OTC: B12 Stability & MU Rumors / Can KSU Go 5-0? / Jason King’s Beyond The Phog Book Tells All

“I promise you. I guarantee you. The next time we hear from Bill Self it won’t sound quite like this.”
Nick Wright, on Self’s comments in Wednesday’s LJW where he boldly stated he would not be interested in continuing to schedule Mizzou if they leave the Big 12, 610 AM
GH: Self appeared as a guest on Bob Fescoe’s 610 Sports’ Thursday morning show and again later that same morning with Soren Petro on 810. He didn’t sound even the slightest different from how he came off in Gary Bedore’s article in the LJW. His stance is that it’s his call and he sees no reason why any KU administrator would think they should change his mind.

“I’m not in panic mode (about conference realignment). Last summer I was in panic mode. I tried to say I wasn’t, but I was. Three weeks ago? Hey, I’m in panic mode (with Texas and Oklahoma talking about moving to the Pac 12)! I didn’t say I was, but I’ll be honest. Now,
honestly, I’m not in panic mode.”
Bill Self, in an interview with Soren Petro, 810 AM

GH: Self made this comment to confirm how stable he now believes the Big 12 to be. But read his comments again and the roller coaster of panic emotions he has been on the past 15 months. It is easy to see why even now many question the stability of the Big 12. Who is to say three weeks or three months from now, Self and the rest of the Big 12 members
aren’t right back in panic mode?

“The Big East isn’t the Big East anymore. It’s just an open ended situation of instability.”
Bill Self, when asked by Soren Petro about Kansas moving to the Big East, 810 AM
GH: The same can and is being said about what was once the Big 12.

“To me, I want to stay at nine. It’s perfect for football. It’s perfect. What’s not perfect is when you go to odd numbers. With nine you share the same amount of money with 12. To me there are a lot of positives staying at nine.”
Bill Self, 810 AM
GH: Self better hope he has more pull with keeping MU off his future schedules than he does in setting the number of Big 12 conference schools. TCU was offered a spot to be the Big 12’s tenth member Thursday. If MU does bolt, look for West Virginia to be the top pick to replace the Tigers to get the conference back to 10. Since Texas is not in
favor of a 12-team league, it looks like there will be no North/South divisions
in the near future. That is not good for our smaller northern schools.

“I think Missouri has to get almost every single thing they are asking for, for them to consider staying (in the Big 12). And I don’t think that’s going to happen.”
Gabe DeArmond, of PowrMizzou.com, 810 AM
GH: Thursday brought lots of speculation about whether Mizzou will stay in the Big 12 and if the SEC even has enough votes for them to move out. I would be stunned to find out the SEC does not officially invite MU. If that happens, the Tigers won’t even have Governor Jay Nixon to blame.

“Some who are convinced Missouri will ultimately wind up in the SEC have an agenda. Some who are convinced the SEC could not possibly want to add Missouri have an agenda. Those agendas will use Twitter and Facebook and your email and voicemail boxes to offer up every rumor and misstatement – as well as legitimate news reports – to convince you I AM RIGHT! It is part of the new LOOK AT ME journalism in which the profession has
opened arms to anyone with an Internet connection or microphone.”
Mike DeArmond, CampusCorner.kansascity.com
GH: Do the Internet jockeys floating bogus reports make it tougher on reporters like DeArmond? Hell yes. But in every profession the stakes rise with technology. Blaming technology is not the answer. Read on.

“Can I tell you when or if (MU to the SEC) will happen? No. And advocacy of any specific result – MU staying in the Big 12 or leaving for the SEC – is not on MY AGENDA. What you’ll get out of this reporter and The Star is what is happening and what has happened.”
Mike DeArmond, CampusCorner.kansascity.com
GH: DeArmond is not happy with unsubstantiated reports that play to the emotions of fans and foster the agendas of those who leak these “scoops.” I understand he wants everything in black and white with a signed affidavit proving its validity. But the public is unwilling to wait. We do not need The Star or the AP to tell us what, who, when
and where AFTER something already becomes official. We want DeArmond and his
ilk to tell us BEFORE it happens, through sources they have cultivated throughout
their many years on the job.

“This is such a must-win game for Missouri. This is a game Missouri must go win. This is going to be a classic battle. I gotta tell you, I like Missouri in this game.”
Gary Barnett, on Mizzou traveling to K-State Saturday in search of their first Big 12 win, 810 AM
GH: K-State is ranked, MU is not but the Tigers are still a three-point favorite. KSU fans will tell you this is exactly the kind of home game Bill Snyder excels at winning. I just think Mizzou is too talented on both sides of the ball even for the Wizard of Oz and his magic bag of tricks.

“I expect the game to be right near 30 points. Both teams right there. Something like a 30-27 final.”
Stan Weber, on the MU/KSU game, 810 AM
GH: If K-State can muster close to 30 points, they can win this game. I just don’t see how they can do that without a running back and a passing game.

“Curtis (Kitchen), I want to ask you a question. Is Collin Klein a better runner than he is a passer?”
Nick Wright, while talking to Curtis Kitchen about the Kansas State quarterback, 610 Sports’ Big 12 insider, 610 AM
GH: Wright is a self-proclaimed NFL expert. He takes great pride in his insider knowledge regarding the Chiefs. He is also somewhat of an NBA fan. What he is not is knowledgeable to even a pedestrian degree about the local college football teams. To put his questions in terms that Wright will better understand, substitute the name Collin Klein with Matt Cassel and you get pretty much the same ridiculousness of the query –
especially coming from a Kansas City-based afternoon-drive sports talk host.

“I do believe Bill Snyder has tried to get (Bryce Brown) to return to Kansas State but he hasn’t had any luck in doing that. I just don’t think that he likes football enough to make a
career of it.”
Jimmy Hyams, sports talk host on Knoxville’s WNML, on rumors that KSU running back Bryce Brown will now concentrate on preparing for the NFL draft, 610 AM
GH: The loss of Brown as the Wildcats featured running back has not damaged the Cats win/loss record to this point in the season. But the season has just started to get serious. Before the year is over, his departure will prove to be a huge hole in the Cats’ bowl plans.

“These next two offenses are a little different animal that they’re going to face.”
Jon Kirby, of JayhawkSlant.com, on
Kansas taking on Oklahoma State and Oklahoma the next two weeks, 810 AM

“It’s a done deal. What time would you like?”
Bill Snyder, to a K-State fan named Scott who called into his Thursday night show and playfully asked him to move the KSU/KU game from Saturday to Friday so it wouldn’t conflict with his wedding, Bill Snyder Show on 810 AM
GH: There is no question that Bill Snyder is enjoying his team. He has been more animated and engaging this season during his call-in show and pressers than I can recall. It is a good look for the Wizard.

“I’m off Texas A&M. I wouldn’t trust them to go out and get my groceries.”
Gary Barnett, on the Aggies two disappointing late-game losses to Oklahoma State and Arkansas, 810 AM
GH: I picked A&M to win the Big 12 and I still think they are as good as Oklahoma. I am keeping the Aggies on my grocery list for now.

“He told us what would happen and that the truth would come out. And we were good with it.”
Kim English, when asked by Nick Wright how Frank Haith has addressed the allegations from his time at Miami in the YahooSports.com story, 610 AM
GH: Is Frank Haith still the basketball coach at Mizzou? Boy, this story sure got pushed to the back burner by conference realignment. With Laurence Bowers’ knee injury, Haith even gets a built-in excuse to stumble out of the gate this season.

“I went on a (Twitter) blocking rampage after the (basketball) season. I was getting tweets like you wouldn’t believe. … That’s what 37% from the field will do for you, Nick. The fans will turn on you.”
Kim English, MU forward, on his less-than stellar junior season, 610 AM
GH: English has a chance his senior season to turn those naysayers into fans again. I hope he goes out as hot as he came in.

“No, I’m still holding out. What am I missing? I’ve yet to read in 140 characters max that made me think, ‘Wow, I’m hearing some profound stuff.’ You couldn’t get Martin Luther King on Twitter and make me want to jump on there. I just don’t think there are that many great insightful people out there that they can say that quickly.”
Jeff Chadiha, when asked if he was on Twitter, 810 AM
GH: Chadiha probably has an 8-track in his Pacer, too.

“I thought this was going to be a fluff book. So who buys the book?”
Kevin Kietzman, on Jason King’s new book, Beyond The Phog, on the Kansas Jayhawks’ past decade, 810 AM
GH: King described his book as a “tell-all” book to me. It definitely has some juice. Read on for an excerpt.

“Jay Wright – the Villanova coach – had also been the head coach of the USA Basketball team that represented the country in the Pan Am games the previous summer. Jay Wright cut both Sherron and me from that team and kept his own player from Villanova… So when it came to the Villanova game, Coach Self called Sherron and me into his office and
said, “How do you feel about this Villanova game?” I said, “Coach, this is personal to me. I don’t like Jay Wright.” He was like, “I understand that, but keep it out of the media.” So when the media asked if it was a personal game, we’d say, “No, it’s not personal. It’s just another game.” But during the game we were talking all kinds of s–t to Jay Wright. We’d run by him and tell him, “Sit your ass down! We got this!” Another time we said to him, “This is what you get for cutting us. We’re about to dog you!” Anytime we were throwing the ball in from the sideline, when he was standing up trying to call a play, we’d tell him to shut his mouth and sit down. There was one play where I threw a lob to Shady on an inbounds pass and he dunked over Scottie Reynolds. Right before I threw it I looked at Jay Wright and said, “Watch this!” That game was definitely personal for Sherron and me.”
Mario Chalmers, Beyond The Phog

“I don’t know if it’s a positive story or a negative story. It’s a real story.”
Jason King, when asked about his book, Beyond The Phog, 810 AM

“We didn’t even mention the word ‘Chiefs’ today.”
Danny Parkins, after completing a four-hour show Wednesday with Bob Fescoe, 610 AM
GH: The Chiefs have been absent from my OTC for much of the week as well. Let’s hope a road win at Indy pulls them to 2-3 and puts them back on the front page.

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17 Responses to OTC: B12 Stability & MU Rumors / Can KSU Go 5-0? / Jason King’s Beyond The Phog Book Tells All

  1. b12 says:

    Twitter, meh.

    I can get all the twitter updates I need through you, Greg.

  2. SorryRoyalsFan says:

    Ummm, if the Chiefs win they will be 2-3….

  3. LeesSummitCat says:

    DeArmond wanting everyone to “use a filter” when examining Mizzou reports is laughable. He’s the same reporter who quoted an anonymous source that swears nearly all fan e-mails regarding re-alignment are in favor of the Tigers leaving the Big 12. Readers should also use their own filters when reading Homer DeArmond’s coverage.

    • JS says:

      The whole DeArmond clan are Missouri apologists not reporters. I don’t see how you can claim some sort of high ground when the son is running Powermizzou.com. They spin what the Univ of Missouri asks them to do because that is in their best interests.

      • Merle Tagladucci says:

        One of the DeArmond twins was on the radio the other day trying to tell everyone how “Kansas NEEDS that Missouri game on its schedule every year.” He talked more about KU than he did MU. As always, no matter where they are on the race track, those MU boys are always more worried about what KU is doing than they are about their own business. I sure hope the SEC necks down there in Birmingham foot the bill for a nice high, brand new watch tower in Columbia that faces due west so the DeArmond twins can keep an eye on Lawrence.

    • Mark says:

      That makes perfect sense to me, and aligns with what I hear among Tiger fans I know and speak with. I am a lifelong Mizzou fan, and most everyone I know is as well. I do not know a single soul who thinks they should stay in the Big 12 if the SEC is calling. Not one soul.

      My feeling about all of this is that the fans are universally behind the move, Pinkel is driving it from the inside, the resistance is all from Deaton and the high-polished brass at the university, the grey (and bald) heads that don’t like taking risks.

  4. W Jones says:

    Nothing, and I mean nothing worse than people scheduling their weddings on college gamedays. And a KU or KSU grad scheduling a wedding on the day of the KU/KSU game? Shows a whipped man. Grow some balls and tell your woman no for once. Otherwise that relationship won’t last.

  5. Babe Ruthless says:

    A road win at Indy can only make them 2-3 at best. Even a BIG win can’t wipe out one of the losses.

  6. Jim says:

    So the Big 12 has added TCU, and is still waiting for MU to decide what it wants to do. Texas and OU want the league to stay at 10 teams with no divisions for obvious reasons (the path is way easier for them to win the league). If the Big 12 goes to 12 or more teams and back to divisions, isn’t it entirely possible that Oklahoma would move to the North division to make it more likely that Texas and OU would meet in the championship game? Maybe OSU comes north, too, and schools like Louisville/Cincy/Whoever go to the south, even though it doesn’t make geographic sense? Or maybe they go to East/West divisions instead of North/South? Either way, it is clear Texas and OU are calling the shots, so the new Big 12 will be set up to make it easier for those two teams to win the league, either by remaining at 10 teams with no divisions or making it so OU and UT are in opposite divisions.

  7. smartman says:

    Not that I’m a Rush Limbaugh fan but he defined Twitter by saying that it’s for “followers” not LEADERS. I prefer douchebags to followers. That being said when it comes to sex, “tweetin” ain’t cheatin”. For the record I still have all my vinyl, 8-Tracks, cassettes, reel to reels and DAT’s.

    The SEC may very well be waiting the outcome of MU/KSU before extending the invite. If MU blows ‘em out, done deal in the next two weeks. If Grandpa takes ‘em to the woodshed, the answer in Columbia to Who’s Your Daddy will remain TEXAS.

    Jason King wrote a book about KU hoops. Wow! How hard was that Sarah Palin? When Walmart gives him a table at the front of the store to sign it we’ll know he’s hit the big time. Until then, just words on paper good for readin’ or wipin’ your ass.

    Can Nick Wight be far behind with his memoir, Put A Wigga On The Trigga? And what about you Greg Hall? When can we expect excerpts from Bleeding Nipples My Life from the BM at Runza to the BM in Boston?

  8. Craig Glazer says:

    I’ve been wanting a hot loaf also.

  9. haw says:

    I wonder who wrote Jason King’s book.

    He was a pretty incomprehensible writer at The Star. Ask all the editors there who had to rewrite his copy constantly.

    • KCMonarch says:

      His writing at The Star was generally difficult to comprehend. If asked, the newspaper’s editors would confirm that his drafts required revision.

  10. Mike says:

    Bryce Brown is just such a sad case. He doesn’t love football enough? Then why the hell has he played all this time to begin with?
    No, I think the problem lies with that he’s had people kissing his ass in the preps and through his recruitment, and when he transferred to KSU, he expected star treatment. Thank his ‘advisor’, Brian Butler, for that.
    Instead, Bill Snyder wanted him to work, and now he’s off in a huff, working out to see if he can hit it rich in the NFL, which will never happen. Any scout worth their salt will stay away from him until he can be a UFA invite on to a team’s roster, and then it will be the same thing he’ll endure in the NFL that he had to do at KSU…if he’s lucky.

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