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OTC: KU Trash Talking K-State? In FOOTBALL??? / K-State Nickname Controversy

“Wait So We Lead The KU Kstate Football Series 65-39 and BBall Series 183-91… Seems More Like An A$$ Whoopin Than Rivalry.” Keba Agostinho, KU defensive end, baiting the Jayhawks’ upcoming opponent, [email protected], Twitter GH: Is Sheldon Richardson rubbing off … Continue reading


OTC: Bill Snyder Is Great, Collin Klein Is Even Greater / Mizzou Looks Lost In SEC Jungle

“What can you say about Bill Snyder that hasn’t already been said?” Soren Petro, 810 AM GH: Here is something — that Coach Snyder is getting more credit for the Oklahoma win than he deserves. Crazy talk, I know. Snyder … Continue reading


OTC: Sooners Say K-State Fans Were “Crazy” In Manhattan / Norman Will Not Be Normal

“They were crazy. They were so hostile. The environment [in Manhattan last year] was very hostile. I just remember them throwing ice at us after we was beating them, and they were throwing hot dogs at us as well.” Corey … Continue reading