OTC: ND To ACC / Pinkel Punt Still Makes No Sense / K-State Rock Solid / KU Not

“Looks like the Big 12′s only option [for expansion] is Louisville, which is like going on vacation and having your only option as Louisville.”
Mick Shaffer, @mickshaffer, on Notre Dame heading to the ACC with all their sports except football, Twitter
GH: Mike Golic reported on ESPN Radio Wednesday morning that Notre Dame’s decision came down to the Big 12 and the ACC. He said the Irish opted for the larger media markets on the east coast. Is it all that newsworthy? Not really. ND remains independent in football and very likely will for another 100 years.

“The Big East contends ND must pay $5 million and give 27 months notice.”
Joe Schad, @schadjoe, Twitter
GH: Five million is Futon change to Notre Dame. The 27 months sounds restrictive but only until you reach the bargaining table.  

“Everything is perfect [in the Big 12]. The only complaint is the football coaches don’t like playing nine games.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: I think the Big 12 is in terrific shape, just a year after it looked like Armageddon II would take down the conference for good. If Louisville really is the only viable expansion partner, I think ten teams are plenty. As for the football teams playing a nine-game conference schedule, I don’t know a fan who doesn’t love it.

“Is there anything wrong in renaming this The Southwest Conference? Why is everything ‘Big?’ The name I came up with was ‘The Top Ten.’ ”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: KK needs to stick with naming interns.

“The new [Big 12] logo has to have a gridiron or hash marks or the laces of a football in it. Something football related. That has to happen. Brand this conference!”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: Memo to KU from KK: Stick those Big 12 basketball titles and national championships under a goddamn peach basket!

“I was having a Bud Light this weekend and what’s on the can? The laces of a football! It’s brilliant!”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: It is also seasonal. Beer cans change their graphics with the holidays. BCS conferences like to show  a little more consistency in their logo.

“Trust me, we don’t run a play if we don’t think it’s going to work. … We didn’t fall off a truck here.”
Gary Pinkel, via @Dave_Matter on Twitter
GH: How many people asked Pinkel if he thought the fake punt would work? That’s not the point coach. The fact you thought it would work is! Listening to Pinkel attack the media for asking him about his boneheaded call makes me question the very experience he so readily promotes. Falling off a truck would have been a better excuse than what he’s using.

“Missouri should have beaten the snot out of Georgia. That team can’t score!”
Kevin Kietzman, defending his comments prior to the game that Mizzou should beat Georgia, 810 AM
GH: I have a feeling KK was drinking those Bud Lights during the UGA/MU game.

“No, but I’ve got people in my organization that let me know.”
Gary Pinkel, when asked if he ever has a chance to watch some of his Missouri alumni who are now playing in the NFL, 980 AM
GH: I hated this casual almost flippant response. “People in my organization?” Can you get any more detached and impersonal than that? Pinks is not having a great year behind the wheel of his car or his program. Let’s hope his team doesn’t reflect his personal slide.

“[Dorial] Green-Beckham is a physical freak. He’s fast enough to run past SEC defenders. Strong enough to outfight SEC defenders. Big enough to intimidate SEC defenders. Even in the most dominant conference in the land, there’s no one else like him right now.”
Matt Hayes, writer, SportingNews.com
GH: Hayes’ comments as well as the two that follow were made in August. So where was DBG against Georgia? Is Pinkel saving him to open at Christmas? Did somebody back that truck up and hit him again?

“Pretty much anything deep, really. I hope I’m used on all the deep stuff.”
Dorial Green-Beckham, on how Mizzou can best use his talents in their offense, SportingNews.com

“I haven’t seen any cockiness from him so far, but there’s definitely a kill factor. He’s a real competitor. I definitely think it’s possible for him to be one of the best players in the SEC as a freshman.”
James Franklin, Mizzou’s QB, SportingNews.com
GH: Get this kid on the field, coach. He didn’t come to Mizzou to be an ornament.

“Last year [Kansas State] was doing it with smoke and mirrors. This year they are doing it with bricks and cement.”
Dennis Dodd, on Kansas State football, 810 AM
GH: Love this quote from Dodd. Perfect.

“Arizona State is Missouri’s Rice. They need to just win this game and hang that pelt up on the wall.”
Dennis Dodd, 810 AM
GH: Hate this quote from Dodd. Rice was nobody. Arizona State beat Mizzou last season and ripped Illinois 45-14 last week. The Sun Devils ain’t no Rice. This Pac 12 team is all meat and potatoes. Mizzou needs this win but it will be far from a side dish.

“Well, obviously you have no chance fellas; maybe we just shouldn’t show up. Maybe we just go to brunch on Saturday morning instead. I mean they’ll show up on Saturday; we’ll show up.”
Charlie Weis, on what his message to his KU team is as they prepare as heavy underdogs for their trip to TCU, KUSports.com
GH: Some found Weis’ derisive comments about his team frank and refreshing. I thought Weis sounded foolish and detached. Weis is still acting like an outsider to the KU football program. He appears to me to be still blaming Turner Gill for the product on the field. That could all be accurate. But Turner Gill at least won a couple of games. Will Charlie?

“Well, let me just say this: You’ve lived up to your expectations of competence and mental health.”
Jerry Jones, Dallas Cowboys owner, as Dallas sports talk show host Shan Shariff played “Hail to the Redskins” as Jones joined his show on the radio home of the Cowboys, 105.3 FM Dallas
GH: Good to hear that Shariff is stirring things up down in Dallas. Click here for more.

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20 Responses to OTC: ND To ACC / Pinkel Punt Still Makes No Sense / K-State Rock Solid / KU Not

  1. The Word says:

    They should just name the Big 12 the Texas 10….If they do bring in Louisville as a member I think they should also bring in Memphis or New Mexico. It would make it a better basketball confrence.

  2. TangoAlphaLima says:

    This reader comment to that Shariff article is great:

    “This bastard is a waste of oxygen. I gave their show a chance when it first came on but then this POS had the nerve to say he feels sorry for Michael Vick. His ‘sports opinions’ will make you laugh. He has absolutly no clue. His parents are probably extremely disappointed”

    My parents are also extremely disappointed with my “sports opinions.”

  3. Smartman says:

    If KK is into branding he should change the name of his show to Between The Labia.

    Gary Pinkel is such an idiot he makes Jon Gosselin look like Ward Cleaver. Maybe he can get Ed Hardy to redesign the uniforms for 2013. Something with less clutter.

    I’m sure it was no coincidence that Charlie Weiss suggested brunch over football on Saturday. Derrick Thomas was closer to his kids than Charlie is to his team.

    125 people walk into an agents office at William Morris. The agent says “how can I help you?”. “We need work”, one of the group responds. “What do you do?”, the agent asks. “We’re the Notre Dame football team”, they respond. The agent replies, “Oh fuck, the comedy troupe! Why didn’t you say so sooner? I can get you a job opening up for The Aristocrats”.

  4. Edward says:

    I didn’t hear Weis’ comments, but they sure look sarcastic on the page.

  5. Terducken Tommy says:

    I think ten teams are plenty. As for the football teams playing a nine-game conference schedule, I don’t know a fan who doesn’t love it.
    I couldn’t agree more. No weak in-conference schedules with this balanced approach.

  6. ron says:

    Missouri did much better several years ago with Daniel and Maclin. The really wide line splits and crazy screen plays were great. The quick passes that Daniel threw broke open all the time for long gainers. Then they lost their offensive coordinator, and Franklin evidently can’t think fast enough to throw quick passes like Daniel. Missouri won’t get their mojo back until Franklin leaves and they go back to the really over-the-top plays that got them to the next level several years ago. They have definitely pulled in their horns on offense, and it just isn’t working with Franklin at the helm. He’s just not that good.

    • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

      So in other words, “Missouri did much better with an All American, 1st round NFL player at WR, and a Heisman Trophy Finalist at QB..” Wow. Thanks for that nugget of insight. Never figured that higher levels of talent equals greater success.

      • ron says:

        No. It shouldn’t take Heisman Trophy and 1st round NFL draft talent to run short, quick pass plays to speedy receivers. DGB and other Missouri receivers should be able to handle the load. It should be easier for Franklin to drop two steps and throw a quick pass, rather than what he’s doing. Either he simply can’t do it,or the new offensie coordiantor has decided he doesn’t want to run those plays any longer, for whatever reason.

  7. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    What the 9 game schedule in the Big 12 does is pretty much prevent seasons like the one KU had in 2007. Now they can’t avoid 2 out of the three hottest teams in the conference like they did in 2007 due to a fortuitous schedule rotation. They got a tough nut in trying to rebuild that program, now. The recruiting scene in KC has never been tougher. Recruiting the state of KS is going to be tough with The Old Man still alive and kicking in Manhattan. Recruiting Texas just got harder with Texas now open season for SEC teams.

    • The Word says:

      “Recruiting Texas just got harder with Texas now open season for SEC teams.”

      Agreed, LSU and Alabama will fight Texas and Oklahoma for the best kids down there. Arkansas will get their share of four to five star kids as well. Old Miss will fight A&M and TCU for the others.

      The SEC knew what they were doing when they got A&M into the confrence, they already have FL and GA to recruit from. Now they have Texas.

      I think now that the SEC is in the fold, the northern Big 12 teams will be worst off for it.

      • Jim says:

        The SEC’s elite teams don’t need to recruit Texas. Look at Alabama’s, LSU & UGA’s roster. They each have a couple kids from Texas. That’s it. The SEC has been winning National titles by recruiting in their own back yards. Will it open it up somewhat? Sure. The difference is that Texas A&M is going to play hell trying to get the 5-star kids from Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, etc to come play for them.

        • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

          Jim is probably right. The elite of the SEC will continue to cherry pick Texas, but it’s the lower echeleon teams (read: Ole Miss, Miss St) and mid range teams (Arkansas) who may make it rough on the mid to lower class of the Big 12 to recruit in east Texas. I don’t believe SEC teams will mess with much west of Dallas…but I could be wrong.

  8. Gavin says:

    Greg, do you really think that Weis’ comments were anything other than sarcastic. Think before you answer. If you really think Weis was serious, then that means you have to think that Weis is really considering skipping the game in favor of brunch. No way his comments were anything other than sarcasm.

    And when you say “some found Weis’ derisive comments about his team frank and refreshing.,” please identify who “some” is/are. I didn’t hear anyone saying that “Weiss was being derisive of his team, but boy that sure was refreshing the way he ran down his team,” so who, exactly was it that was saying that?

  9. BS says:

    MU looks a lot like the team that was middle of the pack in the Big 12 last year.

    (1) They can’t play a complete game. Energy level and focus seem to vacillate from quarter to quarter.

    (2) They look poorly coached and undisciplined. I’m a Kstate fan, so I see pretty well coached team most of the time, but false starts, pushing and shoving after the plays, dumb turnovers, questionable play calls.

    (3) The talent is not overwhelming. Looks like they have a really good freshman OL, and the freshman WR is supposed to be a stud. I don’t see Aldon Smith, Sean Witherspoon, William Moore on the defense this year.

  10. Will says:

    Can’t believe you used “GD” Greg. I see blog commenters do this all the time and I cringe when I read it. I’m not saying I sit on a throne and don’t say it. It’s a spontaneous reaction type of thing though. To actually type it out consciously…I don’t see how people do that.

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