OTC: Is Geno’s Pizzaz As Good As It Looks? / Or Does It Need More Time In The B12 Oven?

“The Heisman race is over. Give it to Geno Smith right now.”
Eddie George, Sirius XM 91

“Sadly, conference realignment stole some flavor from Big 12 football, but this much is indisputable: It also made it a stronger football league. … Thanks to West Virginia, the Big 12 hasn’t lost its identity as college football’s home for high-octane offenses and record-breaking quarterbacks.”
Tom Keegan, columnist, Lawrence Journal World
GH: Indisputable? With only one or two league games played? I just saw Baylor hang 63 on everybody’s new darling Big 12 team, West Virginia. Geno’s Pizazz might be everything everyone is telling us they are – but let’s hold off on smothering it with anchovies just yet. Read on.

“What Geno Smith did the other day, when you look at those numbers, you say, ‘How could that possibly happen? How could a guy be sitting there with those type of numbers at the end of the game against a very good competitor? ’ I mean, it’s kind of scary.”
Charlie Weis, KUSports.com
GH: I have an answer for how Geno’s numbers could happen – Baylor’s defensive backs must have governors on them that don’t allow them to cover a receiver beyond 40 yards. Geno should have been called for icing on some of those TD bombs.

“I think you kidnap the quarterback. That’s the only thing I can think of right now.”
Bill Snyder, when asked how to slow down West Virginia’s offense, KUSports.com
GH: Do not take my comments to mean I do not respect Geno Smith and his stats. They would be incredible in a practice drill let alone against live competition. But Texas is going to bring an entirely different kind of football to Saturday’s game. It is the test that will measure West Virginia’s worth. Pass this one Geno, and that Heisman chatter will turn into a scream.

“As good as our quarterbacks have been, he’s playing as good or better as any quarterback we’ve ever had. Just unbelievable. I mean, he hasn’t made a mistake and there is a tremendous amount of pressure on him, with trying to handle all the hype and the Heisman stuff.”
Mack Brown, on West Virginia’s Geno Smith, KUSports.com
GH: The Heisman stuff for Geno doesn’t get real until the Mountaineers play on national TV this week in front of over 100,000 in Austin. If Geno slays BEVO, that matchup of Heisman hopefuls in Morgantown against K-State’s Collin Klein on October 20th is going to make the Big 12 look every bit as sexy as the SEC.

“Now that Missouri is no longer a competitor, and they’re playing in the Southeastern Conference, Kansas has to focus in on having that same focus and intensity toward the in-state rival that Kansas State does.”
Charlie Weis, Topeka Capital Journal
GH: Wow, talk about an under-watered sunflower! Weis could use a bit of help writing inspirational speeches for his in-state rivalry game. ‘Well, since MU is gone, I guess those guys are our big game.’ Not quite Rockne, coach.

“You can’t go in [to the K-State game] and try to keep it close. I’d lose by a hundred trying to win.”
Charlie Weis, via @joshklingler, Twitter
GH: Careful on tossing out those triple digits, coach. You don’t quite understand that Bill Snyder and his team have no confusion where their rival school resides.

“I have different eating habits. My doctor doesn’t like it but I’ve grown into some habits. I eat one meal a day and it’s really late at night.”
Bill Snyder, Topeka Capital Journal
GH: One of my brothers in Omaha calls Snyder, “Lord Voldemort,” after the evil yet brilliant Harry Potter villain. Joe Posnanski picked the wrong legendary college football coach to cozy up to and write an inspiring and emotional biography. If Snyder would allow it – and I have no reason to believe he would – his life story would be a fascinating read.

“The [MU coaching] staff was clearly unhappy with the pass protection Saturday at Central Florida. Pinkel said the five sacks were the most he remembered any of his teams ever giving up. [He also said the media would surely look up the stats to see if he's accurate. He's right. I did. And, nope, Nebraska had six sacks against the Tigers in 2010.]”
Dave Matter, columnist, Columbia Tribune
GH: The Mizzou game did not start well for the Tigers. Having James Franklin forced to scramble against a Central Florida pass rush should send alarms through Mizzou fans who have another six SEC games on the schedule. Read on.

“Evan Boehm, the left guard, was beaten very badly by his guy.”
Howard Richards, MU’s radio analyst, after a sack of James Franklin, Tiger Radio Network
GH: Richards in just his second season as MU’s radio analyst and he has shown a willingness to be brutally honest at times. Blaming the true freshman Boehm for the sack on the Tiger Radio Network is something you would never hear from the much-loved but frustratingly homerish John Kadlec.

“We have seen close to 10 high snaps today and that one almost got away from Franklin. These are drive killers.”
Howard Richards, as Missouri again struggled with poor shotgun center snaps in the first half at Central Florida, Tiger Radio Network
GH: I only caught the first half of the MU game on the radio but I was impressed with the objectivity of the dire scene that both Mike Kelly and Richards described for Mizzou fans who were listening. The Tigers were in trouble at Central Florida and to their credit, neither of them tried to sugarcoat it.

“As disappointed, frustrated and exasperated as Missouri fans might be with the errant shotgun snaps, nobody’s feeling all of those emotions more than Mitch Morse, the center. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a player so down on himself than Morse is right now. And to his credit, he answered every question lobbed his way about mistakes that are plain to see for thousands of fans watching.”
Dave Matter, columnist, Columbia Tribune
GH: I feel bad for Morse as well but as former Colorado head coach Dan Hawkins would say, “This is the Big 12 [SEC]! It ain’t intramurals!” I watched the Wisconsin/Nebraska game Saturday night and the Huskers’ center was perfect with his snaps. There was a crispness and velocity to his snaps that I have yet to see out of Morse. The MU staff thinks Morse is releasing the ball too high. I think it’s between his ears – which is much more difficult to fix.

“To set our team back like that, it’s really starting to make me angry. It will get fixed. I promise you that.”
Mitch Morse, MU center, on his poor snaps in the shotgun formation, Columbia Tribune
GH: I hope Morse gets it fixed but his snaps remind me of Steve Sax forgetting how to throw to first base.

“After missing three games, left tackle Elvis Fisher is expected to play Saturday against Vanderbilt.”
Dave Matter, columnist, Columbia Tribune
GH: A Mizzou fan tweeted how happy she was that Fisher is back and expected to play on Saturday. Fisher responded to her tweet with the surprising response of, “I am?” Write Fisher’s name on your Vandy/MU scorecard in pencil for now.

“You can already see it’s a much more fluid crew. Communications are much better.”
Boomer Esiason, about seven minutes into the Thursday Night NFL game, on the return of the regular NFL referees, Sirius XM
GH: No prejudice here, folks. Just unfiltered cronyism.

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31 Responses to OTC: Is Geno’s Pizzaz As Good As It Looks? / Or Does It Need More Time In The B12 Oven?

  1. Jeff Gelski says:

    Ouch! on the Steve Sax reference. Mitch Morse is not that bad — yet — but I fear it could become overwhelmingly mental for him. I hope he gets it figured out. MU has not had chronic trouble with high snaps since Brad Smith’s junior year.

    • harley says:

      The w.v. qb looked awesome. Great throwing arm. But there’s still a lot
      of games to play. In the big 12 he gets lots of patsys. How neat will it
      be to see the guy against a sec defense in a bowl game.
      MU seems to be getting better on both sides of the ball. Need more
      confidence but having been an MU fan for many years I have a
      feeling that Alabama game might suprise some people. Every year
      MU wins a huge game they were not expected to win. Alabama might
      be that game. Of course that’s wishful thinking.

      • WaldoTiger says:

        I am a life long Mizzou fan, but Alabama is going to CRUSH the Tigers. It will be ugly before Halftime. James Franklin may not make it out of the first quarter.

      • BlackJack says:

        Uhh, that’s wishful thinking, dude. Where did you get that impression? MU has shown absolutely ZERO signs that they will “win a huge game they were not expected to win” this season.

  2. Java Man says:

    “Geno should have been called for icing on some of those TD bombs. ”
    Excellent stuff today, Greg.

  3. Gavin says:

    OK, somebody please reset the “______ Number of Days Since Greg Made a Posnanski/Paterno Reference” flip chart back to zero.

  4. yuri says:


    Are you tracking the ‘twitter-touted’ footrace in the planning between Erik Kynard and Daniel Sams?


  5. OlatheCat says:

    I’m also taking a wait and see approach with Smith. Baylor’s defense is awful. Louisiana Monroe shredded them! Smith also didn’t look Heisman quality against Maryland. He made some good plays, but Maryland bothered him a lot. It’s a long season.

  6. Eric Gallon says:

    Excellent point on JoePo – he even has an in to Manhattan, his wife is a K-State grad. Berry Tramel, who covers OU, has gleaned better details about Snyder’s life than most of the local writers, somehow.

  7. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Baylor and WVA made the Big 12 look like the new WAC. Lot’s of offense, ZERO defense. That game was an embarrassment.

    • The Word says:

      Agreed. The big diffrence between the Big 12 and the SEC is this.

      The SEC does have bad D’s, but unlike the Big 12, their at the bottom of the confrence.

      The Big 12 has mostly bend but don’t brake D’s. The SEC has mostly bend you and brake you D’s.

      The Big 12 has turned into outdoot Arena Football.

  8. Mark says:

    That West Virginia-Baylor game looked like a streetball game. Baylor’s defense was an absolute joke and Smith’s touchdowns were often to wide-open receivers.
    Keep in mind, Baylor’s QB threw 5 touchdown passes in the game. Let’s see Smith face a real defense.

  9. Gary Patterson says:

    Love the missouri fans sticking up for their new conference. I guess the company line remains the same as long as the tigers keep getting piss pounded

  10. Kyle says:

    GH: Do not take my comments to mean I do not respect Geno Smith and his stats. They would be incredible in a practice drill let alone against live competition. But Texas is going to bring an entirely different kind of football to Saturday’s game. It is the test that will measure West Virginia’s worth. Pass this one Geno, and that Heisman chatter will turn into a scream.

    Greg, is this Texas team you are referring to the same one that just gave up 573 yards to OSU?

    • Greg Hall says:

      Kyle, Your point is a good one, but Texas was in Stillwater last Saturday and they’ll be home in Austin this weekend. WV scoring 40 in Austin is going to turn a lot more heads than 70 on Baylor. There is a reason Vegas has the Longhorns as 7-point favorites.

    • anfo says:

      Ole Miss ran for 170 yards and threw for 229 yards against Texas. They put up 31 points too.

  11. tigerdan4 says:

    Big 12 football, yawn…

    I expect Mizzou to play their best game of the season Saturday and get our 1st SEC win. Hopefully our worst football is behind us and the team can start to get some things figured out. Getting the win at UCF was big in the sense that everything is aligned for an 8th straight bowl appearance.

    Oh I almost forgot, fire Scott Pioli.

    • Kyle says:

      That will be monumental against mighty Vanderbilt. With teams like them, Misissippi and UK, ole missou is guaranteed 3 wins per year. Add 3 non cons and 6 wins could very well happen each and every year. Now THAT’s what I call a juggernaut!

      • BlackJack says:

        College football blows. A team wins half of their games and gets a bowl appearance (yippee!), justifying their season as a success. Aren’t there like 50 team that qualify for a bowl appearance each year? That is more watered-down than the 64 team NCAA basketball tourney invite (128 division 1 football vs. 340+ division 1 basketball)

  12. Smartman says:

    Ripped Van Pinkel’s sphincter is probably already tighter than a banjo string in an igloo. 10-13-12, a day that will live in infamy. Columbia’s Pearl Harbor and 9-11 all rolled into one big can of impending whupass. Roll Tide.

    HCBS is gonna go all Hannibal Lecter on Fat Charlie. I’m taking some fava beans and a nice chianti to the game to go with my pork rinds.

    We’re giving Geno too much credit for jerking off. When he actually slays some bitches Ron Jeremy style then we can talk about the Heisman. If I had to pick a QB today to start a new team in the NFL from this years crop I’d take Collin Klein in a heartbeat.

  13. mike t says:

    call me a troll, call me stupid, but i just finished reading the last of the 57 comments from the last thread. i feel sick. i feel there’s absolutely no hope for the chiefs. i used to like wearing the red and gold. now, it stays in the closet. so very sad. feel the same about the royals too for that matter.

    i’m one of those fans that if the owners, gm’s, etc., put a freakin’ decent product on the field, i’d actually support them. fervertly. not these guys.

    most of you who post here make a lot of sense. thanks for your insights and opinions.

  14. Joe says:

    Geno showed more “pizzazz” in one game, than Cassell has shown in his entire career! Let’s draft him next year. What have we got to lose? JH

  15. KU Fapper says:

    Kyle – Check your schedule, mizzou doesn’t play ole miss every year, nice try though.