OTC: Winston Witch Trials Of KC Chiefs’ Fans Day 2 / Mizzou Goes Kansas In SEC Debut Season

“I stand by what I said. I believe what I said.”
Eric Winston, Chiefs’ offensive tackle, in a tweet sent out Monday night, reaffirming his disgust with the Chiefs’ fans who cheered Matt Cassel’s injury during the Ravens’ game, Twitter
GH: Day two of the Winston Witch Trials didn’t clear much of anything up for the persecuted Chiefs’ fans who Winston trashed with his postgame lecture. Winston met with some of the media after Monday’s practice and backed off from his “70,000” number but little else. Read on.

“I can’t speak to why the fans are upset. If they’re going to be upset, they’re going to be upset.”
Eric Winston, when asked about Chiefs’ fans who are upset with his postgame comments that painted Chiefs’ fans as embarrassing, 810 AM
GH: Winston sounded anything but apologetic in his Monday remarks. He sounded emboldened to my ears. He talked of how much support he has received from people who agreed with him. He sounded a lot like a pampered professional athlete who is completely out of touch with the very fan base who cheer him and his teammates – even when they’re down.

“This was no crime against humanity. This was a frustrated fan base that’s had this quarterback jammed down their throats.”
Jason Whitlock, 610 AM
GH: Whitlock’s column on FoxSports.com read like it was from his golden years here in Kansas City. It was that tight, that true and that good. Read it here.

“The damage has been done. Sometimes you can’t go back and erase that. The national media will not pick up on [Winston’s remarks on Monday stating he didn’t mean all 70,000 fans were cheering Cassel’s injury].”
Jay Binkley, 610 AM

“Jason Whitlock is our ally, folks! He gets it! He gets what we’re going through. People on the national [media] levels don’t understand. They hear one lineman make a comment and think Kansas City is a bunch of losers.”
Bob Fescoe, 610 AM
GH: The way the national media has reported this story is exactly how they should. They are not the bad guys here. They had one of Matt Cassel’s offensive tackles standing in the locker room ripping Chiefs’ fans for what he termed his most embarrassing moment as a professional athlete. The national media ran with this sexy story of a once-storied fan base cheering their injured quarterback as if it had a Tebow slant.

“Can we just stop talking about Eric Winston? When did he become the spokesman for all things Kansas City? Just shut up! I myself, I’m tired of hearing it! … There’s still an arrogant tone in [Winston’s Monday remarks]. It was the wrong guy saying the wrong stuff – because hell, he just got here!”
Jayice Pearson, 610 AM
GH: When the Chiefs first acquired Winston, he looked to me like a high-character guy who could shore up the right side of the offensive line. Now he looks like neither. He is a look-at-me mouth who is more concerned with playing leader than doing his job of protecting the quarterback.

“I am who I am. I probably talk too much but I’ve never been one to bottle it up inside. That’s always been me. When I was 10 – that was me. That’s just something about me. I’m not going to mince words. I’m not going to try and downplay how I feel. If I think something’s wrong, I’m going to tell you I think something’s wrong. … That [cheering Cassel’s injury] was something that I think was pretty pathetic.”
Eric Winston, 810 AM
GH: Winston is all puffy about himself and how he tells it like it is – but he trashes any Chiefs’ fans who think they can shout out their feelings about their quarterback, their team and their franchise. In Winston’s world only his out-of-touch opinions matter.

“I do think it’s silly when fans think they care more than the players.”
Josh Vernier, 610 AM
GH: Who is Josh Vernier and why am I listening to him? The fan base of a professional team is almost always more invested and concerned with the team’s fortunes than the mercenaries who fill out the uniforms each season. Winston has played all of five games as a Chief. I heard a caller on 610 Monday state he’s spent over $300K the past 18 years following the Chiefs. Who do you think cares more about that loss to the Ravens?

“Does Eric Winston really think that people pay $100 to go to a [Chiefs’] game to watch Matt Cassel get knocked out or hurt? That’s not what’s going on! That’s not even close to what’s going on!”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: KK tried desperately to state that no one was cheering Cassel’s injury. I heard Fescoe doing the same. This is simply wrong. Yes, some Chiefs’ fans cheered that Cassel had been hurt. It is their prerogative. It is the culture of professional football. Is it rude? Sure. But professional football is a violent game that promotes mayhem in the stands and revels in it.

“I was on ESPN SportsCenter yesterday…”
Danny Parkins, who then played a recording of his interview on ESPN News, 610 AM
GH: The Winston Witch Trials has made overnight temporary celebrities of almost every Kansas City media person with a Chiefs’ press pass. Even Parkins got his 15 minutes during Monday Night Football.

“Trust me, I’m not apologizing for them…”
Danny Parkins, when asked about the Chiefs’ fans cheering Cassel’s injury, ESPN News
GH: What a strong line from the kid from Chicago. Way to represent, Danny.

“It needs to be said, Kansas City Chiefs’ fans are among the very best in the sport.”
Josh Elliott, reporter, Good Morning America
GH: Not everyone in the national media took Winston’s bait. Bully for those with a brain.

“Matt’s balls are high and behind. Brady’s balls are…”
Jayice Pearson, 610 AM
GH: Pearson’s thought process trailed off after he began to describe Brady’s balls. It either occurred to him how his sentence structure sounded or his cohosts, Jay Binkley and Josh Vernier, started looking at him and pointing. Either way, it was a sound bite made for WHB’s The Border Patrol that will likely never be heard again.

“I think the physical pounding [in the SEC] has taken its toll. When you play South Carolina, when you play Georgia – it’s a little bit different. It’s tough and things don’t look any better this week against Alabama.”
Dennis Dodd, on Missouri being 0-3 in the SEC, 810 AM
GH: If only Charlie Weis’ KU team was playing a smidge better, this complete collapse of Gary Pinkel’s program would be seen as Christmas in Kansas. As it is, it’s merely like Mardi Gras in Lawrence and the rest of the Big 12.

“An embarrassing [Missouri] loss to Vanderbilt when the team was unprepared and outcoached. … The head coach hasn’t been focused and the team hasn’t been focused.”
Steven St. John, 810 AM
GH: Vanderbilt is not as bad as many believe or that Kietzman has portrayed them. But Mizzou has a football program in place that is supposed to win home games of this nature every time. The team looks lost. The team looks uninterested. The team does not look like a team. The team resembles their head coach’s path the last year.

“That loss to Vanderbilt is bad. That’s embarrassing. You don’t want to be that team that everybody in the league circles on their schedule as an automatic win. Everybody’s laughing at you. Everybody’s making fun of you.”
Bob Fescoe, 810 AM
GH: We all know that football team well. In the Big 12 it is Kansas. In the SEC, Missouri is circling that drain with Alabama playing the role of Mr. Clean.

“It wouldn’t have been easy in the Big 12 for Missouri this year either.”
Josh Klingler, 610 AM
GH: This needs to be said. Missouri’s troubles are highlighted because of their move to the SEC but this team would have trouble beating more than two teams in the Big 12. Pinkel needs to get his act together or Mizzou is going to get stuck pay for a lot of stadium renovation plans with empty promises.

“I want to be the only one who is saying this – I don’t see any difference [in Kansas football]. The truth is that Kansas is going to win half as many games as they did last year. They’re no better”
Kevin Kietzman, disputing the opinion of some that the Kansas’ football program looks much better than it did under Turner Gill, 810 AM
GH: I am not the biggest Weis fan but how can you say this KU team isn’t better than last season’s? They went to halftime down 21-14 at Kansas State? In what universe would any of us think Turner’s team could pull that off?

“It’s bad news. It sounds like you’re giving up on the season.”
Jake Gutiérrez, on reports that Charlie Weis had his seniors sit out of Sunday’s practice and worked only with the KU players who will be returning next season, 810 AM
GH: Weis is unconventional and I don’t think he listens to anyone when it comes to football advice. But this move is troubling – especially for those who purchased season tickets.

“I know Weis has said this is not some kind of punishment for the seniors but I wonder if he isn’t trying to find some new leaders for this team. I know he was very upset with the team kind of laying down in the third quarter. He thought the team just kind of cashed it in.”
Nate Bukaty, who serves as the sideline reporter for KU football games, 610 AM

“It’s a great league. They play tremendously entertaining football in the Big 12.”
Mark Packer, morning sports talk host, Sirius XM 91
GH: As a lifelong Big 8/12 fan, I can honestly say the conference has never been more entertaining from top to almost bottom. It is a remarkable story. A conference that was all but blown up a year ago, is now the most entertaining and balanced football conference in the land. Take a bow, Big 12. A deep one.

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43 Responses to OTC: Winston Witch Trials Of KC Chiefs’ Fans Day 2 / Mizzou Goes Kansas In SEC Debut Season

  1. donkeypunch says:

    GH – you catch the tweet from Maas earlier today? “I assure you that Clark Hunt has taken the Bull by the horns and is addressing the Chiefs 2 biggest conerns…”

    One can only speculate what this means, though, the most discouraging thing is the Chiefs have 3 glaring issues; QB, Coach, GM

    • Greg Hall says:

      I missed Maas’ tweet but I appreciate you adding it to today’s OTC. Sounds promising. I list the Chiefs’ top concerns as 1) Fan morale 2) QB 3) GM/Head Coach. I’m guessing Clark has Pioli as his “chief” concern and Romeo next. Nothing he can do about the QB until April.

  2. Paul J. says:

    Nate Bukaty, not Jake Bukaty :)

  3. Joe Blow says:

    Winston doesn’t know WTF he’s talking about. If fans were cheering, it was for the replacement, not the injury. And, wasn’t he supposed to be a good free agent pickup? Because he’s been pretty awful so far..

    For Mizzou, Yost is finally being exposed for the idiot playcaller he’s always been. How many drives does he have to kill with his stubborn insistence on running the same 3 plays over and over before they realize that he’s the problem? Other teams can almost take an off week game planning for Mizzou, because it’s the same shit over and over..

    • HARLEY says:

      For those who still don’t understand the situation…let me straighten you out. First…winston was 100% right. You can play the audio back..you can get the tapes..whatever…but from my seats in the stadium i know those cheers and screams were cassells injury. Make no mistake people…arrowhead has changed..the crowd has
      changed…the overbearing drunks have replaced a once incredible crowd.
      So when winston makes those comments he was right. No matter what you hear fromthe supposed fans…no matter what they try and pretend…those cheers were
      directed at cassells injury..plus i would not even use the language that wasv expressed
      throughoutthe section i was in.
      We all work…we all try to produce…we all want to be productive and matt is
      no different. Say whatyou will abouthis record and what he’s done but the guy
      is stand up guy…he’s given his heart to the team …charities…and lovesthis
      city. Whether he succeedes in this town is based on whats around him on the
      field…from the o line to the receivers..to the coaches callingthis game.
      Look atthe end of the first halfand the play calling was atrocious…the plays
      being called were damaging and cost them 3 points. the oline has been
      hit hard…penalties killed the team…any momentum was dissovled when they
      screwed up.
      How do youexpect casseell to throw the ball to any of the playershwne there
      is absolutely no separation between them and the defensive backs. NONE>
      WHO’SCALLINGTHOSE ROUTES…who’s training the receivers…
      watch other receivers…they’re open…they’ve got separation…but the
      chiefs receivers have such a small window for cassell tothrow to that
      his chancesof success are almost zero.
      Running all those plays…who called that? Of course those plays are the
      hard work ofthe o line which showed some guts sunday….
      Clark hunt is a disgrace. After a decent ending to last season he leaves
      cap money on thetable. LET ME TELL YOUTHIS…HUNT HAS THE MONEY.
      In a recent court case clark was confirmed to spend 750k-1 million dollars
      a year on landscaping his home. I goto dallas…and the hunt name is
      all over that city..go to smu or to some of the charities there…its all in the
      HUNT NAME. He and his father have used this town as their own
      personal piggy bank.
      pound theguy…make him know that we’re sick and tired of financing billionaires
      with taxpayers money while they clark and tavia hustle the money to dallas
      for thier personal charities while kansas city get ZERO..NADA…ZILCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      noones got the balls…nooneis gonna stand up to this billionaire…
      wake up…another billionaire has taken the taxpayers for a long ride…
      why do you stand for it.

  4. S says:

    That was indeed a brutal loss for Missouri last Saturday. Funny how quickly Missouri was dredging up cash for a stadium expansion in Columbia where none was needed. They didn’t fill the house for Vandy game, which runs counter to all that logic that SEC fans would invade Columbia and snatch up all those tickets that Missouri fans never buy. Before we discuss how Vandy was a bad team as an excuse for why the stands didn’t fill up for the game, let’s not forget last year when they failed to get enough butts in the seats when Oklahoma State visited, a No. 4 ranked team at the time. I understand why Missouri left the conference, given that the Big 12 almost imploded twice and still could any day* but the arrogance of MU fans and some of their athletes in the context of their departure from the Big 12 was confounding. The comeuppance has admittedly been mildly satisfying for this KU fan enduring another rotten season of football.

    * Big 12 fans should not delude themselves into thinking that Texas and/or Oklahoma could not litigate their way out of the 13-year grant of television rights tomorrow if they wanted to and bolt to another conference if/when one comes calling.

    • harley says:

      As an mu alumni…lets me say this. The university,the team, the coaches, the a.d.,
      the players were so into the move tothe sectht they forget they have to play in the
      toughest conference in america. Those other schools look as footballas a religion.
      MU has some catching upto doto get there…but it will come.
      They have taken their off the game. Plus they have lost the #1 qb for 3 games.
      Sorry…any tema that loses their #1 qb is in trouble. Just a fact.
      so as i have written in other columns,,,mu has to gettheir focus back.
      They are now in the process of upgrading their talent to compete with other
      sec schools and it will take time…but it’s coming.
      They lost their focus and have to get it back. Franklin looked greattil he
      got injured.
      This will be corected…but as I said months ago..it will take time. Gary needs to
      get the team back onthe wagon again…get his team focused on the game and
      not on the fanfare of the sec. And they need to get angry when they play football
      and not bein awe of these other teams.
      Having been a fan for many yearrs…we all know tht mu has a history of
      a huge upset every year. Could it be this weekend? I don’t know but
      thiscouldbe the one we talk about for decades. As an mu fan we’re used
      to this…the ups and downs of sports at mu…it should be a great weekend.

    • Brock says:

      I keep hearing this comment about OU and Texas can leave any time they want, yet I haven’t seen a reason why they would. The new balanced conference is good for everyone, and if you can talk ESPN into paying you an additional 15 million annually, you get that extra money.

      • S says:

        Good for everybody is not what Texas and Oklahoma thinks are good for them. They’re going to be looking for even more money, and when the opportunity presents themselves, the Texas lawyers will bill a few extra hours with a novel legal explanation to excuse themselves from the conference. It’s not an if, it’s a when. Fans of all the other schools better hope their administrations have a backup plan in writing.

  5. Ptolemy says:

    Justifying Camaroheads cheering the head injury of their team’s QB by pointing to the futilitity of the team competitively, as Whitlock did, is just dumb and points to a lack of intelligence. The two things are unrelated. Would Winston be justified in cheering loudly if a fan loudly cheering Cassel’s concussion suffered a massive heart attack? It’s all silly. This is sport. There is such a thing as sportsmanship. Most Chiefs fans know what it is. A few do not.

    Winston is correct. 700 fans cheering a concussion on either side of the field is just plain wrong and embarassing. the people who cheered Cassel’s concussion are the same losers that you see and hear in the bleachers at youth football games cheering wuildly when a player blindsides an opposing player. Grow up people!

    • Greg Hall says:

      PT, Where tyou been? I know the presedential race has you locked but don’t leave the world of make believe behind completely. BTW, you are wrong, son.

      • harley says:

        no greg you’re wrong. Again! Greg..please use spell check…you’re making my comments look so professional. And use fact check too. Maybe you’ll get it right new time. Thanks..enjoy your site. And greg…you need to thank me because your comment sections should explode with new comments now that i’ve added my fans/followers/disciples and readers to your site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

      • Ptolemy says:

        Don”t tell me you cheer a 12 yr old blindsiding another 12 yr old and then dancing over his prone body? If that’s not the case, please explain what you are in support of and why.

  6. Baghdad Robert says:

    I’d add that the conference is the best in the nation, period.

  7. Doo says:

    There are some cryptic tweets out there (namely from Nick Wright and Bill Maas) that hint out at the fact that Clark Hunt is irate about what’s happened the last week or so with the team. I would love it if someone could source something on the inside about the goings-on at One Arrowhead Drive.
    Silence is damning, and silence right now does not help the Chiefs. Although, to be fair, they’re not back home until October 28, so they do have some time to try to reverse this debacle (the on-field play, and Winston’s torching of a fan base) into something far less damaging. I don’t say positive, because right now I’m not finding many people that actually like the team or organization.
    Oh, and Whitlock’s article was nails. If only the fanboy websites, like Arrowhead Pride, could be as critical of the franchise, and less degrading of the team’s own fanbase. That OTL sideshow yesterday (with the completely incompetent on-air ESPN jock Antonio Pierce) was saved by Mellinger’s thought-out reasoning on the whole thing.

  8. P says:

    At this point, all it is, is interpretation. Winston intrepreted cheers as cheering that his QB was hurt and was being replaced and many Chefs fans say they were just cheering the change at QB that was imminent. I’m still with Winston on this, there are many dbags at Chefs games who don’t know shit when it comes to football who were more than like the one’s cheering Cassel going down. Yeah, I’m talking to the A-Hole who sits next to me when Atlanta brings an untouched blitzer up the middle and sacks Cassel and then bitches about how bad Cassel sucks. What the fuck are you supposed to do when you have half a second to throw the ball to an unopen receiver? Like it or not, Winston hit the fucking nail on the head when it came to those fans, they’re pathetic losers.

  9. The Smartman says:

    If Clark Hunt wants to feel some love he needs to do an intervention NOW! Pioli, Crennel, Cassel all gone. That more than anything gets the fans back on his side. Then he needs to start throwing around drunken sailor money to get a credible and respected GM and HC. Anything less is just pissing on a house fire.

    Gary Pinkel is a wine and cheese coach in a whiskey and steak league. I don’t think he really understands the passion and intensity of SEC football.

    Unless Charlie Weiss is endorsing buffets I have no use for him. He’s never proven himself as a Head Coach and KU is not gonna be his first success. Like Gill, he was a style over substance hire. Great press, awful results.

  10. OlatheCat says:


  11. Phaedrus says:

    I heard that caller claim he’s spent $300k on the Chiefs in the last 18 years. I’m going to call bullshit on that one. There are 10 home games a year (8 regular season + 2 preseason), which means there were 180 games over 18 years. If he spent $300k, that means he averaged $1,667 a game. That may be doable now, but good luck spending that kind of cash back in 1994.

    Either he’s got a really big family, he goes to a bunch of away games, or he has the same accountant as David Glass.

  12. theSportsSnark says:

    Whitlock definitely nails the Cassel situation in his new, old-school article. I’ll add that any team whose fans hate their QB as much as Chiefs fans (justifiably) do would have had at least the same small percentage of fans cheering for the injury. Only, if the same thing were to happen to Sanchez in New York, ESPN’s company line would be, “Oh, those New York fans! You’ve gotta be tough to play for them!”

  13. tigerdan4 says:

    Whitlock was dead on. Fantastic column. Anyone who says otherwise is wrong and an idiot.

    I hate to say this but Mizzou football could be in some trouble. There just isn’t a good feeling at all around this team this season. Missing a bowl is a very real possibility and nothing good will come from that. Recruiting will be hurt as will donations and fan support. I have to agree with Greg that we’d be having similar problems in the Big 12 this year also. The way we’re playing we’d be lucky to go 3-6. I know I’ve spouted off a lot about how great it is to be in the SEC and how much better off we are than we were before. That may still be the case in the longterm but right now, boy was I wrong. Ouch.

  14. harwood benjamin says:

    Winston overplayed his hand, but was on the most important points correct. What is most annoying about all this is the frantic race among media types to be the most pandering to fans as in “doesn’t the rest of the country know that Kansas City has the most super duper fans around?” Can we leave the “my dad can beat up your dad” arguments for the 4th graders?

  15. Chuckart says:

    Or he has a suite

  16. P says:

    Fanfuckingtastic Onion article OC!

  17. JP says:

    I can’t disagree with Whitlock’s interpretation. He nailed the real problems with the Chiefs: Pioli and the Clarks in particular. As for Eric Winston, he did attend the U, since he won’t let this go with Chiefs fans, could we assume that all of the U grads are thugs. I’m sure Winston wouldn’t like that comparison. I wonder what would happen if Winston gets injured at Arrowhead. Hey Eric, you made your point. Now STFU and block somebody.

    As for Missouri and Kansas, it might as well be the 80′s to mid 2000′s. Both have been traditionally mediocre programs. Missouri fan may think they should be BCS regulars, but the truth is they would be down in the standings in the Big XII as well. Repeat after me Missouri fan: “Wait till Basketball season”. Don’t tell me that phrase won’t be used Saturday after the Alabama beatdown.

  18. Kansas State Fan says:

    Winston is the only pro athlete in this town worth a damn and worth a damn to cheer for. He called out the Cameroheads…good for him.

  19. Rick says:

    Josh Vernier is a horrible talk show host. He knows NOTHING about local sports teams and his opinions are very forced. He doesn’t even believe the crap coming out of his mouth. That whole BIG SHOW is unlistenable. They should fire Vernier and Pearson and let Binkley host it with Bill Maas. Jayice Pearson seems mad at the world and disagrees with everything anyone else says. And don’t get me started on that Mid-Day show with Danny Parkins and that other idiot…horrible radio…

  20. BlackJack says:

    You could say that about pretty much any school in any conference. Nothing is set in stone any more. Not in the Big12, Big10, or even SEC.