OTC: MU’s Frank Haith Goes Stormin’ After Hogs’ Mike Anderson / Sweet Revenge Reigns

Frank Haith and Mike Anderson, during their separate postgame pressers when asked the reason for their heated words and actions, 810 AM
GH: One thing we can be sure of is that there was no “miscommunication” inside Mizzou Arena Tuesday night. Mizzou fans let Mike Anderson know without a doubt how they felt about him and how he departed Missouri for Arkansas. Frank Haith let Anderson know how he felt about Anderson claiming credit for Haith’s success at Missouri. And Missouri communicated to the rest of the SEC that they are no longer just happy to be invited to the party. No, there was no miscommunication whatsoever.

“Why would Missouri fans boo Mike Anderson? He came in and took over a train wreck!”
Jimmy Dykes, color analyst for Arkansas/MU game, when almost every Mike Anderson move inside Mizzou Arena was greeted with a defending chorus of boos early on in the game, ESPN
GH: Dykes is just another failed former coach lucky enough to have a cushy TV gig who thinks he needs to protect the reputation of a fellow coach – especially if it means that coach might be able to help him get back into coaching. If Dykes doesn’t know the origin of the booing, he should be fired. If he does know but plays stupid on the air to protect Anderson, he should be fired. ESPN should be all over Dykes for not having this story for their national broadcast.

“Screw dykes.”
Mike DeArmond, Twitter
GH: For many reasons – this tweet was one of the highlights of a very, very entertaining night on Twitter.

“Here we go with the lecturing of Missouri fans. If they want to boo Mike Anderson, A) It’s their right and B) who cares?”
Dan Wolken, @DanWolken, responding to Dykes’ comment during the Arkansas/Mizzou telecast, Twitter

“I’ll let you know why they boo’d! But in the meantime @Mizzou…. Boo on!”
Kim English, @Englishscope24, Twitter

“The Mizzou/Arkansas rivalry just went to another level!”
Jimmy Dykes, after ESPN’s cameras showed an irate Frank Haith having to be restrained by his own coaches from rushing Arkansas’ Mike Anderson, ESPN
GH: I have been on Missouri since August for their placid acceptance of being the SEC’s lapdog. Paul Finebaum started making fun of the Tigers on his satellite radio show and every other SEC school joined in the fun. When Alabama came to Mizzou Arena for hoops the PA announcer congratulated them on their national title. I have contended Mizzou needed to get a little more Norm Stewart in how they approach their new conference. Frank Haith went past Stormin’ Norman Tuesday night – he went John Chaney!

“Boy, did the [Mizzou] fan base love that last night!”
Steven St. John, who was at Mizzou Arena, on Haith’s attempt to charge Anderson, 810 AM
GH: Mizzou fans have had issues with Haith, starting with the Tigers inconceivable first-round upset lost to Norfolk State last March.  His team’s poor play on the road and his skeletons from Miami have all tainted his relationship with some Mizzou boosters. But wanting to fight Mike Anderson in the middle of Norm Stewart Court just vaulted the little jar-headed MU coach up to Jason Sutherland status around the Show-Me State.

“Uhh, no. It’s just emotional. I want our guys to play hard.”
Frank Haith, when interviewed during the first half and asked about what was said to elicit him having to be restrained by his staff, ESPN
GH: Haith spit this canned answer out as his team huddled during a timeout. Incredibly, ESPN’s sideline reporter, Shannon Spake, allowed him to get away with this response.

“What has been the most significant adjustment you guys have made offensively?”
Shannon Spake, sideline reporter, with her follow-up question to Haith after his above comment about “it’s just emotion,” ESPN
GH: Fire Spake too. How do you have the head coach from Missouri live on the air, just minutes after he had to be restrained from confronting the former Missouri head coach who is now the Arkansas head coach, and you do not press him on this wacky, wonderful occurrence? Haith looked like he’d gone three rounds while he was answering Spake’s riveting query about offensive strategy. Spake should have asked Haith, “Did you overreact then?” “Will you be apologizing to Mike Anderson for your emotional actions?” “Are you emotionally stable enough to finish the game?” Instead we get a question about offensive adjustments??? Just like Dykes, we have another broadcaster who is far more intent on pleasing the person she is interviewing rather than the millions who tuned into watch the game.

“Well, I’m not buying that answer but that’s okay. There’s a lot of things I don’t buy in this business.”
Brad Nessler, play-by-play broadcaster, after Haith’s interview with Spake, ESPN
GH: At least Nessler called BS on the whole thing…including the constant flow of BS that flows from college coaches.

“Just a guess, but I think Frank Haith could take Mike Anderson. More agile, quicker. Anderson would be wearing more clothes, too.”
Sam Mellinger, @mellinger, Twitter
GH: I have to give Anderson the edge in a street fight. He’s mellow on the outside but that nasty grin he stared down Haith with after their confrontation is one I’ve seen before – from the guy who knows he is going to win the fight.

“Heard Anderson told Pressey he can have that shot all night and Haith got mad at him for talking to his players.”
Tanner Stanze, @tstanze03, Twitter
GH: Since no one who knows is talking, we are left to guess as to what set Haith off. This is as good an explanation as any. Coaches HATE it when the other coach talks to his players. Even if Anderson was trying to have some fun with his former player, he was out of line to talk to him on the court.

“Sitting 14 rows behind bench & guy close by is in MAndersons ear #SuitecaseMike #Patronizing #QuitterBeatdown #BackdoorMike.”
Will Nolte, @Real_Big_Will, Twitter

@NotoriousAG: “Mike, was just curious how Mike Anderson was to cover? Good, Bad, Indifferent?”
Mike DeArmond: “He was a jerk from day one.”

“Sign on Jumbotron. Picture of Anderson: “We are never ever ever getting back together. Like ever.” Well done.”
Gabe DeArmond, @GabeDeArmond, Twitter
GH: Taylor Swift would be proud. How about Mizzou Arena putting that sign on their JumboTron? SEC, it appears that Mizzou is all in.

“Have absolutely no problem with [Laurence] Bowers mentioning Michael Dixon in his speech.”
Carrington Harrison, @cdotharrison, Twitter
GH: Bowers said he told Dixon they wouldn’t forget him and he stayed true to his word. At least Bowers didn’t mention Mike Anderson in his Senior Night speech.

“That was the oddest scene I’ve ever seen: IU players wearing Big Ten title shirts and hats, cutting down the nets after a loss.”
Bob Kravitz, @bkravitz, following Indiana’s loss at home to Ohio State on Senior Night, Twitter
GH: Cannot believe Indiana did that. Anybody think Bob Knight’s Hoosiers are cutting down nets at Assembly Hall after a loss on Senior Night?

“Am thinking this would be a great year to put teams in the tournament without seeding, at least at the top. Either that or add four No. 17s!”
Joe Lunardi, @ESPNLunardi, Twitter

“That’s going to be very weird having KU play two games in Sprint Center in the NCAAs. It’s not going to seem like the NCAAs so close to Law.”
Gary Bedore, @GaryBedore, Twitter
GH: The problems that some Kansas basketball fans have to dream up to present as problems. Yeah, it’ll really be a bitch, Gary.

“Do you think [Kevin Kietzman] considers K-State co big 12 champs last football season?”
Frank, @Frankennoggin, Twitter
GH: I know he doesn’t. KK laughed when Oklahoma held a trophy presentation for their half of the co-championship.

“It’s going to be very hard for the [K-State] Wildcats to win that ball game [at Oklahoma State] because of the difficulty of the venue.”
Mike DeCourcy, 810 AM
GH: OSU’s venue won’t be the problem for K-State on Saturday. The talent that the Cowboys put on the floor will be a much more imminent danger to KSU’s Big 12 title hopes. Marcus Smart is the best player in the Big 12 and he is going to win the POTY award going away. But the Cats are one tough bunch. I would love to see KSU put the pressure on Kansas to win at Baylor.

“I’m paid by Entercom – a publicly traded corporation. That allows us to have business partnerships without sacrificing editorial control. Which is more than I can say for other media outlets in KC. And with that, I’m probably gonna get in trouble again, so enjoy the 2nd half.”
Danny Parkins, @DannyParkins, responding on Twitter to someone who accused him of being a Kansas homer, Twitter
GH: Instead of naming names, Parkins tosses all other media outlets in Kansas City under his Entercom bus. Pretty tough to get in trouble for being vague.

and Twitter / greghall24

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45 Responses to OTC: MU’s Frank Haith Goes Stormin’ After Hogs’ Mike Anderson / Sweet Revenge Reigns

  1. Jimmy Dykes says:

    Let’s not forget I played bball at Arkansas so I’m definitely not biased.

    • HogFan4Life says:

      He usually goes overboard to not show bias much to the chagrin of Hog fans so I’m assuming your comment was in jest.

      • harley says:

        ME WEIGH IN.

        Mike anderson did a nice job. It’s finally time that the coaches at
        MU got a little pissed off. Okay…the money has come to mu like
        a slot machine since they entered the sec. The money is coming in
        like never before. The national branding is huge that MU is receiving
        from its move to the sec. MU is so freaking hot right now thousands
        of students want in and theres no room for them. Hey..even a
        pair of dogs gave 5 million dollars to the university for the vet school!!!!
        So lets talk athletics.
        Both frank and gary fell asleep. But they’re starting to wake up.
        Its the sec. This is not the big 12. Teams hate each other in the
        sec. It’s not like the glad handing they get in the big 12.
        So frank opens up and finally shows some freaking emotion. It’s
        about time. Because he better step it up real quick or else he’s
        out. My sources say that MU isn’t playing around anymore. No
        holding of coaches for years. They better produce because MU
        now has a bag of big big money to bring in any coach they want.
        If frank doesn’t cut it…he’ll be gone. MU ain’t doing the
        deal like they did wit quinn…wait…wait…wait…get a few wins..
        and wait.
        Gary better step it up. Yes..injuries hurt mu in their initial season
        in the sec but now the cryings over.
        Listen to all you lame mu reporters and lame kc talk radio
        announcers…..its about to go MMA in columbia…no more
        b.s ing excuses. Had breakfast last weekend with some top
        alumni and they said it’s going to change at mu.
        Quarter billion in atheltic upgrades. MU is not waiting any longer.
        We’re ready and if they don’t produce we’ll pay 3 million…4 million
        whatever it takes.
        He who has the gold will rule…and mu’s got the gold…
        So dykes…de armondo….greg….and the rest of thecommentators
        on greg hall…remember one thing…MU is ready. It’s going to
        happen and you can stop acting like this coach ain’t pissing
        nails….he’s got some talent…not national ranking talent…
        but he’s going to produce or he’s going to be headed back to
        south beach where the bags of money have stopped coming in.
        Lets move on.
        thanks for your time.
        I will be releasing my financial papers for 2013 within 5 days
        and copies are free….just sbuscribe at .
        I’m also predicting (although sports is not my forte…) that
        ku could win it all. On here 4 weeks ago i said that after the 3 game
        losing streak by ku that ben and whithey would take over the team
        and lead it to a possible championship. If they’re on…noone can
        stop them.
        And here’s one johnson county tiger fan who would love to
        see ku win it all. Why? Jealus we don’t have acoach like
        bill self.
        good day

  2. Cliff says:

    GH: Dykes is just another failed former coach lucky enough to have a cushy TV gig who thinks he needs to protect the reputation of a fellow coach – especially if it means that coach might be able to help him get back into coaching.
    Sorry GH but Jim Dykes is the best in the business and if you think he is trying to get back into coaching, you’ve been smoking too much crack down on Troost Ave. Mizzou looked fantastic and put a beat down on my Hogs, but if anyone thinks it going to continue to be like this year in year out, well they need to join in on the crack party. Oh, and we appreciate, the vote for NIT bid.

    • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

      That game looked ALOT like a TON of games that Anderson coached while at Missouri. Zero inside game, except for layups in transition. Undisciplined jacking up of three point shots from everywhere (and missing). Hacking, slapping, and fouling at an obscene rate to the point where the opponent is in the double bonus in the first half. Mizzou fans saw that movie alot in Anderson’s last couple of years. Get used to it, Arkansas fans.

      • Joe Blow says:

        Yeah, there were some serious flashbacks there, watching the Arkansas players standing by themselves on offense, desperately trying to figure out what to do. Not to mention having so many small players on the court that you majorly lose the rebounding battle almost by default.

        All of those easy drives to the basket after breaking the “pressure” was nice to see from the other side, though.

    • Mike DeArmond says:

      Dykes is far from best in biz. Apologize to Fran Frascilla and Jon Sundvold. Compared to eitherDykes is strictly Sun Belt Conference worthy.

    • hammy says:

      Best in what business? Not college basketball commentary.

    • Greg Hall says:

      Cliff, You don’t have a problem with Dykes wondering (or pretending not to know) why MU fans were booing? You are a far easier grader than I when it comes to the media understanding and performing their jobs.

      • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

        Dykes is a complete douchenozzle. He wants Mizzou fans to ONLY remember the good things that Anderson did, and forget how he bailed in the middle of the night, leaving the team with a total of 7 scholarship players, and ZERO freshman class. Not to mention running off on Phil Pressey just after he got to campus. Piss on Jimmy Dykes.

  3. Barles james says:

    Excellent point on sideline reporters greg. She has to be paid well by the worldwide leader, and the coaches are required to answer a question or two, yet last night showed yet again the weakness of these “reporters” from tv. At least she didnt pull a kornacki and hug haith.

  4. Joe says:

    A whole lot of drama between two crappy basketball teams.

    • JP says:

      Agreed, in a couple of weeks, these teams will be long gone from the NCAA tournament and this whole exercise will be forgotten. The game was the only thing they were talking about on 810. Yet people wonder why sports radio is dying.

      • hammy says:

        I know, if a few weeks college basketball will be over, why even talk about it?

      • Barles James says:

        Yep, could totally see Bucknell, VCU or Northern Iowa UTepping all over Mizzou. Glad us Jayhawks have such a proud tourney tradition.

        • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

          Oddly enough, I think Mizzou has beaten both Bucknell and VCU this year.

        • JP says:

          Wow, thanks Barles. Bee I’ve been put in my place. Guess I’ll go watch a DVD. My choices are the 1988 Final Four or the 2008 Final Four. I have other Final Four DVD’s as well, like 1991 or 2003. Thank you for reminding me about KU’s proud tourney tradition. I forget sometimes. Also, maybe you can enlighten us about K State’s proud tourney tradition or even their BCS tradition.

          • Barles James says:

            sweet – make sure you eliminate any title they won by putting a recruit’s parent on staff. That is now illegal. relive some Helms championship glory there JP?

  5. snarkcenter says:

    So by Danny’s tweets we can assume running the Bill Self presser every week on his show is his decision and not KU excersicing editorial control?

  6. KCMonarch says:

    GH: Cannot believe Indiana did that. Anybody think Bob Knight’s Hoosiers are cutting down nets at Assembly Hall after a loss on Senior Night?

    So now Bob Knight is the standard of appropriate behavior Indiana should aspire to?

  7. Instructor says:

    Hard to care about Missouri anymore since they left the Big 12. They have the third-most number of alumns of the local teams.
    They left the family, and even in a crappy conference, they are nothing special.

    • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

      But yet, here you are commenting on them.

    • johnny wadd says:

      Left the family? We want no part of the Texas family, and if another conference wanted KU or KState, they’d have left the “family” too.

      Third most number of alums where?

    • tigerdan4 says:

      If you don’t care, do like I do with the KState-heavy OTCs and don’t read or comment. As long as there’s a large faction of Mizzou fans living in the KC area MU will be a topic. As will the rest of the SEC. Get used to it. You can’t expect media outlets to just ignore us.

  8. The Smartman says:

    Props to MU fans for showing Mike Anderson some real tiger love! Too bad the tigger fans and players can’t bring that level of emotion and intensity to every game.

    Anderson and Haith are both over rated when it comes to coaching. Just two zoot suited thugs milking the system from teats of mediocrity.


    • johnny wadd says:

      Does that mean we get to stop being forced the story of KU and their 100 straight regular season conference titles?

      • The Smartman says:

        We can only hope. It’s like Al Bundy talking about scoring six touchdowns in a game in high school.

    • Barles James says:

      this argument of yours about only the tornament mattering is starting to break through to me. It’s actually getting funny in a Norm Macdonald kinda way.

      • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

        Personally, I love the game of college basketball too much to buy into smartman’s mantra. It’s not a zero sum game. There are too many other things to enjoy.

        • The Smartman says:

          Not that you can’t enjoy other things. I love watching college hoops, especially in the tourney when a 5 beats a 12. I might even shed a tear when it’s over and CBS plays that damn One Shining Moment song…..but the only thing that REALLY matters is FINAL FOURS AND CHAMPIONSHIPS.

    • Uncle Dick says:

      We’ve come along way, fifty years ago they would have let their bulldogs settle it on the corner out back.

  9. Bart Maffry says:

    It sounds to me like some radio entrepreneur should get a Mizzou guy on the radio opposite KK. I listen to KK about 5 min. a week average. It used to be 4-5 hours a week. His anti-Mizzou position pisses me off. Is he stupid? I’m not a broadcaster but know better than to alienate 1/3 of my audience.

    • Bob Sacamano says:

      I would love to know how many MU Listerners that KK has lost. I used to listen to 810 all day, but after KK’s rants, I don’t listen to 810 at all. Thank God for satellite radio.

  10. JG says:

    Mike Anderson would kick Frank Haith’s ass up and down the block. He’d start to walk away when he was done then go “Naw I ain’t done yet” and pull off his belt to whip on him some more.

    • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

      Mike Anderson in a direct confrontation? Pfffffft. A guy who sneaks out the back door and fails to face the “wrath” of the media, isn’t one to go around whipping ass. Anderson would look for the nearest escape route.

  11. MightyMo says:

    Haith would need to get in tight really fast, but once it became a battle of head knockers, I would take Haith. He seems like he’s probably got a level of crazy CMA hasn’t seen.

  12. mogib says:

    Thank you for pointing out how inept the comment re: why Mizzou fans were booing Anderson. I don’t study commentaters in depth, half the time I just want them to stop talking, but I thought where they heck have you been that you wouldn’t know why Mizzou fans would boo Anderson. Having rode the suitcase Mike roller coaster and had so much faith in his word that he was staying and how he crapped on the fans and I felt disrespected his players, whether they felt that or not is up to them, I felt take your due and get booed. Then to break his arm patting himself on the back at his press conference in Arkansas before the game and literally say I gave you a final four team, (and implied, you threw that away), I left you in good shape (well except for virtually no recruits and the kids I left are going to be a little shellshocked for awhile cause I snuck out the back door), but pretty much anything you have done Haith you owe to me. Just a few weeks before that, Anderson says oh, I am just a humble guy. For real. Doesn’t sound like a humble guy. And don’t talk to players when they are playing. Pressey was concentrating on beating your team so leave him the heck alone. I was actually feeling a bit bad for Anderson. After seeing that smirk and hearing his comments I look forward to the next ten years of booing him back out the door. Haith took your fastest 40 minutes and improved on it way past what you did for Mizzou Mr. Anderson. Anyway, thank you Greg Hall for a nice article. I enjoyed your observations.