OTC: Is “Suck For Luck” Campaign Good KC Sports Talk Radio?

“We have a chance to be so bad it’s great. And not just a chance, it’s the overwhelming likelihood! Hope for more losses! Hope for more high picks! Enjoy it! The only disappointment you can have as a Chiefs fan this year is if they somehow go to Indy and win. You can’t fail with a franchise quarterback.”
Nick Wright, promoting the Suck For Luck campaign that some Chiefs’ fans have started to secure the NFL’s top draft choice in 2012 for Stanford’s Andrew Luck, 610 AM
GH: Wright spent a great deal of his Red Monday show promoting the growing Suck For Luck movement that is being cheered by fans from Seattle to Indianapolis. I’m not sure who gets credit for this rallying cry but Nick is embracing it and owning it like it was the password to a Chiefs’ player’s Twitter account. He is not alone. Read on.

“The Chiefs must lose these three games to be in position to draft Andrew Luck. Minnesota, Indy and Miami – lose to those three teams and they’d be holding the tie-breaker in a negative fashion to draft (number one). The only other team the Chiefs would have to worry about is Seattle but they play in a rotten division. I am not at all joking today.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: Does this mean our two afternoon drive sports talk hosts are going to fashion their show content the next four months on rooting for Chiefs’ losses? I am not sure KK and Niche have thought this strategy out completely.

“I just want losses to stack up. It’s the only way this team is going to be tolerable.”
Nick Wright, 610 AM
GH: Does Wright understand what a 2-14 Chiefs season will do for KC-area sports talk radio’s ratings this fall? Shanin & Parks, Lazlo and NPR have already printed up Suck For Luck t-shirts.

“Nick Wright’s ridiculous flip flop for Suck For Luck. Nick was tremendously entertaining. I could not disagree with Nick more.”
Danny Parkins, 610 AM
GH: Parkins must feel he has to deliver a “Nick was tremendously entertaining,” nod to the guy who got him his job at 610 Sports if he dares disagree. This is the kind of knee-bending work from the on-air staff that Kevin Kietzman has fostered at 810 – and weakened his station’s punch. Parkins needs to learn you gotta be your own man if you’re going to put your name on a show.

“There’s not a chance in hell I’m going to root against the Chiefs!”
Caller Mark, to Danny Parkins’ show, about the Suck For Luck campaign, 610 AM

“I agree with Nick 100%.”
Caller, to Danny Parkins’ show, 610 AM

“I think it’s realistic to start talking about them getting Andrew Luck with the first pick.”
Soren Petro, 810 AM
GH: Here is a question that is not getting enough play – is Luck really that much of a no-brainer number-one pick? That 6’8 dude at Arizona State who  carved up Mizzou looked like a pretty good consolation prize to me. How about Boise State’s little lefty, Kellen Moore? USC’s Matt Barkley from QBU looks the part. Landry Jones is cut from the same
cloth at Oklahoma as Sam Bradford. This looks to be a very deep draft at the
position of quarterback.

“The Pythagorean Formula puts the KC Chiefs in the lead in the ‘Suck for Luck’ campaign.”
@Heycameraman, Twitter
GH: Click on this link to view the Chiefs’ chances in the Suck For Luck sweepstakes, http://www.heycameraman.net/?p=1349

“I just don’t want any part of this ‘Suck For Luck.’ Why can’t the Chiefs go 5-11 and draft (USC’s QB) Matt Barkley? … Going 0-16 means they have a lot more problems than Andrew Luck coming in here and fixing everything.”
Carrington Harrison, contributor to
Wright’s show, 610 AM
GH: Harrison is 610 Sports’ Tom Brady. He is a late draft pick who no one expected to even make the team – but he has shown some glimpses of real talent. If 610 Sports wants to up Nick’s game, they need to make Harrison a full-blown co-host with Wright and let these two go at it on equal footing. Wright might not be able to handle the in-house heat, but if he could put his ego aside it would improve 610’s afternoon programming immensely.

“No, I am not replacing Jim Rome today. That is only a Red Monday thing following Chiefs’ games. We go live and local all day.”
Danny Parkins, 610 AM
GH: Did anyone even notice?

“It seems like (Todd Haley) has lost this team. For some reason this team’s not ready to play.”
Jayice Pearson, 610 AM

“Todd Haley, I don’t think he’s lost this team. They’re not playing very disciplined. (Haley) came in with a disciplined approach and did a great job. This team was undisciplined under Herm Edwards. He came in and made them disciplined. He went against the grain and got this team back on track. There’s no D-Bowe Show. There’s no (player) radio shows. Now at this time these guys need to perform. He can’t go out and catch the ball.”
Danan Hughes, 610 AM
GH: Two ex-Chiefs with opposite viewpoints on whether or not Haley has lost his team. When you get pounded by 40 twice to open the season, there isn’t much good going on in any corner of the locker room or the front office. Another embarrassing spanking in San Diego on Sunday and we won’t even have to ask the question.

“It is very, very concerning to me at this point. I think they worry too much about the wrong stuff. What the employees in the stadium are doing.”
Jayice Pearson, 610 AM
GH: Remember the furor over the Chiefs’ new policy about Arrowhead employees not being allowed into the stadium to watch the games? Another 40-point loss and The Clarks will be sending buses throughout Raytown recruiting anyone and everyone to sit inside Arrowhead so the place doesn’t look like Joplin.

“I gotta be honest with you – I think it would be an unjust firing. The personnel has to be there for a coach to win. You still need players.”
Soren Petro, on the possibility of Haley getting fired before the end of the season, 810 AM
GH: You can almost see Carl Peterson’s hands working Petro’s vocal chords.

“There are 14 games left. This thing will work itself out.”
Herm Edwards, when asked how desperate the Chiefs’ season is after starting 0-2, 810 AM
GH: Herman is a Munster when it comes to offering an opinion of substance. He would rather wear Todd Haley’s girly-pink hoodie rather than piss someone off who might someday hire him.

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22 Responses to OTC: Is “Suck For Luck” Campaign Good KC Sports Talk Radio?

  1. renton says:

    The way things are going this year, Luck will probably blow out his ACL next weekend.

  2. Eric W. says:

    and THIS is the article you come up with? Come on. The entire sports fabric of Kansas City is collapsing. College sports in KC will NEVER be the same, and KC in it’s heart and soul is a college town. The Big 12 tournament is about to die, and it’s the last crown jewel of college sports that KC had. The Chiefs suck, and haven’t won or even APPEARED in a Super Bowl in what…41 years? Can you say irrelevant?

  3. Orphan of the Road says:

    This team has to get better to suck.

    IF we get the number 1 pick, do you think Pioli will pick the right guy?

  4. Matt says:

    It doesn’t matter where the Chiefs draft; the LSU defensive line is already gearing up for one of them to be called by Roger Goodell as the Chiefs first pick.

  5. scott says:

    I get the point about Haley needing to bring discipline after Herm, but being a dick doesnt mean you’re disciplined…it means you’re a dick. Coming in and saying “I’m the boss” by being a dick is one way to inject a change in approach, but has no chance of sticking if you dont eventually turn to a system. There is a belief that discipline builds consistency, expectations which breed wins. Discipline is about unwavering commitment to a system…Haley doesnt have a systemic approach to talent, camp, practice or game management. When I think discipline, I dont think of Haley, but rather Belicheck, Cowher, Coughlin and coming up strong are guys like Payton & McCarthy…go get a guy like Cowher or Gruden if you want discipline.

  6. Rick says:

    2 QUESTIONS. Anyone else notice the recorded applause on the Fox football broadcasts? What happened to Bill Maas on 610?

    • Jess says:

      I think Maas was on after the game on Sunday. I am pretty sure. The thing is I really don’t listen to 610. I am betting with Bill is he would call Nick Wright a douche on the air and Nick would not put up with him on his show.

  7. smartman says:

    Andrew Luck will be one of the Housewives of Beverly Hills before he plays for the Chiefs. Eli Manning already wrote the book on how to get what you want when you are a potential #1 pick..

    After the debacle the current regime has us mired in we are looking at another five years before heads are out of asses and feet are planted firmly on the ground.

  8. Super Dave says:

    Well smartman I am thinking the same. Ok your the man who is suppose to be the number one pick and the Chiefs have that pick are you going to be falling all over yourself to go to KC? I know I sure would not be. Plus one man isn’t going to be the answer here to the problem with this ball team.

  9. Merle Tagladucci says:

    Surprised to not see any mention of the “War Room” book by Michael Holley that’s coming out. Incredibly revealing and insightful as to the staggering depths of Pioli’s ego.

    • Rick says:

      I heard about it this morning and he said just the opposite that he had little ego and didn’t like the spot light.

  10. chuck says:


    Just heard the guy (Holley) interviewed in person on 610.

    He says 810 mischaracterized his statements and indeed, in an extensive follow up conversation with the 610 guy (Forgot his name), he says Pioli has NO ego and is an easy guy to talk to.

    Hey, what can I tell ya, I am just repeating what I heard.

    I was surprised too.

    • Rick says:

      Opps sorry I posted prior to reading this what confirms what I posted and heard. Sorry. Thou shall read all before one posts.

  11. TJ says:

    Wondering at what point this year we hear the famous Haley quote when he was hired that he could win 2 games in a season with guys off the street. Queue it up!

    • Rick says:

      Funny. wish a reporter would ask that at a news conference. “Coach how many guys off the street are you going to need to win two this year?” Of course since some of these guys have been out of football that are on the team didn’t he essence pick some guys off the street, or coaches box, or Hy-vee?

  12. Rick says:

    I’ve started the Trick is on Nick campaign. We’ve tricked him into thinking the Suck for Luck is a radio ratings bonanza.