OTC: Petro On The Chiefs – Dunno / Whitlock Stranded / Danny Parkins…Gone?

“I just have to believe [the Chiefs] are better prepared than they were last year. I do have to say I am concerned about the Chiefs playing for a players’ coach. I think it’s going to be short term for Romeo Crennel with the Chiefs. .. I’m going to stand by the 10-6 for the Kansas City Chiefs.”
Soren Petro, 810 AM
GH: Petro sounded conflicted as he gave his 2012 Chiefs prediction. He acknowledged the upgrades in personnel but is concerned with a recycled head coach from Cleveland. Petro says Crennel could follow Bill Belichick’s path and find Super Bowl success the second time around – but he doesn’t see that happening. In fact, Petro sees almost everything and anything as a possibility. Read on.  

“This [Chiefs] team could absolutely be the San Francisco 49ers of this season. I could see them going 13-3. I could also see everything going to hell and them finishing 6-10.”
Soren Petro, 810 AM
GH: Okay. Solid analysis here from the Syracuse grad. At least Kenny Kenny picks a side and sticks with it.

“I really don’t get all wrapped up with being 100-percent because in football, nobody is really ever 100-percent. If I’m out there, I’ll be ready.”
Brandon Flowers, Chiefs defensive back, on his availability for the Atlanta game, SBNation.com
GH: If Flowers is going to be covering Julio Jones, Tony Gonzalez and Roddy White on a bad wheel, Matt Cassel and Brian Daboll are going to have to play June Jones’ football on Sunday to stay with Atlanta. Read on.

“This is a terrific Atlanta team. They are loaded! This is a very difficult first game for the Chiefs. Very, very difficult.”
Kevin Harlan, 810 AM
GH: Harlan does not sound optimistic about the Chiefs chances in their opener – and with Tamba Hali out, Brandon Flowers hobbled and the Chiefs’ disappointing preseason games, it is no secret as to why. The NFL Network’s Michael Lombardi [one of the most bored-sounding guests on local radio – he sounds like he would rather be doing almost anything else but talk to The Border Patrol] is picking the Chiefs to win Sunday. He is banking on Atlanta’s QB, Matt Ryan, playing poorly outside the dome on the road. Tony Gonzalez though can’t wait to get here. Read on.

“I’ve got to say thank you to the NFL people for scheduling it the first game of the season. … The most special part about it is the fans. There’s no doubt about it. That’s what I miss, the fans, the atmosphere. The fan support they gave me and my family, I count that as my family because they’re always there with me when I’m on the field.”
Tony Gonzalez, on his first game at Arrowhead as an opponent, Kansas City Star
GH: Gonzo will likely go into the NFL HOF as a Chiefs’ player and be remembered as one of the city’s favorite athletes. But should he feel this comfortable coming back to a town that he willingly left? Every athlete should do what is best for themselves when it comes to their contract and for which team they choose to play – but Arrowhead might not be nearly as friendly to the tight end as he remembers come Sunday.

“This is a story that I don’t care about at all.”
Soren Petro, on the NFL using replacement refs until they reconcile with the referee union, 810 AM
GH: Some in the media are apoplectic over the thought of replacements referees. Kevin Kietzman is one of those. Bob Fescoe is another. I side more with Petro. If the refs can’t settle their labor dispute without a strike, I’d pull a Reagan and can them all.

“The replacement head referee will make about 6.5X less than the lowest paid player on the field ($22,941 a week is rookie minimum). If the replacement refs lasted the whole season, the head referees would make $59,500 for roughly 53 hours of in-game work.”
Darren Rovell, @darrenrovell, Twitter
GH: And the NFL referees are bitching about their pay? A pension??? Get real, guys. You just may have hosed yourselves into becoming nobody insurance salesmen once again.

“Shut up. RT @mikehelms54: @ChrisJohnson28 huge titans fan but man you need to get outside and show your speed stop looking for the cut back.”
Chris Johnson, @ChrisJohnson, Titans’ All-Pro running back, Twitter
GH: Maybe my all-time pro athlete tweet.

“I’m on 15 South at Baker and power is out and can’t buy gas. This is not a joke. Don’t have enough gas to get to Barstow. Need help.”
Jason Whitlock, in a tweet he sent out Tuesday afternoon while driving from Las Vegas to LA, Twitter
GH: Deadspin.com reported Whitlock’s plight yesterday and followed it up with the following comment…

“We know Whitlock spent his Labor Day weekend in Vegas, and he’s apparently on his way back to L.A. He hasn’t quite made it. He’s currently in the tiny roadside town of Baker, Calif, pop. 735. The power is out, the pumps aren’t working, and he doesn’t have enough gas to make the next town. He may die out there, among the snakes and scorpions and former boomtowns of the American West, with nary a mobile-friendly link in sight. ‘The way of the world is to bloom and to flower and die but in the affairs of men there is no waning and the noon of his expression signals the onset of night.’ Whitlock’s been known to Tweetlie before, so grain of salt on this, but if true it’s absolutely our favorite thing of ever.”
Barry Petchesky, writer, DeadSpin.com
GH: Fortunately for Pork Chop, his tweet was answered by a good Samaritan and he safely found his way back to LA. I am guessing it was not Joe Posnanski who was driving the tow truck.

“I can’t wait till @dduffkc23 starts pitching again and I can say yea he is my homie!”
Zach Lehman, @ZachLehman10, Twitter
GH: Following professional athletes on Twitter is mostly useless. Duffy is the glaring exception. He tweets like he is an old high school teammate of yours. I hope he comes back from his TJ surgery and has a 10-year career here in Kansas City. He has a chance to be the city’s most well-liked, regular-Joe kind of athlete – the kind I thought had become extinct.

“You’re not familiar with my boss. I think he’s counting down the days.”
Danny Parkins, after Brian Weber, a guest from the NFL Network, compared Parkins’ resigning his contract with 610 Sports to that of the NFL referees holdout, saying if Parkins held out his listeners would miss him, 610 AM
GH: Parkins made this comment as a kind of aside but there is some truth to his torment. Word out of 610 Sports is that Parkins and his boss, Ryan Maguire, have been on the outs since Nick Wright’s departure. It was Maguire who fired the rest of Wright’s crew at the time, which Wright then turned into a scorched-earth attack on his old station and boss. I am not sure if this has anything to do with why Parkins and Maguire can’t get along but I don’t expect Parkins to be at 610 once his contract expires.

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43 Responses to OTC: Petro On The Chiefs – Dunno / Whitlock Stranded / Danny Parkins…Gone?

  1. PV_Pathfinder says:

    [one of the most bored-sounding guests on local radio – he sounds like he would rather be doing almost anything else but talk to The Border Patrol]

    Only thing more boring than talking to The Border Patrol, is listening to The Border Patrol.

    • kc says:

      I have to disagree. The Border Patrol is very entertaining. St. John and Nate B, along with the rest of the gang keep me laughing most morning. The mu and ku homer talking can sometimes get on my nerves. For the most part, very good listening. 610 in the morning is unbearable.

      • Joe says:

        If you like to hear experts discussing sports, the Border Patrol is NOT the show to listen to. It’s more like an amateur, comedy routine. JH

      • kcredsox says:

        I find St. John pretty hilarious, but his jock sniffing and calling every famous person that comes to Kansas City his close personal friend gets on my nerves. Nate B. is just plain horrible to listen to. I wish St. John and Jake were the co-hosts, I would probably be a regular listener again.

      • PV_Pathfinder says:

        Dick and gay jokes just only go so far. If I wanted to spend 2 hours w/ 12 year olds, I’ll hang out with my nephews. Sadly, the clowns on 610 seem to know even less about sports. KC listeners deserve better.

        • Buford T Justice says:

          I will say this about Petro, I love when he talks royals, he is at least entertaining radio when he talks royals.

          The Big show and Parkins? What a Joke! Has 610 Sports just decided to talk football and never have a in depth conversation about the royals? Bob Fescoe talking to george brett does not count!!

      • Ronnie says:

        Gotta go with kc on this one. St. John might be the funniest guy in Kansas City. I’d pay big money to watch a ball game with that dude.

  2. Steve says:

    Of course Parkins is heading out. Does anyone think hes going to stick around now that his buddy is gone? First decent offer and he is out leaving c-dont to man the middays alone. Help us all.

  3. donkeypunch says:

    Who is this Danny Parkins you speak of? Never heard of him

  4. Smartman says:

    Petro makes Hamlet seem decisive. He’s more self absorbed than a Depends undergarment. I’ve heard more interesting sports talk bullshitting at the bar at Lews, Quinton’s and The Well over the past month than anything on local radio.

    If Tony G gets a Superbowl win with the Falcons he won’t go into the HOF as a Chief. That would be the ultimate fist up the poop-chute to The Clark’s.

  5. John says:

    I have not listened to 610 Sports radio in quite sometime. I could NEVER listen to Fescoe and this new show…’the big show’ is terrible. When all of this goes south…who fires Ryan Mcguire? Honestly, the only show I can tolerate in this media market is the border patrol…and I even find them to be annoying at times. What on earth has happened to KC radio?

    • Smartman says:

      Same thing that has happened to KC schools, streets, sewers, public safety, et. al. when you put idiots in charge.

      • Husker Bill says:

        Smartman, the only disagreement that I have with you is that “idiots” implies they are trying but just incapable of doing the job. I’m a little more cynical and think that many people have gotten rich on the tax payers dime.

        • Phaedrus says:

          Don’t know about getting rich, but a lot of people are living off the taxpayers’ dime. 46 million Americans are on food stamps….isn’t that about 15% of the population? What happened to the days when people had self-respect and were embarrassed to take a handout?

    • Jess says:

      The big show is the worst thing I have ever heard. I thought that Neil Jones was bad, but I was wrong. They need to get Rome back, at least I would listen to him when there was a slow KC sports day. I can’t believe I said that either, I would rather listen to rome that any of these morons. The Border Patrol is the only show worth turning the dail for. I listen to my i pod the rest of the day.

      • Buford T Justice says:

        NO, they need to bring back nick wright, At least he added excitement!

        Jay Blinkley is the worse

        • John says:

          I agree with the comments about the border patrol. I would prefer Nate not be on there at all. I think that show is much better when he is off. I think it’s better when…is it Robert Ford..hosts with Steven instead. Still, this city deserves better sports radio.

          • Cliffy says:

            Robert Ford is that really boring dude who does Royals stuff on 610. The ideal pairing would be SSJ with Jeff Chadiha.

  6. Jim says:

    The NFL’s dispute with the ref’s comes off as arrogant and short-sided. Whether or not a pension is fair or unfair isn’t the issue. The NFL is so flush with billions of dollars. Get it resolved. Replacement ref’s cheat teams and fans out of the product they are paying through the nose to support.

    Rovell’s analysis of a ref’s pay is totally flawed. What does “53 hours of in-game work” even mean. By that logic, top QB’s make $10MM to $15MM for that same 53 hours. Right?

    • kcredsox says:

      I’m afraid QB’s aren’t on the field 53 hours of the season. What I find aggravating is that the majority of the ref’s have full time jobs (lawyers, doctors, etc.) which they already have benefits and make more than most people. Now they are bitching that $100,000 and skimpy benefits for a part time job is not acceptable? Also I find in humorous that the player’s union isn’t backing them, if this was the electrical and carpenters unions, the other would be striking also.

      • Jim says:

        kcred, there is just no comparing Pro sports to any other business. Nothing about it is “real world”. There are a ton of pitchers in MLB that basically make $1MM for every win. How ridiculous is that? But, it is what it is. When the NFL is pulling in billions, it’s not hard to understand the ref’s wanting a piece of that.

        Side note: I believe the NFLPA’s last contract had a “no strike” clause in it.

  7. Phaedrus says:

    Does Parkins know anything about fishing? Maybe he could follow Wright down to Houston.

  8. slim says:

    But should he feel this comfortable coming back to a town that he willingly left?

    Not that he wanted to stay, but he was traded to Atlanta…didn’t leave on his own

  9. JP says:

    Tony had his best years in KC, I can’t blame him for being excited to come back and play at Arrowhead. He is a Chief and will go into the HOF as one. Atlanta isn’t going to the Super Bowl this year.

    As for Petro, he used to be a little more decisive. His show is now so much stats and numbers and what locale they’re broadcasting from, and Doug Stewart ripping on the KC teams and them laughing at Kurtis’ failures with women. It’s amazing that they even get time to discuss sports. The show has definitely jumped the shark. It is good when they have the experts on (Glauber, Starke). Otherwise, it is satellite radio for me.

  10. Z Man says:

    What I’ve gathered everyone on this board hates every show, personality and local college team. Does that about sum it up?

    • Cliffy says:

      It doesn’t have to be a local college team. Greg really hates Penn State too. But you have it right — everybody and everything sucks around here. It’s really an uplifting place to hang around.

  11. Earney says:

    No Danny Parkins? What is the world to do? Except get another generic broadcaster to say dumb things and act like they invented radio. Sometimes 610 sounds like a college intern radio station.

  12. Z Man says:

    Nothing like your normal KC Red Sox fan to tell how KC sports should be…sheesh!

  13. Splitlog Quindaro says:

    Ever since I got satellite radio a year ago my listening habits have changed. I still listen to local sports but much less…

  14. chuck says:

    I gotta dissagree with you guys on Atlanta.

    I don’t think they are a mortal lock or anything, but they have a punchers chance of winning it all.

    Ryan should be elite this year, great recievers, decent running game, decent defense.

    They are not a bad bet. I like Philly, Green Bay, Frisco better this year, but they (Atlanta) gotta shot.

  15. Herbie says:

    Bringing Josh Vernier in was bad enough, but Jayice Pearson is so unlistenable – and apparently never there – it’s just a bad idea for a show. Jay Binkley is good, but you’re only as good as your weakest link…and he has two of them to deal with, making him sound worse than he is.