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OTC: B12 COTY Goes To…Weber? / Wil Myers In Tampa / The Eagles On Showtime

“I would vote for Bruce Weber. … I think he’s had [Kansas State] as consistent as anybody in the league.” Bill Self, when asked for his choice for Big 12 Coach of the Year, 810 AM GH: I think Weber … Continue reading


OTC: Beware The Phrog / TCU’s 62-55 Upset Over KU Called The Jayhawks Worst Loss

Bob Davis: “You ever seen anything like this?” Greg Gurley: “I can honestly say I’ve never seen anything like this.” As the two called the TCU’s upset win over Kansas from Fort Worth Wednesday night, Jayhawk Radio Network GH: John … Continue reading


OTC: Kietzman Still Poking Mizzou About Big 10 Invite / OWH Reports B10 “Hunting” KU & UNC

“The [conference realignment] speculation is rampant — ironic, since [Jim] Delany said the reason the Big Ten went secret this time after going very public with its search for a 12th member two years ago was the turmoil caused by … Continue reading


OTC: Chiefs Show The Nation What We Know / KK’s Mizzou Envy Continues

“You find out who has the true pride and passion in situations like this. It’s why our broadcast team will bring it like we are 6-1.” Mitch Holthus, responding to a tweet from a fan prior to the game urging … Continue reading


OTC: Winston Witch Trials Of KC Chiefs’ Fans Day 2 / Mizzou Goes Kansas In SEC Debut Season

“I stand by what I said. I believe what I said.” Eric Winston, Chiefs’ offensive tackle, in a tweet sent out Monday night, reaffirming his disgust with the Chiefs’ fans who cheered Matt Cassel’s injury during the Ravens’ game, Twitter … Continue reading