OTC: Kietzman, Petro & Wright All Get Sideways With KC Chiefs’ Brass

“Just because we (in the media) may look different or act different doesn’t mean that we’re dumb! There’s a lot of smart people in that room. When I started asking Pioli a couple of questions about the salary cap, that thing was going nowhere!”
Kevin Kietzman, on his perception that Pioli treated him and the media with little respect Tuesday, 810 AM
GH: What happened was that Pioli refused to play the role of Danny Clinkscale to Kietzman’s questions. When KK made a leap in logic and restated Pioli’s comment as saying the Chiefs would not be increasing their payroll significantly, Pioli refused to bite. “Did I say that?” was Pioli’s exasperated and somewhat demeaning response to Kietzman. KK doesn’t like to be publicly embarrassed. He really doesn’t like to be embarrassed in front of his peers and competition. He used the start of his Tuesday show to lash out at the same Chiefs’ franchise he was so cozy with just the day before.
Read on.

“I can’t tell you how much we’re going to spend. We’re going to spend money as we need to spend money to get good football players signed.”
Scott Pioli, 810 AM
GH: This was Pioli’s response to Kietzman’s request for him to admit the Chiefs had cap room and would be using that money to sign some sexy free agents. It was not what KK wanted to hear but it is exactly what GMs like Pioli always say in front of the media. For some reason KK thought his presence would elicit headline comments from the Chiefs’ GM. I guess that radio contract between the Chiefs and 810 only goes so far.

“To be honest, this is not very good on (Pioli’s) part in controlling the message. This is like a dog chasing his tail. … He just was dodging everything today!”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: Now Kietzman is comparing the Chiefs’ GM to a dog chasing his tail? To be honest, this is not good on KK in controlling his ego when it comes to getting embarrassed by Pioli. It appears that Kietzman’s reporting skills have dulled with too many hours in the studio. Instead of rolling with this slight jab by Pioli, KK came out of his corner
swinging wildly and looking awkward.

“With all due respect to (Clark Hunt), he is terrible, TERRIBLE, at controlling the message or even getting his message out.”
Kevin Kietzman, on how poorly he thought Hunt handled questions about the Chiefs’ business operations at Tuesday’s press conference, 810 AM
GH: Pioli’s slight to Kietzman upset KK to where he also lashed out at Mr. Hunt. Kietzman chose to attend the Chiefs presser after having Hunt on his radio station for a late-night interview. He probably thought he would be embraced by the Chiefs brass as one of them. Instead, he was treated like any other media schmuck. He probably should have just stayed at Colbert Hills and played another nine.

“I think the football part of the (Chiefs’) message today was fumbled! The Chiefs fumbled on a couple of accounts today.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: As was KK’s not-very-triumphant attempt to return to being a reporter.

“(Clark Hunt) has never said, ‘No,’ (to spending money). Spending money isn’t what makes a good football team. Spending money wisely on good football players makes a good football team.”
Scott Pioli, when asked about his freedom to spend on free agents, 810 AM
GH: Pioli sounded a bit peeved while answering this question from Kietzman. Soren Petro used this comment later in the day on his radio show to make fun of Pioli. Read on.

“Really? I think we all get that. That’s kind of ‘Free Agency For Dummies,’ with (Pioli’s) response there. … They are sensitive to this issue and I think it bears watching.”
Soren Petro, on Pioli’s comments that spending smart rather than just spending is the Chiefs’ goal, 810 AM
GH: Petro is not a huge fan of the Scott Todd regime. He is a loyal King Carl subject and he often sounds to me to be rooting for the failure of the “New Chiefs.” Petro has always been a Chiefs’ fan, ticket holder and die hard. But I just don’t hear the old passion for his
hometown team now that they are run by people who treat him no differently than
anyone else.

“(The Chiefs) are seen as one of the more frugal or cheap franchises in the league. I don’t know if that’s fair, but that’s what’s been going on.”
Nick Wright, posing a question to Clark Hunt, face-to-face, about the team cutting salaries and charging the firefighters, 610 AM
GH: Listening to the way Wright timidly posed this question to the owner of the Chiefs, I have expected him to end it with, “Mr. Hunt.” Nick has been verbally ripping Hunt and his Chiefs for being cheap for months! He even used an avatar of Clark as Scrooge McDuck on his Twitter account. Why hide behind what others have said when you are the loudest mouth on the subject? And what is with the comment, “I don’t know if that’s
fair?” This is the guy who claims KK had no balls when talking to Hunt? In all
honesty, I was surprised that Wright went all Jell-O with Hunt. Wright at times
lacks savvy but I never thought he lacked courage. After his constant verbal
jabs at the man, this retreat was embarrassing.

“(Clark Hunt’s) body language was tremendous. Dare I say, the guy may not like me?”
Nick Wright, on his exchange with Hunt at the presser, 610 AM
GH: Wright attempted to laugh off his exchange with Hunt. He acted as if getting a negative vibe from Hunt was a feather in his cap and add more street cred with his beloved Chiefs’ players’ posse. I took Hunt’s disdain as merely a guy who didn’t respect a question that was obviously lobbed with a thick sugarcoated outer shell from a guy who had been dealing in jalapenos.

“I think that’s a misconception. I can’t say that really bothers me. I know the truth. We’re not one of the more frugal teams in the league but sometimes it’s hard to change the perception.”
Clark Hunt, in answering Wright’s “cheap” question, 610 AM
GH: Hunt has stated before that the numbers being quoted on the Chiefs’ spending are inaccurate. Unlike Wright, I don’t really care what Hunt pays his players. I care if his team wins games. But then I’m not cruising Tyson Jackson’s crib wearing a skully.

“I called the Chiefs cheap at times. Okay, regularly.”
Nick Wright, later the same day on his radio show, 610 AM
GH: THIS is how Wright should have begun his question to Hunt. The Chiefs’ owner would have respected him more and so would Wright’s peers and audience.

“I think it’s very fair. I’m sure (Hunt) thinks it’s unfair.”
Nick Wright, on the fairness of the Chiefs’ being cast as cheapskates, 610 AM
GH: Wright saved these rips for after the presser, once Hunt was no longer standing in front of him. I wonder if Nick now has a different opinion of Kietzman calling Clark, “Mr. Hunt?”

“Puppy dog. You had a winky-face thing going on with Todd Haley.”
Mark Carmen, to Wright on his friendly relationship with Haley, 610 AM
GH: Wright did not want to hear Carman’s description of the puppy-dog face he uses around the Chiefs’ head coach. But when the description comes from behind your own lines, you might want to look in the mirror.

“We’ll bring you that (Chiefs’) press conference once we’re able to.”
Bob Fescoe, on 610 having to delay the airing of the Chiefs’ presser, 610 AM
GH: 810 was able to broadcast the Chiefs’ Tuesday morning press conference live to their listeners. 610 began broadcasting a tape of the same press conference about 15 minutes after the presser started. 810’s contractual relationship with the Chiefs as their radio
rights holder (along with 101 The Fox), gives them access to these events live.
610 requested permission from the Chiefs to broadcast the presser live but was
not granted said permission. So, in the words of one member of the 610 Sports
team, “We improvised.”

“You can tell that this city is standing up a little bit taller. I think there were a lot of people who really believed there was not going to be any NFL football this year. I’m excited
about watching the Chiefs and seeing what they have. We’re going to see what
kind of character this team has. Did they put the time in when nobody was
Tim Grunhard, 810 AM
GH: I think Grunny just spoke for about two million or so Chiefs fans. We are ready for some football!

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27 Responses to OTC: Kietzman, Petro & Wright All Get Sideways With KC Chiefs’ Brass

  1. jjskck says:

    My apologies for applying the Greg Hall format to Greg Hall’s format…

    “When KK made a leap in logic and restated Pioli’s comment…”
    This is one of the many reasons I can’t listen to his show. He does this constantly with his on-air staff and callers. When arguing his point, he uses logical fallacies and ridiculous conclusions until his co-workers give up the argument. When he gets into it with callers, they know he’s wrong but don’t have enough lawyer in them to be able to articulate what he’s doing.

    “Wright at times lacks savvy but I never thought he lacked courage…”
    This isn’t the first time this has happened either. He talks way bigger than he acts. He’s too buddy-buddy with athletes and too timid with front office types. I’d rather listen to him than KK, no doubt, but I still usually end up listening to music within 10 minutes of getting in my car for my drive home.

    • Jim Beam says:


      Just saw Week 2 of the July book. Kietzman HANDILY beating Wright again.

      • Big Dog says:

        doesn’t that mean that the war is still on? Wright beat Kietz.. Kietz now beating Wright.. that makes a war..

        What demo was that? And what daypart? I thought you couldn’t pull 2p-6p in weeklies

  2. Jim says:

    I, for one, certainly enjoyed the verbal bitch-slap that Pioli delivered to the thin-skinned little pussy, KK. You just KNEW he was going to lash out sometime after 2pm yesterday. I bet the JoCo boyscout went absolutely OFF when he got back to the studio. How DARE they speak to him like that!

  3. That Guy says:

    Whne I read that one clause in the agreement was teams would have to spend 90% of their cap , I was wondering what this would mean for the cheepskates who have ruined the Chiefs (ruined the fun of watching them play) in the last few years.

    All on has to do is look at the salaries paid by all of the NFL and you can see that the Chiefs are the basement and Cowboys are in the sky. Last time I looked, the Cowboys paid 158 million compared to the basment dwellers (in more ways than salary) paying only 90 million.

    I am not expert on any of this, but from what I read in this article… it seems the Chiefs are not planning on changing their cheepskate ways…they are there for theater and making money…. while real teams are there for REAL CHAMPIONSHIPS.

    I miss my old fun to watch Chiefs …..
    I despise this “New England west” organzition…
    I think Clark Hunt is a disgrace to his father’s legacy.

  4. That Guy says:

    Sorry to double post…. but I just looked at salaires again …
    The cheep skate Chiefs paid 81 million, the lowest in the NFL
    The NY Giants paid 138 million…… the highest…

    It brings a tear to my eye that our city is so disgraced by the cheepskates running the Royals and Chiefs…… What good is it being a billionaire and owning sports teams if you are just going to be a cheepskate…and suck….EVERY YEAR!!! FOR 25 YEARS… WE SUCK!!!.. it is not even fun anymore :(

    • Kyle Rohde says:

      Guys, they’re not being cheapskates; they’re using the same model the Patriots and now the Packers have used to be successful. Very rarely do teams become consistent, winning organizations paying a lot of money for other team’s free agents. The Packers, who won the Super Bowl six months ago, did it with 1 big free agent signing on the whole roster – Charles Woodson. Everything else was through saavy trades and the draft. The payroll starts low and, as you have to resign your own guys to big deals as they approach free agency, it goes way up. The Chiefs payroll is already going to be significantly higher than last year with the Jamaal Charles and Derrick Johnson resignings, not to mention Tamba.

      If the Chiefs had already invested that money in Albert Haynesworth or some other FA, they would right now be either cutting that FA or letting Charles, Johnson or Hali walk. Right now, the Chiefs have to figure out whether they can afford Flowers and Carr going forward, not to mention lots of other guys on the team.

      This isn’t the Royals of five years ago. Pioli knows what he’s doing – give it more than 16 months.

      • The Word says:

        “This isn’t the Royals of five years ago. Pioli knows what he’s doing – give it more than 16 months.”

        Who says?

        Year one was a disaster. A head coach and GM in over their head. I still think Haley and Egoli rode the coattails of Kurt Warner, Larry Fitzgerald and the Hoddie into their jobs.

        Year two…lets be honest, it was the schedule after all. The Chargers and Raiders were better teams. That playoff game vs. the Ravens was an embarrassment. The Chiefs proved they didn’t belong.

        So who says they know what they’re doing, so far it’s proven they don’t.

        • Kyle Rohde says:

          They’ve drafted pretty well and have good, young players at all the skill positions. QB is the toughest position to fill in football, and they at least have one that’s in the top half of the NFL. They’re signing pieces here and there but trying to build through the draft, which is the right way to do it. Continually overpaying for aging vets is the way Carl Peterson filled Arrowhead but never won a playoff game for almost 20 years, and the way Daniel Snyder’s Redskins continue to be terrible.

  5. Larry says:

    That Smoke and Fire dude is on!!! Listening to people talking about cooking is must hear radio.

  6. Ptolemy says:

    Considering the Chiefs were 1 of 8 Division winners powered by that league low payroll, it seems kudos are due Pioli and Haley for getting the most for Hunt’s investment. That is, after-all, what it’s all about.

  7. nick says:

    GREG HALL said: “I was surprised that Wright went all Jell-O with Hunt.”

    Ha!!! So funny. Wright has NO idea how KK-like he is.

    I don’t think either station has any idea that the average KC sports fan could give a sh*t whether Hunt lets ticket-takers into games, how much Pioli wants to spend on free agents, or if our local sports radio hack can become a Rosa Parks-like figure in standing up to The Man.

    I judge my teams on wins. Hunt and Pioli’s Chiefs won enough games last year to sneak into the playoffs. So far so good.

    (Fortunately for me, I tuned out the increasingly irritating & whiny sports talk yesterday. Instead, I stumbled upon a stream of the new Fountains of Wayne record. Pretty good stuff: http://minnesota.publicradio.org/collections/special/columns/music_blog/archive/2011/07/first_listen_fo.shtml)

  8. That Guy says:

    Ptolemy says:
    July 27, 2011 at 10:55 am
    Considering the Chiefs were 1 of 8 Division winners powered by that league low payroll, it seems kudos are due Pioli and Haley for getting the most for Hunt’s investment. That is, after-all, what it’s all about.“”

    No, it is all about winning the playoffS… that is plural… with ans “S” or at least make is a fun watch. These Chiefs are just not fun to watch…… well actually last season had a couple of moments that were exciting…. but over all, it was another dismal year.

    The problem is the head coach…until he is gone, this team will NEVER be a winner. The players do not, and will never, repsect some golf boy , the yknow he “Daddy’s boy”ed his way into a coaching. The problem may go higher…

    These douchebags talk all this accountability BS , but they do not apply it to themselves. What would they do if their underlings had the results which they do?? they would fire them…which is what should happen to Piloi and his whole crew. I said that 3 years ago, it has come to pass.

    The only question is how games will be blacked out this year? Will it take going back to the days of 10,000 in Arrowhead to get Hunt’s attention…. or is 10,000 booing fans his plan? … does he want to move this team? …. some team is going to LA.

    There are no better fans than KC fans,,,,,, and all these owners do is crap on us.

  9. Orphan of the Road says:

    You should sit through years of Jeff Lurie/Andy Reid pressers. Same thing, maybe Haley is a little more verbose.

    Time to start a What Todd Scott Said: What Todd Scott Means column.

    I’ve noticed even Howard Stern acts like a lap dog when he is on Leno or the like.

    • Mike says:

      Howard Stern on Leno.
      Re-read that again for me. You said “Howard Stern acts like a lap dog when he is on Leno’.
      You are obviously not a listener of his.

      Here’s the problem with what I know (heard/read) of yesterday’s pressers: The questions didn’t seem right, if the pseudo-reporters (show hosts) were looking to angle for any answers.
      The right questions could have been, “In the details of the new CBA, what is the salary floor?” If they hedge, “What is the minimum amount of dollars you have to commit to player salaries for the 2012 season?”
      And then the follow-up question, “At this moment, how many dollars have the Chiefs committed to player salaries for the 2012 season?”

      And then the third follow-up, “How quickly do you have to be in player acquisition in order to get the quality players you need, while not overpaying for them, in order to get to the salary floor?”

      That was an example. The point being that it would have been nice to get hard numbers directly from the Chiefs’ top brass, then spend the day postulating about it.
      Instead, it seems like questions were asked that had easy escape hatches, followed by a lot of rhetoric after the fact.
      Maybe it was because the right question wasn’t asked.

      • Big Dog says:

        nailed it twice

        1) Stern NEVER goes on Leno.. He hates leno.. he loves letterman

        2) It’s about asking better, more pointed questions.

      • Orphan of the Road says:

        Should have said was as it has been years since I listened to Stern or Leno (pre-Conan FUBAR). Perhaps it was Letterman but Stern was dialed waaaaaay down from the radio.

        I thought the league now had to spend 99% of the cap money. Not every team but an agregate?

        My mind has been pummeled from years of Joe “Nickels” Banner bragging the Eagles were $20 million under the cap and Reid espousing I have to put the team in a better position to win.

        I’m hoping it isn’t deja vu all over again.

        • Mike says:

          I’ve heard 89%. Either way, it does mean that the Chiefs will have to commit far more dollars to player compensation this year than they have in any of the previous three years.
          It’s been suspected that the Chiefs’ low player payroll’s are attributed to: 1) Youth movement, and 2) Paying off their part of the stadium renovations/office building.

        • Mike says:

          Whoops. Forgot to add that I think the aggregate is somewhere near 95%? I could be wrong on that, but I’ve heard that number float around.

          There’s just so much to this CBA that’s….different than what I’ve seen before.

      • Gerald Bostock says:

        Most news conferences are about the reporters being heard or seen asking questions to show they are bona fide tough journalists and can put the news subject on the spot. then they’ll have a sound bite to play again and again. Eliciting information is way down the priority list. That is why most news conferences are a waste of time.

  10. rick says:

    I like Nick and have been a supporter since his evening work. However every time he has been face to face with a person be it Soren or whoever he has backed down. So Greg why were you so surprised he did the same when standing in front of Clark Hunt. We see the same with KK. Lots of big talkers but have them in studio and its a whole different story. Kind of what the old Jojo was in by gone days.

  11. DonkeyPunch says:

    I’m not a KK apologist, but I thought his question was spot on.

  12. bschloz says:

    If you could buy Super Bowls….wouldn’t Daniel Snyder have about 5 rings by now?

  13. Mighty Mo says:

    I am so glad the new CBA has a salary floor. The KC market was pushing its limits as far as ticket prices go (in terms of filling the stadium), and we were beginning to see out Chiefs pull back on dollars spent. One thing to be said for the Chiefs, is that they purposefully were young. When you do that, its hard to spend to the cap unless you want to spend yourself stupid. As the young talent rises, the Chiefs will be forced aboe the floor.

  14. Doodoo says:

    Is KK’s outrage also a little bit of buyer’s remorse after paying out $$$ for ‘preferred’ access to the Chiefs?

  15. smartman says:

    I don’t need football to stand a little taller. Fuck you Tim Grunhard!

    Respect is earned, not purchased or given. Neither station has the balls to really rally the fans against the regime. Scott Pioli graduated from the Vladimir Putin schools of running presses. Nick and KK went to the Karen Kornacki school of asking questions.

    @Mike, very good questions that SHOULD have been asked.

    The Chiefs will not win a Superbowl with Todd Haley as Head Coach and Matt Cassel at QB.

    RESULTS ONLY! Fans want WINS. No one cares how you get them. All the backstage salary cap and spending drama was for the people in the room that think they are smarter and better than the fans and listeners that pay their salaries.

    The Chiefs and Royals will never be the same organizations they were under the YOUNG Lamar Hunt and Ewing Kaufman. We were at one time THE city with the two best owners in sports. Our teams and city have turned to absolute shit. It will take at least 50 years to climb out of the hole we have dug and that’s assuming the right people are leading the expedition.

    • That Guy says:

      You make me sad when you talk like that… the truth hurts :(

      I wanna go back to 1983… or at least go back to that lil grass shack in Hawaii