OTC: Joe Posnanski Defends Pareno To KCUR’s Steve Kraske & All Who Care To Listen

“The idea that I was a shill, the idea that I was a fraud…those people, I have nothing to say. Everybody’s entitled to their opinion.”
Joe Posnanski, 89.3 FM
GH: Oh, contraire! JoPo has much he would like to say to his critics, he simply refuses to be as frank about them as they [we] have been about his book. Read on.

“I think we’ve all had that experience where we work with people we don’t necessarily like but we respect what they do.”
Joe Posnanski, describing the working relationship between Paterno and Sandusky, KCUR 89.3 FM
GH: Are you listening Pork Chop?

“I’m personally not going to talk about Jason because that’s a long standing relationship there. I don’t think people have to wonder about it. They can figure it out. No, no, I’m not going there. Jason is entitled to his opinion and I’ll leave it at that.”
Joe Posnanski, who deflected all attempts by Steve Kraske to get him to talk about Whitlock’s criticism of his book, Paterno, 89.3 FM
GH: Well, at least we cleared that up. For those who have wondered if the long-discussed feud between JoPo and Whitlock was real or mythical, as JoPo stated – “I don’t think people have to wonder about it. Posnanski spent an hour being interviewed on Kraske’s Up To Date radio show on KC’s local NPR affiliate, KCUR 89.3. Read on for some excerpts.

“Our phones are not working.”
Steve Kraske, alerting listeners they would not be able to call in to talk to Posnanski, 89.3 FM
GH: In a stroke of unbelievable luck and convenience for Posnanski, KCUR’s phones did not work for the first 58 minutes of his 60-minute interview. One caller was able to get through. Shockingly, he agreed with everything JoPo had said and wanted to be sure he ripped those who had jumped to conclusions without having all the facts – I guess like those bastards in the Freeh Report who JoPo believes did an inadequate job. The only problem with this caller was that he stated he was really not sure what the topic was that was being discussed. Great call.

“I think the book has been received a hundred times better than I thought it would be.”
Joe Posnanski, 89.3 FM
GH: Posnanski’s book has made the New York Times bestseller list, so it has moved some paper. But has it really been well received? One of the media’s biggest faults in my opinion is their penchant for listening to those who praise their work while shunning their critics. Anyone who writes, talks, preens for a camera or performs in the spotlight will have people who love their work – no matter how awful. I respect those most who are able to listen to not only their fans but those who expect more from them.

“[Paterno’s] family and the people around him are such, such good people. They believe he’s been wildly misinterpreted. They’ve handled it amazingly well. They’re refusing to allow themselves to be consumed by bitterness.”
Joe Posnanski, 89.3 FM
GH: If you thought JoPo’s denial ended with his book, you are mistaken. Is JoPo still down in that dark cellar?

“It was Sue, his wife, who called back [to Penn State after JoePa had received notice of his firing] and said, ‘After 61 years? How dare you!’ ”
Joe Posnanski, 89.3 FM
GH: How dare Penn State? How dare JoePa, Sue, JoPo and the rest of the deaf, dumb and blind Paterno apologists who refuse to acknowledge that their king wore no clothes.

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14 Responses to OTC: Joe Posnanski Defends Pareno To KCUR’s Steve Kraske & All Who Care To Listen

  1. Jim says:

    Don’t know about anyone else, but I’m about JoPo and JoPa’d out! Is there anything left to be said?

    • rkcal says:

      Agreed! I’m a disappointed in Posnanski, and was hoping he’d rise to the occasion. However, in the end, to paraphrase: “He is who we thought he was.” Definitely time to move on.

  2. Juan De Guzman says:

    the phones weren’t working for the 10AM show either. Maybe that’s KCUR’s way of making this timely technical glitch look accidental so that they couldn’t be accused of cutting out callers just for JoPo.

    Or it could be just a coincidence…

    • Stephen says:

      Many if not all of the analog phone lines at UMKC were down for two days last week…including last Tuesday and Wednesday. The hard drive for the university’s system crashed, and once replaced, it took hours upon hours to reload the antiquated software.

      So as much as people would like to believe it was a conspiracy, believe me when I tell you that no public radio talk show ever wants to be without phones.

  3. donkeypunch says:

    Who is this Joe Posnanski you speak of? Never heard of him

  4. JimmyD says:

    This dead horse is dead…move along Greg

  5. Java Man says:

    Another Posnanski envy piece. Must be setting us up for another self indulgent marathon column..

    • KCPRGuy says:

      Pretty sure this is Greg Hall’s blog. And like every other blog, the whole damn thing is self-indulgent. Geez, Greg, you are so damn selfish in writing about YOUR interests on YOUR blog. For shame.

      • Greg Hall says:

        I really see this site as our blog. I don’t have a problem with getting ripped by those who disagree with me. I think it adds to the value of the site if we have genuine disagreements and entertaining dialogue. BTW; heading to Chicago next month for the marathon and then NYC in November. Indulgence awaits…

        • Java Man says:

          KCPRGuy, Just taking a friendly shot at Greg. I do think he is wrong about Posnanski, and I just skim his running work. I also check out Greg’s site, and previous work, daily. The same as I’ve done for many years.

  6. Smartman says:

    My book review.. JoPo was out on a date with Marie Osmond. During the date Marie transforms into Nina Hartley. At the end of an enjoyable evening instead of tying her up, spanking her ass until it’s Coke can red and giving her the schwantz in every orifice three times he shakes her hand and tells us that she’s satisfied and it was his best work.

  7. Rick says:

    Based on the Jopo picture it seems him and Whitlock are eating at the same buffet bar of life.