OTC: Eric Winston Confirms Chiefs’ Release Via Twitter / “Kietzman Plan” Takes A Hit

“Just wanted to confirm that I have been released. Even though it was an incredibly tough year on and off the field last year, I wouldn’t trade the relationships I made in Kansas City and the overall experience I had for anything. It was an honor to be a Chief.”
Eric Winston, after he was released by the Chiefs on Wednesday, Twitter
GH: Social media has given the power of mass communication to the athletes and diminished the need for using traditional media to broadcast breaking news. Randy Covitz’s story in Thursday’s Kansas City Star and reports of Winston’s release in USA Today, YahooSports.com and ESPN.com all use quotes from Winston’s Twitter account. We have evolved into an age where the fan has almost as much access to these breaking stories as the media.

Branden Albert, responding to a tweet asking if he would now be willing to move to right tackle to make room for Luke Joeckel, Twitter
GH: Albert has not been shy about letting the world know he has no intention of switching to right tackle or returning to the guard position. He sees himself as an elite left tackle and he isn’t budging. Almost makes me think the Chiefs have either told Albert he is their left tackle this season…or Andy Reid and John Dorsey are going to have one pissed off franchise-tagged player on their hands in St. Joe, MO come July.

“Gonna miss ya, buddy. Learned so much from you in one year. It was definitely a pleasure.”
Donald Stephenson, Chiefs’ second-year offensive tackle, in a tweet to Winston, Twitter
GH: While Winston was far from a fan favorite after he called Chiefs’ fans “sickening and disgusting,” he obviously was a leader in the locker room.

“Sorry bro I going miss u on and off the field.”
Jamaal Charles, @jcharles25, in a tweet to Eric Winston, Twitter
GH: Winston’s teammates loved him. Maybe they all think we’re sickening and disgusting.

“And just like that, Luke Joeckel could be back in the Kansas City Chiefs’ plans.”
Mike Garafolo, writer, USA Today
GH: Just two days ago when the Chiefs franchised Albert and signed Dwayne Bowe and Dustin Colquitt to long-term contracts, the Chiefs’ draft plan looked like it was as flexible as Gumby. Now it looks like an offensive tackle is high on Dorsey’s wish list. But more moves are likely to come, making the Chiefs’ draft a mystery once again.

“Right now I will bet money that Luke Joeckel is a Kansas City Chief.”
Danny Parkins, who made this pronouncement more than a week ago, 610 AM

“The release of Eric Winston is a confusing one because the Kansas City Chiefs can go in so many different directions to replace him. Do they use the No. 1 overall pick in the 2013 NFL Draft on a right tackle? Move Branden Albert to right tackle (sorry, had to ask)? Poke around in free agency? And where does Donald Stephenson fit into all of this? Let’s try to tackle all those questions with complete guessing completely accurate answers.”
Joel Thorman, writer, ArrowheadPride.com
GH: Thorman operates an informative and entertaining website. If you’re not accessing ArrowheadPride.com daily for your Chiefs’ news, you are sickening and disgusting.

“Do you think ‘The Kietzman Plan’ involved cutting Winston? #haha”
Brent Scholz, @brentbeats, Twitter

“[The Chiefs] still need some playmakers on both side of the ball.”
Jayice Pearson, 610 AM
GH: The Chiefs were 2-14 last season, Jayice. Thanks for the heads up. Man, does The Big Show need somebody in that studio to bust Jayice’s puffy balls. Josh Vernier and Jay Binkley grovel all too often when Pearson starts pontificating, holding his NFL resume over their sports-nerd pointy heads. I think Pearson could handle the truth if one of those guys would stand up to him and take him on. If not, the show would be infinitely better just for the entertainment value.

“Is this Kenny Kenny? Good hearing from you, Kenny Kenny! This is the first time you chimed in with us. Don’t be a stranger.”
Jay Binkley, after fielding a call from one of 810’s most infamous callers, 610 AM
GH: Kenny Kenny has jumped ship from 810’s to 610’s caller lineup? Didn’t I hear that Kenny Kenny was working promotions for 810 not long ago? Anybody out there know the story behind this divorce?

“What in the world does Adam Teicher care if Clark Hunt spends $50 million on Dwayne Bowe? The business of this thing gets way overblown.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: KK has hammered everyone who wants to bring up the cost ramifications of doing business in the NFL. He also has no use for anyone who mentions Branden Albert’s bad back. “I DON’T WANT TO HEAR ABOUT WHAT IT COSTS!,” screams KK into his mic. “DON’T TELL ME BRANDEN ALBERT HAS A BAD BACK!” “DON’T TELL ME GENO SMITH ISN’T WORTHY OF THE OVERALL NUMBER-ONE PICK!” Why? Because all of these points chip away at his crazy obsession with the Chiefs doing exactly what he wants them to do. Rational debates are not allowed on Between the Lines. That would make KK work harder and possibly look bad.

“Just so you know what I try to do with my show, every day at two-o’clock when I start the show I try my hardest to talk about something that nobody else has talked about.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: This is how KK gets himself into trouble when it comes to credibility. When you are working to deliver something new eight hours into your station’s sports talk format – it opens you up to fabricating stories and breaking news that isn’t even cracked.

“Anyone who comes in here and thinks I have an axe to grind…let me tell you something. By the time two-o’clock rolls around every day, do you know how hard it is to find something new or different to talk about? After we’ve had five different hosts on, 15 different guests on, newspapers have been printed, websites are up and running – do you know how hard it is to come up with something different? I really feel like that’s my job.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: KK has sounded a bit stressed to me lately – even more so than usual. Whenever he starts publicly complaining about how difficult his job is, I know he’s feeling some pressure. Just a guess here but KK’s recent trip to Phoenix might have him thinking about moving his retirement date up. He’s not even 50 yet but he is long past the average burnout rate for sports radio talk show hosts. I know I think about closing down my OTC about once a month. Maybe KK and I will go out together…

“I remember Norm [Stewart] telling me [about Arkansas], ‘We gotta go down there to Fayette-nam.”
Jack Harry, 810 AM

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52 Responses to OTC: Eric Winston Confirms Chiefs’ Release Via Twitter / “Kietzman Plan” Takes A Hit

  1. Splitlog Quindaro says:

    KK is still compelling radio and as someone who travels all over the country and listens to other markets often… KK is excellent at what he does… and I am a KU fan.. I am a Nebraska fan. He provides compelling radio and covers all of the necessary bases. I don’t think he is going anywhere soon.

  2. Harry Balczak says:

    Eric Winston is a douche, of course he went to Miami of Florida the Douche Good Riddance