do.

  10. Fred Flintstone says:

    OH me oh my! 4 posters on a VERY obscure internet board, and MU nation thinks they’ve taken back KC from KU and KSU. Believe what you will, if it makes you feel better. Get out your stopwatch and compare the time the SEC gets vs the Big 12 on the radio, and/or TV here in KANSAS City. Then come tell me how popular the SEC is in Big 12 country.

  11. Joe Blow says:

    Normally, I hate when athletes shoot their mouths off, but in this case, I think Richardson is kind of just adding fuel to an already raging fire. It seemed before that the concensus was that Georgia would come in and just roll over the Tigers, so to have some really public comments from one of the guys actually playing that completely contradicts that notion really isn’t a bad thing. Let Georgia get completely overamped and come in trying to prove a point..

  12. B.A. Homer says:

    As I reading each one of Richardson’s quotes, I was thinking “shut…. the…..fuck ……up.”
    what a fucking idiot.

  13. JP says:

    “Old Man Football” has to be the line of the year. Props to Richardson for coming up with that one. I think the smack talk is always overrated. If Georgia needs this quote to motivate them to play Missouri, they got big problems.

    • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

      If there is a league that plays “Old Man Football”, it’s the Big 10. Man, talk about plodding, boring, slow paced, football. Just brutal to watch.