OTC: Mizzou Closes In On SEC Decision / Big Games For KU, KSU, NU & Chiefs

Collin Klein Quarterback Collin Klein #7 of the Kansas State Wildcats carries the ball during the game against the Missouri Tigers on November 13, 2010 at Faurot Field/Memorial Stadium in Columbia, Missouri.“I think it’s important for all 10 of us in our league to stick together.”
Mike Alden, MU athletic director, last summer after Colorado and Nebraska announced they would be leaving the Big 12, 610 AM
GH: Maybe the fact only nine schools remain is the reason Alden and Mizzou now appear to be poised to make one of the most dramatic changes to their university in its 170 years. I think it becomes official next week. Missouri, the 14th member of the SEC.

“We’re committed to the Big 12 for the foreseeable future. We’re in this for the long haul.”
Brady Deaton, during MU’s press conference last summer
GH: The long haul may have just blown a rod.

“I don’t know what Missouri’s gonna do. You can’t tell about them. I don’t have to have them (in the Big 12). … I have a strong streak of loyalty – and that’s why I care about Kansas, Kansas State and Iowa State. I don’t care about Missouri.”
T. Boone Pickens, last summer, Statesman.com
GH: If you want to know how the powerful Big 12 got to this point where they are about to lose their fourth member school – read Pickens’ quote one more time. We got to this point because too many Big 12 schools didn’t care about one school or another. Eventually, that turns into a whole lot of schools not caring about saving the conference.

“Thank you Nebraska! You’re so awesome! We’ve got to fly some banners over their stadium, thanking them for leaving! … You could go to New Mexico and replace Nebraska.”
Kevin Kietzman, last summer, expressing his giddiness on Nebraska’s departure, 810 AM
GH: If Missouri leaves the Big 12, I doubt the Big 12 will fold. But it will not be the same. Not even close.

“The minute you let TCU in (the Big 12) and they start beating you, you have a huge problem on your hands. I don’t think they want to bring them in and bring them up a level and then have them beat us.”
Kevin Kietzman, debating with Mitch Holthus whether or not TCU should be added to the Big 12, 810 AM

“I would rather build this (new Big 12) league on a position of strength rather than a position of defense. I’m gonna make (the league) stronger.”
Mitch Holthus, responding to Kietzman’s fear of TCU, 810 AM
GH: Holthus’ comment was perfect – and one I have not heard enough in the local media. The Big 12 north schools need to act more like their big brothers Texas and Oklahoma. Do not take the Bill Snyder approach and shun excellent competition. Take the Texas approach and take on all comers with a swagger – even when you might not have the talent of yesteryear.

“Listened to some of the (Mizzou) Tiger’s broadcast (Saturday) night and got my first taste of Howard Richards as a color commentator. In a word; brutal! At least Kadlec was colorful and entertaining in his peculiar way. As i was listening I thought of your comment about Mizzou as a j-school star, being represented by Kadlec. The thought that came to mind to me was that a ‘color man’ is not a journalist in the first place. Virtually all color men on college broadcasts are former players at the school who are hired to be
homers and cheerleaders. Even on NFL broadcasts the color men are very much at
an arms-length from journalists. I guess we will just have to agree to disagree
about this.”
Reader Ed, OTC Email
GH: I think it is still too early to rate Richards’ work as Mizzou’s color analyst. My early thoughts though are that he is an improvement over the verbally-challenged Kadlec. I get that Mizzou Nation loves Coach Kadlec because he is Mr. Mizzou and a lovable old ex-coach. I do not get that anyone could listen to his work as a radio analyst and think that
was anything but a bad joke. Richards has shown very little personality to this
point. He’s playing it too safe for my ears. I would like to hear him talk more
like an ex-jock and less like an ex-CIA operative.

“I think Kansas State’s going to win this game (against Baylor). I think they’ll at least slow down Robert Griffin.”
Dennis Dodd, 810 AM
GH: Manhattan should be one crazy place Saturday afternoon for this battle of undefeated Big 12 teams. The win in Miami was scintillating, considering the Canes’ history and marquee name. But if Snyder’s squad can notch a win over the formerly lowly Bears, I would rank it as the greatest win in his second go around as the Cats’ head coach.

“Robert Griffin might be the best quarterback in football – regardless of what level.”
Bill Snyder, 810 AM
GH: While the Suck4Luck campaign continues to gather steam, I’m not so sure RG3 isn’t the best athlete in the 2012 draft. Let’s just say if the Chiefs miss out on the Stanford QB, I wouldn’t be disappointed with Griffin wearing a Chiefs’ yellow jersey in St. Joe next

“I am not reporting that, I am just passing along a tweet.”
Nick Wright, after reading a tweet from someone he dubbed “a part-time blogger” that stated Bryce Brown may have quit the Kansas State football team, 610 AM
GH: So what is the difference? Did Wright learn this CYA move in a class at Syracuse?

“I like Iowa State straight up!”
Dennis Dodd, on Texas being favored by 10 in Ames, 810 AM
GH: Iowa State has won in Lincoln and in Austin in back-to-back years. Paul Rhoads is the new Bill Snyder.

“The (Missouri) defense is nowhere near what we thought. But the offense is a whole lot better.”
Gabe DeArmond, PowerMizzou.com
GH: Mizzou’s defense has been ripped on the road by two pretty good offenses in Arizona State and Oklahoma. I think Missouri is very good…but so is almost every team in the Big 12. This season will be good prep work for the Tigers SEC schedule next year.

“(Henry) Josey, as I said before, looks to be already one of the best backs in the Big 12
Conference. Ride the guy.”
Mike DeArmond, PowerMizzou.com
GH: What a great story Josey is for college football. He gets his shot only
because the two guys ahead of him on the depth chart go down due to injury and
then he plays like the Mizzou coaches had to be blind not to see this kid is
their best back – and maybe their best player.

“I think (Josey) is the real thing. He can touch the football and change the game. Against that (Oklahoma) defense, if you can do that, that says a lot.”
Gary Pinkel, Columbia Missourian
GH: K-State gets their first look at Josey next Saturday in Manhattan. I have a feeling they are not going to like what they see.

“Missouri’s defense if a little bit worse than I thought they’d be. I think that’s going to be an issue. But they’ve found a running back (in Josey). If I’m a Missouri fan right now
I’m a bit concerned (going into the bye week). Not because I think K-State is better than Missouri, but because this is a must win. This is really a lot of pressure on Missouri. They’ve got to have a win.”
Stan Weber, 810 AM

“I don’t remember who the Jayhawks play. But I’ll be watching to see if, as I suspect, Kansas is the worst team in the league.”
Mike DeArmond, PowerMizzou.com
GH: The Jayhawks play Texas Tech this Saturday in Lawrence for their homecoming tiff. A loss to the Red Raiders might cement KU’s chances at the Big 12 cellar. But I still believe KU will play both KSU and MU close this season.

“Everyone outside Nebraska calls us crazy. Actually there are much more diehard fans out there than me.”
Beau Baumert, a Nebraska fan who paid
to join the Wisconsin booster club and then purchased Wisconsin football season
tickets to ensure he would have tickets to the NU/Wisconsin game this Saturday
at Camp Randall, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel
GH: Nebraska is just a different place when it comes to college football. Much of the hysteria for the Corn is unhealthy. Almost all of it is over the top. But this is just what Nebraskans do. Tom Osborne has asked Husker fans traveling to Madison to wear black to distinguish them from the red of the Badgers. My hope is the dark garb will not double as mourning wear.

“Twitter is awesome. Rams-Chiefs fans arguing about which team is worse (with each fan fighting for THEIR OWN team).”
Joe Posnanski, Twitter

“Chargers delivered one on a silver platter (last Sunday) and the Chiefs screwed it up. They’re just plain bad and so is the coaching. It’s putrid.”
Jack Harry, Twitter

“We can be a good team this year.”
Todd Haley, following the Chiefs’ loss in San Diego, Chiefs Radio Network

“I want (Haley) to get a fourth year. I think he deserves it. It doesn’t sound like Pioli wants to give him one from the reports that are out there.”
Soren Petro, 810 AM
GH: Haley is lucky to get a fourth week after the way his team played coming out of his unorthodox training camp. Playing well at home is a must for coaches on the hot seat – especially when the foe is 0-3 Minnesota.

“People get upset over the silliest things that have no effect on their lives whatsoever.”
Nick Wright, on MLB fans who are upset that the Mets’ Jose Reyes won the NL batting crown after he removed himself from the final game after a first-inning bunt single, 610 AM
GH: I believe Nick just described my life as a sports fan. And probably yours as well.

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Software guy who has been writing my Off The Couch column in KC newspapers, publications and websites since 1994. Has been bounced from some of the finest media establishments this side of State Line Road. Dad first and everything else second...and there are a lot of everything elses.

37 Responses to OTC: Mizzou Closes In On SEC Decision / Big Games For KU, KSU, NU & Chiefs

  1. Eric W. says:

    Hey Hall! It’s Friday, September 30 2011, and in the Kansas City Metro area, almost NO ONE gives a hot shit about Nebraska anymore. Stop bringing them up. You friggin’ Nebraskans are like heroin addicts. Just can’t help yourself. You’re like the gentle retards who can’t stop jerkin off, even in public places. You’re just too stupid to know any better.

    • Jim says:

      Really, Eric? No one? (22) posts by GH, with (1) being about NU? This pisses you off? Go back and read Nick Wright’s quote about people getting upset and shit that has no effect on your life. How’s the mirror look, buddy?

      • Super Dave says:

        Wow someone must have already got their butt chewed on this morning and is just taking it out on everyone and anyone.

    • Cliffy says:

      I’ve certainly voiced my disgust for all things Nebraska before but I’m intrigued by this game with Wisconsin. Part of me wants the nubs to win to show the B10 the overall mediocrity of their football product. But the other part of me that roots for whoever Nebraska happens to be playing (unless its kansas) will likely win out.

  2. Eric W. says:

    LOL @Jim. Go back to fisting yourself.

    • Jim says:

      GH is a gentle retard that jacks off in public and I fist myself. Wow! You are the king of insults, Eric. So creative and clever. Just remember: Everyone is entitled to be stupid, but some abuse the privilege. You, my friend, fall into the latter category.

  3. P says:

    I sense Eric’s jealousy.

    Someone needs to call in and read back these quotes to KK. These are some real gems. BTW, if Missouri does leave wouldn’t that be strike three on KK. Strike 1 – MU to Big 10, Strike 2 – A&M will not go to the SEC, legalities and all (dumbest ass statement ever made by KK, doesn’t he know contracts are meant to be broken), potential Strike 3 – MU will not go to the SEC. $hit, I need to start asking KK to pick college games for me against the spread and just bet the opposite.

    BTW, can someone explain to me how ISU is loading up their stadium and has been sold out for all their home games, yet KSU, coming off a great win at Miami and on the cusp of something pretty special, was 3000 short of a sellout midweek for a Big 12 home opener against Top 25 Baylor?

  4. hammy says:

    That T. Boone Pickens quote makes me laugh considering his school would have bolted 2 weeks ago for the Pac if they had been accepted.

  5. Orphan of the Road says:

    As the season progresses it will become harder for Pioli to lay it all off on Haley. He picked the guy and he’s the one who has been underwhelming in his ability to bring in the “right 53″.

    And if he makes McDaniels the new coach, I will drive 20-penny nails in my skull and become a Raiders fan.

    The Big 12 is now a ship of fools, waiting for someplace to set anchor. If Missouri stays then they will forever be Texas’ lil bitch. If they go to the SEC they may never sniff a conference title. Missouri went 37-years without beating Nebraska and survived. Now they seemed destined to some concentric ring of Dante’s inferno.

    I only know KK’s work for the past nine-years. It is like one of those tenderloin sandwiches here in KC, where they beat the meat so thin you are not sure there is any meat in all that breading.

  6. jgavin12 says:

    I grew up a Hawkeye fan, went to UNI, and have had a pretty healthy hatred of Iowa State for most of my life, but I can’t help but like Paul Rhoads, and Hoiberg for that matter. Looks like Jamie Pollard finally did something right with those hires.

  7. nick says:

    I sense a “we’re better than you” attitude coming from Tiger fans that’s a bit annoying. Oh well. Whatever. I know it’s not the school, but rather the state of Missouri (i.e. the KC and St. Louis market) that’s attractive to the SEC and possibly the Big Ten.

    I look at MU’s football and basketball legacy in the Big 12 and am almost stunned how AVERAGE…if not slightly under-average…they’ve been in the 2 big sports in the 15-years league existence.

    FOOTBALL: 3 North division ties. 0 Big 12 Championships. 4-5 bowl record…none of which were BCS bowls. Average Big 12 North Finish: 3rd place.

    BASKETBALL: 0 1st-place finishes. 1 2nd-place finish (Norm Stewart). 1 3rd-place finish (Mike Anderson). 1 Big 12 Tournament title. 2 Elite Eights. Average Conference Finish: 6th place.

    • Cliffy says:

      Little nicky has his panties in a wad again. He and Ptolemy need to get together and cry in their warm milk together if it is, indeed, announced that Mizzou is going to the SEC. Doesn’t it just get under your skin that despite the stats you went to so much trouble to compile it’s us they want? Bye bye, little man.

      • nick says:


        Honestly Cliffy, I could give a crap what conference Missouri and its fans want to be in. Being a lifelong Kansas Citian, I HATE what a possible Big 12 breakup does for the area. But it looks VERY possible the Big 12 would re-create a solid new 10 or 12-team league that will be very legit and will maintian our Big 12 Tourney at Sprint. I’ve loved having the MU rivalry living in KC…it’s fun having a rivalry team to hate. I’m sure you’d concur. Who you gonna hate in the SEC? Honestly, it bothers me ZERO if the Big Ten or SEC thinks Missouri is better than my Jayhawks. ZERO. I’m not an idiot. The SEC would love to have the KC and St. Louis markets.

        Missouri thinks its football program is a BIG deal and they don’t like big bad Texas calling the shots. So bad ass Pinkel and Missouri are gonna show Texas they ain’t gonna get pushed around. Okay, fine. Leave. Hope it works out for ya. But I think it’s a mistake. I might be wrong. But I think MU would do the wrong thing by leaving the KU rivalry, the KC tournaments and games, and the real chance to win the Big 12 North Division every year.

        Based on comments like yours and other MU fans that have giddily crawled out of the woodwork, I hope you DO go the SEC, and get pummeled by the faster & quicker & stronger football teams and I hope Frank Haith’s teams finish behind Mike Anderson’s teams every year, which is a near certainty.

        • Cliffy says:

          Well, nicky, that’s a pretty lengthy post from somebody who doesn’t give a crap. If you think Mizzou might leave just because we want to show Texas we “ain’t gonna get pushed around” then you haven’t been paying very good attention to what’s been happening in this conference. Good luck to you.

          • nick says:

            You’re not gonna miss having the yearly Kansas football game, in which Missouri would win most years, and you can smack talk? You’re not gonna miss the Big 12 basketball tournament and chance to knock off the Hawks twice a year? You’re not gonna miss all the back and forth between KU/KSU/MU fans? If not, then good for you.

            I know it SOUNDS cool to be in a conference with Alabama, Auburn, LSU and Florida. But is REALLY that cool? I guess if someone has money to burn, it’d be fun to go to those venues. But there’s no rivalry, no historical context. Kansas City will never be included with any major SEC tournament game or football championship game. Maybe I’m an idiot and MU fans like you are brilliant forward thinkers. I just don’t get the upside from a fan standpoint of joining the SEC. The Big 10 MAYBE….at least then you’d have Illinois and Nebraska as possible rivals.

  8. Gavin says:

    “The Big 12 north schools need to act more like their big brothers Texas and Oklahoma. Do not take the Bill Snyder approach and shun excellent competition. Take the Texas approach and take on all comers with a swagger – even when you might not have the talent of yesteryear.”

    Umm…Greg? If media reports are to be believed, one of the biggest forces lined up against asking TCU to join is based in Austin.

  9. smartman says:

    I HATE The Uiversity of Wisconsin, ’cause it’s in Madison; home of the American Communist Party. I HATE Bo Pellini EVEN MORE and the D-Bag Husker Fans with no lives that think a trip to Madison is like going to HEDONISM II even more than I hate BO. GO BADGERS!

    An Iowa State win over Texas would be sweeter than 16 year old Uma Thurman’s cooch! Dear God, I know you’ve got a lot on your plate but for those jock sniffing non-believers an ISU win is all the sign they need. It’ll also let the folks in Texas know that you and Rick Perry aren’t as tight as he says. Trust me Lord. It’s a WIN-WIN for all involved. AMEN!

    If KSU beats Baylor……Nah, ain’t gonna happen. Lightning NEVER strikes twice.

    I’d love for the Chiefs to bring in Josh McDaniels. That’s like dropping a nuke on top of a train wreck. If Clark Hunt has ANY brains Pioli and Haley are both gone at the end of the season. They’re not Mike and Keith. More like Archie and Jughead.

    If the SEC is REALLY calling, Mizzou better go. That call isn’t gonna come again and TEXAS will never let you forget that they knew the phone was ringing. The SEC may be as much of a caste system as the BIG XII but at least in the SEC you’ll have a LEGITIMATE chance at becoming a bigger dog

    • Orphan of the Road says:

      I’ve a soft spot for Madison, when I went there looking at colleges UW had beer in the student union.

      My friend Scot from Osh Kosh said his father always admonished guest to drink beer, Germans in Milwaukee needed jobs.

      I hear ya on McD. Bring in Ray Rhoads, at least the press conferences won’t put you to sleep.

  10. LeesSummitCat says:

    Greg, if you’re arguing that Tennessee at Chattanooga, Fresno State and Washington are a better non-conf. than EKU, Kent State and Miami, that’s a weak argument.

  11. Eric W. says:

    Here’s Kevin Keitzman explained:
    Here’s a guy who has been bullied by the athlete and richer kids his whole life. He goes insane when it appears someone think they are better or bigger than him in someway. He gets all puffed up and screams “You think you’re better than me???” It’s the same shit. Whether it be his obsession with how NY or STL thinks they are better than KC. Or Texas thinking it’s better than everyone. Or NU being better than KSU. Or MU/KU fans thinking Mizzou/KU is a better school than his KSU. Or the fact that he likes being a big fish in a little pond and doesn’t have the balls to go anywhere else bigger and more challenging and is jealous of anyone who does.
    His main reason for Mizzou staying in the Big 12 because it would be an “easier path” to the BCS is a perfect example of his cowardly bullshit. But that’s his small town, short sighted thinking. It’s like the kid who wants to run off to NY or Hollywood to try and make it big, and the locals all laugh at him and tell him he’ll never make it. It’s all out of jealousy and hatred because they never made anything of themselves on the big stage.
    He’s a jealous little man, who has severe self confidence issues. The chip(s) he’s carried on his shoulder since his days as a male high school cheerleader are still growing. He’s a walking study in a lack of self esteem.

  12. MrOlathe says:

    There seems to be a little bit of anger out there today. WTF? I thought that we decided that since Nebraska was out of the area that we would no longer have to hear about them. And, actually, it doesn’t really bother me. I am completely indifferent to them. And I agree that MU leaving would be bad for the Big 12 and REALLY bad for the city of KC. But if they have the option then they should do it. This conference ship is still sinking!

    • Java Man says:

      Mr Olathe:”There seems to be a little bit of anger out there today. WTF?”

      I sure hope this doesn’t turn into the KC Star comments section.

  13. Cliffy says:

    I’ll bet Mizzou would be willing to continue the kU football game. Will you guys? Arkansas will be a great rivalry. There’s good potential with Kentucky and Tennessee too, I think. I would, of course, miss the old Big 8 rivalries but is continuing them worth the long-term risk that goes with staying on this sinking ship? I’d like to know how you would feel if the shoe were on the other foot?

    • Gavin says:

      Kentucky as a hoops rival? Geez, Cliffy. You think KU fans are a supercilious, haughty and full of themselves, you need to meet a UK basketball fan.

      As for how we’d feel if the shoe were on the other foot, I’m on record as saying I don’t blame you guys for leaving. I hope you don’t but I get it and I wish KU had some options . But seriously, enough dithering. If Mizzou is gonna go, go. I’m not making this about politics, but Mizzou reminds me just a little bit of Chris Christie right about now, and I don’t mean that in a good way.

      • cliffy says:

        Wish it was that easy … just go ahead and leave. I think you know better than that.

        • Gavin says:

          No, of course it isn’t that easy. But if the invitation is really there (And maybe it isn’t. Kietzman didn’t report it so we really have no way to be certain) and if they’re really certain to leave (Greg says they are so we really have no way to be certain), then just announce their intentions. Unless they really don’t know, in which case I’d like to know what data and information they still want but don’t have. I realize that Mizzou is doing its due diligence and also trying to do whatever is best for itself, but to a certain extent it comes off as dithering. Again, I don’t blame them, but I think it’s reasonable to be tired of it.

          • Super Dave says:

            I agree Gavin

          • Cliffy says:

            Seems to me Mizzou admin is doing all it can to stay in the B12. Call it dithering if you like, but if they get concessions from Texass that would be good for everybody, wouldn’t it?

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