OTC: Broncos Loss Is Legendary / Dorsey New Chiefs’ GM / Belcher Dead Drunk

“Watching Denver, I just felt they thought there was no way Baltimore was going to come in there and win that game. I just thought Denver thought there was no way they were going to lose to Baltimore. They just totally overlooked the task at hand.”
Bill Maas, 610 AM
GH: Maas knows something about overconfidence. He caught hell from Marty Schottenheimer back in 1992, prior to the Patriots/Chiefs game when he was quoted saying, “All we have to do is throw our helmets on the field,” to defeat the lousy Patriots. Maas’ Chiefs won in a close call, unlike Manning’s Broncos. Read on.

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OTC: Reid Hires Safe Sutton And Underwelms Chiefs’ Fans / Big 12 Hoops Gets Hot

“The Chiefs reportedly have hired Bob Sutton as their new defensive coordinator and Doug Pederson as their new offensive coordinator. The 61-year-old Sutton has spent the last 13 seasons with the New York Jets, 10 as linebackers coach.”
Adam Teicher, Kansas City Star
GH: Andy Reid spent 14 years with the Eagles. The 61-year-old Sutton, his new choice for the Chiefs’ defensive coordinator, spent 13 seasons with the Jets. This pairing has burnout written on it in neon. When you hire the safe head coach, you get safe, comfy hires all around. Where’s the next John Gruden? Where’s the next Andy Reid? Someplace besides Kansas City.

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OTC: McMiracle Lifts KU To OT Win Over ISU / Allen Fieldhouse Once Again Delivers Magic

“When it left my hand, I actually kind of called ‘bank.’”
Ben McLemore, on hitting a banked three to send KU into overtime and an eventual 97-98 win over Iowa State, Topeka Capital-Journal
GH: Nobody calls ‘bank’ as the shot is leaving your hand from just left of the top of the key. But if KU’s redshirt freshman Ben McLemore is a bad liar, that might be his only fault. Read on.

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OTC: Andy Reid Searches For The Next Len Dawson / Musbuger & Miss Alabama Revealed

“I’ve got to find that next Len Dawson, doggone it.”
Andy Reid, on his search to fix the Chiefs’ quarterback problem, 810 AM
GH: How incredibly sad and revealing is this simple statement from Reid? Len Dawson is a former AFL MVP whose list of contemporaries include Joe Namath, Daryle Lamonica, George Blanda and Jack Kemp. Trent Green had a decent run with the Chiefs but couldn’t win a playoff game. The Chiefs choose Elvis Grbac over Rich Gannon – how different would Marty’s end have been here if he had not made that error in judgment? The bare truth is that a franchise quarterback is simply the most important piece to any NFL team. How Andy Reid solves that riddle will determine his reign here in Kansas City.

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OTC: Andy Reid Meets The KC Media / Most In The Know Like What They See

“Andy Reid called the Chiefs [while they were interviewing candidates] in Atlanta and said, ‘Don’t go by what you’re hearing [about me going to Arizona]. I’m still interested if you’re interested in me, come on up here.’ They turned their plane around and headed straight to Philadelphia.”
Frank Boal, KSHB 41
GH: I find it fascinating how quickly a member of the billion-dollar business that is the NFL makes their decisions on hiring one of the most important people in their organization – the head coach. But waiting leaves you with Todd Haley. Why do head coaches get recycled so often in the NFL? They are safe hires.

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