Monthly Archives: October 2011

OTC: Gill Has KU Football On Verge Of Extinction / OU Slaps KSU Into Reality

“You never want to say the players have quit, but they have tuned out the head coach – because it’s all positive stuff all the time.” Tom Keegan, columnist for the LJW, when asked by Bob Fescoe if Turner Gill … Continue reading


Take WS Game 6: The Greatest World Series Game I Ever Attended

The lady in red standing in front of me turned to shout to her husband as bedlam exploded around us inside Busch Stadium. The Cardinals David Freese had just ripped a two-run triple over the right fielder’s glove with two … Continue reading


OTC: Louisville and West Virginia Want To Bring Their Nasty Rivalry To The Nasty Big 12

“Big 12 drama becomes a political football.” Headline in The Kansas City Star, reporting that senators from West Virginia and Kentucky are battling over whether Louisville or WVU should replace Mizzou in the Big 12 GH: Has this cliché eve … Continue reading


OTC: Nick Wright Calls Kevin Kietzman A “Pompous Prick” In How He Is Trashing Mizzou

“Wow! Is this league getting better!” Kevin Kietzman, on word that the Big 12 was close to naming West Virginia to replace Missouri, 810 AM GH: Kietzman has been on a singular mission this fall to rip, shred and demean … Continue reading


OTC: K-State’s Miracle Season Continues And I Continue To Be Amazed

“I can understand that you might not know how good K-State might be. But shouldn’t you have known how BAD KU is? They were giving up almost 50 points a game.  I know you have never liked K-State, but, seriously, you … Continue reading