OTC: K-State Brings Out Worst In Miami Alum / Will MU Overlook ASU? / Chargers Blackout?

“I’ve never been this mad about sports. RT @CBSSports: A Miami radio host lost his marbles. Listen to his NSFW rant: cbsprt.co/DSileo”
Gary Parrish, @GaryParrishCBS, Twitter
GH: Click on the link above to hear one of the more entertaining monologues ever uttered on sports talk radio. The orator is Dan Sileo, a former Miami Hurricane defensive lineman. He  states his over-the-top distaste for his alma mater’s poor showing against the K-State Wildcats last Saturday in Manhattan. The slideshow that accompanies his rant is also funny stuff.  Sonsofbitches!

“Sick and tired of hearing from fools on Twitter from Ohio St. I’ve read the published reports on what Urban [Meyer] wanted from your Commissioner. … You and all others asking for proof or a link get a LIFE! I broadcast daily and have seen multiple reports about his request.”
Tim Brando, @TimBrando, Twitter
GH: Brando got into a Twitter war with some OSU Buckeye fans over some quotes he attributed to Urban Meyer that he could not prove were ever made. You can read the dialogue here. At least Brando is willing to spar on Twitter with his audience. He might not be the brightest at it, but he is real.

“If a college team bans a reporter, he should put the entire roster into the cop database every 48 hours. And hang at popular jock bar.”
Wright Thompson, @wrightthompson, Twitter
GH: Banning the media is never a good idea if you are trying to sell tickets. But the media using their power of persuasion to gain revenge is just as wrong.

“To be clear, I have no problem with someone running a fan page, but I draw the line at identity theft. Unless it’s Batman. That’d be cool.”
Chris Kluwe, @ChrisWarcraft, Vikings’ punter, Twitter

“[Scott Pioli] basically got over on Jamaal Charles, The same thing with DJ. Other that Matt Cassel, everybody else has got to be a bargain.”
Jayice Pearson, on the bargain contracts Pioli has been able to sign some of the Chiefs’ top talent, 610 AM
GH: Just another example of the white man keeping the black millionaire down, eh Ice?

“The black guy, the fat guy and the other guy.”
610 listener’s text on a new name suggestion for the Big Show, 610 AM

“You have to admire the [KU] bravado… or something? Days after a gut-wrenching, fourth-quarter collapse at home to peer pillow-fighter Rice, KU head coach Charlie Weis said that No. 16 TCU’s fifth-ranked-nationally rush defense might have some trouble dealing with the Jayhawks’ ground game. Uh-huh, well, we shall see.”
Curtis Kitchen, CurtisKitchenKC.com
GH: I really want to go to this TCU/KU game but I’ll be in Ames on Saturday for a cross country meet. I am just crazy enough to think Kansas has a chance against the Horned Frogs.

“There is no way that this Missouri team, coming off a 21-point loss at home, can view an unbeaten Arizona State as an opponent to take lightly. It would be one thing if the Tigers had beaten ASU badly last year. But they lost, which means they shouldn’t take them for granted.”
Bryan Burwell, writer, St. Louis Post Dispatch
GH: And yet I haven’t heard any one covering Mizzou who doesn’t think MU wins this one fairly easily. Read on.

“The Sun Devils have not exactly fared well away from Tempe. They haven’t won a non-conference, regular-season road game since 2006. Over the past four years, they are 5-16 in true road games. Over the past 11 years, they have had a winning road record … all of once.”
Doug Haller, writer, AzCentral.com
GH: No non-con road wins since 2006? Okay, I understand the Mizzou optimism.

“[Todd] Graham [Arizona State’s head coach] makes sure his teams visit the [opponent’s] stadium the day or morning before the contest. Just to walk around and get a feel for it. He also goes to great lengths to make sure his team feels as comfortable as possible. For example: This weekend [in Columbia, MO] , Graham plans to take all the plug-in air fresheners from ASU’s home locker room to Missouri so the visitors’ locker room will smell a little like home. He also wants all the signs removed from ASU’s locker room and hung up so it will look a little like home.”
Doug Haller, writer, AzCentral.com
GH: Graham sounds a little kooky. I like kooky. I also hope the Antlers get wind of his FeBreze plan or the locker room and bring some pig farm familiarity into ASU’s home away from home.

“[Coach Graham] has coached us to be businessmen in football. Basically [that means] not [playing] around at the hotel … not acting like kids. Acting like grown men. Study film. Go through our checks. Visualize plays being made in our minds as champions would.”
Deveron Carr, ASU senior cornerback, AzCentral.com
GH: Let’s hope ASU plays like businessmen on Saturday night. I always favor crazed dogs over business men when it comes to football.

“If Mizzou doesn’t win this one, bowl bids will be a tough commodity come December.”
Tom Timmermann, writer, St. Louis Post Dispatch
GH: Damn! Three games into the season and Mizzou is likely to lose their shot at a bowl? It is way too early for this kind of talk. Kietzman was telling us yesterday that the Chiefs can’t win the AFC West with a loss in Buffalo. Relax people. Lots of football yet to be played. Enjoy it.

“If Big 12 had wanted Notre Dame, would the Irish have come? If Big 12 had wanted Florida St would FSU have come? The 10 don’t wanna share $$.”
Gary Bedore, @GaryBedore, LJW writer, Twitter
GH: Is there any question the Big 12 wanted both? With only ten members, they become the most susceptible conference to be raided by larger conferences. I expect the Big 12 to expand to 12…and soon.

“Winner of the most savvy small school award: Arkansas State. Got $950K to play Oregon and will get $1M from Nebraska.”
Darren Rovell, @darrenrovell, Twitter
GH: Looks like Arkansas State is playing their bowl games in September.

“Can someone explain how 105% of Crown Center managed to signup for Googlefiber? What are they, Fenway Park?”
Aaron Barnhart, @TVBarn, Twitter
GH: AB is an old Chicago Northside Cubbies’ fan. Nothing like ancient stadium rivalries to spark some tech disgust.

“[San Diego] Chargers receive 24-hour extension. We now have until 1:25p PT Friday to sell approximately 2,100 general tix to lift the local TV blackout.”
@Chargers, Twitter
GH: Hustling to sell tickets to avoid a TV blackout is never a good thing. Having to do it for your NFL home opener is downright frightening. In an odd twist of success, the overall popularity of the NFL [especially fantasy football] is killing the gate at NFL stadiums. Fans are trading that six-hour day at the stadium in for their couch, a 55-inch flat screen and an iPad to follow their fantasy players.

“Call TicketsForLess.com.”
Nate Bukaty, as he slipped a live-read commercial in the middle of an interview with the NFL Network’s Michael Lombardi, 810 AM
GH: I found this interesting. It was the equivalent of how websites insert pop-up ads onto the page you’re reading – almost forcing you to pay attention to the ad. We will see more of this innovative product placement and advertising as companies attempt to find ways to make commercials more visible, or in this case more audible. Getting people to pay attention to ads has never been more of a challenge.

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32 Responses to OTC: K-State Brings Out Worst In Miami Alum / Will MU Overlook ASU? / Chargers Blackout?

  1. donkeypunch says:

    This might have been one of the more difficult OTC’s I’ve had to read in some time. No flow to it. Boring material. Must be a mail-it-in Friday, eh GH?

    • Greg Hall says:

      More of a throw-back OTC format today rather than mailing it in. I posted a number of theme-based columns this week and decided to go with more of a potpourri of comments. Something for everybody…or possibly nobody. See you on Monday.

      • donkeypunch says:

        Sadly, I’ll be back on Monday anxiously awaiting your thoughts on the curb-stomping the Chiefs/Jayhawks will recieve

      • harley says:

        cLaRk HuNt/DaVid GlaSS in it 4 the MONEY!

        Why do kc fans get so upset with their pro teams? If you haven’t noticed the owners of the teams are in it for the money.
        Not the pride. Not winning. Not an accomplishment.
        They’re in it to make big money…nothing else.

  2. miket. says:

    “…peer pillow-fighter…”? sheesh, that’s low. not even jack harry would go that low. well, maybe he would…

  3. rkcal says:

    Vegging on the couch in front of the flat screen is not the competition for filling the seats for a Chargers game. There’s just way more fun activity choices in the land of perpetual 72 degree days. Tony G. has it right; the popularity of football tends to be higher in places where “not alot else is going on”. Yeah, I’m looking at you, Green Bay.

  4. Kyle says:

    The sad thing for SD is that the NFL lowered the requirement to lift a blackout to only selling 85% of the tickets. So there are TONS of tickets left.

  5. P says:

    Sileo’s rant was epic East Coast Goomba! Funny, the guy started his college career at Maryland but was kicked out for throwing some poor schmuck off a dorm deck or something into a snow bank. There’s speculation that he spent some time in the Hell’s Angels after that before attending The U. Classic. KSU fans should take pride in that rant.

  6. Smartman says:

    More like peer pillow “biter”. Charlie Weiss is suffering from fat poisoning. A team of blind quadriplegics wouldn’t have a problem with KU’s run offense. Even L. Ron Hubbard doesn’t think that KU will beat TCU.

    Gary “hic” Pinkel will figure out a way to cost MU the game and then he’ll get a contract extension and a raise.

    San Diego can’t sell out their home opener and there are actually people that think the NFL will let the Clark’s move the Chiefs if the fans go into boycott mode. Even if the Head was 5 minutes a way from the ocean with a nude beach it’d be packed for every home game. Chiefs fans may be stupid and myopic but they are loyal and rock solid. That being said even Katie Holmes came to her senses.

  7. Rick says:

    Why the continued blast of Jayce. You made the racial tone not him. Disappointing. Good to see Aaron Tweeting since other reports have him in bad shape.

  8. Gavin says:

    Greg, who do you think joins the Big XII? I was in favor of Florida State and Clemson back when they appeared to want in, but I have a feeling that Notre Dame makes the ACC suddenly very stable. To me, that leaves Louisville and. . .? Cincinnati? Memphis? I mean, I guess Cincy adds some TVs and a foot in the door in Ohio but that doesn’t strike me as a really great add, Memphs even less so.

    I do think the league needs to expand, but by waiting on Notre Dame I think they hurt themselves. Should’ve added the other two and then, if Notre Dame wanted to join, made room for them by going to fourteen or something. Huge missed opportunity, I think.

    • The Word says:

      At the end of the day it will be Louisville and UTEP. Why not add one more team from Texas to the Big Texas confrence.

      • Gavin says:

        I will bet you any amount to any entity, charity, person or political party that it will not be UTEP.

        • Paige Arenas says:

          Probably Norfolk State

        • Bob Loblaw says:

          sarcasm (ˈsɑːkæzəm)
          — n
          1. mocking, contemptuous, or ironic language intended to convey scorn or insult
          2. the use or tone of such language

        • The Word says:

          If not UTEP, then Rice or Houston or SMU. I think it will be another Texas school.

          The Big 12 has wiffed on this too many times. People are happy that WV is apart of the confrence but lets be honest, they are in the Big 12 because the SEC and ACC didn’t want them.

          People think it’s going to be a big time name or program…it won’t.

          • Paige Arenas says:

            it sounds like you’re really well connected. Are you in the conference realignment industry?

      • Kyle says:

        Louisville is highly likely. BYU is the only other school that makes a lot of sense, but I doubt that will happen. Air Force could be a dark horse.

  9. Rick says:

    In a previous post it was brought up if Romeo was a yes man who wouldn’t stand up to Scott P. It was clear that Romeo thought a great deal of Kyle Orton. The fact that Kyle took a job as a back up in Dallas indicates that Romeo has no pull or desire to buck Scott’s wishes.

  10. Gary Stinkel says:

    I dont ‘care if we lose every game, we are STILL in the SEC so chew on that haters!

  11. chuck says:

    That dude’s rant was hilarious.

    The pic is funny too.

    •How many muscleheads does it take to change a light bulb?
    It takes 3; one to change it and two others to stand around saying: “your shoulders are sick bro”

    That guy needs to miss a couple cycles and lay off of coffee and red meat.