OTC: National Media Calls KC Fans “The Worst” / Whitlock Wants Mayor Sly’s Help

“The anger and the discontent with this [Chiefs’] franchise have probably never been at this point.”
Josh Klingler, 610 AM
GH: There have been a number of lows the past two decades with the Chiefs and their relationship with their rabid fans. The empty seats that stared back at the inept Chiefs’ teams in the 1980s. The frustrating and painful playoff losses under Schottenheimer. King Carl’s final decade of mediocrity. But this might be bottom. Eric Winston has plunged our woes to a historic low on a national scale. Welcome to Loserville. It is us.

“This is going to sound crazy but I would be contacting the mayor. This guy has done public relations damage to Kansas City based on a lie. I would like to hear Sly James say… ‘I just don’t see any evidence of this. This is crazy.’ If the mayor came out and said this that generates another news cycle that the national news media would have to respond to because the mayor is questioning whether this is true.”
Jason Whitlock, in an impromptu phone call to Bob Fescoe’s show on Wednesday morning, 610 AM
GH: Generating another news cycle on how Kansas City is home to the worst NFL fans this side of Philadelphia is not a good PR move. The damage has been done by Eric Winston’s comments and the feeding frenzy that it caused the national mainstream media to gorge on the past three days. We are now Oakland East. I say we revel in it. Instead of a prop plane flying a banner over Arrowhead, let’s hire a MiG fighter jet.

“I’ve lived in LA for the past two years. I still own a home in Kansas City but I’m not there much. I still read the Kansas City Star. I listen to the sports talk shows over the Internet. I read the message boards and the websites. I’ve stayed connected to Kansas City because I still care about Kansas City.”
Jason Whitlock, on why he just can’t quit Kansas City, 610 AM
GH: Harley?

“I don’t think a lot of people around here have a problem with Clark Hunt except for spending below the cap – way below the cap.”
Soren Petro, 810 AM
GH: Sometimes I hear comments on the radio from intelligent people who I believe have a grasp of this town and our teams that just absolutely destroys all the credibility they have banked. How can Petro be this out of touch with the Chiefs’ fan base? Clark Hunt is the ONLY person who can immediately and effectively change the fortunes and path of this failed franchise. If anyone is giving The Clarks a pass, they have missed the entire reason for our plight. Petro and his microphone should be leading the charge. Instead, we get a golf clap from Soren for the Son of Damn.

“Let me ask you, would you rather see a competitive game or a 40-10 score?”
Romeo Crennel, when asked about the Chiefs’ conservative play calling in the Baltimore game, 810 AM
GH: With no more than a sentence or two, Nate Bukaty managed to morph this sound bite from Romeo into a Ryan Wiebe refinance commercial. That my friends takes talent.

“To this point we haven’t won enough games, so there’s some frustration over that.”
Romeo Crennel, 810 AM
GH: When Romeo took over for Todd Haley last season I had hopes that his refreshing frankness [and improved hygiene] would be a treat during his press conferences. What happened to that guy? Romeo’s pressers are now as bland and dumb as most NFL coaches who abhor saying anything about everything. If the team is going to be this bad, at least give me a presser with some humor, some spice and a scantily-clad Kelly Jones.

“You’re killing that little brother, I guarantee you! His little 190-pound body is feeling it [Monday].”
Jayice Pearson, on the Chiefs’ overusing Jamaal Charles who is the only back in the NFL this season to have two games with 30 or more touches, 610 AM
GH: We have seen the Chiefs pull a 180 from the “Free Jamaal” days of two seasons ago. Now they are using the fragile Texas-born back like I do my utility club. How long before the hosel snaps on Charles as well?

“The Missouri Tigers have checked out on the season! They are done! You can tell when a team has quit – and they have quit! … I don’t know if they can beat Kentucky now and Kentucky is the most inefficient team in the country. Kentucky is awful!”
T.J. Carpenter, evening sports talk host, 810 AM
GH: I deplore sports talk hosts who scream and rant about a team “checking out” or quitting on the season. Does it happen? Only on the rarest of instances – and almost never in the first week of October. Head Hog Carpenter is reveling in MU’s face plant start in the SEC. That is understandable. He predicted MU would struggle and they have made his every word a truth. But college kids don’t quit four games into conference play. Carpenter needs to learn that while his experiences with the dredges of the SEC might quit in October, that is not and has never been an option here in the Big 8/12. If T.J. had a few KU/MU Border Wars on his resume, he might understand how bad teams in this area sometimes find a way – even in November.

“I don’t think Pinkel gets fired. I think he leaves on his own terms somewhere between 2013 and 2015.”
Gabe DeArmond, when questioned by Petro on Pinkel’s status, 810 AM
GH: Pinkel is a good college football coach who is often overwhelmed on game day. He has assembled SEC talent at Mizzou but this season he lacks what he has almost always had – a great quarterback. If Maty Mauk is truly another version of Chase Daniel, he could be rolling again as soon as next season. If not, there will be a lot of pressure on the troubled coach to point his Harley out of town.

“I cannot wait for West Virginia / K-State. If anybody’s going to be able to slow down Gino Smith, it’s Bill Snyder. He can scheme like nobody else.”
Aaron Swarts, 810 AM
GH: If both K-State and West Virginia can avoid upsets this week [K-State at Iowa State and WV home against Texas Tech], we could have an SEC-like build up for the Cats’ first trip to Morgantown. But there is work to be done before we start planning that game-day menu.

“To me, if there is a story this first half of the season it’s Penn State and what they have done in their first six games – because they have shocked me.”
Kirk Herbstreit, on Penn State’s 4-2 record after an 0-2 start, ESPN Radio
GH: How can you not be happy for what the Penn State players and coaching staff have accomplished since their 0-2 start? Are there still far too many misguided and delusional Nittany Lions fans about the priorities of football and decency? Yes. But those kids in uniform had nothing to do with the atrocities that Sandusky and Paterno allowed on their campus. Congrats.

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33 Responses to OTC: National Media Calls KC Fans “The Worst” / Whitlock Wants Mayor Sly’s Help

  1. dp says:

    The reason people are so mad at Winston is that they know he is at least partially right. There were not 70K cheering when Cassel got hurt, but I would put it in the thousands. I’m glad he said something, funny GH criticizes Winston for giving an opinion about something and then 4 grpahs later blast Romeo for NOT saying anything. All I know is that I was in section 338 Sunday and there were about a dozen or so fans in whatever section was to my right that were cheering when Cassel was down on the ground. If anyone says the cheering didn’t start until Quinn ran on the field, they are liars or deaf. Yes, I get it, you bought a ticket, you can do whatever you want. You can look and sound like an idiot and in the process, help make the whole fanbase look dumb.

    It’s depressing and sad KC has only made the national sports scene this year for cheering when their own QB got hurt and for being the only fanbase in the history of the home run derby to boo a player the whole time he was up. Our frustration over having loser teams with out-of-town ownership that doesn’t seem to care has bubbled over and it makes up look petty and small. Booing Robinson Cano or Cassel getting hurt doesn’t improve our ‘cred’ as a sports town. Only winning does that. Look at the Cardinals. Their fans typically are jerks that act like they invented baseball. But they win games and fans show up so the national media labels them the best fans in the league.

    And GH, if the Cheifs did a 360 on Charles, they would be back to not using him at all…did you mean 180?

    • Greg Hall says:

      dp, My math skills have been exposed… Thanks for the fix.

      • harley says:

        Greg…sorry you’re wrong again. And when it’s pointed out that you;re
        wrong and we ask you to respond you dont.
        I have been right on with the missouri stories. I predicted mu would
        move…even with experts like you were saying it won’t happen. When
        they got shut down by the big 10 I knew mu was still leaving and just
        a matter of time. I talked about the trust funds and millions in
        kc sitting for the move. I talked about the huge financial windfall that
        mu would generate from the move. Not with vague statements..but
        with exact information about what was happening
        And with all the hoopla around the move they got distracted. They lost
        focus. I’ve spoken with many people in the department and they
        admit that their plates were full with stuff other than football. One of
        their top recruiters said that he hadto spend time on other issues besides
        Calm down. Their qb franklin was injuredand they’ve had to play
        a freshman. If kstate lost their #1 qb theyd be in trouble also.
        Same for west virginia…texas…oklahoma…even alabama…
        south carolina…every team faces a crash losing their #1 qb.
        The tigers will be fine. They just need to get into the rhythm that
        they stated with against vanderbilt…and where the did with
        georgia and other sec teams. In the big 12 you can make mistakes
        and they don’t cost you. Make mistakes in the secand they do.
        bitch and moan greg all you want. As isaid in previous
        posts a decision on the part of clark has to be made. Makemoney
        or win games. In kc you don’t have to win games to make big
        money. It’s socialism!!!!!!!
        When he makes that decision he can then focus on what that decision
        is. clark cares nothing about kc. He’s taken every dime he can
        and used it in dallas.
        I’ve spoke many times about the hunt footprint in dallas and their
        invisibility here in kc. They just don’t give a damn about us.
        Takei t at that. Undeerstand the way they are…and make
        do with what scraps these outoftown owners give.
        NOthing changes til the top guy changes. so stop belly aching
        and crying…nothing happens til glass and hunt make the move.
        Until then…be glad they’re taking our money

    • Steve says:

      I was in section 318. Yes, there were people cheering Matt Cassel’s injury, but it was by no means a lot or even close to a majority. You are grossly over exaggerating the cheers as all for Cassel’s injury. There were cheers, and it wasn’t that loud to begin with, from Charles getting the first down, cheers from the PA announcer doing the usual “That’s good for a Kansas City Chiefs… FIRST DOWN!”, and cheers when Brady Quinn ran onto the field. And let’s also not forget the cheers and applause that were given to Matt Cassel when he got to his feet and walked off the field.

      Winston has now villainized an entire fan based on his lies that 70,000 fans were cheering Matt Cassel’s injury.

  2. The Smartman says:

    Gary “hic” Pinkel has checked out. I’ve seen soldiers in the Wounded Warrior commercials with more hope and determination on their face than Gary. Rigor mortis may set in on Saturday.

    Sounds to me like JW is trolling for a comeback call that will never come. If he just would have played his cards right he could have been the Mike Royko of KC. Hope he likes that SoCal Mongolian BBQ.

    • Greg Hall says:

      sm, Interesting comment about Whitlock declining the opportunity to become KC’s Mike Royko. I too think he could have laid down a legacy here that would have been memorable. He’s young and still may become more than whatever he is w/ FoxSports, but the real media legends put down roots and grow. Maybe the newspaper biz of today makes that impossible.

      • The Smartman says:

        If he had been more Machiavellian, and less of a spoiled brat during his denouement and final act he’d still be here. Just cause you thinks you is a playah don’t mean you know how to play the game.

  3. Baghdad Robert says:

    Nailed it on Pinkel. It’s fascinating to me that just one year after the last border war game, Missouri is trying to decide if it is a better school/program than its coach, and Kansas is waiting to see if Weis decides KU is worthy of his full attention for five years.

  4. kylerohde says:

    Whenever I need a mortgage, I will never, ever call Ryan Wiebe. He and 810 have overdone his sponsorship to the point that I don’t even bother listening to the Border Patrol from 7:50 – 8:10 because I know it’s going to be 15 minutes of commercials, 4-5 minutes of annoying Lezak and then the transition to Wiebe’s awful radio voice. Why someone hasn’t told him that he may be great with mortgages, but his voice doesn’t sell anything, is beyond me.

    On that same track, it boggles my mind how much money 810 gets out of companies that really shouldn’t be bothering to do mass advertising. Walker Uniform Service is a niche service for sure. Then they come out with the Medical Linen service that they’ve been pushing as sponsor of the Border Patrol for months. There can’t be more than 150 people in the listening area that are responsible for selecting a medical linen care provider at work, yet that company continues blasting it to 2 million every day. Giant waste of money. Just as bad is the hydraulic hose company that advertises on 810 and the Chiefs’ broadcasts. I know it’s a tradeout they’re required to make (thanks Greg for that info a while back on Twitter), but still…find a better way to utilize the tradeout than that. Radio is for products & services with mass appeal, not niche B2B.

  5. Babe Ruthless says:

    Walker uniform is trade, barter. In exchange for unpaid commericals and sponsorships Union gets T-shirts for giveaways and events.

  6. mike t. says:

    so what trade outs do the chiefs get for hyrdaulic hoses… oh… never mind.

  7. harwood benjamin says:

    Always glad to see a photo of Kelly Jones, especially now that she has left the a.m. newscast for that awful cawffee tawk show, but its irrelevant inclusion here really is a Hearne/Glazer kind of move.

  8. Sirr Parker says:

    Smartman once again nails it. Whitlock is itching to get back to Kansas City. California is too big a pond for PorkChop. My source claims he was at the Chiefs game Sunday with 810 executives.

  9. JP says:

    I heard Dan Patrick talking about the KC situation on his show. He appeared to be more diplomatic, saying it is becoming more of a national problem, than just in KC. I think the media know that KC fans aren’t the bloodthirsty monsters that Eric Winston thinks exists.

    I am not a Missouri fan, but the way people are bagging on Gary Pinkel is just sick. The guy rebuilt that program from nothing. They had 2 bowl appearances in 19 years before Pinkel got them up and running in 2003. You can criticize a lot about how Pinkel coaches, but the guy did turn Missouri around and make them somewhat relavant in football. If you think winning big at Missouri is automatic ask Woody Widenhofer, Bob Stull or Larry Smith.

    Finally I do believe KU made the right hire in Weis. KK devoted his monologue to a minor journalism issue regarding Weis. Plus his thoughts on the KU program tell me that KU will get better over time. He praised Terry Allen and Turner Gill to the bitter end. No word on his thoughts on the Bob Valesente firing in ’87.

    • The Smartman says:

      It’s not about winning at Missouri anymore. It’s about winning in the SEC. It’s like going from the Nationwide series to Formulq 1. He’s in over his head.

      • Steve says:

        Gary Pinkel needs to hire a big time D coordinator that can install and coach an SEC level defense. I would also like to see a big time O Coordinator to install an offense that can be effective in the SEC.

        There is no question that Gary Pinkel can recruit top level talent to Mizzou, but he needs some coaches that can refine and maximize that talent to be successful with the big boys in the SEC.

        • The Word says:

          Pinkel also needs to dump the spread after the season. Unless you have Tebow or Newton or another big QB who can take the hits, you’re QB will just get killed in the SEC…just ask Franklin.

      • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

        Wait, so you’re saying that the Big 12 is the Nationwide series compared to the SEC’s Formula 1? Interesting.

  10. poodymilk says:

    speaking of 810, i just heard the end of Petro’s show with “Frank opinions”. For the life of me i can’t understand why anybody, let alone everybody, on 810 has Frank Boal on their shows. Every wednesday on Petro’s show they give him a whole hour like he is some sort of expert! This guy has absolutely nothing of substance to say about anything, except when he is schilling for Dale’s Automotive. His show Crunchtime sucked and they cancelled that, now they just recycle him on 810. Why?

    • Steve says:

      Yet you continue to listen so you obviously get some enjoyment out of the hour in Frank.

    • JP says:

      Actually Frank Boal equals mainstream opinion. The phrase “Dare to be stupid, state the obvious” totally applies to Boal. His opinions blow like the wind.

      • Java Man says:

        My problem with Frank is that even though he is well connected and has years and years of inside local sports skinny, he always hints at what he is saying. “We all know player/coach is going through some tough stuff right now”, ” We have all heard the stories about player/coach and how he acts in the locker room. Never the actual facts. That’s why KK loves the guy so much. A half ass gossip hound.

  11. Ptolemy says:

    You know…one would think that you “Super Bowl Or Else’ers” would be embracing your new national image as classless thugs that boo their own underperforming athletes because then all the athletes that might potentially come to KC will know that we don’t screw around anymore – you get us to the Super Bowl or we’ll cheer when you get a season ending injury…that’s what the game is all about anyway…right?

  12. Ron says:

    Boal is on WHB because he’s the guy who gave Keitzman his start in TV, and KK treats him like his Italian godfather. He owes him, so Boal has a job for life.

    Pinkel needs to be more agressive. If he would have gone for first downs/TDs on those two drives early in the game when Franklin was stil playing, Mizzou likely would have won the game.

    • Taxee says:

      I’d say if anything KK is getting some kind of revenge on Frank. What other person in this country who was a sports director for 25 plus years in a major TV market later winds up doing remotes at a local grocery store (Festival Foods) or a Subway restaurant? I’m pretty sure you won’t see Larry Moore or Phil Witt doing remotes after they “retire” from TV.

  13. john doe says:

    chiefs fans are whiny assholes, but how much worse would it be if the team actually had to live up to something??

  14. randyraley says:

    Yeah, yeah, Cardinal fans are jerks. Over 3.2 million at Busch again this year, and according to the players, absolute mecca to play for. Sorry for us believing in winning and expecting it. We gave the Red Sox a standing ovation on our stadium when they swept us in four games because we actually participate in baseball history, win or lose. Hate on the Cardinal fans all you want, it won’t change the fact that we are back in the playoffs. Again. We don’t throw bottles on the field and we treat the opponents with class and style. Your lack of knowledge about baseball is apparent in your response. Without Tony, without Albert, we’re in the playoffs. Again. See you on TV.

    • Baghdad Robert says:

      nobody tells the world how classy they are more than Cardinals fans. I think the effect wears off after you tell everyone how great you are every day for 30 years.

      • randyraley says:

        You know Royals fans used to be that way too. Expecting winning baseball every year and actually getting it. I remember those days. I lived here between 1978-85. Surely the best times to be a Royals fan. I never play the “Cardinals nation” card unless provoked but I guess there are haters everywhere. Ask any major league player or broadcaster or fans of the opposing team who has the best baseball fans. Seven national league championship series in the last 20 years, players who are full of grit, determination and alas, a winning baseball franchise who beat the odds to get to the NLCS…again. Classy manager, classy team… I hate to use the term but all I can say to the haters of the Cardinals is…scoreboard, we’re there…again.

  15. ericb in kc says:

    +1 for Randy.