OTC: K-State Gets 2nd Miracle Win In A Row / Mizzou Looking To Play Spoiler In Manhattan

“I guess I am surprised so I guess that makes me one of those dummies.”
Kevin Haskin, writer for the Topeka Capital-Journal, on K-State being 4-0, 610 AM
GH: If thinking Kansas State would enter the Missouri game at 4-0 qualifies you for dummy status, there are not too many smart people following college football – including many of the Wildcat faithful. Following the comments from Cat fans on Twitter during the Baylor game, I got the feeling they were ready to give Robert Griffin III the Heisman and trade Colin Klein for a new silo. But just like in the fairytales, in the
end the tortoise caught the hare. Read on.

“If Robert Griffin throws fastballs, Collin Klein throws changeups. If Griffin is the
next-generation iPod, Klein is the old-school model. Only one of these quarterbacks will appear on Heisman ballots at the end of the season, yet only one is 4-0. Take your pick.”
Austin Meek, writer, Topeka Capital-Journal
GH: RG3 threw five touchdown passes and for 346 yards. He is everything anybody has said about him. Please keep in mind he is doing this at Baylor – the K-State of the Southwest Conference. For KSU to beat Baylor with this future NFL star at the helm makes for one helluva win. The win in Miami was historic for geographical reasons. The win over Baylor means these Cats have a chance to do great things this season in a war-torn conference whose football title just might be up for grabs after this weekend.

“We all just hung together. I can’t emphasize enough how important it was, how fortunate we were to be able to stay together when things looked pretty dark.”
Colin Klein, KSU quarterback, Topeka Capital-Journal
GH: To say things looked dark against Baylor is kind of like saying Highway 24 to Wamego can be tough to see on a moonless November night. Baylor was clobbering Kansas State in a fashion that had even the best of Catbackers throwing in the towel early.

“This one feels like it’s slipping away fast. … What a mess. … Klein can’t throw from pocket at all. … This is rabbit in hat. Not sure how KSU wins this one. BU superior.”
@kkwhb, Twiiter
GH: An assortment of Kevin Kietzman’s tweets as he watched Baylor dominate Kansas State for most of the first three quarters. In fairness to KK, I think his negativity was shared by most Cats fans who were watching this game. It looked that bleak. Makes the win all that more impressive.

“With a two-point lead and 5:30 remaining, Griffin was hit by Ray Kibble and threw a pass that fluttered into the arms of K-State’s Arthur Brown, setting up Anthony Cantele’s go-ahead field goal from 31 yards.”
Austin Meek, Topeka Capital-Journal
GH: This is the play of the game and maybe will be looked back upon as the play of the year – but the right guy is not getting the credit he deserves. Sure, Arthur Brown is a magnificent linebacker and made the interception. But that play does not happen without the hit on RG3 that Ray Kibble delivered. In my best Jack Harry voice; “Uh uh! No way!”

“I think he’s the greatest head coach in college football history.”
Bob Fescoe, on Bill Snyder, 610 AM
GH: Football coaches ride the rollercoaster just like athletes and celebrities. No one was confusing CBS with Knute Rockne (look him up kids) last season when he had KSU struggling to be a .500 team. I think he still has a LOT of work to do in Manhattan when it comes to talent – which makes each win all that more remarkable.

“How can Missouri be a 3 point favorite at anhattan. Cats in both polls, Tigers in neither. It must be Bill Snyder!”
@JackHarryKSHB, Twitter
GH: Mizzou is going to win in Manhattan by two touchdowns or more. Baylor has a great quarterback/receiver combo but little else. Gary Pinkel is bringing a real football team to Bill Snyder Family Stadium. The Cats may have used up their quota of miracles for this season. I think they win no more than two more games…and those two will not be easy. Love what Snyder’s been able to do this season but the team with the most talent
almost always wins the football game.

“How does a conference lose two teams, add a network in FX and still can’t get all five of its games on TV on a given weekend?”
@Dave_Matter, Twitter

“In this day and age, the fact that every (Big 12) conference game is not on television is a failure and embarrassment for this conference.”
Nate Bukaty, on Mizzou’s homecoming game with Iowa State not being televised, 810 AM
GH: The timing of this announcement is critical with the Missouri curators meeting today in St. Louis to determine the fate of Mizzou and their commitment to the Big 12. The Big 12 has never had a feel for how to market or promote itself. A real conference – one with a CEO-like leader – makes sure that the ISU/Mizzou game is televised before that meeting takes place.

“Maybe it’s just baseless Twitter noise, but I’d be very happy for West Virginia if they get into SEC. They belong there more than Mizzou.”
@DanWolken, Twitter
GH: I think it’s noise being promoted by the SEC to let Mizzou know they aren’t coming to this dance with only one partner.

“If (Missouri) goes, no hard feelings. Go down there and win no championships just like you’ve won no championships here in the Big 12.”
Bob Fescoe, 610 AM

“They haven’t won an outright conference title in 50 years. I’m not saying that derogatorily. It’s just the reality of it. Was 2008 the 500-year flood, when they got to number one in the country? Probably.”
Dennis Dodd, on Mizzou football, 810 AM

“If you’re a Kansas Citian and a Missouri fan, I think it would be devastating to leave this conference.”
Nate Bukaty, 810 AM
GH: I think it is time for Missouri to leave – especially given the incredible opportunities available in the SEC. Every tradition begins somewhere. I think it is time for Missouri to begin forging new rivalries and new traditions with great schools like Alabama, Kentucky, LSU, Georgia, Vanderbilt and the like. Sometimes you outgrow your neighborhood and move up to accept new challenges. That time is now for the Tigers.

“Nobody’s ever going to compare me to Randy Moss.”
T.J. Moe, Mizzou’s WR, when asked by Nick Wright about being another short white wide-receiver compared to the Patriot’s Wes Welker, 610 AM

“I think Kansas’ defense is the worst defense I’ve ever seen at any level of football in my entire life.”
Nick Wright, 610 AM
GH: I flipped on the satellite radio in my rental car Saturday morning in Minneapolis and the familiar voice of Bob Davis informed me the Jayhawks were up 20-0 on the Red Raiders. After a short stop at Dick’s Sporting Goods in Bloomington, the Jayhawks had lost the lead. Tuner Gill is quickly becoming a nice guy who always finishes last.

“Nebraska showed up at its Big Ten christening with its tie askew and an embarrassing stain on its white dress shirt. Unfortunately for the Huskers, a sloppy outing on both sides of the ball resulted in an ugly and disconcerting evening. Wisconsin 48, Nebraska 17.”
Steven Sipple, writer, Lincoln Journal-World
GH: There were not a lot of sympathetic voices for the Huskers’ embarrassing Big
10 debut up in the Twin Cities this past weekend. The morning paper’s headline
asked the Corn if they would like to rethink their decision to join such a burly bunch as the Big 10. It was a royal ass kicking delivered by the Badgers. But here is some bad news for the rest of the Big 10 – NU might be the second best team in that conference. And that’s not real good for primetime TV matchups in October and November. I know I don’t want to see a rematch in December between NU and Wisconsin.

and Twitter / greghall24

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Software guy who has been writing my Off The Couch column in KC newspapers, publications and websites since 1994. Has been bounced from some of the finest media establishments this side of State Line Road. Dad first and everything else second...and there are a lot of everything elses.
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27 Responses to OTC: K-State Gets 2nd Miracle Win In A Row / Mizzou Looking To Play Spoiler In Manhattan

  1. Hot Carl says:

    I fucking hate MU with every fiber of my being and will hate not having them around to make fun of but they’d be stupid not to jump to the SEC.

  2. smartman says:

    Congrats to the Cats! Wow. I’m still pulling my head out of my ass. I will not be surprised if they beat MU. Gary Pinkel is still the coach.

    I wonder if KSU has alumni on call to donate vital organs if Grandpa ever needs to get replumbed?

    TJ Moe is THE BOMB. What a great kid. For all of you parents with snot nosed do nothing shit head I want it all and I want it now kids TJ is the reason you keep having children.

    I became a squirter watching the Badgers pound the Huskers. Now I understand what all the excitement is about. I have less respect for the Pellini brothers than I did for the Hussein brothers. Asswipes! You just wanna beat ‘em with ballbats like Joe Pesci at the end of Casino.

    Last year it looked like the Mexicans were taking over the QB position; Mark Sanchez, Tony Romo, Taylor Martinez and Steven Garcia. This year roofing and landscaping may well be in their futures.

  3. EMAW says:

    “Sometimes you outgrow your neighborhood and move up to accept new challenges”

    0 conference titles
    0 BCS bowls
    0 Final Fours

    Yep, the league is just too easy now for ole Mizzou, time to move on to new challenges. This league has clearly been solved.

    • Greg Hall says:

      It’s not all about the league getting too easy, just too imbalanced. Missouri’s northland neighborhood has shrunk to a couple of Kansas schools and ISU. I think it’s time to relocate to a better neighborhood where the home values are rising, not falling.

      • EMAW says:

        I don’t understand this at all. How would the SEC be better balanced for Missouri? Geographically? Competitively?

        • Greg Hall says:

          Financially. Texas and their $300 million network rules the Big 12 and always will – no matter what. In the SEC revenue is shared equally. And we are talking about a LOT of revenue…and little threat of the conference melting into the Bayou.

          • EMAW says:

            The revenue will be even: once the Big 12 signs its Tier 1 rights, Missouri will make as much in the Big 12 as it could elsewhere. It already stands to make close to SEC money just off Tier 2. Now that revenue is split evenly, the $$ is not a big difference at all.

            Texas will be Texas regardless of what league Missouri is in. They will still get their pick of the recruits. Will they make more money off Tier 3? Yes, but nothing is stopping Missouri from starting its own regional network to try to make some money as well. Using this as an excuse to levee smacks of cowardice — we can’t compete, so we’ll quit and go somewhere else (where Florida and Alabama hold as much weight in the league as Texas does).

          • Merle Tagladucci says:

            One thing is for sure – if Missouri leaves it sure makes Nebraska feel a whole lot better about its decision.

        • Cliffy says:

          EMAW = a little slow.

  4. P says:

    Man, epic beatdown for Nebraska. Cats win was as impressive as any out there this weekend. Offensively, Cats don’t do a lot well. But they focus on the stuff that they CAN do well at. For my Huskers sake, I hope Tim Beck takes notes from KSU.

  5. The Independent Rage says:

    If Bullfrog really thinks the MU football program is so completely inconsequential these days, then he shouldn’t mind much if MU takes its act to the SEC. Instead, he comes across (just like KK) as very obviously angry that MU might do just exactly that. BTW, I think Bullfrog’s the greatest radio sports talk show host in Kansas City history whose name rhymes with Rezko.

  6. LeesSummitCat says:

    This is practically a repeat of your preview of the KSU-Baylor game! Keep it up, you’re like the team’s good luck charm at this point!

  7. Big Dub says:

    Hey Greg, I think you should include your own quote about the outcome of the Mizzou-KSU game in next Monday’s OCC. That’s a bold prediction and you need to either throw yourself on the sword, or fly the banners of victory come Monday.

    Don’t worry, I’ll remind you if you forget.

  8. Ptolemy says:

    Missouri is just being an attention whore. They are closer to a Big 12 Title in the Big 12 than they will ever be in any other conference.

    Why does it bother you so much GH that Texas makes/will make lots of money from TLN? They’ve had twice the student body and athletic budget of all the other programs for years now. Oklahoma’s not bothered by it. Neither is TTech, Okie State, Baylor, KU, KState, or Iowa State. To each his own. You seem to have a green with envy streak that won’t/can’t let go. What gives?

    • Ptolemy says:

      BCS Title…I meant. It’s kind of obvious that you would be closer to a Big 12 Title in the Big 12 than one would be in the SEC.

    • Greg Hall says:

      My problem with Texas has nothing to do with their revenue streams. It is the fact that their actions have destroyed first the SWC, then the Big 8 and now the Big 12. The emotion I feel is not jealousy but nostalgia for college sports as I once knew them. Those days are gone, so I understand why Mizzou is playing its hand for all it’s worth. I’ll get used to the new college landscape. Sometimes change invigorates the staid.

      • Ptolemy says:

        The last time i looked, the Big 12 is still a conference, and by your own admission, will continue with-or-without Missouri. so how is that destroyed?

        Missouri would be shooting their program in the foot if they bolt for the SEC — IF the SEC is even interested. Texas continues to grow bigger, with-or-without a MU move. MU gets more money than they were getting from the conference if they stay put. The only difference that drives everyone who has bolted, except Colorado, who has always looked for an excuse to move, is dissatisfaction that Texas gets more than they do.

        What kids in KS, IA, NE, OK will give a hoot about what happens at Missouri if they move to the SEC? It won’t be covered in the media in those areas, at least not like it is now.

        I still maintain that MU is being an attention whore and isn’t going anywhere.

        Which will make a beatdown in Manhattan this weekend even more satisfying.

      • DintheO says:

        I understand. Especially when “once knew them” meant your team had 20 plus “non-qualifiers” on your 1000 player roster that was able to crush everyone else like a bug. (except OU- who had the same numbers) Your team along with OU was shoulder to shoulder with the Horns when it came time to vote on unequal TV revenue at the outset of the B12. Dr. Tom never saw that the future TV deals would be based on no of TV sets rather than proud tradition of bullying. I don’t blame NU or MU for leaving but don’t act like your team didn’t play a part in the damaged B12. Also, it’s always about the revenue streams.

        • Greg Hall says:

          The teams that left (or are leaving) the Big 12 didn’t damage the conference. The schools that let them leave w/o a fight are the guilty parties.

          • Ptolemy says:


            GH…you are normally one of the most objective media workers I’ve ever encountered, but you are off the plantation on this issue.

            KU and KState and ISU recognize that their interests are best represented by the power of OU and Texas. Without their light attracting ESPN and Fox, our programs would be relegated to the darkness of the MAC or the Mountain West conference. That’s reality.

            Our egos haven’t left the plane of reality. Were we supposed to step-up and stamp our feet and declare that we must ALL sacrifice to keep the radiance of Nebraska in the Big 12? With all due respect, y’all ain’t all that.

            You chose your path. We chose ours. I don’t criticize yours for choosing their path. Don’t seek admonitional blame from others for failings that y’all exhibited.

            I DID enjoy Nebraska getting bent over a fencepost and being forcefed a cheeselog though. Thanks for that.

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