OTC: Andy Reid Meets The KC Media / Most In The Know Like What They See

“Andy Reid called the Chiefs [while they were interviewing candidates] in Atlanta and said, ‘Don’t go by what you’re hearing [about me going to Arizona]. I’m still interested if you’re interested in me, come on up here.’ They turned their plane around and headed straight to Philadelphia.”
Frank Boal, KSHB 41
GH: I find it fascinating how quickly a member of the billion-dollar business that is the NFL makes their decisions on hiring one of the most important people in their organization – the head coach. But waiting leaves you with Todd Haley. Why do head coaches get recycled so often in the NFL? They are safe hires.

“Statements made by both Hunt and Reid Monday indicated that Pioli’s departure was coming well before Reid accepted the job last Friday afternoon. ‘Scott and I are friends, but that was taken care of before me and worked out between Scott and Clark,’ Reid said when asked if he told Hunt that he didn’t want to work with Pioli.”
GH: If Pioli had been let go “before me,” as Reid states, did it happen on the plane ride from Atlanta to Philly? There is a great book waiting to be written about the Chiefs’ 2012 season. A bestseller. Kent Babb would be one guy who could write it. In fact, with his new Washington, DC address, he might be the perfect guy. If Whitlock could get motivated, he could write himself a legacy with his spin on this story. I wonder if anyone will.

“I promise this isn’t about patting me on the back… I had to play this clip for you today.”
Kevin Kietzman, after playing back excerpts from his interview in May with Pioli where KK and Pioli differed on the importance of finding the Chiefs a quarterback, 810 AM
GH: Kietzman is still trying to BBQ the now fired hide of Pioli – the man who dared to not take Kevin Kietzman seriously – on his own show! Maybe KK can get Pioli on his show now to tell us about that trip from Atlanta to Philly.

“Would he have wanted me to stop coaching? Matter of fact, he would have slapped me upside the head if I’d of stopped coaching.”
Andy Reid, when asked by Brad Fanning if he considered taking time off after his son died of an overdose at the Eagles’ training camp in August, KCTV 5
GH: Fanning jumped in and in a face-to-face interview with the imposing Reid, asked the one question that many wanted to hear answered. Reid handled it expertly and moved on to another topic. Fanning didn’t push the father on the issue of his dead son – a touchy subject in any setting. I would have preferred he did, but I can’t say I would have been able to push Reid on that personal of a subject.

“As he said, he is a football coach and he is ready to go. He is energized by the opportunity to come to Kansas City and be part of the Chiefs organization.”
Clark Hunt, when asked by Soren Petro if Reid might need to take a break after 14 years in Philadelphia, 810 AM
GH: Or so we all hope. Reid is coming to Kansas City after being fired in Philadelphia. That’s how a Super-Bowl head coach becomes available to a franchise with the number-one draft pick. He fails miserably in his last job. Will the aroma of Arrowhead turn the embers in Reid’s football-loving heart?

“That’s the general manager’s deal. That’s the general manager’s deal.”
Andy Reid, when asked by Jack Harry about his thoughts on the draft, KSHB 41
GH: Interesting that Reid is not only willing to share the draft with the Chiefs’ next GM but expects to.

“No, absolutely not. In fact quite the contrary. I feel like you should draft a quarterback every year.”
Clark Hunt, when asked by Fanning if the Chiefs ownership has ever issued a mandate to not draft quarterbacks, KCTV 5

“I want one who wins football games, or contributes to winning football games.”
Andy Reid, when asked what he’s looking for in a quarterback, KCTV 5

“You talk to the kid. You find out. Then you make sure you take care of what’s at home first to see what you have there. Then if you have an opportunity in the draft, an opportunity in free agency or trade, you look at those things. But you want to make sure you look at what you’ve got right there.”
Andy Reid, discussing how he’ll go about addressing the Chiefs’ quarterback problem, KCTV 5
GH: The phrasing of Reid’s answer made me think of his son. Macabre? Yes, but also chilling.

“I’d love to know how many season tickets [the Chiefs] have sold since the hiring and now. I’ll bet it’s incredible.”
Frank Boal, on the impact Reid’s hiring has had on Chiefs’ season ticket sales, KSHB 41
GH: I am not so positive that Reid has Chiefs’ fans emptying their pockets in January for football next fall. The experience that is the NFL on Sundays is quickly moving from stadiums to living rooms. Winning will change that somewhat but I believe that tide has turned.

“I think Kansas City will be back in the mix very soon with Andy Reid as the head coach. It’s worth celebrating.”
Jeff Chadiha, 810 AM
GH: Most in the media agree. Read on.

“I think you’ll see a well-organized team that at some point will be back in the playoffs.”
Charley Casserly, of the NFL Network, 610 AM

“If you saw Andy Reid in the press conference, that had to reenergize you. This is a guy you’ve seen on the sideline at a Super Bowl.”
Josh Vernier, 610 AM

“I like that mustache!”
Michael Coleman, weighing in on Andy Reid, KCTV 5
GH: Coleman’s duty for KCTV 5 was limited to the big board and presenting cuts of Fanning’s interviews at Arrowhead. An excellent decision.

“A year ago today, Adrian Peterson couldn’t walk, Peyton Manning couldn’t throw, and the Colts lost to the Jaguars to lock up the #1 pick.”
Andrew Siciliano, Twitter
GH: A lot changes in a year. Maybe the Chiefs will pull a Colts in 2013. There is always hope. In Kansas City, we have had little else of late.

“Te’o is Irish for Bosworth.”
Rick Picciocca, @rickpicciocca, Twitter
GH: Little more needs to be said about Alabama’s thorough slaying of the Irish. The SEC remains the king of college football. Notre Dame proved to be a false idol. As a friend of mine put it, South Bend Over.

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18 Responses to OTC: Andy Reid Meets The KC Media / Most In The Know Like What They See

  1. Barles james says:

    Yep, the secs unbalanced schedule strikes again. They played two teams in conference with winning records, losing to one.

    • The Word says:

      The SEC is just better in football then all the test. Deal with it.

      • Barles james says:

        What an excellent argument

        • The Word says:

          The top teams in the Big 12 were destroyed by teams not only didnt win their own confrences but didnt win their own divisions. So if not the SEC, who The Big 12?

          • Barles james says:

            Alabama would have lost three games in the big 12. They nearly lost two in the sec. The unbalanced schedule absolutely propa up at least two sec teams every year.

          • Barles james says:

            I would love to have seen louisville against alabama. After watching bridgewater destroy Florida, the sec defense myth was exposed.

          • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

            Don’t bother with this dude, Word. He knows damn good and well the Big 12 was a total embarrassment in the bowls, especially their top teams, who got boatraced in their bowls…and a Big 12 fan bagging on some other conferences defense? That’s rich.

          • Barles James says:

            Hey Guy Who Says What Others Think – How did Missouri do in their bowl? serious question

          • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

            Poor attempt at bait. Not taking it. Find somewhere else to troll.

          • Barles James says:

            ok Guy – well done. I’ll just say this – the only thing sadder than Missouri fans watching their school start sucking is going to be them turning into typical “conference” fans. Don’t be satisfied with cheering for teams that roll you during the conference season. I want to say you’re better than that.

          • hammy says:

            guess rooting for your conf is better than being so jealous that you now hate the conf your former foe is in. and make up crazy things like Alabama would lose 2 games in the Big 12.

  2. theSportsSnark says:

    My favorite headline from the BCS game last night was from the Tuscaloosa News, calling it a “Four-Leaf Clobber”


  3. The Smartman says:

    If Andy can get the Chiefs to 11-5 or better Camarohead will be ROCKING! Still, Andy will NEVER take the Chiefs to a Superbowl. Chiefs fans and most people in the metro remain long on style and short on substance.

    The REAL question for Andy Reid is do you think your kids turned out the way they did ’cause DADDY WAS NEVER HOME. Think maybe that was a root cause coach? Parenting is a PRIMARY OBLIGATION that far too often gets put behind career and marriage. Andy failed his kids far worse than he failed Eagles fans. Andy should go see Rex Ryan’s tattoo man.

    Notre Dame? Notre Shame! Notre Blame, Notre Lame. Check the tape Greg. I was the FIRST to make the T’eo Bosworth comparison.

    AJ McCarron, good kid, hot girlfriend. Matt Leinart in waiting. Although the Heisman House commercial with Leinart and Herschel Walker is BRILLIANT! By far Matt’s best work since entering the NFL.

    • chuck says:

      Ouch. If Smarty is right about the kids, that would be an onerous burden for the best of us. I know everyone handles grief differrently,(So ya hear, right Mr. Caumus?), but not takin a year off seems out of character for anyone but a T1000 Football Coach. If that is what he is, it is good for KC, and like Smarty says…

      • The Smartman says:

        I can support Andy in the whole grieving thing. We all do it differently. That being said, we constantly piss and moan about the parenting, or lack of, issues east of Troost and in the black community. Kids, boys especially, need a strong father figure. No reason why Andy shouldn’t get the same scrutiny. What was growing up Reid like? What about Mrs. Reid? Maybe she could do a joint appearance with Sly James wife. I’ve never seen her either. Andy’s boys are/were fucked up. We hear about what a great dad he was cause his visited them in jail weekly. Makes me cry it does.

        Whether it’s nature, nurture or a combination they turned out like the kids of a Mafiosi not a ” disciplined leader or men “. And I also don’t understand the obsession with 18 hour workdays in the NFL, like some badge of honor. With technology being what it is I can’t believe that can’t get whittled down to 10 or 12 hours. Maybe after the NFL deals with the concussion issue they can work on spouse and child neglect. I’m sure there are lots of Shawty Lo’s in the NFL

        • chuck says:

          Excellent points.

          Whatever happened, I gotta believe that he would do it different now.

          • The Smartman says:

            Which is another excellent question he should be asked, about whether or not he would do things differently with his boys. Real men, real leaders own their mistakes. Maybe 610 or 810 should hire Dr. Phil to handle the Chiefs beat.

  4. The Smartman says:


    This is funny, because it’s TRUE!