2013 OTC NCAA Bracket Challenge Ends In A Draw!

Our OTC NCAA Bracket Challenge resulted in a dead heat between Jason Weis and Jason D who both totaled 301 points and correctly had Louisville as their pick to win it all. Brian Morris nipped Java Man for third place by outscoring him 285 to 282. Scott Murdock finished fifth at 281.

Java Man and Scott will receive some free trade from McDonald’s for their fourth- and fifth-place winnings. Brian will receive some McDonald’s trade as well – just a bit more than Java and Scott.

The two Jasons will receive $50 gift certificates – one from Smartman’s favorite BBQ joint, Smokin’ Guns up north of the river and the other $50 gifty from Duke’s on Grand, just one block south of the P&L and Sprint Center.

Please email me your mailing address at so I can get your gift certificates in the mail. I still need to get down to Duke’s to pick his up but I should have these out no later than next week after I get back from Boston.

Thanks to Duke’s on Grand, Smartman, Smokin’ Guns and McDonald’s for helping sponsor this year’s tourney prizes.

Please click here for the complete results.

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6 Responses to 2013 OTC NCAA Bracket Challenge Ends In A Draw!

  1. donkeypunch says:

    First year I didn’t fill out a bracket. Was out of the country Sat of the Big XII through the following Sunday.

    GH, since we both know this would have been a walk in the park for me, how about you and Smartman chip me off a gift certificate too. Thanks in advance

  2. Phaedrus says:

    Is that a picture of Smartman?

  3. PV_Pathfinder says:


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