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OTC: Kietzman, Petro & Wright All Get Sideways With KC Chiefs’ Brass

“Just because we (in the media) may look different or act different doesn’t mean that we’re dumb! There’s a lot of smart people in that room. When I started asking Pioli a couple of questions about the salary cap, that … Continue reading

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OTC: 610 Sports Claims Knockout Win By Nick Wright Over 810′s Kevin Kietzman

“Nick Wright dethrones Keitzman!” Subject line on an email Thursday from Entercom’s 610 Sports GH: KK’s surname may have been misspelled by mistake…or not. Radio Wars in Kansas City sports talk just went from Grenada-like to Desert Storm. And this … Continue reading

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OTC: Whitlock Gives 610 Sports’ Nick Wright What He Asks For: The Truth

“I couldn’t bring myself to call Kietzman.” Jason Whitlock, on his reasoning for calling Nick Wright’s show on Monday afternoon, 610 AM GH: Whitlock said he was recovering from a cold and bored. He had read on the Internet that … Continue reading

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OTC: Nick Wright Calls Kietzman A Shill & A Whore / Will It Matter?

“I’ve got a 15-year track record here. I don’t answer to anybody. … I don’t want to be beholding to anyone ever! I am my own man. I am unique. If you want to believe somebody else, knock yourself out. … Continue reading

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