OTC: McMiracle Lifts KU To OT Win Over ISU / Allen Fieldhouse Once Again Delivers Magic

“When it left my hand, I actually kind of called ‘bank.’”
Ben McLemore, on hitting a banked three to send KU into overtime and an eventual 97-98 win over Iowa State, Topeka Capital-Journal
GH: Nobody calls ‘bank’ as the shot is leaving your hand from just left of the top of the key. But if KU’s redshirt freshman Ben McLemore is a bad liar, that might be his only fault. Read on.

“Oh yeah, no question about it. He looked over and winked and said, ‘Glass.’”
Matt Doherty, chuckling with Bob Fescoe and Josh Klinger Thursday morning on McLemore’s claim he called bank, 610 AM
GH: Doherty was the TV analyst for the game at Allen Fieldhouse for ESPNU. It was a familiar place for Doherty who was an assistant at KU under Roy Williams. I like when guys like Doherty and Jon Sundvold work our local schools’ games. Their perspective is unique and their familiarity with the programs is usually a plus.

“I wish it would’ve swished. I’d feel better about myself right now if that thing didn’t bank in. … It wouldn’t have seemed quite so lucky.”
Fred Hoiberg, Iowa State’s head coach, KUSports.com

“He didn’t call glass, I’m sure.”
Bill Self, Topeka Capital-Journal
GH: So the McMiracle was probably just as magical as it appeared to be. Kansas was all but dead. “I was putting my jacket on and getting ready to leave,” said one of my KU friends who attended the game. It had to be like attending a wake and the corpse suddenly pops out of the casket and starts dancing. Here’s a thought – reserve Allen Fieldhouse for your funeral and hope for the best. Read on.

“Don’t tell me Phog Allen and James Naismith weren’t cooking up a witches’ brew. Holy Rock Chalk Batman.”
Seth Davis, @SethDavisHoops, Twitter

“I think a lot of those two games [Temple and ISU] had to do with Allen Fieldhouse. The fans were unbelievable [Wednesday] night.”
Norm Roberts, KU assistant coach, 810 AM

“And THAT is Allen Fieldhouse. No way that wasn’t going in.”
Brady McCollough, @BradyMcCollough, Twitter

“That’s beware of the Phog. Those kinds of things happen in Allen Fieldhouse. That’s why that building is kind of special.”
Matt Doherty, 610 AM
GH: Allen Fieldhouse is the greatest sports venue in which I have attended a live sports contest. It is that special – and the past decade has been the zenith of that old barn’s magical mystery tour. And to think, Kevin Kietzman was predicting a few years back that the Jayhawks would have to tear it down and replace it with a more revenue-friendly suite-filled modern palace. That odd looking gym will still be standing on the Kaw until the Pacific Ocean laps at its doors.

“Unreal. Yet with #kubball. Real.”
Josh Klingler, @joshklingler, Twitter

“KU has won 100 of its last 101 games in Allen. I repeat: KU has won 100 of its last 101 games in Allen. That’s crazy good.”
Gary Bedore, @GaryBedore, Twitter
GH: That stat is simply ridiculous when you consider KU plays in the Big 12. Their only loss in the last 100 games? A comeback win by Texas two seasons ago, the day after the team sat up most of the night consoling Thomas Robinson after he learned of the death of his mother.

“kansas basketball has some of the best sports luck in the world. Irks every little fiber in my soul. if they win this game I’m gonna hate hate hate for the next four hours.”
Ashley Zavala, @ZavalaA, Columbia sports reporter at KOMO-TV, Twitter

“HAHAH #mizzouchebags “@TFM_News: The University Of Missouri Now Offers A Course About Sibling Incest ow.ly/gGvYQ #TFM”
Jonna Ramos, @JonnaMRamos, Twitter
GH: I enjoyed following the MU and KU fans on Twitter Wednesday night as they kept the rivalry alive if only digitally.

“This [McLemore] kid is unfunkinbelievable, easily the most talented player at KU since Pierce.”
Greg Schaum, @GregSchaum, on the talented redshirt freshman from St. Louis, Twitter
GH: And to think Ben’s mom wanted him to go to Mizzou…

“McLemore’s 33 points tonight the most points by a KU freshman since Danny Manning’s 35 in 1985. Pretty good company!”
Fran Fraschilla, @franfraschilla, Twitter
GH: McLemore got 33 and only took 12 shots from the field. He was six of six from beyond the arc. How good is this dude? He’s Hickory’s Jimmy Chitwood with ups come to life. Maybe Teen Wolf is a better cinema comparison.

“He’s unbelievable. He’s got the potential to be the No. 1 pick in the [June NBA] draft. He’s great now, and he’s got great upside just because of his athleticism, he’s got a great stroke, he’s got great elevation on his shot and he seems like a wonderful kid. He’s a star.”
Fred Hoiberg, Iowa State’s head coach, KUSports.com
GH: That pretty well sums up one of the greatest players in Kansas history – and he’s played exactly one conference game.

“Ben McLemore has played just 14 college games, yet the people who follow Kansas’ basketball team closely — including this writer — have already concluded two things: McLemore is the best player to wear a KU uniform since Paul Pierce. There’s no way the redshirt freshman will be in college after this season.”
Jason King, ESPN.com

“He’s got as pretty a jump shot as I’ve seen since Ray Allen.”
Matt Doherty, 610 AM
GH: Indiana’s Keith Smart had a classic J. Purdue’s Rick Mount was one of the role models I tried to emulate in my backyard hoop. Who was your go-to guy that shaped your jumper?

“I don’t see any reason why [McLemore] can’t be the top guy, the No. 1 guy. The upper part of (this summer’s) draft is weak, but that’s not the only reason. He’s a freak athlete, he’s got a smooth stroke and he handles (the ball) pretty well. And I love his temperament. He’s the best player I’ve seen at Kansas in a long, long time.”
An Unnamed NBA Scout, talking to Jason King, ESPN.com
GH: When McLemore drives to the bucket, especially when he comes from the left to the right side of the rim, his elevation at the hole is freakish. Most athletes allow their momentum to carry them through the play to finish off the glass. McLeMost looks like he climbing a staircase and hits the top step as he closes a foot above the defenders. I hope this kid plays in the NBA for the next 15 years.

“He’s a little kid at heart. At the same time, he’s the coolest person in the world. He’s one of those people you could never get mad at. And if he gets mad at you, it hurts you. Anything he’s getting right now, I really, truly, deep down in my heart feel like he deserves.”
Elijah Johnson, KU’s senior point guard, on McLemore, ESPN.com
GH: For a senior teammate to speak that highly of a first-year starter speaks volumes about McLemore. I know I’m impressed.

“McLemore [hits] a 3 and the refs did not have a hand in that. Stupid ISU. You foul before that shot.”
Mike DeArmond, @sptwri, Twitter

“Any coach who doesn’t foul up 3 should give back half their salary.”
Dan Wolken, @DanWolken, on Hoiberg’s decision to not foul KU with eight seconds in regulation and his Clones up by three, Twitter
GH: I am stunned that this is even being debated. Of course you foul in this situation. But Hoiberg, Self and Doherty – three guys who have made millions coaching basketball – all disagree. Read on.

“Me, unless you practice it all the time, I wouldn’t.”
Bill Self, 810 AM
GH: Nate Bukaty did a good job on Thursday’s Border Patrol disputing Self’s logic by reminding his listeners that Self did foul Ohio State in last year’s Final Four game in almost the identical situation. KU fouled the Buckeye’s Aaron Craft with eight seconds left. Craft made the first frow, but was guilty of a lane viloation when he tried to intentionally miss the second.

“It backfired on us. That’s the breaks of the game.”
Fred Hoiberg, on his decision to not foul Kansas inside eight seconds with a three-point lead, 810 AM
GH: Breaks of the game? I love The Mayor but his decision allowed McLeMost’s trey to happen. He and his squad will have to live with that for the next 50-60 years or so. That is a bad break.

“It hurts. It’s gonna hurt all night long, driving back to Ames on a bus. And then you let it go. Our guys know we let one slip away. They’re very disappointed about that. But, at the same time, if you can come in here and compete with a team that’s won eight league championships in a row, you can play with anybody in the country. That’s gonna be the mindset going forward.”
Fred Hoiberg, Iowa State’s head coach, KUSports.com

“They’re scared. They’re scared of losing. That’s the only way to lose [in regulation]. There’s no reason not to foul.”
Todd Leabo, on why coaches choose to not foul when faced with the late-game situation that Hoiberg’s Cyclones had in Lawrence – up three with eight seconds on the game clock, 810 AM
GH: Leabo sounded like a savant after I had just heard Doherty give his reasoning below on 610 Sports. Or maybe Todd was listening too? Read on.

“I’m not a foul guy. I don’t foul. It comes down to what you can stomach. Can you stomach putting a team in position to lose in regulation? I couldn’t stomach that.”
Matt Doherty, 610 AM

“Also of note: A&M crushing Arkansas. Mike Anderson may get it done there, but so far, it’s flop city.”
Dan Wolken, @DanWolken, Twitter
GH: So the night wasn’t a total loss for Mizzou fans.

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41 Responses to OTC: McMiracle Lifts KU To OT Win Over ISU / Allen Fieldhouse Once Again Delivers Magic

  1. hammy says:

    That’s your Big 12 CotY. The Mayor not fouling loses the game.

  2. Barles james says:

    Sundvold is easily the best color guy who regularly does big 12 games. Mitch holthus is better than expected, as long as nationalities arent being stereotyped

  3. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Ask John Calipari if he would’ve fouled. I think we all know the answer. Bottom line…Hoiberg stepped on his dick.

    • Gavin says:

      Excellent point. After that game was over, Calipari said that Derrick Rose had tried to foul and for a second it looked like he did. But then Rose threw up his hands in a classic “I’m not trying to foul” gesture and the refs didn’t call it. My guess is that next time both Calipari and Hoiberg tell their guys to SELL IT and not act like pussies about it.

      And I’m not sure Self was contradicting himself. He said he wouldn’t do it if his team hadn’t practiced it. Maybe his team practices it so he’s cool with it. I’m betting Hoiberg makes it a part of practice from now on, too.

      • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

        Yeah, I didn’t understand that statement from Self. Do you really need to practice how to foul?

        • Jay says:

          If you want your players to do something correctly, you dang well better practice it. If you don’t practice it, you’d likely end up getting an intentional called, or someone fouling a 3pt shooter, or some other catastrophe.

          Coaches practice end of game situations daily for a reason. They want their players to react… not think. If you throw something they haven’t practiced before at them, you’ll almost always get bad results.

      • TangoAlphaLima says:

        I took that as Self not selling out a fellow coach. He doesn’t want to say Hoiberg was an idiot, so Self says he wouldn’t do it if his team hadn’t practiced it. But of course, his team practices it, because it’s the smart play in that situation. It’s a pretty sly response.

      • Greg Hall says:

        Coach Bill said after the game something like, “I definitely wouldn’t foul with eight seconds left.” That was the point that Bukaty was making and how it contradicted what Self actually did last season in the FF.

  4. john doe says:

    nice free throw disparity

    home cookin

    • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

      Come on man. ISU doesn’t drive the ball, they just sit out there and throw up three pointers. You aren’t going to draw alot of fouls doing that.

      • Johnny Utah says:

        ISU got fouled on 2 3-pt attempts. Many games those are not called. And then BenMc got one later he turned into a 4-point play. that game was not as big of home cooking as KU fans have come to expect.

  5. harwood benjamin says:

    Don’t start watching much till conference begins, so this was my 1st extended look at McLemore. Best looking jump shot I’ve seen in a long time. Does it always look that amazing, or was last night something above and beyond?
    Also, maybe it was because the game was on ESPNU and the sound was different from when the game is on local stations, but watching at home, i thought the Allen Fieldhouse crowd was unusually subdued for most of the night.

    • Kyle Rohde says:

      That’s what happens when students are gone for winter break still.

      • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

        Careful Kyle. You’re starting to sound like some of the dipshit apologists I know down in Columbia MO, who use the same excuse when a city of over 100,000 people, with over 5 million people living within 2 hours away, cant find 15,000 to show up at a basketball game where a top 15 team is playing.

        • Kyle Rohde says:

          But this stadium was still full – just with 2 or 3,000 more general people rather than students like usual. Still a sellout – no worries!

  6. The Smartman says:

    McLemore would build more of a legacy by staying at KU and trying to put together back to back National Championships then scooting off to the NBA so quickly. He is a freak in college, in the NBA he’s just another slightly above average player.

    I’ve seen games at Pauley Pavilion during the Wooden Days, Rupp Arena, Cameron Indoor, and Allen Field House. AFH definitely has the edge when it comes to mojo.

    And yes, you FOUL before the shot. Stupid coaching decision!

    I still prefer to watch Keith “Silk” Wilkes classic fade away.

    • KCPRGuy says:

      I bet BMac would quote Roy Williams in response to a legacy questions, “I don’t give a sh*t about my legacy. Show me the money!”

      KU could have two lottery picks on this roster. Prepare for a long run in March.

      I thought Doherty was pretty solid last night, didn’t try to kiss ass just shared his views.

      • The Smartman says:

        You may be right about McLemore but another year or two in college building and polishing the brand will yield endorsement dollars that will be much bigger than the max rookie salary. If I’m BMAC I’m looking for a PR person and not an agent.

  7. Jim says:

    There’s your MU fan, folks. Not coaching, not talent, not fortunate, not athletes. The refs jobbed ISU just like they jobbed MU after they were up 19 points last year and gagged it away. Damn ref’s!

    • Cliffy says:

      Yeah, right. And there were no kU fans claiming to have been jobbed at Columbia last year?

      • John Phog says:

        the difference is that the KU fans were right. Iowa State did not lost because of the refs.

        • Cliffy says:

          Ha. Typical. So, which was more questionable … Robinson’s offensive foul in Columbia or his assault of Pressey at the end of regulation in Lawrence? They both could have gone either way and they’re just part of the game. Every fan base has a segment that complains about the refs after a loss. Believe it or not — even the jbirds!

          • John Phog says:

            only one call was questionable. There was no call made on Robinson’s block because none was needed.

  8. Kyle says:

    JD is an mu fan. They think the only reason KU has 3 National Titles and 14 Final Fours is because of the refs. Genius logic as always.

  9. Kyle Rohde says:

    Man, it’s interesting people were saying how good the crowd last night was. I was at the game and was shocked how unengaged a lot of people seemed to be, even the last five minutes when KU was down and trying to come back. It’s like they just expected the Jayhawks to pull it off.

    Like Self said in post-game, it’s criminal that they only got McLemore 12 shots. He should have had 20+ with how hot he was.

    • Johnny Utah says:

      Give ISU credit. They made it tough on BenMc to get open, and they answered any KU comeback in the 2nd half with tough baskets, which kept the crowd down. They also got offensive boards and hedged back to stop the excellent transition game, which is was Temple did too.

      KU is going to have to adjust if they want to start putting teams away again.

  10. MrOlathe says:

    ISU shot like 37 3 pointers. you are not going to get to the line doing that.

  11. Kyle Rohde says:

    Almost forgot to comment on the Fieldhouse too.

    I’m glad Kietzman’s “AFH has to go” rants were nothing but that. Back when he was spouting that, I was new to KC and had no idea what a blowhard he is, so I took him reporting that to actually mean KU was considering it. If they ever did, they’d never see another dollar from me, that’s for sure. Like the engineers have said, it’s basically concrete, stone and steel. There’s no reason that building can’t still look great and be used in 100 years. I just hope I’m alive to be at the 100th Anniversary celebration in 2055. I’ll be 72 then so not that big a stretch!

  12. Java Man says:

    I’ll check back tomorrow.

  13. Scott says:

    ESPNU had the sound down more for the floor and up for the announcers. Made it sound quieter than it was.

  14. tigerdan4 says:

    Ever since this game got over with this is all anyone on Twitter and sports radio has been talking about. And now we get an entire OTC dedicated to it. Because beating Iowa State on your homecourt is HUGE in the landscape of sports. An amazing accomplishment especially considering nobody was picking KU to sweep through the conference or anything. Gotta love Cinderella stories, right?

    • Joe says:

      100 of the last 101. JH

    • Kyle Rohde says:

      Everyone’s not talking about it because KU won. They’re talking about it because Ben McLemore is continuing to ascend and scored 33 points on only 12 shots, which is phenomenal. How often does a guard go 10-12 from the floor with 6-6 on threes and 7-7 from the line?

    • John Phog says:

      nice post, tigerdan4. Way to miss the obvious point that last night’s game was a routine result arrived at in a very non-routine manner. Of course no one would be talking about it if KU had won by 15.

      It must really suck to hate KU basketball. I don’t envy you at all.

  15. Bobby Earl says:

    Self is a liar. He fouled in the NCAA tournament last year against the point guard Craft at Ohio State in the exact situation. Hoiberg was scared and he blew it!!

  16. Zard says:

    Bill Self is a witch.

  17. The Smartman says:

    As in “which” school would you like to coach at next for six million dollars a year.

  18. Nick Manning says:

    Wow, this game made me hard. ARAGHHHHHHHHHHHH DROPPIN FUCKIN LOADS!!!!!!!!!!

  19. randyraley says:

    the best pure shooter in the game was and will always be pete maravich. 44 point average in college.