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greg hallGreg Hall is  a software guy who has been writing his Off The Couch column in KC newspapers, publications and websites since 1994. Hall has been bounced from some of the finest media establishments on both sides of State Line Road but always seems to land with his drivel intact. Dad first and everything else second…and there are a lot of everything elses.

You can find Greg Hall on Twitter as greghall24 and The Platt County – Landmark.


miketrin Mike Trinastich, aka MikeTrin, is a software developer and has worked alongside Greg since 2001. In his free time he manages a number of websites including greghallkc.com.

You can reach Mike at .

One Response to About GregHallKC

  1. rick torrey says:

    Greg, just FYI, I moved to Florida in ’85, but am a rabid Chiefs fan. My family has had season tickets since Arrowhead was built. I caught you for the first time today on Out of Bounds with Nick Jacobs. Great interview! You even mentioned the Christmas Day game, and I was there. I still think that the Stenerud kick that would have won the game was good. I was sure the ball went just over the upright, but I guess that’s shistory. I have not heard this mentioned, but if you watched the Chargers/Jags last night, you had to see the superb job that the former Chief, Jared Gaither, did for the Chargers. He was great on both pass protection and the run game. Rivers did not take a sack that I saw, and Gaither got a great block inside the Jags 40 that ended up a 31 yd gain. This is one area that I think both Pioli and Haley just don’t get, and that is evaluating talent. Why did they bring Gaither in to let him sit. They said he wasn’t 100% and didn’t pick up the plays. Looked like he picked them up last night. They could have put him at left tackle and moved Albert to the right side, then look at it again in the off-season. I think they made a horrible move, and the guy ends up with our rival. Really, really bad.
    Nice to find you, and I will follow your web site.