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OTC: NBC’s Tape-Delayed Olympic Coverage Angers & Rules / Jacque Vaughn’s Magic

“8:22 pm central and NBC comes out of a canned interview with Phelps family teasing the big race with Lochte as if no one has a clue who won.” Mike DeArmond, @sptwri, Twitter GH: Many Americans are shouting, “Bollocks!” about … Continue reading


Take 5: One-Handed Olathe Teen’s Perfect Game Lands Him Olympic Nike Ad

“Some people are told they were born with greatness. Some people tell themselves.” ***** The Olympic Games tell great stories. This summer, one of our own Kansas City kids will have his own great story broadcast to the billion people … Continue reading


OTC: Can KC Star Afford To Send Mellinger To London Olympics? / Is It Stanzi Time?

“Hopping this train for London today, where I’ll be your eyes, ears and other body parts (stop it) for the Olympics. Let’s have some fun.” Sam Mellinger, @mellinger, as he heads to London to cover the Summer Olympics for the … Continue reading


OTC: Kansas & K-State Approach Big 12 Football From Opposite Expectations

“Somewhere, Bill Snyder is laughing. OK, it is easy to guess where he’s at. His office, of course. And the Kansas State coach probably managed just a casual smirk, assuming someone dropped the Big 12 media poll on his desk, … Continue reading


OTC: Chiefs Picked First & Last / 610 Twitter Feud Goes All Caps / JoPo Coming To KC W/ Paterno Book

“I think the Chiefs are in a great spot here to roll off quite a few West Division championships.” Matt Miller, of, on the young talent that permeates the Chiefs’ roster, 810 AM GH: How good does that sound … Continue reading