OTC: Chiefs’ Fans’ Blackout Scores And Embarrasses The Clarks Into NFL’s Rock Bottom

“Well, for a long time this was one of the magnificent franchises in the NFL.”
Marv Albert, play-by-play voice on Bengals/Chiefs game, as he surveyed the blacked-out Arrowhead fans at the Bengals/Chiefs game during the Chiefs 28-6 loss, CBS
GH: Wow. The word “was” should bother the hell out of Clark Hunt. When The Clarks are giving thanks this week around their Thanksgiving table, they should save an empty chair for the Chiefs’ fans who have endured this franchise’s nosedive under Clark and Scott Pioli. It would be appropriate to toss a shawl over the chair as well – a black one.

“The fans are tired of what they call ‘broken leadership and subpar performance on the field.’ They have endured 19 seasons with no playoff victories. The goal of this group is to create change. The red will disappear if change does not come about. I would say a pretty fair amount of fans did wear black.”
Marv Albert, play-by-play voice on Bengals/Chiefs game, CBS
GH: I was stunned to hear Albert, a network guy, detail the story of the Save Our Chiefs campaign on the CBS broadcast. Read on.

“It’s kind of a grassroots effort to get fans to wear black instead of red to protest. This is so foreign to me though, Marv. A guy who played here from ’95 to ’98. These fans are great fans. They’re just so frustrated now with the product on the field.”
Rich Gannon, NFL analyst, CBS
GH: This protest, the people dressed in black, the ‘Fire Pioli’ banners, the Fescoe rants are not just the work of a few but it now appears the many. The view of Arrowhead Sunday was so telling that even the CBS crew took time to comment on what was once a great home-field environment. Was.

“The biggest story of the Chiefs game once again was not the Chiefs’ game. It was the disgruntled crowd. It had to be 75% of the crowd [dressed in black or Bengals fans at Arrowhead] yesterday. It was incredible. … I got to be honest – it was a beautiful thing.”
Danny Parkins, 610 AM

“Nobody cares about the [Chiefs’] game. We haven’t talked about one X and O of that game. Because nobody cares. You better pray that people care enough that they still want to talk bad about this team. When apathy sets in and we’re getting close to that. Where you just shrug your shoulders and say, ‘Well, I knew they were going to lose. Who cares?’ That’s when you’ve lost your fan base.”
Steven St. John, 810 AM
GH: I had not realized this until SSJ brought it up. The game is no longer written or talked about. Not in The Star, not on the radio, not on television. The fans have become the story and their unhappiness with the franchise’s attempt to discover new depths to rock bottom each week.

“Departing of the Red Sea.”
Headline, in Monday’s Kansas City Star, with a photo of the sparse Arrowhead crowd filing out of their stadium seats, Kansas City Star

“This Chiefs fan base has won. They have won.”
Carrington Harrison, on making a loud statement at the Bengals’ game, 610 AM

“The more fan bases at Arkansas and Tennessee fawn over Gruden, more likely he’s not going want that pressure. NFL fan bases more sedate.”
Fran Fraschilla, @franfraschilla, Twitter
GH: Fran must not have ever been inside Arrowhead on game day.

“Never thought I would be saying the same thing to my son. They will be back, we just have to suffer. I love them no matter what #Chiefs”
Shaker Pepper, @shakepepper, lifelong Chiefs fan now living in on the east coast, Twitter
GH: This tweet hurt my heart. It should rip Clark Hunt’s wide open.

“Watching $$$ Hunt-Glass hoodwinked from voters validates my decision to sell my house/move to Vegas. Suck it, Royals and Chiefs.”
Chad Harberts, former Metro Sports anchor, @ChadHarberts, Twitter
GH: Once again it is geography that compels so many of us to embrace the Chiefs and Royals. Shake Pepper still feels a strong connection to the teams of his youth, despite the 1500 miles between him and the Truman Sports Complex. Harberts is loving Vegas and has these two losers in his rear-view mirror. Winning cure all – but winning seems like it too has up and moved away.

“Updated panoramic of Arrowhead Stadium in mid-third quarter of #Chiefs game vs. #Bengals. 360.io/jQCYZX”
Jeff Rosen, @jeff_rosen88, KC Star sports editor, Twitter
GH: Is it 1987 again?

“As a [Chiefs’] fan, how can you go to the game? You go tailgate but then you walk into the stadium and it’s a horrible negative experience from there. At the stadium – it’s just not fun!”
Gary Lezak, 810 AM
GH: There wasn’t a more festive and proud place to be in the ‘90s than Arrowhead on game day. A ticket to the Chiefs’ game was a ticket to a great experience. Gone. All gone.

“Not surprising, but Arrowhead crowd to see end of blowout is sad.”
Darren Rovell, @darrenrovell, of ESPN, Twitter

“Prediction: Scott Egoli goes tomorrow [Monday]. Just a prediction.”
Jason Whitlock, @WhitlockJason, Twitter

“Strap yourselves in. I don’t think there are going to be any [Chiefs] firings until we get to the end of the year.”
Soren Petro, 810 AM
GH: I think Petro is more right here than Whitlock. It looks like Clark Hunt is content to move slowly and suffer through the next six games with his lame-duck regime.

“The only things left are shame, ugly accusations about mistreatment from fans, and questions. If not now, then when? If the Chiefs can land like an anvil at the bottom of the NFL in year four of a process that was supposed to be competing for the division championship, then what, exactly, could it possibly take for major changes? If not after this, then what?”
Sam Mellinger, Kansas City Star

“I look at these [Chiefs’] players and I don’t see any fear for their jobs. They look awful gosh darn content. Why aren’t guys getting whacked? Every week somebody ought to get whacked just to set a precedent and say, ‘We’re not going to accept this!’ When I was playing and we lost, guys couldn’t sleep Sunday night because they were afraid they were getting cut on Monday morning.”
Bill Maas, 610 AM
GH: This week I’d fire Eric Winston. Instead, we have high-priced first-year free agents scolding the fans and calling them sickening and disgusting.

“Derrick Johnson is making plays like the Chiefs are 8-1 instead of 1-8.”
Mitch Holthus, on the continued superlative play by the Chiefs’ linebacker, Chiefs Radio Network
GH: I want to end this OTC column on a positive note. Derrick Johnson embodies everything Chiefs’ fans want in their players. He plays hard, he plays smart and he competes. We have gone from the right 53 to the right one.

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28 Responses to OTC: Chiefs’ Fans’ Blackout Scores And Embarrasses The Clarks Into NFL’s Rock Bottom

  1. kylerohde says:

    So Harberts disliked KC sports so much he moved to a city with no pro teams?

    • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

      Man, that’s rough. Almost like when Susan left George Costanza on Seinfed and became a lesbian.

    • MrBrightsideKC says:

      When you can bet on any game in the world, every team is a valid talking point. Plus I believe Vegas leans towards LA teams anyways.

  2. The Smartman says:

    For the coup de grace, sing home of the BRONCOS, during National Anthem.

    • Will says:

      That’s a good idea…they could sing the visiting teams’ mascot to close the national anthem each home game.
      In your face Clark!

  3. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Brutal football weekend for the KC Metro. MU, KU, KSU, and the Queefs all turn in complete embarrassments on the field of play.

  4. tigerdan4 says:

    If Clark Hunt doesn’t pull the plug on Pioli after this season, he may as well flush his franchise down the toilet. People will stop buying tickets. Season ticket holders will not renew and the ones under contract will buy out of them. Arrowhead will look like it did in the 80′s. It is such a disaster now and it will only get worse if he is retained. Bowe will be gone. Albert will be gone. Now there’s rumblings that Flowers wants out and he stated Pioli as the reason. No quality free agent or coach will want to come here. If I was the owner, Pioli would’ve been fired a month ago. Clark could make a positive statement to the fans by making that move NOW. Instead of making us sit around and wait. Wondering what’s going to happen, if anything. It’s such a no-brainer. There is NO LOGICAL ARGUMENT for keeping Pioli from this point going forward. Anyone who tries to say different is dumb. And flatout wrong.

  5. Jim says:

    The good news, GWSWOT, is that I’m only upset about 1 of those loses. Rock Chalk. haha

  6. PV_Pathfinder says:

    DO NOT FIRE PIOLI BEFORE THE END OF THE SEASON!!! Make him suffer thru this mess the same as the rest of us.

  7. Mark X says:

    <ass os cprrect … people should be getting cut on Mondays ..that would get the players left attention. Pioli fired, now. Crennel fired, now. Just on principle –bad performance. They don’t deserve any more money.

    Win or lose, get the 53 hungriest players in. Off the street, off taxi squads, previously cut. We have NOTHING to lose until next year. .. It least it would be entertaining

  8. Hot Carl says:

    “Nobody cares about the [Chiefs’] game. We haven’t talked about one X and O of that game. Because nobody cares. You better pray that people care enough that they still want to talk bad about this team.”

    St. John hit the nail on the head with this. I got free tix and a parking pass to the game and I still didn’t want to go but my kid did so away we went. It was the most boring football game I’ve ever been to. People didn’t even have the energy to boo the sh*t on the field. I hadn’t been to a game in ten years and I hope it’s another ten before I go again.

  9. MrBrightsideKC says:

    Bill Snyder = Marty Schottenheimer

  10. JP says:

    Having gone and endured the game, it was as miserable as it looked on TV. The Chiefs look like they don’t care and it shows. The Clarks are in the process of seeing a proud fan base desert them en masse. To have Mark Albert point out the obvious was too priceless. FIre Pioli now, let Crennel enjoy his last 6 games as a head coach, and then clean house!!!!!

  11. Java Man says:

    Pioli seems to have the unique superpower to suck the joy of life out of his head coaches.

    • The Smartman says:

      Supposedly he was at the Springsteen concert. The fact that no one beat the shit out of him or even got in his face shows what pussies we’ve become. In New York, Philly or Boston he’d be afraid to leave his house and require 24/7 security.

      • rkcal says:

        I was at the concert. Question: How many middle-aged, balding, glasses wearing, paunchy white guys like the Boss? Answer: A lot. I doubt many recognized him amongst that crowd. He really is a nondescript looking dude, and that is very helpful to him these days.

      • gassedup says:

        Cluk could have the Boss come do a private concert at his ocean view home and still have millions of Chef’s money in his pocket left over. I forgot he’s a cheapskate, never mind

  12. Orphan of the Road says:

    I don’t know the Chiefs beat out the Eagles for worst team in the NFL. I think Romeo needs to adapt the “Time’s yours” line to start his press conferences too.

    Since they saw their shadow yesterday, six-more-weeks-of-bad-football is the forecast. Followed by soft, sobbing and primal moans of mommy!

  13. The Smartman says:

    He’s not that hard to spot even amongst Springsteen loving lib tards. The fact that he feels comfortable to walk and mingle among the masses in Chiefs Kingdom speaks volumes. My city of ruins indeed.

    • rkcal says:

      Seriously, what are Chief fans supposed to do if they see him out and about? Challenge him to an underwater knife fight for sucking at his job? Perspective is a good thing.

      • The Smartman says:

        In the Kansas City I grew up in by now someone would have gotten in his face and said something like “if I were you I think I’d be putting in some extra hours at the office to get some W’s on the board”. His house and car would be getting egg and paint bombed on a regular basis, kids getting beat up at school…All the subtle stuff to let people know they aren’t wanted.

    • Larry Mondello says:

      I loved Springsteen when I was in HS and college…then I got a job and had to pay bills. Can’t stand that dude’s politics. #obamaasskisser

      • rkcal says:

        I don’t know if that’s the KC of your mind or what. When I moved here from L.A. in the mid ’90′s, I couldn’t believe how..um…..sedate… the civic personality here is. Nice and tranquil area…minimal boat rocking. It certainly is a double-edged sword, because I do think that culture does hold this city back in some ways.

  14. Draft a QB. says:

    I am a 22 years season ticket holder. Remember how this town talked Chiefs Football in the 90s? How going to the game meant you were a part of something huge? It was tough to get a ticket! It was a great time and you often left happy!
    Most of the town would just as soon bring back the old Marty days right now. I would bring those back, although those days we never ever finished anywhere close to the top.
    We are not, and have not been an elite franchise ever. Well at least not in the last 43 years. Things are so shitty now we would accept the unfulfilled promise of the Marty years. Hell, who wouldn’t. The Chiefs record at home is horrendous the last 50+ games. I hear they have only won 16 out of the last 50+ HOME games!

    • The Smartman says:

      I still have my season tix but rarely go. During the Marty years I had friends from around the country begging me to take them games. They were blown away! From Red Friday’s, tailgating that started with breakfast at 6:00 am, the camaraderie in the parking lot, the atmosphere inside the stadium and the post game wind down with sophisticated adult beverages, finally leaving the stadium around 6:00 pm. Those were some glorious days. We will NEVER see times like that again.