OTC: Chiefs’ Twitter-Gate Goes Viral After Fan Told “Get A Clue!”

“Would help if you had your facts straight. Your choice to be a fan. cc get a clue.”
Chiefs tweet response to Travis Wright, a Chiefs fans who tweeted that he was upset about the Chiefs being so far under the salary cap and refusing to field a more competitive team, Twitter
GH: Wright’s tweet hit sometime on Tuesday. By that afternoon, his tweet, the Chiefs’ flippant response and later apology was being bounced around the Internet as quickly as a Bret Favre self-portrait. It used to be that it was not nice to fool with Mother Nature. In today’s Internet Age – it’s not nice to fool with anybody with a hash tag. Read on.

“I apologize to the fans for my response to a tweet sent to me earlier. No excuse for my actions. I am truly sorry and it won’t happen again.”
Unnamed Chiefs’ tweeter, Twitter
GH: The Chiefs’ apology is really what caused this story to go viral. Until the Chiefs acknowledged Wright’s tweet on their website, not more than a few folks in Wright’s circle were aware of the exchanges. I applaud the Chiefs for making the apology. I question their marketing sense for doing it in such a public manner.

“The Chiefs look petty. The Chiefs look foolish. The Chiefs look like children. I’m not condoning the tweet that he sent to them, but as an organization, you’ve got to be bigger than that because you’re gonna get ripped.”
Bob Fescoe, 610 AM
GH: The question I have is who put Eddie Haskell in charge of the Chiefs’ Twitter account?

“If I reacted to all the nasty stuff on Twitter [directed at me], I’d be in jail.”
Bob Fescoe, 610 AM
GH: I rip Fescoe in my column almost as much as he deserves, but the guy has thick skin. There are many in his profession who could learn from him.

“That was the best block of the week by the Chiefs.”
Text to Bob Fescoe’s show on the Chiefs’ blocking a fan on Twitter, 610 AM

“The incident is reminiscent of the time in 2008 when then-Browns General Manager Phil Savage responded to a critical e-mail from a fan by e-mailing him back and saying, ‘Go root for Buffalo-f#@* you-.’ Team employees at all levels would be wise to learn that if a fan rips you online, you’re best off ignoring it.”
Michael David Smith, NBCSports.com
GH: The Chiefs’ tweet wasn’t anywhere near as offensive or egregious as the email from the Browns’ GM – but perception is what counts here. The Chiefs have now been labeled as an organization that doesn’t care about their fans nearly as much as their bottom line. It’s okay to think it, but not do it. Check with Jimmy Carter on that whole thinking but not doing thing.

“That phrase [your choice to be a fan] right there is so corporate, so detached, so condescending that I’ve been thinking about it since I first saw this yesterday. … We all make our choices, but at some point the word ‘choice’ no longer applies because you can’t ‘un-choose’ it if the team starts stinking or whatever. If you could, how many Royals fans would be left? For that matter, how many Chiefs fans? Being a fan isn’t something you can shut off, like a faucet. It becomes part of your life, part of your plans, part of you.”
Sam Mellinger, KansasCity.com
GH: There are really no good reasons for Royals and Chiefs fans to remain interested in two professional franchises who have spent decades disappointing their fan bases. The two main reasons we continue to root are 1) geography and 2) we like pro sports. The truth is that teams like the Royals and Chiefs can pretty much do, say or tweet anything they want about the fans without causing many problems with their bottom line. If they can be profitable with the lack of success they have shown for the last 20 years, imagine what happens if they ever win again? Unless Kansas City loses a million people in population, us lemmings will continue to ask, “Please sir, can I have another?”

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13 Responses to OTC: Chiefs’ Twitter-Gate Goes Viral After Fan Told “Get A Clue!”

  1. Jim says:

    Note to Fred Flintstone: This is EXACTLY the kind of shit that keeps my fat wallet next to my fat ass while I watched the games on my phat TV.

  2. Gavin says:

    “The truth is that teams like the Royals and Chiefs can pretty much do, say or tweet anything they want about the fans without causing many problems with their bottom line. ”

    This. Exactly this. Clark Hunt does not care about fans. He cares about the fans’ money and he will only do what is necessary to continue extracting it. Only by actually losing money will he change the error of his ways. Sadly, you’re also right that people will keep lining up for another swat from Niedermayer.

  3. Orphan of the Road says:

    Maybe the Chiefs are saving that $30-million to cut a check when the NFL’s collusion on the uncapped year being under a secret cap agreement?

    “The imaginary salary cap “came up several times in our meetings,” said John Mara, Giants owner and chairman of the NFL’s management committee. Still, four teams took the gentlemen’s agreement as something less than binding, because after all: There was no actual rule. The Redskins, Cowboys, Raiders, and Saints all spent more than $123 million, despite being warned”at least six times” that serious consequences would follow. And sure enough, the gavel came down. This season and next, Washington and Dallas (the two biggest spenders) will forfeit a combined $46 million in salary cap space, to be distributed among the other teams.
    In other words: Dan Snyder and Jerry Jones are being punished for failing to collude with their fellow owners in a secret deal to keep hundreds of millions of dollars out of the hands of NFL players.”


  4. Smartman says:

    The Chiefs don’t care about their fans. Water is wet. Kim Kardashian has a HUGE ass. Duh!

    Some 11 year old software engineering student at MIT will develop a delay program for twitter that will force people to consider what they are tweeting before they actually tweet it. Once again capitalism will come to the rescue of the stupid.

    Twitter has become an intellectual version of the fart. Most go unnoticed but every now and then you get a juicy SBD.

    They should just blow up the NFL and turn it into a game show. Every year each owner starts out with the same amount of money and they bid on each player for a single season. Screw all the Chinese math in the contracts that back loads the spending obligation. Would be HUGE and maybe we get an SB champ in KC again before I die.

    • Jason says:

      That would be pretty cool to treat the NFL like a fantasy “keepers” league. Each team gets to protect 5 players from the previous season (kind of like a franchise tag) and then everyone else goes into a big pile for the annual auction. Tell me the ratings for that wouldn’t blow through the roof? The chance to watch Clark Hunt sheepishly raise his hand to try to match crazy Jerry Jones who wants to pay $50 for every player? Priceless! You could still even have the draft as part of it all.

      Player salaries would then be based off what their “bid” price was. GM’s would have the actual salary cap and then bid for players. If you bid $10M for D-Bowe and get him, that’s what he gets paid this year.

      That would re-kindle my interest in the NFL.

    • Kyle says:

      Smartman, you come off like a huge A-hole, but damn you are funny.

  5. JP says:

    The Chiefs will start caring when the upper deck begins to resemble the gold seats. The bottom line is this comment should have been ignored, but the fact is the Chiefs left money on the table, and we are stuck with Matt Cassel as our QB, with no competition. BTW, if this team does go down the drain (6-10 or worse) and attendance slips to the blackout zone, then Scott Pioli better bone up on his resume.

  6. feisty says:

    smartman is funny

  7. Herbie says:

    The worst part of this story is how another guy named “Wright” now thinks he’s a KC hero.