OTC: Boston’s Big Papi Goes Nasty / KK Goes Batsy & Ratsy / Clink Hits Hud From The Bushes

“This is our fucking cee-tee! Nobody’s going to take our freedom!”
David Ortiz, Red Sox first baseman and DH, as he addressed an emotional Fenway Park crowd in the Red Sox first game after the attack at the Boston Marathon finish line, Fox
GH: I had tears in my eyes and I beat my chest like King Kong after hearing Big Papi – born in the Dominican Republic – declare war on the cowards who think to threaten our way of life. It is a sentence that will be as famous in New England history as anything Thomas Jefferson ever said – and for all the right reasons.

“We heard Big Papi drop the f-bomb on everybody. What a nimrod that guy is! … If they thought that was cool then they’re wrong. That isn’t that cool. It’s just not that cool! That is not the time and place.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: Danny Clinkscale quickly agreed with KK’s nimrod stance on Big Papi. I not only disagree with Kietzman and Clinkscale – I fucking disagree with them. This was the PERFECT time and place for a live f-bomb to be dropped on American television. You can flip on hundreds of radio and TV channels that will drop f-bombs 24/7. It. Is. A. WORD! Big whoop! It might be the greatest word ever invented in the human language. Does it belong in a business meeting? Depends on the business. Does it belong on Fox on Saturday afternoon? It sure did on this Saturday afternoon. #BostonStrong

“David Ortiz spoke from the heart at (Saturday’s) Red Sox game. I stand with Big Papi and the people of Boston.”
Julius Genachowski, FCC Chairman, Twitter
GH: Fucking A!

“I was surprised. I was stunned when I saw it. It caught me off-guard. … I’m certainly not offended by it – but I understand people not wanting their kids to see something like that in the middle of the day.”
Nate Bukaty, on Big Papi’s f-bomb, 810 AM
GH: I understand that some people don’t want their kids to hear four-letter words but I sure don’t understand their fears. It’s not the hearing that could cause an issue – it’s the using. Raise your kids to know the difference and you might have a chance at producing a productive member of society – instead of nimrods who’d shit their drawers if their Tiki hut collapsed.

“I thought it was unfortunate. I know people think I sound like an old fuddy-duddy. It does put a lot of people off. I’m sorry. It rubs people wrong.”
Kevin Kietzman, on Big Papi’s f-bomb, ESPN
GH: A lot of things rub some people the wrong way. If we are trying to stroke everyone’s sweet spot, we will all end up as miserable as KK – who is on a “ridiculous professional roll.”

“There are some people who are offended by Steve Physioc’s play-by-play. There are some people who think he should apologize for other things.”
Steven St. John, on the Royals’ TV play-by-play voice apologizing to the Fox audience for Ortiz’s curse word to be broadcast, 810 AM
GH: Physioc’s Royals’ work is like listening to a man calling a baseball game dressed in a tuxedo. It feels stiff, false and way, way, way too flowery. I can almost smell the fake lilac perfume coming out of my flat screen. Note to SSJ: The use of the phrase “some people think” is a gutless phrase when leveling criticism. I am sure I have been guilty of using it myself, but I sure as hell hope I never am again. The media needs to show some stones and say what they think or name the “some people.”

“Rex Hudler said, ‘You’re not going to sneak a piece of stinky cheese by the big rat!’ I don’t mind Rex (Hudler) being the goofy guy. He’s just a goofy guy! My mom loves him! … I don’t think my mom knows what ‘stinky cheese’ is.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: KK said he didn’t mind Rex being goofy but he then went on and on about how ridiculous the phrase “stinking cheese” is for a MLB broadcast. I think Hudler is a joke. A HUGE joke. I have made that clear since his first week. But KK needs to man up and either not mind his goofiness or blast him. Throwing eggs at someone while smiling still leaves a mess.

“The less I say about the audio portion of the Royals’ broadcast this weekend – the better I’m served. … Let’s put it this way, I’ve used the mute button on my remote often.”
Danny Clinkscale, 810 AM
GH: Did Danny Clinkscale get into sports talk radio to serve himself or to serve his audience? How does the 810 listeners benefit from Clink playing the politically correct card just because he moves in the same circles as Hudler? Here is what I know – Hudler is a big boy. He has been around a few blocks and in and out of the cheese factory a time or two. Blast away, Clink! If Hud can’t take the verbal stinky cheese – tough Limburger!

“I texted my buddy – and I’m not kidding you – I texted him and said, ‘Billy will save the day.’ And there it goes, right over the Green Monster!”
Kevin Kietzman, on predicting Butler’s big blast in Boston this weekend, 810 AM
GH: There is KK, letting us know he is still on a ridiculous professional roll!

“I would say that watching (Hosmer and Moustakas) hit is as ugly as the stats.”
Nate Bukaty, 810 AM
GH: Moose’s at bats are so ugly that Danny Trejo’s Machete looks good to me.

“You don’t get good chemistry from winning. You get good chemistry before you win.”
Joel Goldberg, on the Royals’ team chemistry, 810 AM
GH: Goldberg sounds like he flunked balancing equations his junior year. Chemistry doesn’t exist in spring training. There is no chemistry when there are no games. Chemistry is the byproduct of a team succeeding. Chemistry is one of the most misused terms in sports by the media. Chemistry is nothing more than a loud burp after a good meal. It doesn’t happen without the meal.

“Just go out and not have any long losing streaks.”
Joel Goldberg, on what he wants from the Royals, 810 AM
GH: We will not be inviting Joel into the office this year to assist our sales team with their goal-setting forecasts. Geez, can we get at least the semblance of some swag around this team’s leeches? Is there one real person who covers this team from the inside who has Big Papi’s nads? One?

“Now, are the Royals making up the game with Boston that was canceled on Friday?”
Kevin Harlan, in a Monday morning interview with Steven St. John and Nate Bukaty, 810 AM
GH: Somehow Harlan missed the news of one of the Royals’ biggest doubleheader sweeps in the past 20 years. SSJ quickly changed the topic to the upcoming Chiefs’ draft. Save credited to St. John.

“There’s never been an accurate weight on my driver’s license in my entire life.”
Ellen Schenk, long-time KMBZ morning newscaster, responding to a report that the reason southern states are always depicted as being the fattest is that southerners don’t lie as much as other areas of the country when it comes to telling their weight, 980 AM
GH: I just checked my driver’s license – 180 pounds. I’m cheating mine by five pounds… Ten if I had a half slab from Oklahoma Joe’s for lunch.

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39 Responses to OTC: Boston’s Big Papi Goes Nasty / KK Goes Batsy & Ratsy / Clink Hits Hud From The Bushes

  1. Renton says:

    Danny Clinkscale quickly agreed with KK’s nimrod stance on (fill in the blank with anything)

  2. The Smartman says:

    Wow! FUCKING AWESOME! Perfect cycle of d-bags this outing; Ortiz, KK, the FCC guy, Physioc, Hudler, SSJ, Clink, Bukaty, Goldberg, Harlan, Shenk. You still got it baby! No more anti depressants for me! I’m high on OTC

  3. Old Man Kissel says:

    Great take by KK. I agree with his take on David Ortiz.

    810 scoops 610 once again.

    • Bob Sacamano says:

      Old Man, since you are in bed with KK, what’s KK’s belief on getting a Hummer while sitting in a Hummer from someone who isn’t your wife? I haven’t heard of that happening to Big Papi!

      • Old Man Kissel says:

        You might want to get you’re facts straight Bob before posting. According to a Pitch article, that situation never happened.

        But why let facts get in the way of your hate.


        810 scoops 610 once again.

        • Bob Sacamano says:

          I’m confused old man, the story just says that he wasn’t caught with his pants down by his ankles, doesn’t mention anything about a zipper being down. Way to go old man, keep wearing the old clown suit.

          • Old Man Kissel says:

            I guess haters still have to hate even though facts says differently. Keep hating Bob.

            810 scoops 610 once again.

          • WHBFAN says:

            Kissel is right, if this were true he wouldn’t have the respect of his exwife and kids.

        • old lady kietzman says:

          That young girl is now my daughter-in-law. She was only helping my sweet little boy with his stuck zipper. Old Man Kissel you’re the second kindest man I know.

  4. Splitlog Quindaro says:

    KK…. Boston has been a city for 383 years. The Red Sox have been around for 112 years. The Boston Marathon has been around for 116 years. Bostonians fought for your freedom. Boston has Harvard and it has badass fishermen. Have you ever heard of Southie KK? I am very proud of KC Kevin… But sorry… Boston has some serious traditions and attitudes. KK… are you so detached that you do not understand the passion and emotion running through the veins of that city? Ortiz said exactly what needed to be said. I heard you a few years ago just ripping Ortiz.. You don’t like his demeanor and you probably don’t like his success. Can’t you just be happy that the Royals are playing great? There were a hundred possible topics you could have covered today and you chose to rip Ortiz.

  5. mike t. says:

    Fuck yeah! Go Ortiz! 100% agree with the sentiment, and Quindaro’s comment.

    eat shit old man kissel, fucking prude.

  6. big t says:

    Best. OTC. Ever.

  7. tigerdan4 says:

    I rarely curse on a public forum such as Twitter but my reaction to Big Papi: fuck yeah! And fuck anybody who had a problem with it.

    Greg, perfect description of Physioc. He sounds like he’s trying to pour sugar on a turd everytime he opens his mouth. His odd voice inflections, pattern of speech, and constant factual errors are like nails on a chalkboard to me.

    Every single Joel Goldberg segment on The Program is the same. Petro attacks something about the Royals and Joel defends the organization. It’s like clockwork.

    I generally like Kevin Harlan but his blatant disregard for baseball has always annoyed me. How can a professional sports broadcaster have ZERO interest in a major American sport?

    Now on to the positives. I thought Sunday was a huge day in terms of possibly springboarding this Royals season into something special. Especially in winning the nightcap of the doubleheader. They were behind the whole game, Guthrie was struggling, the offense was struggling, and then late in the game the plate umpire decided to do whatever he could to ensure a Red Sox win. The Royals overcame a lot of obstacles to sweep that doubleheader and win that series. Too bad they couldn’t get a sweep. Should’ve won the Saturday game too. And by the way, any Royals fan who was happy for Boston for beating us that day can suck it. Grow some stones, you politically-correct pansies. I will never concede a loss for my team just to make a city happy for a day. In the theme of this OTC, fuck THAT.

    • Gavin says:

      I didn’t want Boston to win that game, but I also didn’t figure there was any way they would lose. The fact that it wasn’t a blowout was actually kind of a surprise to me. And I’m with you, Dan. I never want them to lose, I’ve just gotten used to it. But if the Royals had been the first team to play the Yankees and, by coincidence, the Chiefs had been the scheduled to play the Jets or Giants the first game after 9/11, I’d still have wanted the KC teams to win. A baseball or football win isn’t going to change the horror that much and it isn’t as if wanting the Royals to beat the Red Sox somehow means I’m glad the bombing happened or that I don’t support the City of Boston.

      • tigerdan4 says:

        Well said, Gavin. Actually the Giants first game after 9/11 was at Arrowhead vs the Chiefs. I remember watching it at a sports bar in St Joe and there were Chiefs fans in the place rooting for the Giants. And that really bothered me. In the NFL one loss can change an entire season. I proudly rooted for the Chiefs that day. Of course, they lost.

      • Lou Brown says:

        Oddly enough, the Chiefs did play the Giants in the first game after 9/11.

      • Gavin says:

        I’d completely forgotten that detail, obviously. Either way, i don’t think the Giants game affected the city’s healing one way or the other. I love sports, a lot, but let’s not overestimate their importance. Playing the games after the attack was the important part, not winning them.

    • Lou Brown says:

      Agree with the “Royals fan being happy” about losing the game on Saturday. Listening to the postgame on 610, the substitute host seemed O.K. with the loss – bullshit! I was happy for the people of Boston and they should be proud of the efforts of their law enforcement community, but I wanted to send the fans home pissed about losing to my team. I am never happy with losing, no matter the circumstances.

      “some people” = the guy I see in the mirror.

      • JP says:

        +1 on the Fucking Saturday game!!!! We should have won that one!!

        • Johnny Utah says:

          I didn’t wish a bomb on their city, but boston is filled with miserable people who are so self centered, they don’t know where KC is, much less that it has 2 million in the metro area.

          I wish KC could have won each game 15-0.

      • Twy's Gibman says:

        that’s what I loved about Shields’ attitude Saturday. He set the tone with great aggressiveness from the first pitch. Too bad the pen wrecked his effort.

    • Greg Hall says:

      Regular or even irregular (I think fiber fixes that) OTC readers know that four-letter words play a very minor role here in both my column and the Comments section. We are for the most part a fairly intelligent group. That doesn’t mean many of us do not talk just like Papi when we are playing sports, drinking beer and talking with friends. It is just not all that big of a deal.

      I expect we will now return to a more civil tongue in future postings. But please know some of your comments today just made me roar with laughter. Thanks for the support and the entertainment.

  8. JHawkScott says:

    To TigerDan. Fuckin’ A Right.

  9. JP says:

    Clinkscale has the perfect voice for pxp, but sports talk…forget it. I somewhat feel sorry for him, in that he has been completely neutered by KK, all for a paycheck. As to your point, I think it is questionable whether Clink ever had any stones.

    The Royals have struggled to hit, blown a few games, and yet find themselves in first place. They have been in every game they have played thus far, save maybe the Friday night loss to Toronto. That win in the nightcap of the DH was major. This team has a refuse to lose attitude and is very likeable. I was po’d that they lost Saturday, but they made the Boston fans sweat and nearly tied the game. I don’t want to jinx it, but this team looks like the real deal so far. If they can win one game in Detroit and go .500 on this trip, it will be successful. Remember we still have alot of games against the Lastros and the Twinkies.

  10. P says:

    Reason #1028 KK is a huge douche.

  11. brett says:

    in the middle of the 2nd game sunday i’d had enough of the tv crew. i tried to switch to radio but fucking (word of the day!) time warner’s 5 second delay on HD meant the radio and tv didn’t match up.

    Greg- can’t you find an IT lackey to invent a device i can put on my radio to adjust the delay to match my HD tv??? fuck

  12. BlackJack says:

    And can we finally dispense with the notion that somehow Boston is a city full of heroes, and are deserving of their sports teams winning their games because some nutjobs set off a bomb in thier city? Bad things happen to people every day – doesn’t qualify you for sainthood.

    • Joe Blow says:

      The main thing that bugs me is that the response would have been exactly the same in any city in the country, but the coverage is going overboard to ascribe it as something that is uniquely Boston.

      • The Smartman says:

        You are correct. It is douchebagginess taken to the extreme by all parties. Right up there with “Home of the CHIEFS!”

  13. mike t. says:

    brett, i’d reply directly to your comment about the delay, but half the time my ‘replies’ don’t end up under the original comment…

    anyway, that would be a nice invention. but on my system, the TV signal is, like yours i’m guessing, goes through the DVR, then to the TV. that’s part of the delay. radio doesn’t have that ‘extra step’ so it comes through faster. try watching on a TV where there’s no cable box. that helps sometimes. i’ve also noticed that sometimes the delay is only about 2 seconds. i’m not sure why it would vary. but watching baseball on TV with the radio broadcast is sure easier than watching basketball where a 5 second delay means you hear about two turnovers and a bucket before you see it. hate that….

  14. Kyle says:

    “Fuck it all and fucking no regrets!”

  15. P says:

    In related news…..”Fuckin shit”

  16. geo says:

    Do I feel bad about what happened in Boston? Fuck yeah! Did I want the Royals to win on Saturday! Double fuck yeah!

    I also realize that nobody felt that way other than Royals fans. That’s OK.

    In a side note, I LOATHE Physioc. Your description of him is spot-on. I’m not a Hudler fan, but I don’t hate him in the same way. I dislike him in the he’s-such-a-doofus-I-can’t-muster-up-the-energy-to-totally-despise-him way. And it bugs me that they were featured on MLB Network’s national feed of the game; and I suspect that meant that the whole country was laughing at Kansas City – as usual.

  17. Splitlog Quindaro says:

    Greg.. Are you going part time? Should we not expect daily content?