OTC: KU Comeback Thwarts Mocs From MU Crowd / Will KSU In BCS Title Game Damage CFB?

“Just re-watched tape of the first half of KU game. It wasn’t pretty. Chattanooga dictated play. Not use to that in AFH. Red flag?”
Jack Harry, @JackHarryKSHB, after Kansas fell behind lightly-regarded Chattanooga by 12 in the second half before pulling away comfortably at Allen Fieldhouse to win 69-55, Twitter
GH: Panic or teaching opportunity? Bill Self was as irate as I have ever seen him during the first half of this game. He dropped f-bombs and got in the face of his players like he was Frank Martin. I was never as concerned as Self appeared to be that KU would fall to the Mocs at home. Was this a red flag? I think it was more one of those leftover pink ones from the NFL.

“Leap-easy [Ben] McLemore had five slams and even threw a lob that Jeff Withey slammed home. In so doing, McLemore enabled the release of all that pent-up frustration from a crowd that had to watch a Kansas offense that only the game’s inventor and the first and only losing basketball coach in Kansas history, Dr. James Naismith, could have enjoyed.”
Tom Keegan, columnist, KUSports.com
GH: How good is this redshirt freshman? We have been told he has a bigger upside than both Xavier and Brandon Rush. I now actually believe it.

“[Ben McLemore] is just so smooth.”
Chris Piper, who has moved from KU’s radio side to the television side this season, on KU’s redshirt freshman who poured in 25 against the Mocs, Jayhawk Television Network
GH: Daman Wayans and McLemore, separated at birth? Every time I see a close up of McLemore I start thing, “Mo’ Money.”

“It was a bigger crowd, and I love playing in front of a lot of people, so I just decided to go out there and play. If I can get the first one to go in, I’m going to shoot another one, and I kept it going. I didn’t feel like I would miss as long as I got a clean look.”
Farad Cobb, the Chattanooga freshman who hit six three pointers in the first half at AFH and totaled 21 points in the Mocs loss to KU, Huffington Post
GH: We have seen opposing players enter AH in the past and just go off – but this wasn’t Kevin Durant. This was a true freshman on a team picked to finish fifth in the Southern Conference. This was impressive stuff.

“No one came up to get the hot Cobb.”
Greg Gurley, KU new basketball color radio analyst, on KU not picking up the defensive assignment on Cobb, Jayhawk Radio Network
GH: One of my early favorites for radio comment of the year from a color analyst – emphasis on the anal.

“Just got my flu shot for this year .. It didn’t hurt but I hate needles.. Even tho I do have 23 tats.. Sheesh.”
J. R. Giddens, @JGidd4, Twitter

“If KSU plays in BCS title game the game will have its lowest ratings in history guaranteed. ND (as much as most of you despise them) vs Ducks in BCS title game would be best for continued growth in popularity of cfb. KSU vs Oregon might be a great game, but that doesn’t mean it would generate NATIONAL interest. MAC plays good games no one watches too.”
Chadd Scott, @ChaddScott, Twitter
GH: Who is concerned with the “growth in popularity” of college football? I think the sport is pretty healthy, Chadd. It could somehow survive a title game that included the undefeated Big 12 champion and Heisman trophy winner – not to mention their 73-year-old head wizard.

“Not just going, I will be the backup left guard.”
Eric Stonestreet, @ericstonestreet, Modern Family’s Cam and well-known K-State alum, responding to a fan asking if he would be attending the BCS title game in Miami if K-State is there, Twitter

“All KU students. Not going to the game because you don’t have a ticket? No problem, I’m buying! Send our seniors off the right way!”
Charlie Weis, @CoachWeisKansas, Twitter
GH: Love this. Yes, it is a problem that Kansas can’t sell out their final home game but that isn’t the issue here. Weis is stepping up and investing in his program and the culture of Kansas football. I like it.

“Kansas St basketball rebirth started with Huggins. Frank Martin established it and Bruce Weber will maintain it.”
Rich Zvosec, @CoachZZ, Twitter
GH: Not everyone agrees, Coach Z. Read on.

“His track record is he can coach yours real well. He can coach talent. Long term, I think [Kansas State] will be a perennial bubble team under Bruce Weber.”
Soren Petro, on Bruce Weber’s success after following Bill Self as Illinois, 810 AM
GH: K-State is going to be very good this season. It will be Weber’s job to see that continues after 2014.

“Gotta play the next 20 like we did the last 20.”
Tim Miles, @CoachMiles, new head basketball coach at Nebraska, tweeting at halftime during the Huskers’ home win over Valpo, Twitter
GH: A head coach tweeting at halftime of his game? Welcome to the new and unchartered waters of college coaching in the age of social media.

“These [Chiefs’] coaches are playing not to lose.”
Steven St. John, 810 AM
GH: And they are doing a damn poor job of it.

“I think if you do [the Chiefs’ blackout] next time, go with neon green shirts. Those really stand out.”
Jay Binkley, 610 AM
GH: If there is a next time, there might not be enough fans inside Arrowhead to take roll.

“Zack Greinke is the only number-one pitcher in this free-agent market.”
Tim Kurkjian, ESPN
GH: I would love to see Zack back. It is remote at best that is happens. We need Alex Gordon to put on a full-court press and get Senior Goofy back in Blue.

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24 Responses to OTC: KU Comeback Thwarts Mocs From MU Crowd / Will KSU In BCS Title Game Damage CFB?

  1. tigerdan4 says:

    Looking forward to this weekend’s games. Can Mizzou overcome not having Sheldon Richardson and get that all important 6th win? I say yes. A 5-5 SEC team should beat a 5-5 Big East team every time. And contrary to what Greg said in a recent OTC, Mizzou fans do NOT plan our Saturdays on when KState plays. At least this one doesn’t.

    Chiefs game should be interesting on Sunday. What a great idea it is to trot Cassel out there at Arrowhead on blackout day. 1-8 team, coming off a loss on Monday night in which he threw the game clinching INT, the fans already hate the team & management (largely because of Cassel), should be a lovely environment out there. I’m looking forward to just kicking back and watching the carnage unfold.

    • Barles James says:

      the nation will be watching to see whether Missouri becomes bowl eligible, Dan. History awaits!

      • tigerdan4 says:

        I’m not saying it’s a big game. Never meant to imply that. My point is Mizzou fans plan their day around when Mizzou plays. Not when other teams play. I couldn’t even tell you what time the KState game is. I really don’t care. I’ve lost some interest in the BCS race since it looks like there won’t be an SEC team involved. All I know is my team plays at 6:00 and we’re playing for our 8th straight bowl appearance and that’s the most important thing to Mizzou fans. What happens in the Big 12 isn’t on our radar.

      • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

        Wasn’t “history awaits” a KU slogan? One that was a massive faceplant, I might add.

  2. ksbugeater says:

    If no one here cares about Nebraska football anymore, then Husker Hoops rates a negative on the interest scale, but I care… Miles best put the phone away and coach ‘em up for the 2nd half. The Huskers had another HUGE scoreless streak just like under Doc and it almost cost them a fairly impressive victory (not many good teams come to Lincoln that aren’t required to by their conference. It’s a no-win situation: bad if they lose to NU, no gain if they win since NU stinks).

    • Floyd says:

      You’re not alone, ksbugeater. Yes, that was Doc-ball at its “finest” last night. However, in Miles’ defense, that roster is totally bereft of talent. While Doc may have been a good x’s and o’s guy, his strategy of recruiting lowly-touted JUCOs and mining the international waters was an abject failure This year will be a total disaster, even to a fanbase that knows a thing or two about poorly-played basketball. I am optimistic that they seem to have finally made the cmmitment to facilities and are paying well for a coach. Again, we don’t have high standards, just make the tournament every other year or so and maybe even win a game once you get there.

      • HuskerBill says:

        That’s exactly right. Based on Coach Miles track record, we are two to three years away. Just looking for some progress!

  3. Jim says:

    You’ve been in the SEC about 15 minutes, TD4. If you don’t know when the Number 1 team in the nation is playing, you really do have your head up your ass.

  4. The Smartman says:

    KSU and Oregon in the title game will have a HUGE audience. This is the election redux. Red state versus blue state. Green tree hugging commies versus blue collar rednecks. John Queer versus John Deere. Style versus substance. Thai stick versus corn stalk. As long as the NCAA doesn’t drug test the Ducks prior to the game it could be an EPIC battle. Oregon has the more potent offense. KSU has a much better defense. People can have strip football parties. When the Cats score the ladies remove some clothing and when the Ducks score the guys do.

    Bill Self may worry about not winning. I don’t think he ever worries about losing. Dude’s glass is always half full. He is one of the best in game coaches I have ever watched. He knows when to let the horses run and he knows when to crack the whip. If they stay healthy they should make it to the Sweet Sixteen.

    The Fat Man buying tickets is not going to change the student culture at KU. You win, they show. You lose, they blow.

    Nebraska basketball = KU football. It is, therefore it exists.

  5. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Bruce Weber flat out sucks. He sucked at Illinois, and the further he got away from Bill Self’s recruits, the worse he got. Hell, if you can’t recruit the best talent out of Chicago and East Saint Louis, which are both right in your backyard, then you shouldn’t be coaching.

  6. The Smartman says:

    Speaking of hot cobbs, does Gurley play for other team?

    • KCMonarch says:

      That is a hard question to answer since from tour posts it’s impossible to discern which team you play for. Define “other team.”

  7. Jim says:

    I’ll tell you what it means, Steve. TD4 said the big 12 wasn’t even on his radar because he was ONLY focused on the SEC. When the SEC doesn’t have a team in the Top 3 of the BCS but they DO have the next 6 teams in the BCS standings, I think knowing when the number 1 team in the BCS is playing MIGHT be important. That’s what it means.

  8. Johnny Utah says:

    Only a rematch of LSU vs. Alabama could damage college football. Heck, college football needed a title game stinker to get presidents to get a playoff going.

    We’re a ways from it, but KSU/Oregon would be great ratings. It would be a compelling style contrast.

  9. JP says:

    Can all the Missouri (and SEC) fans just have their group cry now, if one of their teams doesn’t make the national championship game. Chadd Scott is nothing but an SEC bombthrower. If it’s K State v. Oregon, I guarantee it will get better ratings then that thrill a minute Bama/LSU clash of last season. Give me a break!!

    National championships are decided in March, not November. KU lost to Richmond in 2006 at home, and went to the Elite 8. This team will come together by conference season. They were hungover from the MSU loss of 2 days ago. Their 2d half run proves that they have all the potential in the world.

  10. john doe says:

    what mocks from missouri fans? they shouldnt be worried about us. They declared the rivalry dead even though we’ve never really mattered.