OTC: Chiefs’ Jamaal Charles Says, “We Suck As A Team Right Now.” Who Is To Blame?

“We suck as a team right now. We’ve got to find our way, find our role and do better as a team.”
Jamaal Charles, while talking to Mitch Holthus Monday night, 810 AM
GH: Pioli, Romeo and The Clarks could learn much from Jamaal on how to address their fan base.

“This [Chiefs] team does not seem to be playing for the jersey, for the logo on the side of the helmet. This culture of paranoia and anxiety has crept down to the players.”
Nate Bukaty, 810 AM
GH: It is merely mid-September, but the ominous gray clouds of a long winter are already locked in place over Arrowhead as they were last season after only two games. Whose fault is it that the Chiefs are no more than a member of the NFL but not a player in this proud league? Opinions on that answer abound. Read on.

“Crennel began defending himself this week and deflecting blame for his team’s two embarrassing, blowout losses — and intimating that the fault lies not on coaches’ shoulders, but with the players.”
Kent Babb, Kansas City Star
GH: Babb offers this opinion based on Crennel stating, ‘If [the players] do their jobs the way they are supposed to do it, then we’ll be able to make the plays.” I don’t consider Babb’s assumption to be much of a leap. Crennel appears to be pointing his finger at his players with this comment. Romeo is not alone in pointing that direction. Read on.

“That was just a pitiful performance [against Buffalo] in all three phases. My goodness, embarrassing. Derek Johnson played a horrible game. While watching the tape, I saw more errors than good plays. Tamba Hali, I thought he would show up emotionally at least. Basically, he was unheard from throughout the game as well. I would not put this [loss] on the coaches. It was totally 100% on the players.”
Danan Hughes, former Chiefs’ player, 610 AM
GH: Few are questioning the talent that Scott Pioli has assembled on this Chiefs’ roster. We can all assume that Kansas City has at least as much talent as their competition in the AFC West. But Hughes just called out two of the Chiefs’ All-Pro-type players. These are Chiefs-drafted veterans in the prime of their careers. When your best players don’t execute and don’t make plays, something is very wrong with how they are being coached.

“I think the [Chiefs’] talent was overrated from the beginning. … We need 22 starters!”
Jayice Pearson, 610 AM
GH: Okay, so I guess there are some who do not believe the Chiefs have the talent to compete. But know this; Jayice Pearson, as a co-host on 610 Sports’ The Big Show, might be the unhappiest, most pessimistic and downright grumpiest voice Kansas City sports talk radio has been introduced to since Conrad Dobler. There is a reason so few ex-athletes make good radio sports talk show hosts. They can’t handle dealing with non-athletes.

“I have calmed down [since the Chiefs’ loss] because I was quite perturbed.”
Josh Vernier, 610 AM
GH: Vernier has been in town for what, a couple of months? So all of a sudden he’s built up all this incredible angst about the Chiefs’ woes? Who does he thinks is buying his line of Wisconsin cheese? JoPo was famous for this when he first arrived in Kansas City – writing as if he grew up in the shadows of Arthur Bryant’s and Municipal Stadium on Brooklyn Ave. Vernier needs to be himself and allow his passion for the local teams to grow or wane naturally. Fake radio is bad radio – every time.

“No one knows yet if Crennel can prove, in his second stint as a head coach, that he can handle this job. But now that he’s in crisis mode, his words suggest he’s in over his head. … He also doesn’t seem to have the self-awareness necessary to identify an obvious weakness in the defense — and strip himself of coordinator duties and focus only on being the head coach. Coaches make this mistake all the time, and it almost always costs them.”
Kent Babb, Kansas City Star
GH: On Monday Babb called for the Chiefs’ GM’s job. On Wednesday he went after the head coach. The Chiefs will likely look at Babb’s last two columns as an attack from a soon-to-be-departed columnist whom they believe was a Haley sympathizer. That is the easy viewpoint. The correct perspective is to promote one of the Chiefs’ defensive assistants to defensive coordinator and tell Romeo he has until the bye week to get his team to play competitive football.

“A couple of plays in the game I thought they quit – and that’s sad to say.”
Danan Hughes, 610 AM
GH: This is not a drunk postgame caller saying the Chiefs quit. Hughes know quitters in the NFL when he sees quitters.

“I didn’t see anybody on offense quit out there.”
Eric Winston, Chiefs’ offensive tackle, 610 AM
GH: Unfortunately, Winston was not asked about the Chiefs’ defense and special teams.

“It’s been proven time and time again that there’s not a direct correlation between spending cap dollars and winning. There’s not.”
Scott Pioli, Kansas City Star
GH: This is why I have so little hope that Pioli can pull this franchise out of its death spiral of a free fall. He responds to criticism with excuses. He has shown no ability to be allowed to be seen as flawed. Great leaders adjust to their personnel, their environment and their competition. Pioli would rather play the role of the persecuted prince.

Gary Pinkel: “No one has ever questioned James Franklin’s competiveness.”
Kevin Kietzman: “I’m not questioning that. That’s not what the question’s about.”
GH: Kietzman spent much of his four-hour show on Tuesday questioning the Mizzou quarterback’s competitiveness, his heart, his commitment to his team and even whether or not James Franklin was playing the right sport. All of these are fine topics for his show and make for entertaining radio. But when Kietzman was confronted by Pinkel as to where he was going with his line of questioning, and pointedly told no one has questioned Franklin’s competitiveness, Kietzman ran from his own words. I was not at all surprised.

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30 Responses to OTC: Chiefs’ Jamaal Charles Says, “We Suck As A Team Right Now.” Who Is To Blame?

  1. Jim says:

    No one…………except Pinkel himself.

    • dman says:

      What a surprise Jim, if it isn’t related to Mizzou, you aren’t interested in it huh?

      The Chiefs are an f’in disaster. I really miss Marty, but the worst part is that even Gunther would be an upgrade over this bag of sh!t.

  2. Smartman says:

    Leaders lead! They accept responsibility for failure and distribute responsibility for success. The Clarks, Pioli, Crennel couldn’t lead a sing-a-long at a gay youth hostel. Hell, give me the HC job for a couple of weeks. After running gasssers for 8 hours and trying on cheerleader outfits they’d get the message. This team lacks discipline, cohesiveness and a sense of purpose. The only way to establish those values is the way the nuns did and DI’s still do. You gotta break ‘em down to blubbering mush and build ‘em back up. Mental and physical pain are the only two tools you need to turn ordinary men into great warriors. Or you can let them smoke meth before the game.

    Gary Pinkel makes the Sonic guys sound like Lincoln and Douglas.

    • Will says:

      I thought Pinkel should have asked Keitzman if he was calling him a liar. After KK asked Pinkel the same question three times about the coaches pressuring Franklin to take the shot and Pinkel denying it each time.

  3. Kyle says:

    Gary Pinkel OWNS Kevin Kietzman. KK is literally scared shitless of him. Ever since Pinkel chastised him with a double “shame on you” for suggesting that his team lost a game to Iowa St. when the refs blew the call, he has been scared to death of him. He rarely criticizes anything he does because he does not want to lose him as a guest on his show. If Pinkel was the coach at KU and he has pulled some of the crap he has at mu, KK would have made him public ememy #1 a long time ago.

  4. Doo says:

    Re: Spending cap dollars and winning, Babb had a very good reply to that in his twitter timeline: (Source: @kentbabb: “Of the five tms in ’11 with most cap room entering season, three finished last and none won 10 games. Combined record was 31-49 last year.)

    There may not be a correlation between spending money and winning, but there damn well seems to be a correlation between not spending money and underachieving badly.

    Didn’t the Chiefs have enough money to retain Brandon Carr? Yes??? Then why the hell didn’t they???? This reeks about as bad as when Dick Vermeil allowed Greg Robinson to cut Donnie Edwards, at a time when the Chiefs were perilously thin at LB. And Edwards was in the prime of his career, drafted by the Chiefs to be exactly what he was doing. And Vermeil (through Robinson, with – I guess – the blessing of Carl) let it happen. Why does this franchise continue to make fuckup decisions on their own drafted talent that succeeds??????? Now the Chiefs are thin at corner, with nickel packages getting burned because the extra DB can’t cover or read shit.

    • J Rok says:

      Completely agree Doo. Isn’t keeping guys you drafted who have improved every year of their career part of rebuilding? This may have been mentioned before but the Brandon Carr situation is almost identical to many of the Royals players that have been built up and shipped out once they reach their prime. With the money the Chiefs have under the cap they could have locked up Carr AND signed Routt.

      The same thing is going to happen next year with Dwayne Bowe. They’ll tell us throughout this year that Baldwin is the answer, he’s a beast, etc. etc. (just like they told us Routt was as good as Carr). Bowe will walk and next year our WR’s will be looking just as bad as the CB’s have so far this year.

    • Smartman says:


  5. Dave says:

    Since you brought it up, one of my favorite segments on sports radio was the Friday night football picks with Dobler and the computer professor from UMKC. Hilarious.

    • JP says:

      Those were the days. The Professor was like a robot, he couldn’t say anything except what the computer splurted out. Dobler was entertaining as a sports talk show host. I do miss those days.

  6. Rick says:

    Greg that is TWO players not TO players.

  7. Arte says:

    But Romeo has to be a good coach. He’s the son of a Master Sergeant. At least that’s what Mitch Holtus keeps telling us over and over and over again.

  8. brett says:

    greg you are dead on about vernier. i had a good chuckle as he feigned misery over the chiefs.

  9. Johnny Utah says:

    Last year, when Bills WR cheapshots Pro Bowler Berry early in a blowout, no Chief responds. This year, when Bills LB cheapshots Boss in a blowout, no Chief responds.

    They’re heartless, gutless mercenaries in the organization from the 3rd generation owner who built nothing down to the practice squad.

  10. JP says:

    The Chiefs are on the verge of losing this city very quickly. Pioli has to have his head in the clouds, to believe the “right 53″ are on the field. This team must play competitively this week. They may lose, but it better be a close game or a win. Otherwise, we can start talking blackouts again. That is even with the new NFL rules regarding blackouts.

  11. Uncle Dick says:

    They should hire Heidi Fleiss to play linebacker, at least she has a proven track record for filling holes.

  12. The right 53 says:

    The Chiefs are a joke. I am a season ticket holder who is sick of this BS. Why the HELL didn’t we sign Brandon Carr? Or Jeff Fisher for that matter?

    • Kyle says:

      2 answers to your question. 1. Scott Pioli 2. Scott Pioli.

      • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

        Neither Fisher nor Peyton Manning would blow a fart in Kansas City’s direction. Pathetic.

        • randyraley says:

          Fisher is the best thing for the Rams since Vermeil. He already has this pathetic team showing some swagger and heart. St. Louis LOVES him and the team is only 1-1 with a tough Bears game tomorrow. Fisher would have rightened that ship faster in KC, I think the Chiefs have better talent.

  13. Joe Blow says:

    Hmm..I’ve yet to read a single word from Babb that says anything more than “frustrated insinuation”. He seems to be the same as Whitlock — so pissed off that he has no access that he’s willing to writing anything that gets attention that’s negative about the Chiefs..