OTC: KU Wins But Gives Up 30 To SJS’s Kinney / Withey Swats Triple Double At AFH

“Well-traveled 6-2 James Kinney has dropped 30, so far, on Jayhawks tonight. Looking like Anthony Peeler in Allen Field House.”
Fran Fraschilla, @franfraschilla, on the San Jose State guard’s output in their 70-57 loss at Allen Fieldhouse, Twitter
GH: An Anthony Peeler reference from FranFrasch? Mizzou’s Peeler lit up the Jayhawks for 43 but lost 97-89 to Roy Williams’ 1992 squad at Allen Fieldhouse. That stood as a record output by an opponent inside the land of the Phog until OSU’s Randy Rutherford poured in 45 in 1995. One other opponent equaled Paseo High’s Peeler’s  43 at AH. Cincinnati’s Big O – Mr. Oscar Robertson.

“We let this dude come in and hang 30 on us. No offense to him, but that ain’t Kevin Durant out there.”
Bill Self, via tweet from @JayhawkTalk, Twitter
GH: I love Bill Self interviews. His Hawk Talk show this past week was fantastic. He told recruiting stories about back when he was a rookie assistant at Oklahoma State. It was fascinating listening to him recall the names of the high school coaches, players, gymnasiums and teams he was there to scout. To hear him tell it, he never landed a single recruit back then. Things have changed.

“I’ve seen bad offense before — third-and-fourth-grade YMCA basketball with no good ball reversal and bad ball-handling. Our offense surpassed that tonight the last 12 minutes of the game.”
Bill Self, KUSports.com

“KU fans enjoy [Ben] McLemore while u can cuz he aint going to be around too long. #NBA”
Jeff Boschee, @JeffBoschee, former All-Big 12 guard at KU, Twitter
GH: Boschee was one of the deadliest outside shooters to ever play in the Big 12. McLemore has yet to show us he can fill it up from beyond the arc. Read on.

“Kansas beats San Jose St easily but Ben McLemore goes 0 for 7 from three-point range. Fits and starts.”
Seth Davis, @SethDavisHoops, Twitter
GH: Self has said that this Kansas team will be a much better shooting team than in recent years. They will need to be.

“Next time someone asks the question if there’s any chance McLemore comes back next year, show them that dunk.”
Carrington Harrison, @cdotharrison, on McLemore’s signature dunk against San Jose State, Twitter
GH: Can McLemore move into the lottery with Sportscenter dunks? Yes. I don’t think Self expects him to return for his sophomore season.

“Still not sure what to make of KU right now. Played around with San Jose State, won by 13. Meh.”
Dennis Dodd, @dennisdoddcbs, Twitter

“Triple double for Withey. I don’t know if I have ever seen someone improve as much in a short time as Jeff in any sport. Congrats!”
Charlie Weis, @CoachWeisKansas, Twitter
GH: Withey makes Kansas a legit Final Four team. He is that much of a problem for opposing teams. What a difference from the first time I saw him on the KU bench as a transfer from Arizona. He looked like a guy who might never get out of his street clothes.

“Withey can play 15 years in The League just as a shot blocker.”
Dennis Dodd, @dennisdoddcbs, Twitter

“Bill Self’s KU teams are always very good defensively. This team is gonna need to be elite though to overcome some real offensive problems.”
Danny Parkins, @DannyParkins, Twitter
GH: Hitting the outside shot makes an offense look measurably better. If KU does not, they will suffer. I expect them to heat up as the weather gets cooler.

“Tough night for Tobacco Road tonight: Heels and Pack will lose at Indiana and Michigan, respectively.”
Seth Davis, @SethDavisHoops, Twitter
GH: These are some great college basketball games for a Tuesday night. I am prepared to watch them in my home office as my family ODs on Pawn Stars.

“Talk fantasy basketball with Kareem Rush on Sirius XM!”
Promo for the former Mizzou star’s spot on satellite radio, Sirius XM
GH: Kareem’s a member of the media? Cool. About time he put that Pembroke Hill education to use.

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24 Responses to OTC: KU Wins But Gives Up 30 To SJS’s Kinney / Withey Swats Triple Double At AFH

  1. john doe says:

    Classy of Bill Self to trash a kid that just lit up his team.

    • Joe says:


    • Gavin says:

      Yes. Absolutely. By pointing out that the young man is not Kevin Durant and by saying “no offense to him,” Bill Self was clearly calling out the player as unfit to ever even give tug jobs for a quarter at the bus station, let alone play D1 ball.

  2. MrBrightsideKC says:

    I have no idea how people watch Pawn Stars/Storage Wars/etc. It’s too fake for me.

    • john doe says:

      Question of the day.

      Is McLemore’s 3pt FG% higher or lower than his GPA?

      • Gavin says:

        It’s high enough that Mizzou would love to have him and failed at its efforts to recruit him, is all I know.

        • john doe says:

          His momma wanted him at MU.

          He wouldn’t have qualified even if he wanted to go there.

          • Gavin says:

            So…Mizzou is in the business of recruiting players that couldn’t qualify to go there? Yes, that definitely sounds like them.

            And the bit about where his mom wanted him to go is priceless. You’re sounding a bit like that guy who brags about banging some girl but when he’s called on his bullshit and definitively shown to have done no such thing, he retorts with, “yeah, well, I fingerbanged her.”

          • goonzablazin says:

            Maybe he could have taken the official Ricky Clemons Accelerated Eligibility Track over the summer. Followed by whatever grueling course load Sheldon Richardson takes to stay eligible.

            But it doesn’t matter because he actually did not want to go there,

          • john doe says:

            i finger banged my wife last night

            Tony Mitchell disagrees with your first point.

  3. Jim says:

    I don’t think Self was trashing the kid at all. I think he was calling his OWN team out by saying the kid ain’t Kevin Durant and THEY let him get off for 30 points. KU shouldn’t ever let a kid of Kinney’s talent drop 30 on them at home. It’s lazy defense and nothing pisses Self off more than poor defense.

  4. Phaedrus says:

    I guess I don’t get (understand) Twitter. Why should I care what Jeff Boschee thinks about Ben McLemore? Why should Jeff Boschee think anybody besides his friends and family cares what he thinks about current KU players?

    Is following a public figure/athlete on Twitter the modern day equivalent of asking for their autograph? Ok if your 10-years old, but pathetic otherwise?

    • Steve says:

      If you think following an athlete/public figure on Twitter is pathetic, there are millions of pathetic people out there.

  5. Kyle says:

    And you are exuding class JD. Spoken like a true Tigger. Top Notch!

  6. Dearmonds Anti Crazy Meds says:

    It’s not officially winter until the local media (and obsessive MU fans) start over analyzing double digit wins by KU basketball. LOL Dennis Dodd.

    KU basketball is THE sport in this town. It’s always successful, gets the most coverage locally and nationally…and brings out the most jealous haters. It’s good to be king I guess.

    • kc says:

      THE sport, huh? Maybe for KU fans, since that is all they have. I couldn’t care less about ku basketball. I have a life.

      • Dearmonds Empty Prozac Bottle says:

        Yes, you care so little about KU basketball that you’re commenting on an article about KU basketball. Clearly you can’t care less.

        Yes having an program that wins titles every year and is one of the 3 best programs in the history of the sport is all we have. It’s so rough.

  7. Gary Pinkel says:

    I can’t believe they brought me back

  8. MightyMo says:

    Until Kansas ever loses this league, why even care about how the team plays in November? Somehow, Bill will pull it all together, take the league, get a top 4 seed, etc. Almost boring in its consistency.

    • john doe says:

      weak league.

      And yes, KU fans, MU could not win a weak league. I got it.

      The conference is a 1 trick pony in basketball

      Petro is discussing it’s weakness right now.

      • JP says:

        It’s nice to hear how irrelevant KU basketball is by all the missourah fans that come on this board and tell us that. The truth is KU is the one team in this area that does produce year in and year out. Until that stops, they will get the most scrutiny and coverage.

        As to the game, the bottom line was that KU got a double digit victory. Not pretty by any means, and this team needs to improve if they are going to contend for a Final Four spot. Self’s history is that KU teams start to hit their stride come early January. I expect this year to be no different.

        Finally, after watching Indiana last night, I am convinced that the Hoosiers are the best team in college basketball bar none. I have never seen North Carolina taken to the woodshed like that. IU is fun to watch, and plays the game the right way. It appears the college universe goes through the state of Indiana in 2012/13 (Notre Dame football and Indiana basketball).

  9. john doe says:

    Never said they were irrelevant, I said they played in a weak league.

    Indiana and Duke look to be the teams to beat in November.