OTC: Chiefs’ Fans Look To Be Heard As Chef’s Hats Rise At Arrowhead / Is Cassel Cooked?

“True sports fans stick with their team through thick and thin.”
Steven St. John, in answer to Gary Lezak’s questing if the Chiefs have lost their fan base, 810 AM
GH: SSJ sounds like he is reading directly from the professional sports teams’ owner’s manual. Sports franchises have floated that myth out there for decades that you can’t call yourself a real fan unless you put up with whatever crappy product the owner puts on the field. We need to be smarter than our parents and grandparents. Real fans complain, bitch and quit buying tickets to games when ownership groups like the Chiefs and Royals embarrass a fan base and city with teams that haven’t sniffed the postseason in 20 years. Real fans get pissed. Real fans take action. Read on.

“The fans in this town are sharks looking for blood and I agree with them 100%.”
Bob Fescoe, 610 AM
GH: Fescoe has a different approach to how Chiefs’ and Royals’ fans should respond to teams during their “thin” seasons – like sharks looking for a kill. Fescoe opened his phones Wednesday morning to Chiefs’ fans and allowed them to vent. It was great radio. Read on.

“The NFL is a copycat league. Wearing bags over our heads, the Saints have already done that. I’m wearing a chef’s hat out to the Chiefs’ game. I hope some other people pick up on that. I think it’s simple and it says we’re inept and we deserve to be called the Chef’s.”
Caller to Fescoe’s show, 610 AM
GH: I LOVE this idea! With the Chiefs only 1-3 and the season still somewhat in question, it might be a bit early to wear your chef’s hat into the stadium. But it might not be a bad idea to have it in hand if the Ravens’ game goes like we think it might.

“I’ve got a $17,000 RV all painted up with Chiefs’ logos that I’m embarrassed to drive now.”
Caller Jerry to The Big Show, 610 AM
GH: Jerry identified himself as a long-time Chiefs’ season-ticket holder who is finally fed up. He advocated a Black Sunday where all Chiefs’ fans wear black to a game to protest the losing ways of the organization. A lot of fans have invested crazy amounts of money to follow and cheer for the Chiefs and Royals. I am sure we would all be shocked to hear the total dollar amount that we have spent on food, clothes, travel and insane items like a $17K RV. At one time I considered this Chiefs’ craze as incurable as the common cold. But the longer the Hunt family allows the franchise to wallow, the fewer sniffles I see at Arrowhead.

“Spent most five years in KC; been in DC one night and saw home team win the division.”
Kent Babb, @kentbabb, on the Nationals securing the NL East title, Twitter
GH: Geography. When it comes to our teams winning, losing and making our lives a bit happier or less so, it comes down to where we live and when we live there. Babb just traded the Royals for the Nats and Matt Cassel for RG3. Geography. We all should have paid more attention in that class.

“What in the world was that thing on the front page of the Star’s sports section [Tuesday]? Of course those guys aren’t better than Matt Cassel! That was stupid.”
Danny Clinkscale, on The Star article that asked readers if the Chiefs would be better off with David Garrard, Vince Young, Seneca Wallace, Chris Redman, A.J. Feeley or Brian Hoyer as their starting QB, 810 AM
GH: The Star merely asked the question would the Chiefs be better off with these guys than the guy we’ve got. What the article did for me was point out how many inept quarterbacks have become millionaires in the NFL. Cassel is not good, but he’s not any worse than a lot of the leftovers.

“There’s no reason to go to Brady Quinn – because if you do that you’re saying this whole thing is over.”
Jayice Pearson, 610 AM
GH: I wouldn’t say there is “no reason” to insert Quinn, but I agree that he doesn’t look like he’s the answer – or even on the same level as Kyle Orton as a replacement QB. The Chiefs just appear to be screwed at the position of quarterback – and we all can agree on where the fault for that deficiency lies.

“In this league you live and die with what your quarterback is doing. And this [Chiefs’] quarterback is struggling. We all know his arm is not great but it is certainly good enough.”
Kevin Harlan, 810 AM
GH: Is Cassel’s arm “good enough?” I don’t think he has ever had an NFL arm. He didn’t even have a Pac 12 arm at USC. Cassel throws a very catchable ball that lacks velocity. Under duress, his ball flutters and floats.

“I don’t [think they are going to stick with Cassel]. I think it’s going to be Brady Quinn before you know it.”
Jay Binkley, 610 AM
GH: Ian Eagle told The Border Patrol he thinks the Chiefs might make the change to Quinn this Sunday if Cassel and the offense again struggles. If that happens, I expect to see a number of chef’s hats dotting the sparse crowd at Arrowhead.

“The Chiefs have some good players but I think a lot of the Chiefs’ players are extremely overrated. One of their stars, Eric Berry, looked like Jon McGraw with a broken leg!”
Danny Clinkscale, 810 AM

“I don’t think Dwayne Bowe’s going to stay – not with this regime. And he definitely wouldn’t give them a discount.”
Jayice Pearson, 610 AM

“Look, you don’t need me to tell you about the Kansas City Chiefs – you live it every day.”
Ian Eagle, who will be the play-by-play voice for the TV broadcast of the Ravens/Chiefs game, 810 AM

“Arizona is one of the biggest surprises in the NFL and the Chiefs are one of the biggest disappointments.”
Ian Eagle, 810 AM

“I don’t think Scott Pioli’s position is in any kind of danger right now. The head coach [Romeo Crennel], I don’t know.”
Kevin Harlan, 810 AM
GH: No way Pioli survives if Romeo is slain – right? Right? Do we need to get Babb back here?

“There have been many times in the past when everybody wanted to bury the Chiefs and they come up with a shocking performance.”
Steven St. John, 810 AM
GH: Mellinger somewhat touched on this in his Monday column. He stated one solution for the Chiefs’ woes was to just hope that the yin and yang of the NFL would be enough to balance the Chiefs season through pure happenstance. I just don’t think real playoff contenders wait around for a lucky bounce. The Chiefs need to aspire to be better than a game of Keno.

“I still believe this team can be better and will be better.”
Romeo Crennel, 810 AM
GH: It can hardly be any worse.

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43 Responses to OTC: Chiefs’ Fans Look To Be Heard As Chef’s Hats Rise At Arrowhead / Is Cassel Cooked?

  1. Jim says:

    Do I lay the majority of the blame at the feet of the chiefs organization? Yes. But, the fans have to take some responsibility for their disappointment. All the “pie in the sky” predictions that fans had about going 10-6, 11-5 and winning the division were completely unrealistic. Predicting the Chiefs to get “better” without a QB is exactly like predicting the Royals are going to be “better” without pitching. Both of these teams went into their seasons with the EXACT same personnel they had in 2011. Why in the hell would ANYONE think they were magically going to be “better”. Being a fan shouldn’t mean you check your intelligence at the stadium gates. Get a clue, people. Tell me what incentive either owner of our local teams has in spending more money for the sake of winning? The rubes keep coming through the turnstiles NO MATTER what product they put on the field. Champagne hopes on a beer budget. Ain’t happening, folks.

    • KCPRGuy says:

      Maybe I see my sports teams as glass half full vs. half empty but I show up for every season thinking my team has a shot to win it all or at least be competitive. Does that cause me a lot of grief and disappointment? Well, considering I root for the Chiefs, the Royals, the football Jayhawks, yeah it does. I will say, the only money I have spent on sporting event tickets in 2012 – Sporting KC. Don’t see that changing anytime soon.

      • fRED fLINTSTONE says:

        KCPR Guy, just think of the pain you’d be inflicting on yourself if you were a fan the Missery Tigers as well. No Big 12 Championships in all the years in the league…and now in the SEC. Uggh.

        • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

          Missouri does have Big 12 championships under it’s belt, and I’m not talking about the hoops tournament either.

          • fRED fLINTSTONE says:

            I was speaking of revenue producing sports…. MU has won no Big 12 Regular Season Championships….NONE.

            And look for that to continue in the SEC, unless Calipari get’s busted again and has to leave Kentucky.

          • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

            But that’s not what you said when you originally shot your mouth off.

    • chuck says:

      Dead on the money Jim.

  2. JP says:

    First of all, I will give kudos to 610. They have let the callers vent about their frustration with the Chiefs, and stuck to this topic. Whenever I turn on 810, they are in full magazine mode, with their “experts” talking about a college football game 1ooo miles away. Say what you will about Fescoe, but he sticks to what people want to talk about, not force feeding them other topics of non-interest. The Border Patrol has been disappointing in that regard of late.

    • Kyle Rohde says:

      And I’m the opposite – I can only take so much Chiefs and Royals, and I pretty much switch to SiriusXM or my iPod in the car if that’s all that’s being talked about. My favorite single segment of radio in this town is Petro’s two-minute drill because it covers so many other parts of the country.

    • Steve says:

      I think most callers on radio shows are morons, and it only takes one or two of those calls before I change the station. 810 and the national shows understand this a lot better than 610.

      • John says:

        St. John hates taking callers and is very open to this fact. When you hear some of the callers, who can blame him? Petro will entertain callers, but knows when to get someone off who is being stupid. I can’t comment on Kevin since I refuse to listen to him. As far as 610…that station seems to be worse now than ever before. Maybe it’s just me.

  3. txtigerfan says:

    I didn’t realize what good baseball was until I moved to DFW 2 years ago. Yes, I got behind the Rangers because they are good, have won playoff games, and they have a great ownership group led by Nolan Ryan. I was able to come down here and see a baseball team win back to back pennants and their NBA franchise win a World Title. My time in KC for 20 years didn’t let me see as much as a sniff of championships from the two pro sport teams. Good bye and buenas dias to the Powder Puff Chefs & Royals Softball. No I will not root for the Cowboys. Can’t stand them and currently they are no better than the Chiefs!

    • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

      Good baseball is still played in Missouri. It’s just over in St Louis. Just like anything else worth a damn. Even the Rams have been to two super bowls, winning one, and now seem to have things going in the right direction with Jeff Fisher.

      • fRED fLINTSTONE says:

        Yes, if you don’t mind taking your life into your own hands living in the crime capital of the US. Well, maybe Detroit beat STL out this year, but you’re a nice second.

        • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

          Dude, you’re just a flipping moron. I live here in Kansas City and have done so for most of the past 2o years. Have never lived in St Louis. But have been to many games in downtown St Louis and have never once felt unsafe. Sure, if you want to walk thru the ghettos of the city, you might be in danger, but hell that’s the case here too. Much like KC, most of the population lives in all the suburbs. St Charles/St Peters, Des Peres…. Like it or not, STL sports puts KC sports to shame.

          • fRED fLINTSTONE says:

            All but 1985…. Scoreboard.
            What’s that? I think I hear a Don Denkinger blast coming. Wahhh, Wahhh.

          • dman says:

            Great job fred with the 1985 comment, because you know that Royals tradition puts the Cardinals to shame.

            The least you can do is mention the super bowl title we had over 50 years ago.

          • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

            Fred’s just an ugly illustration of how pathetic the Kansas City sports scene has become. 1985 smack? Weak sauce.

    • Smartman says:

      But at least the Cowboys have an owner who wants to win and is not afraid to take fire from the media. After the Monday night shellacking Jerry was out in front and not hiring under a desk doing the dodge, duck, deny, defer, deflect thing.

  4. J Rok says:

    GH: “SSJ sounds like he is reading directly from the professional sports teams’ owner’s manual. Sports franchises have floated that myth out there for decades that you can’t call yourself a real fan unless you put up with whatever crappy product the owner puts on the field. We need to be smarter than our parents and grandparents. Real fans complain, bitch and quit buying tickets to games when ownership groups like the Chiefs and Royals embarrass a fan base and city with teams that haven’t sniffed the postseason in 20 years. Real fans get pissed. ”

    I’ve been saying this for years. Yet idiots who spend $100s if not $1000s on this team continue to scream, “fairweather fan” at anyone who doesn’t or anyone who disapproves of the direction of the Chiefs/Royals. If the Chiefs ever make the Super Bowl, it will be just as sweet for us fans that watched 25+ years of embarrassment in the comfort of our own home, with money in our wallets as it will be for the morons who continue to buy season tickets, jerseys, etc. whether they believe it or not. The only problem is, the Chiefs won’t ever make the Super Bowl because of the fans who continue to act as “real fans.”

    • Mark x says:


      “Real fans” = stupid people.

      “Fairweather fans” = smart people.

      I will not pay my hard earned money for the product the Chiefs produce.
      Professional sport is entertainment business. I support my kid’s high school teams …regardless of their won-lost record. But professional sports is different.

      You ‘real fans’ that continue to to shell out big $$$ for tickets, jerseys, ballpark concessions, ‘parking’ fees, etc. for this joke of a team …yeah, you’re the ‘real fans’.


  5. nick says:

    Chefs hat idea is awesome…IF we’re getting hammered by Baltimore late in the game.

    The Royals brass is likely praying to the heavens for a win tonight, so they can kick off their “We Didn’t Lose 90!” campaign for 2013.

    • fRED fLINTSTONE says:

      Actually, the Royals might want to mail this one in tonight against Sherzer for this reason that a friend of mine came up with:
      Root for the Royals to lose and root for Toronto to win. We’re currently tied with Toronto at 72-89, with the Mets one game ahead of us (or 1 game better).
      Tonight’s game does have a 2013 draft scenario depending on the outcome. A win could drop the Royals out of the top 10 in next years MLB draft, where as a loss could move them to the #8 pick. I believe if they drop out of the top 10 and then sign any “type “A” free agent, the team losing the Free Agent would be granted the Royals pick as compensation. Whereas if they stay in the top 10, the losing team would get their second round pick. I’m not 100% on this last fact, but I believe I am correct.
      Bottom line, we need to lose tonight..
      If only Hochaever were pitching…..

      • rbt says:

        Not true. The Royals will pick no worse than 10th.

        As of today, with a 72-89 record they would pick 8th .

        The Pirates will pick 9th no matter what because that is their compensation pick for not signing Mark Appel.

        The Blue Jays, with a 72-89 record would pick 10th. The Jays have the same record as the Royals, but get the 10th pick because the tiebreaker is last year’s record, where the Royals were worse.

        The Mets, with a 71-88 record would pick 11th.

        If the Royals win and the Jays and Mets lose, they would pick 10th, not 11th, as many people think. Here’s why: The Jays would have a worse record and therefore get the 8th pick. The Mets would have the same record, but, like the Jays, they had the better record last year, so the Royals get the 10th pick. There is no scenario in which they would fall to the 11th pick.

      • poodymilk says:

        seriously? you’re worried about the Royals draft scenarios for next year like it matters? They will still suck next year and every year after until they get an owner who cares about winning. period.

  6. KCMonarch says:

    New marketing slogan: ‘Kansas City 2012; There is no “I” in Chefs’

    Love it.

  7. Smartman says:

    One thing every business must have in order to succeed is customers. You get customers by taking care of them, making them happy, wanting to do business with you again. In those most fundamental business aspects the Chiefs have failed miserably. The fact that any individual or business continues to support the organization financially wreaks of stupidity, self loathing and even lower self esteem.

    The problem with Matt Cassel is not his arm, it’s his head. An arm you can fix, a head, not so much. He’s got less confidence than a eunuch at a porn casting call for First and 10 inches.

    Steven St. John has officially been upgraded to useful idiot on my depth chart.

    Forget the Chef’s hats. Shit in a Zip-Lok bag, or put some dog turds in one, place it inside an 8.5″ by 11″ business envelope and mail it to Scott Pioli at 1AD. If only 100 people would do that it would have a more devastating impact on his psyche than letting Kent Babb tee off on the front page of the Wall Street Journal. For Waspy cunts like Pioli getting 100 packages of shit is like a death sentence. Word will spread throughout the league that fans mailed him shit. He will be eternally embarrassed. He will never, ever live that down. It’s what he deserves.

  8. Gavin says:

    “No way Pioli survives if Romeo is slain – right? Right? ”

    Actually, if things continue down this path, I think the only way Pioli survives is if Romeo is gone. I agree that they both need to go, but I could see a narrow path for Pioli if he convinces Clark Hunt that the real salvation is in him staying, getting rid of Romeo and absolutely agreeing to do everything humanly possible to fix the situation at quarterback.

    I’m not predicting this, but massive changes will have to be made if Hunt wants to at least give the appearance of keeping faith with the fans. Pioli just might be able to sell those massive changes as equaling a new head coach and a new QB and keeping the front office. The tagline to that argument is “Fire all of us, you have to pay all of us and then pay the new guys as well. Fire Romeo and Cassell and you only have to eat Cassell’s bonus and pay off Romeo. Keeping me is the cheapest way to go and I know we’re close. I’ll get it right the next time.”

    At which point Pioli will go full on latter-day Marty Schottenheimer and stop worrying about the “right 53″ and start signing any-and everyone who can help him win right now. Every discipline case, every current iteration of Chester McGlockton will be signed for next season.

  9. elson floyd says:

    What championships did we win? I was busy helping my boy quinn cruit.

  10. mike t says:

    i guess we can blame cassell, crennel, pioli, etc. all we want. i do – all three and dabol too. good catharsis. venting = feel better. triggers some chemical reaction in our brains or something. just remember, we did this a few years ago, right? got rid of the coaches and GM, right? look what happened. just sayin’ be careful what you (we) ask for.

    • chuck says:

      Yeah, but Mike, as bad as Pioli has turned out, there was NO WAY you would have anticipated the General Manager of the Decade with the New England Patriots crappin such big steamers in his new job.

      Clark Hunt, actually went out and got the guy every pundit and talking head in America said was the absolute best hire.

      Ok, now we know he can’t draft, or actually run a sports team. Bad break, time to get back on the horse.

      What can I tell ya??

      • miket. says:

        oh, i totally agree chuck. my point, and not very well made at that i guess, is that clark hunt made the call on supposedly the best guy out there. spent a lot of time researching it too if i remember correctly. he did his due diligence. and he still hired poorly. now what? who is clark relying on for advice? is clark able to evaluate ‘talent’? my thinking is ‘no’.

  11. Larry Mondello says:

    Why insult Chefs? I for one love food and appreciate them.

  12. nick says:

    Anybody listening to Yost and Moore’s season-ending press conference?

    Seitzer is fired, and Yost’s comments almost sound as if Yost is blaming Seitzer for the Royals bad season. Isn’t Seitzer credited for Escobar’s HUGE turn-around. Gordon has become a force. Is Seitzer to blame for Hosmer hitting .250?

    I like Seitzer. Seems a great guy. Hard to trust that the Royals brain trust…after decades of crappiness…made the right decision.