OTC: Should B12 Fans Root For MU & A&M? Is KSU A Lock Over Canes? Is KU Any Weis-er?

“Enjoying all the ku/ksu fans tweeting me Mizzou will get blown out by UGA. Maybe so, but if so, what’s that say about the Big 12?”
Gabe DeArmond, @GabeDeArmond, of PowerMizzou.com, Twitter
GH: Are Big 12 fans rooting for Mizzou and Texas A&M in their first weekend of SEC conference play? It doesn’t sound like it from what I’ve heard and read. Read on.

“It’s lose-lose for MU/A&M. Get killed: ‘you guys suck!’ Play well; ‘Big 12 is great.’”
Tim Fritson, @TimFristson, former Mizzou hurdler, Twitter
GH: One thing I have liked about how Gary Pinkel and Mizzou have handled the SEC transition is that they have defended the quality of football played in the Big 12 at every opportunity. Even Sheldon Richardson’s blast at Georgia and the SEC could be seen as a compliment to play in the Big 12. I know it’s too much to expect from my fellow Big 12 fans, but I root for Colorado, Nebraska, A&M and Mizzou every Saturday in their new conferences. I also don’t understand the Mizzou fans who have turned their back on the Big 12 and say they no longer follow the conference. College football is to be enjoyed, not ignored.

“I have always said I could not understand a fan rooting for another team in their conference to win. Now, I honestly believe that we have fans in this city who are rooting for conferences. … I’ve never seen a team [like Missouri] brag about a team in their league that’s better than their team and wear that like that’s their trophy! ‘Did you see Alabama? That’s SEC, baby!’ Well, no. Go beat Alabama! Alabama winning all these national titles didn’t help Missouri.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: Kietzman is flipping back and forth from Mizzou hater to Mizzou baiter with such ferocity this week that he might pull a Linda Blair in the studio when Jack Harry arrives on Wednesday afternoon. Read on.

“Georgia’s just not that impressive. They lost a bunch of games last year. I don’t know how they got ranked this high. I don’t know why anybody thinks they’re that great. Georgia should be a ‘team receiving votes’ or ranked in the 20s. Right now what I see [in the SEC] is a whole bunch of teams that should be ranked somewhere between 15 and 40.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: Hear that MU? Kietz thinks Georgia is an overrated cupcake playing in a conference that is a bloated figment of every poll’s imagination.

“I believe one week in, that the Big 12 looks a lot better than the SEC. I’m watching the SEC closer than I ever have and I was underwhelmed. … Who wouldn’t want the SEC to fall on their face a little bit? Absolutely you’d like to see some of their teams stub their toe.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: If anyone is rooting for and against conferences, it’s Kietzman. He’s got a Ralphie-sized chip on his microphone when it comes to Mizzou’s new conference.

“First of all, what Sheldon did was wrong and irresponsible. That doesn’t happen around here. He got caught up in the moment, he made a mistake, we handled that internally. We don’t do that here at Missouri.”
Gary Pinkel, Washington Post
GH: Richardson is being publicly admonished by his coach and a large part of the Mizzou fan base, but he accomplished what MU has spent the past 10 months attempting – creating excitement and publicity about Mizzou joining the SEC from coast to coast. ESPN, Fox Sports, Yahoo.com, satellite radio and newspapers across the land are buzzing about Richardson’s “old-man football” comment. Pinkel can call it “wrong and irresponsible” but the MU marketing department might label it as brilliant.

“Howdy Gainesville: You’ve been annexed by Aggie Nation. The Best Academics & Cleanest Program in the SEC. WHOOP! Real Football. Real Tradition.”
Billboard, in Gainesville, Fl, prior to the Florida/ Texas A&M game this Saturday, GatorZone.com
GH: The Texas A&M brass is also distancing themselves from this billboard, much like Mizzou is apologizing for Richardson’s words. Sorry, but I like the show of stones. The Aggies understand that the meek will not inherit the SEC. I’m not sure the SEC understood who they invited to their party, but they seemed to be shocked that MU and A&M have some ego of their own.

“[Kirk] Herbstreit on Georgia and Missouri: ‘Mo is going to introduce UGA to a different style of football- UGA may have hands full w/ Franklin.’ ”
Paul Finebaum, @finebaum, Twitter

“If UGA shows up against Mizzou, Richt is 30-4 on road in conf. We are in for a treat in Columbia. Richardson made sure UGA will be ready.”
TJ Carpenter, @TJCarpenterWHB, Twitter
GH: Was there ever a question as to Georgia showing up at Faurot and not being ready for their SEC opener? Billboard words are great for the media but have almost nothing to do with an athlete’s focus or performance. What they do well is sell tickets and soap.

“Here’s something Mizzou fans don’t know yet but will soon: UGA often loses when many people think they will win. I’m seeing a Tiger win.”
Wright Thompson, @wrightthompson, Twitter

“I already think it’s going to be a season of growing pains for Missouri. I think you’ve got to learn sometime, coming from the Big 12. I know one thing, [Sheldon Richardson] better worry about tacking Ty Gurley.”
Chris Leak, former Florida QB, on the Mizzou tackle’s brash boasts about Georgia and the SEC, Sirius/XM 91
GH: The Big 12 will not be alone in rooting against Mizzou on Saturday. The old guard in the SEC is depending on Georgia to teach the new kids their place in the conference.

“Les Miles said to me in a guarded moment; ‘Does Missouri know what it did?’ That’s kind of how they’re thought of right now.”
Dennis Dodd, on Mizzou’s move to the SEC, 810 AM

“I think at the end of the year both of these teams are going to be 5-6 and playing each other for a bowl game.”

Mark May, on Mizzou and Texas A&M’s inaugural season in the SEC, ESPN
GH: Both Missouri and Texas A&M have a chance to challenge that perception this Saturday or confirm it. Let’s get it on.

“In the history of the Big 12 Conference, this is the toughest it’s ever been. You have six teams that you can make a legitimate argument that can win the Big 12 this year.”
Carrington Harrison, 610 AM
GH: After only one week of play, it is difficult to assess the strength of the Big 12 – but that won’t stop most of us from trying. West Virginia looked like a national title contender. Oklahoma State might be even better than the Mountaineers. Oklahoma was very disappointing. Texas looks to be better but how much? Kansas State looked like they always do early – not very impressive. Baylor looks to have reloaded nicely – a pleasant surprise. Texas Tech pounded a nobody. Iowa State is just a tough squad that can win or lose any week. Kansas got a much-needed win and might get their second against Rice. Is this the toughest the Big 12 has ever been? Probably not.

“K-State’s passing offense is no better than it was last year. It has not improved. Collin Klein is the same thrower. His receivers are too small and they’re still capable of dropping almost every pass. K-State can beat you through the air only when they trick you. They do not have the players to just line up and throw the football.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: Miami gave up almost 450 yards passing to Boston College last week. I expect Collin Klein’s numbers to improve quite a bit against The U.

“Am I the only one who thinks K-State is going to kick Miami’s butt? I think they win by two touchdowns.”
Nate Bukaty, 810 AM

“I have no anticipation that Miami can win this football game. There’s too many distractions at Miami. I don’t think Miami’s going to beat K-State at all.”
Steven St. John, 810 AM

“Miami may snicker on the bus to the stadium. But once there, they might incur the wrath of a rabid fan base that gave Pete Carroll fits.”
D. Scott Fritchen, @DScottFritchen, on the Hurricanes’ perception of the Little Apple, Twitter
GH: How different it must be for the players on Miami or USC to experience the passion of a fan base like K-State’s. Sure, the Canes and Trojans have great fans but their game-day experience isn’t anything like what Collin Klein and his teammates know.

“I’m leaning toward that there’s a lot of hype around this [Dayne Crist] kid that’s not warranted. He couldn’t get on the field with Notre Dame. I didn’t see a lot out of KU Saturday night that’s makes me giddy that they’re better.”
Kevin Kietzman, on KU’s first-year senior quarterback, 810 AM
GH: Did Kietz see Turner Gill on the KU sideline? No? They’re better.

“I was disappointed, I’ll say that. I was disappointed watching the game. … [Crist] appears to me to be a guy who knows what to do but has trouble doing it.”
Danny Clinkscale, on KU’s win over South Dakota State, 810 AM
GH: It is way, way, way too early to evaluate Crist. I think he has a chance to be fun to watch.

“Art Modell will be vilified for some forever for Browns move, but he was a visionary who belonged in Hall of Fame before his passing.”
Jason La Canfora, @JasonLaCanfora, on the former Browns’ owner’s death, Twitter
GH: Who is more hated in Cleveland, Modell or LeBron? Can you imagine if Ray Lewis would have played his career as a Cleveland Brown? They’d be building him a statue next to the Rock & Roll HOF.

“Coach has never called me to say hurry to a presser, but Mangino used to bust on @BradyMcCollough‘s sandals and Self busts on my hair.”
Tully Corcoran, @tullycorcoran, Twitter
GH: How is Bill Self busting on ANYBODY’S hair?

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  1. Mike DeArmond says:

    Blackjack. I do not disagree with your contentions. As for the Big 12 future: signing over grant of rights binds everyone except Texas and Oklaoma. If either wants to leave they can because either departure would destroy the Big 12, rendering any penalties moot. What I am hearing is that new tv plans and negotiations will bring MU in excess of $20 million a year in the SEC. MU isn’t puffing out its chest but isn’apologizing for making a smart move.